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Team Synergy


On point, Hakumen can combine his sizable buttons with a strong neutral assist to control lots of space, or use those very assists to cover his below average movement. A solid combo extension assist can send his already above average damage skyrocketing into as much as 9k meterless, and give him very strong corner carry.


As an anchor, Hakumen suffers from lack of assists to cover his movement or extend his combos, but Resonance Blaze allows him to dump lots of meter into Magatama special cancels for lots of damage. Furthermore, if he has access to his Astral Heat, opponents will need to take care when trying to play aggressively or throw out attacks, since he can end the round immediately with one counter. He can also cancel into his astral from normals and specials like any other character.

Recommended Partners

General Tactics

Hakumen is a big, slow character with long ranged, hard hitting sword strikes. His 5B and j.5B cover lots of horizontal space in front of him, with 5B in particular leading to a full combo with respectable corner carry. All of his sword strikes can also nullify projectiles if they come into contact with one. In fact, Hakumen only needs to slice one hit of beam projectile supers (such as Narukami's and Vatista's) in order to nullify the entire thing, giving him a free punish on his opponent.



Tips and Tricks

Fighting Hakumen

Hakumen's reversal action is a counter that triggers against all forms of attack, so you'll need to keep this in mind when structuring your oki. However, since the attack won't come out unless the counter is triggered, this means that it's very easy to safe jump compared to a typical dragon punch styled reversal.

If Hakumen attempts to use Yukikaze (his counter super) on your incoming character after a KO, a well timed resonance blaze will save you and give you a free punish.