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Team Synergy


Hilda is usually better on anchor than on point but can still be strong. She has access to strong mixups once she gets meter and can in force both strong pressure and good oki thanks to 214A,214B and 214BC. It's best to have hilda be point of the opponents character doesn't have a full screen super or doesn't have the resources for one. This means she can bully them with zoning forever. As for weaknesses on point, once the enemy can do fullscreen super, they mostly likely will meaning hilda can't really do anything, so it's best to switch to your partner and have them handle it.When she's in resonance, Hilda is one of the scariest characters to fight as she can spam her high/low, can do large chip with 214BC,can stall midair with 214BC and and has high damage.


Hilda has great assists with their only weakness being slow startup. 5P is average with decent lockdown and has good range. It's also her best burst punish. 6P goes fullscreen and has strong durability which makes it good against other zoners and is great for oki. 4P is slow so it must be protected but covers a ton of space and provides good lockdown. Overall, Hilda assist kit is based on lockdown and space control which makes it good for short ranged characters and has no real downsides beside their slow startup.For combos, use 5P and 4P,for lockdown use 4P and 6P and for building res, all three are good.

Recommended Partners

What Hilda wants in a partner is a good antiair since her 2B has a weird hitboxes and her DP is very slow. A good combo assist that allows her to increase her damage. And a good lockdown assist to cover the long startup on her moves or fill the gaps in her blockstrings. If one of their assist is good for building res that's even better.Additionally if that character isn't reliant on meter, that's great since she can spend it on mixups although some of her best partners need meter so it's not necessary. Some of her best partners are Chie,Seth,Teddie and Yuzuriha and good partners are Vatista and Akatsuki.

General Tactics


Hilda mainly want to be halfscreen from her enemy as at that range,most of her normals will hit while theirs wont which will allow you to play a poking game.Don't whiff moves unless they're just outside of your range as the high recovery on her moves can easily get you punished.Her main anti air is 2B,it only has four frames of head invul and said frames come in petty late but it has great horizontal range and decent vertical so it's best use for a preemptive anti air where you think they're going to jump or they are airborne but haven't approach yet instead of hitting them when they're already moving towards you.Hilda doesn't very good air to air options so if your both airborne,it's best to just respect what they're doing.



Most off Hilda mixups comes from her EX moves as 236C is a low and 214C is a high.Additionally you can get the high side of the mixup for free by using assist along with 5BBB. If you use 236C you can active switch to your partner and have them combo. The main threat from Hilda's mixups comes from the fact she can do them from fullscreen meaning they're never safe. They are most effective when the enemy doesn't have resources to do things like fullscreen super so they can't escape.That said, don't use them up close as they're both unsafe.When you are up close use a rising J.A as that hers fastest overhead.


Hilda pressure is very unique as many of her blockstrings have gaps in the meaning they can DP/Super out.But if they aren't in range or don't have the resources, Hilda's pressure can go on a lot longer than it's supposed to.As a zoner, your main goal is to kill their patience so you can go in and abuse their mistakes.Use your assist to cover areas Hilda can't as well to fill the gaps in her blockstrings if they can break out


Hilda's oki depends on if you want to be close or far from the opponent.


If you want to stay close to the enemy,Hilda has three safejumps setups. 5BBB-5C is a meterless ender that works everywhere.You can cover neutral/forward tech by jumping forward and doing JA and back tech by jumping back and JA. If you did 5C from around halfscreen, you need to do IAD JA to cover forward tech. 236BC is a cash out that lets you maintain pressure after a knockdown.Everything I said about 5BBB-5C applies here.Landing the upper hitbox of 236A in the corner can let you do a safejump where you jump forward and JA to cover neutral and back tech and jump straight up and JA to cover forward.You can also do the standard meaty 2A. This is special for Hilda because since her 2A goes so far,you can do it at a range where if the opponent DP or does a short ranged super,Hilda will still be safe.It does lose to long range supers though like Yang 236BC so be careful.


If you want stay away from your opponent,you should use 214A,214B and 214BC. 214A should be used for when they're in the corner as it will cover 2 techs at the same time and let Hilda run a mixup. 214B should be used when your midscreen. It won't let Hilda run a meterless mixup but she can mixup with her EX moves.

Meter Usage

Hilda mostly spends her meter on her EX moves as they're her main mixups tools. 236C is a low and great active switch tool as it has a long duration and is unburstable meaning your partner can go straight to super for more unburstable damage. It also does a hard knockdown and while Hilda can't get a safejump,her partner can. 214C is her best use of meter.It can combo from anywhere, even from fullscreen and can be used for resets as it restands the enemy so you can go for tick throws or a high/low and if they guess wrong, you get a whole new combo. 236BC hits everywhere but it's slow so it's best for prediction punishes.It's also her main cash out for combos. 214BC is great use for meter.If you don't know want to spend meter on,spend it on this. It can be used for lockdown,oki,pressure,stalling,chip damage during res, and combos.


Tips and Tricks

Fighting Hilda

  • Projectiles and full screen attacks significantly reduce Hilda's zoning advantage.
  • Aim to make her whiff her attacks, once she does, you basically have free reign to run or jump in for a counter attack.
  • Use projectile invulnerable attacks to nullify her 5B and j.5B
  • Her DP is gigantic, but not perfect, it whiffs vs opponents directly above her. If trying to bait this move delay your cross up, or double cross.
  • Hilda struggles up close many of her moves have minimum distances.