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Merkava sports some pretty huge limbs that can be used to harass the opponent from a safe distance away, and his unique flight ability gives him a lot of room to move around and position himself. His 5A, 214B, and reversal action are all solid anti-airs that contribute to his dominance of the skies. As an assist, he has very somewhat standard but nonetheless good moves, with a flurry punch for general purpose, a fireball for zoning, and an anti-air that ground slams. On the other hand, his big size can easily lead to him being combo food for most opponents, and he doesn't have many options to get the opponent off of him. In addition, he is big and slow without having any traditional counter-balances, like increased backstep invulnerability or hard-hitting attacks.
Lore:Merkava is a Void, a type of creature that resides within the "world" of the Hollow Night in the Under Night universe. They're typically mindless snake-like beasts that seek out and devour any living thing they can find for their EXS (if you survive a Void mauling, you become an in-birth). Merkava obviously stands out as being a Void who is capable of being able to think and talk like a human, owing to the fact he was an in-birth who gave up his human body in favor of a Void one, and capable of living in the real world, making the strongest and most intelligent Void. However, this is a decision that has caused him some angst, as he now has the animalistic urges and instincts of a Void with the conscious of a human. He is suspected as the Void responsible for killing and eating Orie's parents. He was targeted and trailed by a Ritter Schild member Londrekia Light, who then spare the intelligent Void’s life and now having a neutral friendly terms with him while swore to find a possibility to reverse the transformation from a Void back to human.
Merkava is a character that likes to pressure his opponent from at least midrange, and when he gets a hitconfirm, get his reward through very technical combos.
Pros Cons
  • Effective attacks that can reach from footsies range to fullscreen.
  • Unique flight mechanic gives great position and safe jump setups.
  • Glide attack allows for some tricky mix-ups.
  • Strong anti-air game
  • Is able to Reverse Beat attacks like other UNIEL characters.
  • Tall hurtbox
  • Slow moves
  • Reverse beating blockstrings does not improve frame advantage
  • Weak to zoning

FLS of The Basilisk: Jormungandr

Merkava's FLS grants him the ability to stretch and morph his arms, allowing him to punch and grab from a long distance, turn them into whips to slap opponents, and sprout wings to fly

His FLS also grants him the ability to fly whenever he double jumps or air dashes. Merkava can move up, down, forward, or backward and can cancel into his air dash until he starts his third and final wing flap. His air dash is actually a forward glide that also can hit the opponent. Both his flight stance and his air dash can be cancelled into any air attack at any time.

Normal Moves










Universal Moves

Ground Throw


I, Penetrate the Clear Skies

5A+D (Air OK)


I, Drill Through


I, Capture and Devour


Version Damage GuardHow this attack can be guarded. Throws have their throw range listed instead. StartupShows how many frame that the corresponding move needs to go through in order to reach its active frames. ActiveShows how many frames where there is a hurtbox, AKA the hitbox where if the opponent touches it, he/she will take damage. Occurs after Startup. RecoveryShows how many frames that the character must go through after its active frames to automatically go back to a neutral stance. Frame Adv.The difference between the attacker's recovery and the period that the opponent is in blockstun. This Frame Advantage value is based off the fact that the very first active frame touches the opponent. Throws list the amount of Frame Advantage upon successfully throwing the opponent. AttributesAttributes this attack possesses. Some attacks are invincible to attacks of certain attributes. Inv.The number of frames this attack has invincibility, and what attribute(s) this invincibility applies to.
214A 1000, 0, 500×3 All 15 2-16* 26-31/54* -8 ~ -13 B -
214B 1000, 0, 500×3 All 15 2-16* 20-25/43* -2 ~ -7 B -

  • Enters recovery on block; adds a frame of recovery for every 2 frames spent active; additional 23 frames recovery on whiff

Merkava extends his arm full screen and latches onto the opponent wherever they were on hit. On block, he does not travel to the opponent, but on hit he will do a lengthy animation that can be followed up with the help of your partner. Opponents cannot ground forward tech through Merkava after the knockdown, so it's useful in the corner to lock them down.

  • Enters recovery on block; adds a frame of recovery for every 2 frames spent active; additional 18 frames recovery on whiff

Similar to the A version but this one hits at a 45 degree angle upward.

I, Breath Out


I, Spring to the Sky


I, Soar the Sky

j.44 or j.66

Extra Skills

EX I, Drill Through


EX I, Capture and Devour


EX I, Breath Out


Partner Skills


I, Drill Through


I, Breath Out



Distortion Skills

I, Resentfully Rage


I, Frolic

214B+C (Air OK)

Distortion Skill Duo

I, Resentfully Rage

P during Partner's Distortion Skill

Astral Heat

I, Overrun


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