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Millia is a high speed rushdown character who thrives off of her terrifying high/low mixup potential. Her second airdash, fast run speed, and fast jump mean she can outmaneuver her opponent and bait them into whiffing something. Once she gets a good knockdown (usually in the corner), her okizeme using Disc (236H) or Secret Garden (214H) lets her apply a safe high-low mixup using 2K, 6K, Bad Moon (j.236P) or Iron Savior (214P). Millia can usually get a nice combo off this mixup, then set it up all over again.

Millia's great mobility allows her to dominate her opponents in neutral as she attempts to score a knockdown and start her okizeme game. Her hairpin (j.214S/H) is particularly strong, since it doesn't slow her air momentum and will force an opponent to get hit, block it, or do something risky to avoid it beforehand. The simple threat of hairpin requires many characters to play completely differently against Millia and makes it almost impossible to anti-air her from the ground without a hard read.

Unfortunately, Millia has abysmal health and often dies in two or three combos - and don't forget her pitiful stun resistance. She also gains RISC more than most other characters and retains the cranked up gauge for quite a while, long after she escaped pressure: any time that Millia spends blocking is time that could lead her to lose a round. Furthermore, her primary pokes have large hurtboxes compared to other characters, so she can struggle in pure grounded footsies when she can't abuse her speed.

If you enjoy having a blazing fast and dominant neutral game that lets you convert any stray hit into a knockdown and setplay, Millia is the character for you. Just don't get hit.
Millia Rage is a fragile character who punishes mistakes by enforcing deadly mix-ups and okizeme through her myraid of mobility options and setplay tools.
Pros Cons
  • Oki Goddess: Millia has access to both some of the game's best setplay options, as well as mixup, with instant overheads, crossups, tick throws, and more, making her oki some of the strongest in the game.
  • Superb Mobility: Fantastic mobility with 2 airdashes and great run speed, as well as strong specials for ground and air mobility, and a very strong backdash, Millia's mobility and whiff punishing is nearly unrivaled.
  • Aerial Threat: On top of her unmatched air mobility, Millia has access to a variety of strong, convertable jumping attacks that make her hard to deal with while midair.
  • Versatile Juggles: Millia has lots of freedom in her air combos, and optimization can increase her damage output, further improve her already amazing corner carry, and lend her even more powerful setups.
  • Fragile: Millia has low stun resistance and second lowest health in the game. She also gains RISC more quickly and loses it more slowly than other characters.
  • Mediocre Damage: Millia's damage, in practice, is generally low outside of the corner, as her combos here are either limited or have high proration and have the primary goal of securing her win condition.
  • Low Meter Gain: Millia's meter gain is nothing impressive, despite having to use it quite a bit for conversions, and especially on defense for FD or Dead Angle to escape.
  • Conditional Ground Pokes: Millia's ground pokes generally lack meaningful disjoints and have otherwise large hurtboxes, limiting her ability to contest other pokes.

Silent Force

Silent Force AKA "Pin" is a unique projectile which can only be performed if Millia is holding her hairpin. The pin must be picked up by crouching or rolling over top of it while not in hitstun/blockstun before it can be thrown again. Silent Force's great deal of frame advantage means that it can easily be converted to a combo on hit and allows Millia to get in for free on block.

However, losing the pin forces Millia to play "normal" neutral, which she would rather not do. An opponent camping on the pin or scrolling it off screen can be devastating for Millia's control of neutral and her ability to force an approach.

Millia Rage
GGXRD-R Millia Portrait.png
Weight:[105] Light
Stun Resistance:55
Backdash:11F (1~5F invuln)
Wakeup :25F (Face Up)/ 23F (Face Down)
Unique Movement Options:2 Air Dashes
Turbo Fall
H Silent Force
Fastest Ground Abare:This character's fastest attacks for mashing or scrambles. Excludes universal throws.2P, 2K (5F)
Reversal Attacks:Any reversal-esque moves this character has. Excludes universal options.2141236H (5+1F)

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
14 Mid 7 5 6 -1
Total: 17

Unlike most 5P's, Millia's is not really used as a jab. Its slow startup and high hitbox make it subpar at best in scrambles, with other P and K normals outclassing it as abare. 5P's true usage is as a combo tool and anti-air. With a short total duration and generous disjoint, it's a fast anti-air that you can throw out preemptively with little risk. Being jump cancellable makes it very easy to convert from, on top of its plentiful gatlings, namely its self-gatling and the one to 5K.

