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As you may probably infer, this page consists of explanations and breakdowns of common strategies and solutions to situations that occur very often in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. This is intended to provide general insight on the metagame of Persona, to players at novice and intermediate levels.

Dealing with DP (Super Cancels, Baiting)

Denying Awakening


Using your furious action turns some health into blue health, so if you are close to awakening and can safely use it you can forcibly enter awakening and overall increase how much health you have to work with in awakening as well as gain its other benefits earlier.

Punishing Persona Calls

If your opponent used a persona move, the persona will linger for a moment. If you can land an attack on said persona without being punished always do so (5a is likely a good idea since personas will always vanish after one hit anyways). Examples of moves likely to be punished with a hit on the persona are Kanji's C primal force since it cannot be cancelled and Take-Mikazuchi will be next to you while Kanji often won't as well as Teddie's 5D, 2D and jD since they have no hitbox and once again cannot be cancelled into a threatening move.

How To Get Mix-Ups

General Meter Management (SP, Burst)

Combo Notes (Juggles, Proration, Common Damage, Meter Usage)

Proper Hit-Confirming

Defensive Techniques & Option Selects

If you don't know what an option select is, check the explanation and examples on the Metagame page about it before reading on.

Please also note: Everything in this section consists of relatively advanced concepts and strategy for this game. You should not worry about these until you feel like you are already around general competency in your basic defense (when to block, reactions, when to reversal, etc), and would like to learn more theory or technique surrounding it.

Fuzzy Jump + Air Throw OS

Input: 1~7C+D~1

Explanation: Mid-pressure option select that is used to escape gaps that may be large enough to jump out of, with an extra layer of defense against P4U2-specific pressure options.


  1. It is assumed you are most likely holding [1] first (to block standard pressure).
  2. When you expect a gap in pressure, quickly switch to 7, and then input the C+D after a tiny delay (to jump out of pressure, and get instant air throw on top of that).
  3. Do not hold 7, go back to holding [1] ASAP to continue blocking standard pressure (in case there was no gap at all). If you managed to jump, this is inconsequential.


  • If the opponent continues an airtight blockstring: You stand block briefly due to the input, but no jump or throw will come out of course (because you are stuck in blockstun).
  • If the opponent attempts to tick throw or reset pressure without plus frames: You will jump out and whiff an air throw, dodging their throw attempt or typical Re-dashWhen the attacker in a pressure situation dashes back in on the opponent after a frame advantageous or low frame disadvantageous attack, to reset and thus continue their offense. pressure.
  • If the opponent jump-cancels a normal to attempt an IAD or airturn airdash mix-up: You will jump out, and air throw them

Certain characters in this game can jump-cancel some normals on block to extend pressure or go for mix-ups (i.e. Minazuki), so adding the air throw to additionally shut down this option and start your own offense makes this classic OS even better. Even if you don't catch the opponent with the air throw, air throw whiff recovery in this game is typically short enough for you to perform an air action before landing, such as a j.A or air backdash to stay relatively safe.

How to beat it:

  • Incorporate more low-hitting moves into your blockstring, either with buttons, Sweep (2A+B), or specials that hit low to catch the opponent switching to stand block.
  • Frame-trap the opponent's jump start-up, or early jump frames where they cannot block.
  • If nothing else, you still have the option to chase down the opponent and punish them for being airborne with a 2B, or even an air throw of your own!
Video Tutorial on fuzzy jump OS, by LordKnight

Fuzzy DP on Wake-Up

Input: [4]~B+D

Explanation: A hitstop/blockstun OS to defend against safe-jumps and their possible mix-ups that come after conditioning, to DPDragon Punch A move that has invulnerability during its startup, long recovery, and a rising motion. against mixes while still blocking potential meaties.


  1. Hold [4] so you are blocking on wake-up.
  2. Shortly after the timing where you should be blocking a meaty, input B+D.


  • If the opponent performs a meaty: You block the meaty attack, and your DP will not come out. Continue blocking pressure like normal.
  • If the opponent goes for a late airdash overhead / empty jump low: You will attempt to block for a moment, and then DP before they hit you.

How to beat it: There's no surefire way to beat this without dealing with RPS, but anyway, there's no need to do so. Simply take your meaty and go into pressure.

Temporary twitter link to a demonstration of the OS: https://twitter.com/Elite_Soba/status/1534017356489367552

Wake-Up Block/Throw Tech/Backdash OS

Input: On wake-up, [4][4]~1C+D

Explanation: Wake-up option select to deal with strike/throw mix-up, while also utilizing a backdash to avoid a throw whiff animation and its Counter Hit state recovery.


  1. Tap and shortly hold [4] so you are blocking on wake-up.
  2. Next, quickly tap and hold [4] again to buffer backdash shortly, for when the backdash lockout window ends (to backdash if no meaty).
  3. Once the backdash is to execute, quickly switch to 1 and input C+D for throw at about the same time (to block low if meaty, and/or tech if you got thrown).


  • If the opponent performs a meaty: You block the meaty attack
  • If the opponent attempts to "meaty" throw you as okizeme: You tech the throw
  • If the opponent attempts to delay meaty or bait your throw tech if you attempt a normal fuzzy throw tech: You backdash away from the situation

How to beat it: The video goes into depth about counterplay, and also solutions to the counterplay, but here is the most basic solution if the OS is executed correctly:

  • The opponent can be hit with a delayed meaty or delayed low that are timed just right to hit during a 2-4F window after they wake up while they are buffering the backdash, since they must tap 44 and return to neutral in the middle to backdash. The attacker can also just wait for the opponent's OS backdash and punish it while it's in motion.
    • However, the timing to catch the backdash input is variable, and waiting to punish the backdash leaves a big gap. As a result, this leaves the attacker susceptible to wake-up rolls and eventually abare in future interactions to get past their attempts to punish the OS.
Video Tutorial for this OS, by SKD

(Video is recorded in P4U, but technique is still applicable to P4U2 2.0.)

"Stone Hat" Technique

Input: While cornered, hold [6] while an opponent is air dashing overhead

A technique originating from the oldest corners of poverty land, Melty Blood.

Explanation: A technique to potentially escape corner IAD pressure, put the opponent themselves into the corner, and punish the opponent for their pressure.

While you are cornered, if the opponent chooses to IAD into you during a pressure string, there is often a large enough gap to where you are able to hold [6] to walk forward for just a tiny bit and make your collision boxes pass one another as they fly overhead. As a result, you will end up on the other side of them and can potentially punish the opponent with a full combo on their pressure reset / mix-up attempt.

Doing this over other options has its advantages:

  • As opposed to 2B: More characters can take the corner from the opponent instead of just get a combo out of the corner.
  • As opposed to simply dashing out (into buttons): If mistimed, you can get a backdash and you won't be able to punish the opponent. One input ([6]) is also safer and more reliable to do on reaction than 2 (66)
  • As opposed to Fuzzy Jump + Air Throw OS: Early IAD > air buttons can stuff that OS in some situations.

Do note that this isn't foolproof versus every character, though; some characters with more privileged air buttons that hit on both sides of them (i.e. Narukami j.AP4Arena Yu jA.pngGuard:
) can still force you to block even when you walk out, and in other cases you can end up letting yourself get hit with direction screwery.

Video sample for this defensive technique, made by yours truly (scatteraxis)