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General Tactics

Minazuki's general tactics revolve around using his fast recovery normals, jump cancels, and specials to condition the opponent to block, and then mix up with grabs, and situationally, left/right crossups. Good normals to use for tick throws as Minazuki are 4A(chains into itself as 4A, very useful since it's still jump cancellable and +0) and 2A, which recovers very fast. Note that 5B and 2B are also jump cancellable. Some examples of pressure strings are listed below, although you shouldn't follow these as if they're predetermined. His pressure has many options you should utilize.

  • staggered 2A(x2-3) > 214C
  • staggered 4A(x2-3) > dash/delay(depends on spacing) 2B(1) > 5C(incase they jump, which on AA follow with B>B>B rekkas) > 214A > 4A > 4AB > dash 214C/2B/block
    • block to bait dp(4AB off A rekkas recovers fast enough to bait a lot of reversals)
  • staggered 2Ax2 > delay 4A > dash 214C/D
  • staggered 2Ax3 > 5B > 2B(1)> IABD j.B(1) or empty jump > (2A) > 214C/D
  • corner staggered 4AA > 5C(frametrap) > 5/2B > IABD j.B(1) or empty jump > (2A) > 214C
  • staggered 4AA > 5B > 5C > (sweep, if close, not necessary) > delay frametrap 214AB(you can use B, but it's very -, AB is +0)
  • 5AA > 5B > 5C > 2C > 5B > 5[D]
    • Best after opponent starts to respect the blockstring allowing you to reset while putting opponent right next to you
  • 5AA > 5B > 5C > 2C > IAD air turn j.B
    • If in corner you do not have to turn.
  • 5AA > 5B > 5C > 2C > 5B > 5D > rekka/AoA/2AC
    • Helps end string safely with rekka, can go for AoA for crossup, or can 2AC to try and reset pressure.

These are just examples, use what ever you feel is the best way to open up opponents.

Tips, Tricks, and Technique

j.C > j.D Land Cancel

Minazuki's j.C causes him to stall in the air until the move's recovery ends. On hit or block, of course he can naturally cancel j.C into j.D, which will cause him to fall again since he resumes falling during the start-up of j.D. If he is low enough to the ground, Minazuki can effectively cancel the recovery of j.C and get to the ground quicker, all before j.D comes out so he doesn't stall again. This technique lets him make the move safe on block, and even allows him to continue pressure and confirm off a CH, and is a key piece in his highest damage / optimized combo routes.

Kara SB Destructive Fang whiff mix-up

If Minazuki kara-cancels into SB Destructive Fang after an A Soaring Fang after a slight delay, it will add enough delay to the startup during his airtime to make him whiff the move completely. With SB Destructive Fang having no landing recovery, and the opponent most likely looking to block a coming Destructive Fang and act afterward, this can make for a very surprising mix-up that is actually safer and less expensive than his normal mix-ups from his rekka.

To execute the kara cancel, the last rekka should be input with a slight delay, and like so: 4A~B, instead of the standard 4A+B. The two buttons must be "plinked", or pressed on consecutive frames, so the game will put Minazuki into an A Destructive before then cancelling the start-up on that into an SB Destructive. The slight delay after the Soaring Fang connects is imperative as well, else it will still hit.

Upon landing, Minazuki can then go for a low or a command throw when the opponent will most likely be expecting to block the overhead ender. You can threaten these options, or occasionally just go for the overhead itself, making it a tricky mix-up to defend against versus an opponent who does not know how to.

An additional note is that if this is performed correctly, the lack of landing recovery on SB Destructive Fang makes it so that Minazuki can be safe to both immediate mash (even 5F mash!), and the traditional DP reversals, even if the opponent Instant Blocks.

Brief Video Example

D Dream Fog Corner Steal

Minazuki's D version of Dream Fog (214214D) can combo from his Ground Throw and also crumples the opponent on hit, and the opponent will be moved forward by the crumple animation like normal. On its own, not very interesting, but when done with the opponent's back to the corner, this can leave enough space for Minazuki to steal the corner from them afterward while he is partially invisible. Can open up some tricky mix-up options for stealing a round from an opponent where mental stack is in play.

Temporary video for this tech: https://twitter.com/ceraph53/status/1512662445864620037