Thanks to some of these properties, it's also a good combo tool to pick up conversions in situations other normals won't connect, most commonly after S Disc in the corner. Also deals higher damage than 5K, which makes it more preferable in combos, if only by a miniscule amount. On counterhit, has slightly longer untech, giving you more time to confirm an anti-air hit, even having enough time to cancel into IAD and convert that way.

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Initial: 90% 3 8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12 Mid 5 6 14 -10
Total: 24

5K is your fastest standing button, albeit not very fast for a jab, but one with very generous range. Go-to button for pressure and confirms, while boasting good cancel options for further pressure or mixups, such as jump to reset pressure or create distance, 6P for a frametrap, and notably, has your only gatling into 6K, while also having access to low options, which make for effective high-low mixup.

Can be used as an emergency anti-air, but it’s heavily outclassed in hitbox and recovery by 5P. Many of Millia’s combos use this as a bridge due to its range and jump cancel, and its quick startup can serve as a tool to pick up juggles your other normals couldn't. Can be linked after crouching hit 6K, and Lust Shaker. Also often seen in combos from throw.

Gatling Options: 6P, 5K, 2K, 6K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 3 8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
22×2 Mid 7 3, 3 17 -6
Total: 29

Strong c.S. Has its primary uses in confirms and pressure due to plentiful cancel options and a long cancel window as a result of its two hits. In pressure, the ability to jump cancel this move can be a strong tool to create space, force a mixup with TK Moon, or reset pressure on a defensive opponent. c.S can gatling into 6P, being your only true string into it, which has strong implications for pressure and frametraps with that move's gatling to 6H.

Great for confirming due to the two hits, and neatly goes into 2D for a close-range knockdown, letting you set up strong Disc oki. On certain characters and spacings, it has an annoying tendency to fall out, despite the opponent being in the activation range, which can interfere with an otherwise great knockdown situation. Often seen as a launcher in combos when a lower height is preferred due to weight or scaling, here it usually combos into j.S and j.H, however hitstun decay can interfere with this. Thankfully, it has a gatling to 2H, which lets you salvage these situations.

Lastly, the move, while not majorly disjointed, has a strong vertical hitbox, which is sometimes used to anti-air from below someone. Due to its activation range and extended hurtbox this isn't perfect, but it can definitely come in handy.

Gatling Options: 6P, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 Mid 7 2 16 -6
Total: 24

Millia’s main grounded poke. Has limited, but important gatling options. Very good range and speed with low recovery makes this move essential in footsies, however it lacks strong reward at most ranges. In pressure, its ability to go into 2S opens up the pressure options of that move, while the gatling to 5H gives you Digitalis framtraps and pressure resets.

On that note, this move's 5H gatling is essential, as its your main way to confirm into 2D and get your offense going from a grounded confirm. However, since these can fall out, it's not uncommon to see this move RC'd to then be converted into okizeme. Its gatling to 2H is mostly seen in juggles, where f.S is used to pick up combos from Digitalis RC, or H disc. Here, it's basically interchangeable with c.S.

Gatling Options: 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
1 Initial: 90% 6 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30×2 Mid 6 4(2)2 21 -4
Total: 34

A bit too lengthy to be used as a ground poke, but still an essential normal. Its gatling to 2D is how you get most of your grounded okizeme started, so many confirms will be headed towards this button. Combos into Roll > Digitalis on crouching or counter hit, which is a great tool for long range grounded knockdowns. Has enough hitstun to combo into Emerald Rain at many spacings, which can make Millia's footsies way more threatening while she has the meter. If you recognise that it WILL fall out, RRC is preferred and very consistent. Can combo into the motion input version of Lust Shaker, which is used to achieve stronger knockdowns in some combos, specifically with the first hit of 5H.

4H is your main throw OS button, and quite a good one at that. At 6 frames startup on the first hit, it's not uncommon to see wild mashing of this move rewarded in some form.

