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Team Synergy


This is where Labrys wants to be. Though her mixups aren't great, when backed by the proper assist she can put a lot of pressure on the opponent.

Depending on your team, she might be somewhat reliant on cross combos for mixups.


Labrys' assists are okay, but don't have much utility. This makes her a poor support character.

Additionally, she struggles to maintain pressure without the benefit of an assist, limiting her strength as an anchor.

Recommended Partners



Waldstein/Gordeau - Large, multi-hitting assists allow her to get in as well as pressure the opponent.

Hyde - generally good support character; Labrys appreciates the projectile assist.


General Tactics

While not quite as "UNGA" as some other characters, Labrys does have some large disjointed moves with her 5A and jB. Keeping up constant pressure benefits Labrys greatly, as your axe level will increase both on hit and on block.

Up close, 4A and 2A are your best pokes. At mid-range, use 5A, though keep in mind that at max range you will not be able to convert your 5A auto combo into your standard air combo, so it would be best to end it with either 2C or a special move.

At long range, you can use 236A/B to "poke", but you should be looking for opportunities to get back in close. You can use jB to approach in the air, and empty winch dash off 236B/C.

Because her supers get scaled heavily by combos, even with red axe, it's generally best to end your combos with a knockdown so you can continue pressure.

While red axe will allow you to do more damage with your regular combos, the main strength is how much damage a red axe super can do after a very short confirm. Because supers are un-burstable, you can use a red axe super to guarantee a kill. When zoners get predictable, you can use 236C to punish and get close to their face.



4AA5AAA 2C 236A

5AAA 2C 236A

Tips and Tricks

If you think you will get anti aired, j.C can keep you up in the air for a longer time allowing you to not get anti aired.

Use j.B for air to airs, crossups, etc.

Don't hesitate to use 236C when someone like Jin tries to touga, doing this will get you a free combo using an assist or by spending an extra meter.

When picking out partners, feel free to use anyone who can make Labrys keep her pressure.

Fighting Labrys

Labrys has weak anti-air potential vs moves like Yang's j.236A/B or Vatista's j.236B