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Bread and ButterWorks anywhere, anytime, and will be your best friend.
Very Easy

5B > 2B > 5S > 4S > 5M, 6S
Where it all begins. Works from any starter like 5AA or 2A and jump-ins, but may need to drop 2B depending on range. Sets up Frenzy into meaty Gore Cross for continued pressure, which is Berserker's win condition. The only downside of this combo is that it leaves the opponent with a good amount of white health, which can be solved with the following combo.


2B > 2S > dl.4S > 5M, IAS j.M > 5S > 4S
More advanced version of the BnB. Works from any starter like 5AA or 2A and jump-ins, but needs to drop 5B for consistency unlike the previous combo.

Non-Frenzy DP PunishCan also be used for any 5S CH but is much harder to raw confirm.

CH 5S > 5M > 5B > 2B > 4S > 236M > Conversion , 5M , [Dash 5B(second hit) > 2B > 4S > 236M > Conversion , 5M]x3 > 5S > 4S
High Damage DP Punish at the cost of your own health, 35% of it, in fact. The core of Beserker Frenzy loops that work anywhere on the screen. Requires only the second hit of Frenzy 5M after the conversion for the loop to work. This combo cannot be started in awakening without any prior white health because you heal off the damage too fast to use conversion.