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Narukami meaty 214A

Combo from Chris:

Narukami meaty 5D set

Narukami j.236C+D mix

Narukami 2C safe-jump

From Chris:

Narukami F-Shiki conversion from 5D~D mix-up
F-Shiki j.A > j.C

Conversion: F-Shiki j.A > j.C > OMC, j.B > 2B > 5B > 5C > 236A > 214C, 5A > 5C > 2C > 214B

Narukami 5C > IAD j.A > delay j.C route
Example video by SKD
Narukami Cross Slash > 66 2A link in the corner

Narukami safe-jump vs Kanji DP

Narukami safe-jump vs Yosuke DP


Minazuki rekka whiff mix
Minazuki SB Destructive Fang whiff mix from ZeBo

Sampler video:

Throw > 214214D corner steal


Sho safe-jump with j.236A+B combo ender

Sho offense enforcement after throw with 5A

Cancelling teleports into spotdodge with 2D


D Tackle okizeme?

Fatal Recovery Research

Here is an extensive list of all moves with Fatal Recovery by character, all in one place:

Character Fatal Recovery moves
Aigis C Megido Fire (236C, j.236C), Goddess Shield (All ground versions), A & SB Orion (j.236236A/A+B), Heavenly Spear (All versions)
Akihiko Throw (C+D, during Cyclone string only), B & SB Kill Rush (236B/A+B)
Chie Counter (B+D)

Yu: Cross Slash Raging Lion (Grounded Versions)

Yosuke: Garudyne

Aigis: C Megido Goddess Shield (Ground version) Orion (A and SB versions) Heavenly Spear

Akihiko: Kill Rush (B and SB versions)

Chie: Counter (during catch)

Elizabeth: Ghastly Wail

Junpei: Full speed slide

Kanji: What A Pain!

Ken: AoA Thunder Reign

Margaret: Ultra Suplex (DP)

Marie: Shining Arrows

Minazuki: Tsukiyomi Drain

Mitsuru: Coup Droit (B version) Bufula

Naoto: Shield of Justice (Backdash)

Rise: Risette field

Shadow labrys: Brutal impact (all versions

Sho: Blazing Moon Barrage

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