Has a surprising amount of untech on air Conter Hit, which can lead to strong juggles or just straight up a knockdown.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 20 6


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
23 High 28 4 20 -10 9-14 low profile
15-17 above knees
Total: 51

Millia’s slowest overhead, but not without use. 5D is more useful due to its evasive properties and disjointed hitbox than it actually being an overhead. The formation she summons is fully disjointed, and can clash with many reversals, while mostly being safe on block. Can be punished by very long and fast pokes, if the opponent has one.

If it hits, 5D[8] is your go-to. 5D[8] > j.Dx3 > IAD > j.H > S pin has great corner carry and decent damage. The following okizeme will also be quite potent, but keeping track of pin and recovering it could interfere with this. 5D[6] is only ever seen in the corner, and leads to decent damage and good oki ith an IAD S pin knockdown. Neither are common, but the whiff punishing capabilities of 5D are nothing to scoff at, so it's good to know your options when it does pay off.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 80% 10 20


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
22 Mid 10 5 22 -13 1-14 Upper Body
Total: 36

Solid 6P. Decent startup, very good disjoint, long recovery. Staggers on CH.

Not great as a poke or counterpoke, due to its high hitbox which makes it vulnerable to even weaker low profile moves, on top of the long recovery. Instead sees its main usage in pressure and as an anti air. Its disjoint and useful gatlings into 6H/2H make it a confirmable, if committal anti air with good reward; your go-to for more vertical air approaches approaches. In pressure, the move is a frametrap from P and K normals, a true string into and from c.S, and forms a very dangerous frametrap with 6H, which leads to huge damage on counterhit.

Can sometimes see use in confirms due to the 5H gatling, but interchangeable with other normals with better hitboxes for this purpose. As mentioned before, the move is a subpar counterpoke, but with a stagger on counterhit, the reward can sometimes be worth the risk.

Gatling Options: c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 90% 10 7
  • Staggers opponent on CH. Max duration 63F


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
25 High 19 4 12 +1 5~20F Lower body
21~22F Feet
Total: 34

Important tool for Millia's grounded offense. Decently fast overhead that's plus on block, and has cancel options afterwards, and even low crushes. Unfortunately, 6K only hits most couching opponents on frame 21, so if someone's really looking for it, they can react. Thankfully, not only is the move basically impossible to IB on reaction, it's also special cancellable, so your turn is mostly secure. Has no gatlings out of it.

Has little use in neutral, but the low crush property can work against people looking to control space with low-hitbox pokes.

In pressure, it can only gatling after 5K, which makes it slightly telegraphed in strings, however, due to that normal's low cancel options, defaulting to high block when you see this is a bad idea. On the other hand, there are no true strings into 6K, so it's vulnerable to defensive throws, backdashes, and other preemptive defensive options. And no, the move is not invulnerable to throws, so make sure to space your meaties.

Its notable special cancels are S disc and Haircar. 6K disc is a safe pressure ender that can lead to corner combos on hit, while Haircar is a frametrap that can catch people trying to mash or jump away against a potential pressure reset. The utilities of every other special cancel also apply, but are less commonly seen.

In setups, this move is commonly used midscreen, where it's easier to combo from than Bad Moon, or as a second overhead in corner setups, where it maintains your turn after H Disc has disappeared, unlike Bad Moon. It can also deal with defensive 2D's from characters like Sol or Venom thanks to its foot invul, which are not uncommon responses to less airtight setups.

  • Is plus enough on crouching hit to link into 5K, which can often convert into a Digitalis crouch-confirm.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 Initial: 70% 20 6
  • Hits crouching opponents on 21F (tested on Sol)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
35×2 Mid, High 15 3(6)5 18 -6
Total: 46

One of Millia's most versatile offensive tools. Launches on CH, giving you your highest damage combos. Use in neutral is not recommended due to its long whiff recovery and large hurtbox, but this move is your most optimal launcher in combos, a great pressure option both for resetting it or pushing a mixup, due to its ability to be jump cancelled on its first hit, and special cancelled on both.

The first of hit 6H is particularly strong, since you can IAD after it to reset presure, but risk getting airthrown, or jump straight into S pin and follow up with an airdash into an air string, forming a potentially looping pressure sequence that can be tricky to escape. This hit is also special cancellable, which means you can cancel into Haircar to mess with people's muscle memory of high blocking the second hit, but the ability to jump cancel into TK Moon still makes it risky to just react to any cancel with a low block. Serves as a devastating frametrap from 6P, since this, as a Counterhit, is by far your highest damage starter, especially in the corner.

