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A template for generating notation guide tables given a game and potentially extra list entries.

The game is determined by the root page for the current page. For example: GGXRD-R2/Axl Low/Combos selects GGXRD-R2 as the game.

{{Combo Notation
| additional = any additional bullet points to be added to the table. :'''term''' = definition
| width = the width of the table. Default: 90%
| game = override the displayed game notation. Equivalent to {{ROOTPAGENAME}}.


Default Values

Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+D becomes 236D.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.