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When Learning Elizabeth:
When learning Liz, it is recommended to focus on one of two types of playstyles that she can focus on: 1 Handed Sword Master (1HSM) and Ailment.

1 Handed Sword Master- Increasing Damage Consistency
1HSM is a status effect that stacks on Liz up to 9 times when she uses 2C. It does not matter if the move is blocked or it hits or whiffs.
The 1HSM stack is indicated by a sword icon above Liz's meter. The stack stays until the opponent is hit with 5C, 214A/B, or Ghastly Wail.

The 1HSM Stack applies the following effects to each of these moves:

  • 5C: Ground Bounce on Normal Hit. Spin State if only second attack Counter Hits. Each attack on hit consumes 1 Stack.
  • 214A/B: Grants additional damage and height. Consumes 1 stack.
  • Ghastly Wail (214214C/D): Increases the damage of Ghastly Wail by 50%. If opponent has fear, Ghastly Wail does 3900 damage and consumes the fear.

Ailment - Increasing Pressure/Resets/Mix Up
Ailment is about applying negative status effects to your opponent at the end of combos and then taking advantage of the negative effects applied to your opponent.
Example: Using 236AB as an ender in the corner to apply Shock so the opponent loses access to normal movement options.

Liz can inflict the following status effects:

  • Fear - Throw, 2C, 5D, j.D, Ghastly Wail (consumes fear when already applied), B+D at 100-149 SP
  • Poison - 2D, B+D at 50-99 SP
  • Freeze - 214A/B/A+B
  • Negative - Debilitate (Counter, not used in combos)
  • Charm - B+D at 0-49 SP
  • Confuse - B+D at 150 SP

Awakening - Unlocking Liz's Potential
The properties/effects of Liz's moves change while she is in awakening.
Elizabeth has an SP Skill Attack, Mind Charge (236236A/B/AB), that forces her into Awakening.
While in awakening you gain the ability to do Elizabeth's most damaging combos and better specials for neutral.


Since Elizabeth is a character that has super weak high low mix up but strong strike throw, your Gameplan is to land grabs and punish their mashing. This play style is really momentum base, so i recommend you to learn cancel string first when you go into the lab lab out what can be cancel into what to create strings. Bear in mind that Liz string has a really big gap for opponent to mash so putting frame trap into a string is really really important thing to do. Her gameplan in different range will change according to the range but i will list the general idea of what you have to do here so don't worry.

  • CLOSE RANGE ( guard kissing range )

This is her weakest range of all 3. Playing at this range against every character will put you in incredibly dangerous position because of her bad frame data. It is bad to the point where enemy could run to super market, come back and still in time to punish her recovery. What you want to do is fight for your life, do whatever you have to do to be on offense. Once Liz start her string she is winning (read Thanatos reset mix for tips). I would reccommend you the safest button to go for is 5A because it catch even if opponent hop. 5A is mad good because of it's hit box but the start up is 8 frames so use it wisely. 2A is also a good button but if the opponent do something that can hit your body from far away you will be in danger.

recommend butttons: 5A before you do anything, this will safe you life from so many things. the golden holy button is this one, press it before you start anything. You see enemy kissing your guard?? 5A and reversal is the way.

  • Mid range

This is her most threatening range, once you are in this range every single opponent is in a really big disadvantage because of Thanatos. 5C, This button has so much priorities it beats so many options in the game. If you press at the same time or a little bit after opponent buttons. Your 5B is another bully buttons this on can lead into many things this is cancelable half way, this is the ultimate secret technique. When you press 5B normally it goes forth and back, that is a lot of frames. If it miss you might die but fear not, because on block we can run cancel it. The game plan for this range would be to start string, mix them up and tie yourself to them (try to stay in mid range). If they move or try to get out of this range make sure to punish them.

  • BEWARNED: at this range opponent will not sit and eat your string, every single opponent will try to jump over your Thanatos or roll over him to get into you. They are really desperate to do that. make sure you are prepare for this, either delete or make them regret rolling so they actually sit and eat your string. Held 2C is a good for catching this too, as well as 5D and grabs. if they jump in make sure to use that A version of Mabufu ( icy slash ), it leads into J.5D and you can do a big combo afterward.

recommend button: 5B,5C,5D,A Mabufu,2B air buttons: J.B, J.5D

  • Long range

You can feel a bit at ease if you re not dealing with Yukiko or Yosuke. Those 2 can break your persona for free. Here is the game plan, you have to read your opponent next move and punish it with A mazio, if you think they gonna roll B mazio or SB is good (SB lead to oki mix). If you want to bring in an opponent you can pull them in by using D Maragi (fire pillar). If the opponent block Maragi, you can run up for a shimmy, mix or set up.

Recommend buttons: all Mazio, D Maragi

  • Win condition

Her win condition will mainly focus on inflicting debuffs and delete the enemy. Elizabeth is a character with bad buttons, it is to the point where you could not play neutral properly. The way to win is to optimize your debuffs and chance wisely. She has a really strong potential in debuffing opponent. Fear is one of her main win condition, since fear status make the next hit fatal counter which mean BIG damage and longer combo. All of that plus Thanatos Buff would spell a death sentence for the opponent or even better if you could use her Deliberate to inflict negative penalty, opponent will take double damage on any combo you do.

important things to use

  • Thanatos sword buff
  • Deliberate (negative penalty)
  • 5D (fear)
  • grab (fear)
  • air grab (fear)
  • reversal action (many status, depend on how much meter you have)

Tips and Tricks

Elizabeth has the lowest health in the game. Because of this, most of her moves are biased towards forcing your opponent out of your "space." When your opponent gets in your space, you have to either push them back out or punish them for coming in. An easy way to do this is to simply know when to go in and punish, or when to throw or maybe use a Skill and back away. If your opponent is planning to use a Super, block or evade as necessary, then depending on where they are in relation to the corners of the area, go in and punish or stay away and use Skills or zone out by Throwing. It's recommended to punish if they're close to a corner. If you can punish by throwing, by all means, go for it. However, if they are not near a corner, you can force them into a corner by Throwing them or using Skills.