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Eight Directions and Four Attacks

BlazBlue's basic controls are a standard 8 way direction joystick (or pad), and 4 attack buttons: A (weak), B (medium), C (strong), D (drive).
There is also a taunt button S that causes the character to perform a taunt action.

Arcade Layout

there are two layouts that you can select when you are at the arcades

Technical Mode

BB Controls Type-A.png BB Controls Type-B.png
The taunt button does not have a defined location, but is generally to the upper right of the other buttons.

Stylish Mode

This mode was previously called "Beginner Mode" and is a simple way for players to perform predefined combos, special attacks, and super attacks without learning how to perform them manually.
This mode isn't used in competitive play since it limits the combos, specials, and supers a player can do as well as disabling Bursts.


Players use Numpad Notation when discussing the game online in order to overcome the language barrier international players have when discussing things like special move inputs and strict, complex combos.


Movement is an important yet subtle component of fighting games. Good movement is how you are always at the right place at the right time to capitalize on the opponent's mistakes. Good movement is how you get your opponent to be out of range of a punish. Good movement is both offensive and defensive. Discover what ranges your opponent's attacks are ineffective and what ranges your attacks are strongest, and try to maneuver yourself and your opponent into your desired ranges.

Ground Movement

For most people ground movement will consist of running towards the opponent or backstepping away from the opponent. Discover what your opponent's gameplan is and what you can do to counter it. For example if your opponent's gameplan is to air dash > attack, then stay a little further than the distance his air dash would travel so that he can't hit you as he air dashes. If you an anti-air normal such as Ragna's 6A, then try to space yourself such that you can react to his air dash with a 6A.

Air Movement

Air movement in games like BlazBlue consist of most characters having the following options:

  1. Jump
  2. High Jump (aka Super Jump)
  3. Air Dash
  4. Double Jump

Jumping towards an opponent is high risk high rewards; most characters have anti-air attacks that will beat your air attacks, but if you successfully hit them with a jump in attack, you will be rewarded with either a high damage combo or offensive momentum.
Some characters have additional movement options: Bang has a second air dash and Valkenhayn has very versatile air movement while in wolf form.
Some characters can use their attacks as movement options, such a Arakune's 6A/B/C or Platinum's Swallow Moon.

Try to find opportune times to jump and take advantage of them.



Normals are your primary attacks in the game. You can press A/B/C (and for most characters D as well) to perform attacks. These attacks are the cornerstone of any good offense.
Try to discover the utility of your normals. Experiment and see what your normals can do in various situations like air to air combat, air to ground combat, ground to ground combat, defense, offense, etc.
All character's 3C attack is a sweep-type attack. Most character's 6A attack is either an anti-air attack or an overhead.

Most (but not all) normal attacks can be canceled into special and super attacks.


Specials are attacks that require a more complex input to perform like 236A or 623C. These attacks usually have special properties such as dealing a small amount of damage even on block, moving your character in an unconventional way, or having invincibility.
Discover what the purpose of your attacks are and use them to their full potential.

Distortion Drives (Supers)

Distortion Drives are attacks that are basically riskier versions of specials. They consume Heat and generally have a more complicated motion to perform. The benefit is that they typically do more damage or have even more unique benefits compared to special attacks.

Most (but not all) supers have a property called minimum damage. This means that a super will do at least do a set percentage of its base damage regardless of how much damage scaling has affected combo damage. This means that supers are great as combo ending attacks.



As a general rule, block low (hold 1) until you think your opponent is going to do an overhead attack, then block high (4). If blocking in the air, hold Barrier when near the ground so you can block otherwise air unblockable attacks such as most character's 5B and 5C.

Counter Assault (press 6A+B while blocking)

A Counter Assault is an invincible move you can use while in blockstun and when you have 50 heat. It helps get the opponent off you, but it also removes one Guard Primer permanently for the rest of the round. If a Counter Assault is blocked or dodged, it can be punished.

Barrier Guard (hold block + AB)

Use Barrier Guard to negate chip damage and increase pushback to try and end the opponent's pressure ealier. While airborne use it to block air unblockable attacks.
Barrier Guard consumes your Barrier Gauge and if the gauge is used up, you will take an extra 20% damage for about 10 seconds.

Instant Block

Often abbreviated as "IB". Use this if the opponent does something very predictable (such as the second hit of Jin's Ice Car) in order to gain some Heat, reduce pushback, and to recover faster from blockstun.

Instant Barrier

A combination of Barrier Guard and Instant Blocking, it has the advantages of IBing with added pushback, more than normal Barrier Blocking.

Other Mechanics

Rapid Cancel

Ragna RCing his Inferno Divider to cancel the recovery and make his attack safe.

Rapid Cancels (abbreviated as "RC") are a very versatile tool that players should be taking advantage of in their gameplay. Once you touch your opponent with an attack, you can cancel your attack in to a neutral state by pressing A+B+C. This consumes 50 Heat and can be used to extend combos, create offensive situations, or reduce the risk of other situations.


The two different kinds of bursts

Bursts are performed by pressing all 4 attack buttons at the same time: - While blocking or getting hit you can use a burst to perform an invincible attack and knock the opponent away. The color of this burst is green. - If you burst while in a neutral state you will perform an invincible attack that will launch your opponent into the air, thus allowing you to combo them. The color of this burst is gold.

Counter Hit


Counter Hit (also abbreviated as "CH") refers to two different situations. The first is landing an attack during the animation or start up of an opponent's attack. The second is landing an attack during the "Counter Hit" frames of an opponent's attack's recovery. Landing a Counter Hit provides, on a normal level, longer untech time, which goes into combos that are Counter Hit only. Certain attacks on Counter Hit provide different stagger animations, trajectory launches, floor or wall bounce. See this for more info.

Fatal Counter


A Fatal Counter occurs when certain attacks land on Counter Hit, it provides the same benefits that CH would, but remaining attacks in the following combo allocated 2 extra frames of untech time. Some characters can execute attacks under certain conditions that can force Fatal Counter on normal hit or in a combo. Refer to this for more info.

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