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About projectiles durability

So I've been messing around testing different projectiles' interactions and things aren't adding up.

There's just so much jank regarding how projectiles are treated in this game. I think we should expand the durability section to explain more things, so as to make explanations on character pages shorter when talking about weird quirks.

For example:

  • Krillin's 214LM/HS Ki blasts cloud can be super dashed through like "Level 1 projectiles", but will beat barriers as if they are "Level 3 projectiles."
  • Piccolo's 236HS ARE "Level 3 projectiles," can't be super dashed through, beats barrier/armor, but has durability of typical Ki blasts. Same with Gotenks' 236LM/HS.
  • Goku Black's 236LM can actually clash with slow "beam" moves if all 18 needles hit, e.g. it will clash with Frieza and Broly's 236S, but most beams are too fast and will hit Goku Black before this can happen. Still beats barriers and armor like "Level 3 projectiles" should though.
  • Beam clashing is weird too, some "beam" moves will only clash for one hit and this leads to weird interaction. I was testing a typical 5-hit Kamehameha on 16's 236S and sometimes I would be able to hit 16 for 7 hits. Zamasu's 236S will only do one hit that deals 900, however if it clashes ONCE with "Level 2 projectiles," it will still pass through but now deals 300. And then there are 1-hit beam, 5-hit beam, 7-hit beam, 9-hit beam that all clash just fine.
  • "Level 1 projectiles" also has 2 subsets: one that pierces through other Ki blasts, one that beats super dash and moves that auto deflect Ki blasts like Trunks' 236S, all of Broly's armor, Gotenks' 214X.

While I know most of these aren't applicable in an actual match. "Gohan's 214LM/HS can go level 5 even on clash, which is something only he has" who cares it's never gonna happen. I still think it should be mentioned to an extend though.

So maybe we should separate "durability" and "properties"? They USUALLY go together, but not always, and the more I test the more I find that this is more common than I initially thought. I just want some new terms we can point to when writing character pages, so we don't have to repeat the same properties over several characters.

If you guys think this is not noteworthy enough then I will filter out stuff that's too technical while not being very useful.

Re: Projectile Durability

Thanks for the opinions+info, I think this section can be expanded, but I caution against getting too deep into the weeds; we need to balance conciseness with accuracy. --Shtkn (talk) 20:06, 14 November 2018 (UTC)

Re2: Projectile Durability

I'll keep that in mind. In the mean time I'll do more test before changing anything regarding projectiles.