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Team Synergy


Akatsuki plays his best as a point character. Your aim with him is to basically rush in and use your fastest normals (or mash the A button like a doofus) to try and catch the opponent off guard before they catch you. You'd usually want to start a good combo with 4A or 2A, but 5A is also very acceptable.

It's no secret that Akatsuki has to get in for his best options, so it's best to use your longer range attacks if they're close, or you can alternatively catch them with an Armor Piercing Kick, probably the B version. Within a combo, you may want to keep grounded for the first part and then call an Assist attack that helps extend the combo into the same thing or an air combo for extra style.

Your Reflector is not just good at preventing close up attacks, but also it's good to stop some projectiles (60% of the time), so it's handy to utilise this feature against characters that like to run away and throw things at you. Keep in mind, some characters have "projectiles" which classify as normal attacks, so knowing the difference may help you that much more.

In a situation where you're not in your preferred range, all you can really do is Reflect and/or fire Blitz Shots like no tomorrow.


That's not to say he's a bad Anchor either. Of all his assists, you may want to use Armor Piercing Kick and probably Blitz Shot. He works well with these options within a Cross Combo as well, and he benefits well from Resonance.

Recommended Partners

General Tactics



Tips and Tricks

Fighting Akatsuki

  • A common tactic that Akatsuki players use is to spam A and B fireballs from fullscreen. This causes a pseudo frametrap that will catch your startup and let Akatsuki hit you with a 236BC.
  • Most Akatsuki players WILL attempt to punish fireballs (or anything really) with 236BC on reaction, you can use this to your advantage by baiting and punishing it.
  • Some Akatsuki players may be predictable in their blockstrings. Keep an eye out for 2C or accidental Helm Crusher and punish them accordingly.