Good as an ender after S pin, but not always desirable. Can be RC'd on hit to guarantee a Secret Garden setup at the cost of some tension. Very much useful in the corner due to its high damage and low juggle, that gives way to more optimal routes for damage.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 Initial: 100%, 80% 14 6, 9


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
9 Mid 5 2 6 +2
Total: 12

A fast, low hitbox mid. Outshined as a meaty by 2K, but highly valuable in pressure due to a useful gatling into 6H. While not a true frametrap, it can punish someone looking to cover both a frametrap and tick throw option by fuzzy mashing, and the reward from a Counterhit 6H is devastating. It also has one less frame of recovery than 2K, giving you stronger pressure reset options on its own.

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Initial: 85% 3 8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
8 Low 5 2 7 +1
Total: 13

Primary pressure starter and Millia’s fastest low. It’s plus and has great frame trap options with 6P and 2D. By itself, the normal is also an excellent tick throw point. Lacks some of the great gatling options of 2P, most notably 6H, but what it does have are still great for confirming and pressure. Being your fastest low also means this move is an essential meaty in your weaker setups that don't have a meaty Disc. The reward is very low, but after conditioning people to stop jumping delayed disc oki with this move, you can start applying stronger starters and mixups.

Gatling Options: 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 2H, 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Initial: 70% 3 8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
26 Low 9 2 15 -3
Total: 25

A very strong 2S. Unlike most of its kind, it hits low and is jump cancellable, with a couple good gatlings and no initial proration.

All of its gatlings make 2S a good mixup tool, for example from 5K, you can go both high and low for a 50/50 in the middle of a blockstring. The move's abilitiy to be jump cancelled has strong implications for mixup too, since it can be cancelled into TK Moon, as well as Haircar. As for pressure from 2S, this is one of Millia's main pressure reset points; she can IAD onto or over the opponent, or simply jump, then S Pin to allow her to low airdash for a mixup and pressure reset. While these can be countered with airthrows or quick responses with a grounded anti-air, if used sparingly, they can work very well.

In setups, you can IAD from 2S to set up a double airdash high/land low 50/50, very often used in the corner after a meaty 2S, since this allows for pressure after the disc has disappeared. Due to the nature of its hurtboxes, it can be spaced to make wakeup DP's whiff.

2S as a combo starter leads to some of Millia's higher damage meterless combos, especially in the corner, where she has a lot of room for optimization. This move genuinely outperforms Iron Savior as a starter, and is preferred in many situations. Has no noteworthy attributes to its CH, outside of the lesser scaling and slightly longer hitstun.

Gatling Options: 5H, 2H, 5D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
33 Mid 11 7 12 -2
Total: 29

Jump cancellable launcher. Disjointed later into its animation, and has little horizontal range.

2H is generally outperformed as an anti air and pressure tool by other normals, however it is invaluable in confirms and combos in general. It can combo from S normals and be consitently followed up with j.S and j.H, which means this move consistently gets you your best routes for corner carry. This makes it one of your two main destinations in grounded confirms; if you get a hit early into the string, 2H for an air combo, if it pushes the opponent too far, 2D for a knockdown.

In setups, it is again your main launcher, although in Disc setups, its launch, combined with the disc's, can maybe launch the opponent too high, requiring an adjustment and potentially weaker combo followup. Because of this, and its higher damage, 6H is preferred in the corner, since it has a lower juggle height.

  • Has a very lengthy untech time on CH, allowing for more freeform conversions and favorable trades.
  • Gatlings to 2D, giving Millia a safe low for a 50/50 with TK Bad Moon.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 14 12


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
26 Low 13 3 12 -1 10~21F Feet
Total: 27

Slow but strong 2D. One of your main destinations in grounded confirms and a strong poke with low recovery.

Very good in neutral due to its range, and even thought it's one of the slowest 2D's it's still fast enough to be used as a poke. Has great reward, since you can always confirm a hit into rundisc to start your oki. Has a slight low crush property, but nothing insane, so its use is restricted to certain interactions in footsies range, such as against Slayer's low normals.

