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Combo Notation Guide
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236+A.png becomes 236A.
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
= After landing.
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
[X] = Hold input X.
]X[ = Release input X.
{???}xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.

Combo List


General notes : xx is to delay, j.66 is your airdash, it is highly recommended to macro this (Shortcut is AB in bbtag) as you will be using it often for combos You can take a 5a ender and turn it into 214bc if you wish, 214bc has better minimum damage and also grants a safejump as opposed to 236bc, be mindful that if youre very close to the opponent when you use it, it can whiff them

Starter Combo Damage Meter Position Notes
5A 5AA > 5BBB > 2C > j.AA > j.AAC 5635 0 Ground This is a super easy combo in case soar cancels are a bit too hard or jump cancelling the 2c feels awful into j.b.
5A 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5A 5986 0 Ground Basic soar loops combo for corner carry.
5A 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.8B > j.214A > xx > j.66 > j.B > 5AA > 5BBB > 236A 6174 0 Ground Less burst safe combo with less corner carry, a bit easier than soar looping, doesnt work on Naoto K.
5B 5B > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.B > 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.B > 5A 6656 0 Ground More damaging form of soar loops due to 5b starter and j.b after soar, can do j.b soar on 5a starter as well.
5B 5B > 2C > j.B > xx > j.A > 5A > 2C > j.B > xx > j.A > 5A 6641 0 Ground Much harder to do, but super hard to burst for opponent.
2A 2A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5AA > 5BBB > 2C > 236A 5209 0 Ground Just a small 2a confirm, cant double soar loop cause it will take too long combo timer wise.
2B 2B > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5AA > 5BBB > 2C > 236A 6055 0 Ground Similar to above, you lose a bit of corner carry but its no biggie.
2C 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.a > 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5A > 2C(1) > 236A 6234 0 Ground Double soar loops from 2c starter, the 2c(1) means to hit one touch of 2c
j.B j.B > xx > j.A > 5B > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5A > 2C > 5BB > 236A 5857 0 Air Opponent either has to be standing, or j.b has to be done at a delay from jump.
j.C j.C > j.214B > 6 > 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5A > 2C > 5BB > 236A 6027 0 Counter Hit This is hard to confirm at all, and more of a hard callout.
j.C j.C > j.214C > 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5A > 2C > 5BB > 236A 5879 1 Air This is mostly what is used to get the hit, because if they block youre at most +20 from ex fireball on block
j.66 j.66 > j.A > 5A > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5AA > 5BB > 236A 5382 0 Ground Sometimes people dont block soar, its a little strange. If you hit someone in the air with soar, you can do the same combo, you just need to delay the j.A after soar (Seriously look at the stun timer after hitting someone out of the air with soar, itll help a lot.)
BC 6 > 2C > sj.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5AA > 5BB > 236A 4990 0 Ground Basic throw combo, just going into soar combo
4BC 9 > xx > j.B > j.66 > xx > j.A > 5A > 2C > 5BB > 236A 4944 0 Ground Back throw combo, his back throw scales different from the forward throw due to amount of hits + amount of time taken to throw
With Assists

With assist on Merkava, the basic theory is that if Merkava has an assist that does more damage than him, youll try to time things like 5a / 236a / 2c with it, especially if it has a delay. | Otherwise your best damage starter is 5b, if you have a delay assist you can call that before 5b, and test timings to have the assist followup 236x with it, and go into a basic soar loop once. If your partner has large cashouts or does more damage than Merkava, its common to start with calling assist before 5b but hitting 5b first, following up with 214a(the sticky arm hitgrab) and swapping to that character to setup your cashout.


Merkava corner combos are touch > confirm > 5a for knockdown > 2c 236a 6a loops, you use 6a because the microwalk into 5a is a lot smoother and easier to do than just hitting 5a for some reason. You dont have to worry about super whiffing in the corner.

Starter Combo Damage Meter Position Notes
5A 5A > 2C > 236A > 6A > 2C > 236A > 6A > 2C > 236A > 6A 6545 0 Ground Merkavas corner loops with 5a starter
5B 5B > 2C > 236A > 6A > 2C > 236A > 6A > 2C > 236A > 6A (214BC) 7127 (9081) 0 (2) Ground Merkavas corner loops with his better starter
2C 2C > 236A > 6A > 2C > 236A > 6A > 2C > 236A > 6A 6686 0 Ground You dont get an extra rep for 2c starter btw.
j.C j.C > j.214A > 2A(1) > 5A > 2C > 236A > 6A > 2C > 236A > 6A 5412 0 Air Getting this is actually fairly easy, hit confirming the j.c? Not really.
With Assists

Your assist combo theory is similar to midscreen, but in the corner much more assists can pickup your 236a a lot easier, and you dont have to run and do super to catch your 214a swap as much. If you just want to do a basic counter hit starter with free assist call, make it hit after the 5b and either scoop with 2c into 236a loops, or in some cases you might have to 5a to hold the hit still and go into loops.

Combo Theory

Merkavas combo theory ends up pretty cut and dry, you can do a lot of experimentation and have some fun with combos, its super easy to do soar loops from any point on the screen from any touch, since 5a 2c is so easily guaranteed due to the 5a knockdown lasting so long. A lot of your combos will just be Touch > 2c or Weird hit > 5a confirm > 2c into soar loop. For corners you have a similar idea except you have access to the more damaging 236a loops now, albeit a little less burst safe. All of the merk combo enders written are safejump enders to continue back into soar pressure, get a touch and confirm into another soar loop for more safejumping. 2c(1), 236a(airborne opponent), 5a, 5bbb, 214bc, are all safejump enders for helping merk snowball and setup his situations.

Video Examples

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External Documents and References

Merkava Character doc by Decibelle:

Merkava Character primer By Cow / Moth / Inter (Updated for 2.0):