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King's Field 4: The Ancient City is a first-person dungeon crawler developed by FromSoftware. This wiki is built for the North American (Agetec) Release.

There once was a beautiful, expansive forest—known as the Holy Land—that homed the Forest Folk. One day a great Darkness fell upon the land.

The sky became covered by never-ending clouds and the Forest Folk retreated, building a magnificent underground city. Since then, the Holy Land became known as the Land of Disaster. In the Kingdom of Heladin, King Lucien IV received a gift. A small idol representing peace and harmony. But soon after, the Kingdom began to crumble without explanation. The wisemen of the Kingdom decreed that the cause of it all had to be the idol, for it was the Idol of Sorrow—a mysterious relic that had caused the downfall of the Holy Land. The King instructed a group of soldiers, led by Sword Master Septiego, to return the idol to the Land of Disaster. The soldiers were never heard from again.
Soon after in the nearby Kingdom of Azalin, a mysterious idol has been handed to you, Prince Devian, with a warning; "Return the cursed Idol to its rightful place or suffer the consequences!" Return the Cursed Idol to the Land of Disaster or your Kingdom will be doomed. Armed with nothing but your bare fists you find yourself in a strange land, where danger is found in every corner.

King's Field 4, and its predecessors, are sometimes considered to be the spiritual predecessors to Demon's Souls. This association is retroactively applied due to the game's dark atmosphere, cryptic storytelling, stamina based combat, and uncompromising difficulty.
Getting started
Playing King's Field 4 first requires you to acquire a copy of the iso, and the latest nightly build of PCSX2.
From there, commonly asked questions and their answers can be found on the FAQ page.
About King's Field 4

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Release Dates

PS2 Japan.png: October 4th, 2001
PS2 USA.png: March 25th, 2002
PS2 International.png: March 28th, 2003

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