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Chie Satonaka

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Team Synergy


Chie on point is interesting. She has strong close ranged tools and with enough meter, if she gets a opening, the games is over. However, her short range means she is very reliant on assist to help her get in. Because of this, you'll need good neutral and have to be patient when you don't have momentum. Because of this, her assist MUST has a long range assist and a combo assist that last a decent amount of time. If they don't have the combo assist, they need a move that lasts a long time that they can active switch to chie and power charge.


The truth is that chie is better on point that on anchor, but she's not useless. 5P is average assist for combos that can get the job done but is nothing special. Her true power on anchor is in her 6P and 4P. 6P does good damage and is great for setting sandwiches due to how far she travels. 4P is multi hitting and uses her persona meaning it's unaffected by pushblock which makes it good for lockdown. None of her assist is good for neutral or defence so the character on point should have good defence options.

Recommended Partners

Vatista - You can set up a full screen sandwich with Chie's 6P. Best times for this are during a knockdown from Vatista jC or while chucking projectiles in neutral. Once sandwiched you can do laser active switch or Cross Combo pressure. - Chie's forward moving 5P lets her approach the opponent during CC and set up 236A laser + active switch to immediately get in while setting up a fake corner for pressure. - All of Vatista's assists can set up easy touch of death combos, and 4P lets Chie anti-air floaty characters she otherwise has problems with (Merkava).

Ruby - Ruby fast projectile 6P and insane anti-air 4P fix two of Chie's major problems on point. - Ruby j236B is so long that you have time to active switch to Chie and get full Power Charge. Combined with 4P's huge hitstun, this is Chie's most enabling ToD partner. - Only downside is it struggles against heavy zoning and floaty teams.

General Tactics


Chie's,simply put,has bad neutral as her own moves have low range and her longest range normals are persona moves so they tend to get broken. Because of this, unless you want to spam assists,you need to have high amounts of patience when you don't momentum/when it's not your turn.Since Chie has 5F and 6F moves and a counter you need to know when there are gaps in your opponents pressure so you can take back your turn. Additionally most of Chie's normals can be jump canceled on block which will let you do an instant air dash and her 5B and 5BB can dash canceled. These two things combined will make it much easier to get back in after your opponent pushblocked.

Meter Usage

Chie is very meter reliant due to power charge so good meter management is important.Her EX moves are mostly useless.236C has long startup so you need a counter hit 5B or an assist to combo into it and in those cases the damage it does is reduced so it's better to use it raw as a DP punish. You can use it to get out of the corner or to get in on your opponent but you'll be better using 236B and a assist.214C is useless as the extra damage it does compared to 214B isn't worth the meter and should only be used if it will kill but chances are that 214B will get the job done.236BC is only used as a combo ender or a reversal especially during power charge. Speaking of which power charge is her main use of meter so you should save it for that. J.236BC can be used for neutral and corner pressure. It's best to use it during Resonance Blaze as it will do good chip and will help getting them to 1HP which in that case you'll won't need power charge.


j.c, Chie's only oki tool.

Video Examples


Tips and Tricks

If you do power charge and than switch to the other character, chie's assists will be power charged which makes ton very powerful. Due to Power Charge's short duration, it is not very practical but is still interesting.

Fighting Chie

  • Chie is very reliant on meter so forcing her to spend on things except power charge is important.Best way is to make her pushblock so use character with good mixups to put the pressure on her.
  • Chie has no antizoning tools.The best chie has is J.236C and Agneyastra which both cost meter which leads back to the first tip on fighting her. So characters with long ranged tools can suffocate her.


Chie Satonaka