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Neo Politan

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Team Synergy

Neo is best used as a point character. She has a weak assist game and does not offer much as a partner due to her mediocre assists.


When playing a team with Neo on it, it is highly recommended that you keep her as point. She has fast buttons with surprisingly good range and excellent movement options with her dive kicks and teleports. j.A and 2A are her best pokes in neutral, 2A in particular being a fairly long ranged low with 6 frames of startup. Due to her low average damage, it is important to leverage her plethora of reset setups (dive kick setups, standing resets) and oki options (teleport + assist, fuzzies) to maintain momentum.


Having Neo on anchor is not ideal. Her assists are all single hits and quick, making her not an ideal anchor. Neo is a very selfish character, and doesn't use resonance too well, leave her to die first, so your other character can use resonance better

General Tactics

Your main goal as Neo should be to get stray hits out of your fast buttons, and turn them into reset setups, create sandwich situations with her 66 dash or her J.236X series of divekicks + Assists, or fuzzy setups, overall, Neo is an extremely offensive based character, and she suffers when she's on defense due to having a poor 2B, and a slow parry.

Neo's fast buttons are her 2A and j.A, these should be your buttons to use in scrambles and to fish for stray hits, so you should learn how to Properly use them and turn them into conversions, and ending them in your setups, safejumps or whatever you'd prefer

When dealing with zoners, Neo can low profile a great variety of moves with her 236B/236C, or her parries (214B/J.214B), or even bait an anti air with her floats. Remember that your parries are not reversals, they are slow and take a long time to be active, use only if you're going for a read or against bursts.

Whenever you see yourself in a disadvantageous situation where you're in constant pressure, your 2A is a Fast button to try to get away from a pressure reset or a failed setup, her Reversal options are her DP and both of her supers. Neo's dp is quite short, and it doesn't hit too high up, but it also has quite a short recovery window compared to other DPs, and if it hits against high enough opponents on counter hit, Neo is able to combo out of it with a 2A, Her command grab is an amazing reversal since it doesn't have a flash and it dashes forward for quite a long distance, but even more than other command grab supers in the game, Neo has a whopping 74F recovery window where she sighs and gives your opponent a clear indication that you're free to get hit. And last but certainly least, her 236B+C super is absolutely horrible as a reversal, this is generally due to the fact that the clone can clash with so many things and get destroyed, leaving you wide open, don't ever try to use this super as a reversal while a persona is on the screen, you will destroy the persona, and the persona will destroy your clone, leaving you open for a free punish.



Tips and Tricks

- If you rely on the teleport but get being DPd, trick your opponent into thinking your teleporting by using the parry to draw out the dp and send your assist to attack them.

Fighting Neo

  • Jump and maintain guard when Neo starts a taunt for her teleport. It will most certainly cause her attack to miss or be blocked.
  • If she teleports after hitting her parry, keep attacking as the combo may continue and hit Neo.


Neo Politan