A good mixup tool from 5K a move with a potential overhead followup, and a strong frametrap from 2K, which is often used to tick throw and reset pressure. Also one of your strongest low starters in setups with good base damage and no proration, though its launch will alter your following combo a bit. Through all of this, the move is only -1, so you can mostly default to it as your pressure ender while being 100% safe.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10 High/Air 5 6 8
Total: 18

An extremely strong air-to-air due to its speed and hitbox, best for hitting opponents below Millia. Makes for a good escape tool due to how it shifts her hurtbox, especially if combined with super jump.

  • Can be whiff cancelled into itself or j.K.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.K, j.S, j.H, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 3 8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12 High/Air 4 6 12
Total: 21

VERY fast air normal. Useful for catching opponents above her and as a rising anti-air thanks to its active frames and good vertical hitbox. Confirms into j.S (1f gap on normal block) and j.D, as well as reverse-chain to j.P. Also serves a purpose with mixups as it can be used for fuzzies and to catch opponents mashing reversal throw.

  • Jump cancelable.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.S, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 3 8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
26 High/Air 10 6 12
Total: 27

Good air-to-ground and combo filler normal. Used after j.K in low airdash mixups for more blockstun. Links into c.S when low to the ground.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.H, j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 High/Air 8 10 25
Total: 42

Humongous, deep jump and IAD-in button. One of Millia’s main air approach tools thanks to its large hitbox. Has limited gatlings, so it requires pin to get your offense started. Its one gatling to j.D, however, is one you will use all the time. j.D's landing recovery makes it suboptimal for jumpins (although it is a frametrap to catch people mashing 4H for strong damage in the corner), but this cancel shines in air-to air conversions and combo extensions. After a launcher, j.H > j.D is mostly interchangeable with j.S > j.D, but with j.H's lower startup it's usually used to keep the opponent at a lower height. Against lightweights, this is always preferred as there is no chance that they'll fall out of j.H > j.D, so you can take the higher damage with no consequence. This gatling is also used in all kinds of damage-optimal routes in the corner, notably after CH 6H you can IAD j.H > j.D, and with precise timing, pick up a full combo afterwards for high damage.

This goes without saying, but 4/6j.H is a great airthrow OS, and due to its wide applicability after launchers, this move is an effective way to fish for bad bursts and throw them, for which Millia's reward isn't half bad.

Gatling Options: j.D

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 High/Air 11 7 9+6 landing
Total: 31

Very important air normal. Seemingly strong air-to-air that can get beaten out in practice, but invaluable in combos. j.D knocks away on air hit, and is jump cancelable, which, with Millia's air options, lets her cancel the move into IAD and still combo afterwards, which gives Millia her infamously powerful corner carry. These routes in conjunction with S pin are also a very strong routes for okizeme, as you have lots of time to position yourself and set up a Disc. This is your main air combo route, and is a fundamental part of this version of Millia.

j.D's untech time is also quite long, which gives you a lot of freedom in how you follow up the move, and is the key to most of Millia's optimal combos. You can, as mentioned before, cancel into IAD, simply jump cancel, link afterwards, fall, then airdash, land and relaunch, land and rejump, land and super, the list goes on. The amount of variation j.D brings to Millia's air combos is staggering, and good use of it in combos rewards you strongly, with better damage, corner carry, and setups.

j.D wallbounces on counterhit in the corner, has very long untech midscreen. This leads to okay damage, but considering the moves's massive hurtbox and comparatively small hitbox, fishing for counterhits with this move isn't a sustainable strategy. Regardless, most people don't expect a button this huge to just appear, so there is potential.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 10 7

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0, 55 Ground Throw: 70000 1 +60

Very important to her mix-up game. Though her throw range is short, her dash speed makes up for the range.

