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Yukari Takeba


Yukari's neutral is very strong, it's likely her biggest asset, she doesn't have the BEST neutral in the game but it is quite good.
The things that make it good are as follows:

  • Speed - She is incredibly fast, the only character faster than her being Yosuke. She can abuse her speed to move around the screen and put herself in the ranges and positions she prefers.
  • Projectiles - Though requiring precision Yukari has a multitude of projectile that she can use to cover space and zones that help her land the hits and confirms she desires.
  • Conversions - With a lot of experience Yukari allows your to convert off many stray hits in neutral into very big damage.


One of Yukari's strongest tools in neutral is her orbs. These Garu orbs redirect arrows that are shot into them to the position that the opponent is at. These are all the moves that Yukari has to put up orbs.

  • 5D - It's not the best for shooting orbs as it leaves you sitting on the ground and is quite easy to punish.
  • 2D - This one is similar to 5D, but much better as it cover air space at an arc most jump will hit.
  • j.D - One of the best orbs to throw out as it is quick and has very little recovery, allows you to air dash quickly after.
  • 214C/D/CD - The air that it makes is large, but it is very laggy. The best way to use this is in the air, in the air the recovery is way less making it very strong.

Each of these have their own uses and optimal ways to be used. You can think of shooting arrows through orbs as formation that you switch between on the fly. Here is a list of orb formations.

  • 2D > 2B/[B] - This is very strong when an opponent is sitting fullscreen or is showing no intent to approach because one the 2D is up you could try covering the ground of even shoot the orb and cover the ground and sky.
  • 5D > 5B/[B] - Not very good since the 5D is not too hard to punish and shooting it into the 5D isn't covering any extra space.
  • J9.d > AD AT > j.B - This is VERY strong is opponent is passive as the j.D could cover your approach and the j.B will continue to cover your approach or possibly snipe the opponent for a confirm.
  • j7.d > AD Back > j.B - Another extremely good formation since this not only allows you to retreat but also be putting out hitboxes while remaining relatively safe.
  • sj7.214C > AD AT > j.[B] - One of the best formations as you go very high into the air and you shoot the arrows as you land giving you pretty space control while being hard to catch/punish. One of the best round starts yukari has.

General Gameplan

These are all examples, there are far more formations that yukari can use to play around with orbs in neutral these are to give you an idea for what she can do. The general gameplan is to poke around, confirm random stuff, punish them hard, and using movement like 214C > airdash > airturn, airturn > D flip (Her movement is very crucial). You can abuse how fast Yukari is, don't stop moving while shooting arrows, if one of them catches them on counter try to confirm it. Use 5D/ j.D a lot, it has a lot of blockstun (+24) and covers her a lot, with that you can jump in safely (and mash j.5A like guilty). Surprisingly it is not easy to hit Isis, and if they do there's probably a trade that you can confirm into a combo. Try to put a 5D/j.D and shoot at it in one jump/double jump/air dash, to stop them from moving around. Bombs make great setups for unblockables, use them if the opponent jumps a lot. You can play yukari reactionary too (not easy, since you have to guess sometimes), but I just do it when I know they are sold after doing stuff and punish them with the right combo. Also when Yukari's in Awakening if you manage to land a DP, cancel it to Magarula SB, if they tech they're forced to block in the air (blow them with the bomb while blocking, HUGE damage), if they don't tech they eat the super but dont worry you have a way to get the knockdown after that, They have to delay neutral tech to hit the ground then block the mixup to get out of the situation.


Yukari's offense very strong, she has strong blockstrings and very potent damage; however she lacks mixup. He blockstrings can be quite long if your condition your opponent to respect your gaps with good baits, though she can put people in blockstun for quite some time the blockstrings themselves aren't threatening so it's important to implement tick throws and try to force your opponent to pick an option to get out.
Her most important tools for pressure are:

  • 5A - +1
  • 5AA - -1
  • 2A - -2
  • 5D/j.D - +24 but it'll always have a frame gap
  • 214CD - Magaru reset that leaves you in +12 is worth spending meter for it when you need to
  • 214C/D - Leaves you in +2 but is pretty much pressure reset
  • j.236AB - Good for presure, bypasses its landing recovery which means you can land safely and gives your air actions back
  • 5A - Jump Cancelable
  • 5AA - Jump Cancelable
  • 2C - Jump Cancelable
  • 5C- Dash cancelable on block as well, leaves you in -5 pretty good for a throw attempt, if you saw japanese footages you'll never see them doing it but is a good option regardless as it only loses to 5f jabs with the right timing.
  • j.5C throwbait - Good for baiting throws and also good for catching your opponent when he's about to press a button, useful against Margaret and Elizabeth MU, however it loses to fuzzy jump option select

Jump cancel that makes her pressure much respected, because between basic revolver string 5AA > 5B > 5C > 2C, throws, magaru resets, go back to neutral, in general you have tons of options to work around with, but also try to variate so your pressure doesn't turn to be very predictable.
You can layer these moves and structure your blockstrings in many different ways:

Safe Blockstrings

  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 2C > j.C > j.236A
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > 5C > 2AB > 214C
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > j.7D > j.5B
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > 2B > 214CD

j.D Blockstrings

  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > j.7D > airdash > j.A(x4) > 5A....
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > 5C > 2AB > 5D > dash > 5A...
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > j.9D > 5A > 2A > 5AA...(empty low mix)
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > j.9D > airdash > j.5A > 5A (overhead mix)

Dash cancel/Backdash cancel

  • 5A > 2A > 5A... (5A is +1)
  • 5A > 2A > 5A > 5C > dash cancel (5C > dc leaves you in -5) you can go into 5A, Throw, j.5C throw bait
  • 5A > 2A > 5A > 5C > 2C > dash cancel (also leaves you in -5)
  • 5AA > backdash cancel (leaves in -8 but you're relatively safe on block)
  • 5AA > 5C > 2C > backdash cancel
  • 5AA > 5B > 2B > backdash cancel

Jump Actions Stuff

  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > hjc > j.2B > j.214C (leaves you to neutral, plus also you have access to air actions after C magaru)
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > b-iad > j.D...(has a frame gap but once respected you can go and pressure again with dash 5A, can be used to check/bait DPs
  • 5A > 2A > 5AA > airdash > j.A(x4) > 5A...
  • 5A > 2A > 5A > 5B > 5C > 2C > j.5C > j.236AB > airdash > j.A
  • 5A > 2A > 5A > j.5C > j.236AB > airdash > j.A

Throw Attempts

  • 5A > throw
  • 5AA > throw
  • 5C > dash cancel > throw
  • 2C > dash cancel > throw

Tips and Tricks


Yukari Takeba