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An average dustloop enjoyer. Also UM worker because cool


List of Juudans



CSE UM frames


Ragnan't Haz

CPE UM frames

Ragna Haz Hakumen Terumi

Things that J Anson does because what the fuck


  • Jagai > nothing > 236C.
  • j.D > (j.2C) > 6C for damage.


  • 6DA on oki.


The common situations for Oki is after C Zaneiga (214B~C), j.214B, 623D (not in the corner) and 214A.

General options

  • 2A is you safest bet. It doesn't do anything fancy, but it ensures that your pressure is there.
  • dash 2B. With dash this catches the back roll, while without it catches the front roll.
  • IAD j.A is a safe option.
  • IAD j.2C

This is Hazama's safejump. You can call out rolls with it at midscreen, but they can block. Mostly used after 214B~C; note that you should adjust your distance by using either 66C or 44C, to maximize the chance that j.2C will catch both rolls.

  • 214B

This is a great way to call out rolls and quick rise in the corner. Leaves you in stance for followup combos or mixups.

  • 4D~C

This can be used after a close knockdown such as Jameijin. This serves as a sideswap mix depend on your distance from the opponent, close distance will result in sideswap while further will stay at the same side.

This oki can be faked out with 4D~A, which can be used to open your opponent up with a low from the front. Loses to rolls.

Okizeme for corner

All the options above can be used with the new options below:

  • j.2DD >
    • 2B