  • Results in a knockdown that lets you set up Disc oki.
  • Switches sides on connect.
    • OSing with 4H will keep Millia and her opponent on the same sides they started with.
  • Has several spacing-and HIGHLY character-dependant combos from it, mostly using 5K. These are very prorated but still result in corner carry and stronger oki. Check combo section for more.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Forced: 55% NA 6, 0
  • Stun value: 27

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
0, 55, 0 Air Throw: 192500 1

Millia’s least rewarding anti-air. It sends her opponent flying away, into a wallbounce if she's high enough relative to the distance from the opposite side of the screen. Midscreen, she can run up and do H Disc with a fast meaty normal afterwards to cover it. Alternatively, you can set up Secret Garden for neutral coverage but no literal okizeme. Throwing an opponent in the corner will leave her even closer, allowing for stronger meaties. When throwing someone out of the corner, the reward is minimal as the best you can get as okizeme is a meaty low in this situation, so Millia is often better off just taking this time to leave the corner herself, get an adventageous position, and recover Pin if she has to.

Not massively rewarding, but very consistent, as airthrows tend to be, and j.H is a good button to OS with.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
0 Forced: 65% NA 6, 0
  • Stun value: 27

Dead Angle Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
25 All 10 3 23 -12 1~12F Full
13~39F Throw

All of Millia’s defensive options outside mashing require Tension, and this is no exception. Her Dead Angle’s saving grace is that it’s on the faster end at 10f. Blows the opponent away on hit, air teachable. Be thankful we don’t live in a world where this gave her a knockdown.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 50% 10 7

Blitz Attack

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Blitz Attack 50 Mid (15-48)+13 3 20 -2 1~Button release: Blitz
Blitz Attack Max Charge 50 Mid 50+13 3 20 +5 1~50F: Blitz

Millia’s low meter gain means she’s better off spending 25 meter on RC or Emerald Rain, which both give her way more utility. However, seeing as how Millia's defensive options are arguably the worst in the game, Blitz does retain its use as one.

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Blitz 1 Initial: 55%
[Blitz] 4


  • Hitstop 30F
  • Slighty refills own Burst and slightly drains opponent's Burst on hit
  • Blows opponent away and wall sticks opponent on hit (untechable for 40F/ 80F on CH)
  • Crumples opponent on ground CH (79F)


  • Hitstop 30F
  • Slighty refills own Burst and slightly drains opponent's Burst on hit
  • Slightly blows opponent away on air hit (untechable for 50F/ 100F on CH)
  • Crumples opponent on ground hit

Special Moves

Tandem Top


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236S 40 All 11 13 Total 38 -1
236H 25×2 All 60 32,2 Total 35

Millia's signature move. Commonly referred to as “Disc.”

  • Both discs wallbounce on hit.

S Tandem Top

Without meter, S Disc is used in corner combos as a launcher. The wallbounce can be followed up with 5K or c.S into an air combo.

With YRC, S Disc goes from situational to one of her most open ended tools. She can use it as an anti-air against opponents with ways to change their air momentum, eat an opponent’s fireball and punish, get an air throw on an opponent trying to avoid it. S Disc YRC can be used on bad knockdowns to salvage okizeme where H Disc would be too slow, and secure a mixup.

H Tandem Top

Millia’s goal is to score a knockdown and set up either this or Secret Garden. H Disc will not hit meaty after most knockdowns (the exception being combos ending in S Pin), meaning she must use a normal before the disc connects for it to be a true blockstring. However, this can be reversal safe against characters with slow reversals if she uses 2P or 2K.

Not only does H disc make her okizeme much safer by covering her recovery, it also strengthens her conversions. H disc hits twice and launches the opponent on its second hit, allowing for a damaging air combo into another H Disc setup. Ending with pin gives her a looping setup where the disc hits meaty enough she can backdash (and crouch to grab the pin), jump, air FD any reversal, and perform a safe airdash high/land low mixup.

The opponent still has access to their defensive options, however. Common defensive tools used against Disc are low profile moves, such as Sol and Venom's 2D and Faust's crawl, of course invincible reversal's that you need to bait or set up to avoid, backdashes, especially from Slayer, Johnny, ot Potemkin, and parries, such as Jam's or Baiken's. The Disc itself hits mid, so Blitz can shut it down, remember to condition against this with meaty lows. Lastly, the Disc is a projectile, so moves like Potemkin's FDB can interact with them to turn the sitaution around.

