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Wakeup RPS

The table below aims to summarize options available to the attacker (wanting to continue on the offense) and the defender (waking up from a knockdown). In GGST. The cells correspond to who wins the interaction, with "wins" meaning "lands an unblocked attack" (unless noted otherwise).

defender option > downback upback mash
(5f or faster)
reversal back+dust backdash
v attacker option v super dp
meaty safejump attacker block attacker attacker block defender BUT, depends on how active the meaty is
high defender
mid block
low attacker attacker
delayed meaty -//- attacker -//- defender attacker -//- (but more attacker favored than above)
grab (5f delay) regular attacker defender defender defender attacker neutral (tech) defender
command grab attacker
block neutral defender (blocked) attacker defender neutral (attacker has slight advantage in followups)