  • The fastest way to place the H Disc after a knockdown where she are not already positioned on top of her opponent is to buffer it into a dash by inputting 2366H.
  • H Disc can also be YRC'd, this can make worse knockdowns into true mixups, and allow absurd situations, such as a double crossup using your two airdashes.
  • Varying wakeup timings affect what kind of meaties you can get. Wakeup timings are listed on each character's page, remember to at least roughly learn them
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
236S 2 Initial: 90% 2 7
236H 2 Initial: 80% 2 7

236S: 236H:

Bad Moon


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24x(2~10) High/Air 11 till landing See notes -17

One of Millia’s most infamous special moves. Its obvious use as a divekick is limited to say the least, and its true power lies in using it as a Tiger Knee special, dubbed "TK Moon" by the community, which gives you an unprorated, potentially 14 frame overhead that roughly shares it's startup animation and audio with Iron Savior, a low of around the same speed, forming Millia's most potent 50/50. Mostly unsafe on its own, and even on hit it doesn't lead to a combo, but with meter or Disc setups it can even lead to further pressure on block or a strong combo on hit.

Millia gains access to an enhanced version of Bad Moon upon reaching double jump height. This makes Bad Moon descend much faster, as well as deal more damage and hits than usual. With proper timing and combo adjustments, it can be used to knockdown the opponent without the need of Tension or Silent Force in the corner, allowing her to more easily retain Pin.

  • Fastest possible TK Bad Moon is 14F.
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 85% 10 7
  • Recovery on block is Until Landing+9
  • Recovery when done at lowest possible height is 21+9 After Landing
  • Recovery on hit/whiff 15+9 After Landing
  • Frame Advantage is on lowest possible height

Iron Savior


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 Low 17 till reaches corner 18+landing 8 -13

The low complement to Bad Moon, also known as “haircar.” It’s an unthrowable low that starts with with Millia jumping into the air, which means it's easy for your opponent to confuse with TK Bad Moon, even sharing similar startup sounds. If whiffed, goes fullscreen before Millia jumps off. Midscreen, it knocks away, so despite the good advantage the knockdown is kind of weak. This ceases to matter in the corner, where the knockdown becomes very powerful.

Most notable uses are, of course, in okizeme with setups. While 2S is genuinely a better starter in a large number of ways, Haircar deals with backdashes, certain reversals, wakeup throws and throw Option Selects, on top of its synergy with TK Moon, so as an oki tool it is still invaluable. Funnily enough, on the topic of Oki, Haircar is very often seen as an ender after S Pin to secure stronger knockdown situations and a bit of extra damage. This is corner exclusive however, as midscreen its knockdown basically returns you to neutral if you still need to pick up Pin.

In certain strings, it works as a frametrap with decent reward to catch jumping, backdashing, or Abare. Its unusual displacement of your hurtbox and quick hitbox extension can also be used in footies, as risky as this is considering what happens if the move is whiffed. However, on block this move can be anywhere between a full counterhit punish, or genuinely unpunishable due to the range its at. With all of that in mind this move can also make for a very awkward neutral tool that is somehow surprisingly effective in certain matchups, namely Potemkin and Slayer due to their reliance on backdashes and grounded movement, these two also have trouble with the move on block.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 90% 10 7
  • Millia becomes airborne 7F onwards

Silent Force


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
j.214S 20 All 11 Until ground 23 Total
j.214H 20 All 11 Until ground 27 Total

Commonly referred to as “pin” or “hairpin,” Silent Force is Millia’s answer to ground normals and specials that she normally would struggle to deal with. It’s a fullscreen diagonal projectile, but with a caveat: once she throws it, she has to pick it back up again before she uses it. The pin itself can be picked up by crouching on top of it or by Roll-ing over it. She cannot pick it up while being hit or blocking. Two versions, S has no effect on your momentum, H sends you higher while maintaining horizontal momentum.

Pin is an excellent neutral tool both for baiting anti airs or making air approaches safe. With low recovery and, bafflingly, a stagger on counterhit, Pin is rewarding in on any hit or block. While it's already very threatening by itself, Pin > YRC is pretty much a guaranteed way to start offense from very far away. Both versions slightly alter Millia's hurtbox, but the H version also just simply sends you higher into the air to mess with the opponent even more. Its strong knockdown makes it especially risky to jump against this move, as you risk getting sent straight into Millia's oki, were you to get hit by Pin.

As such, Pin is also Millia's main combo ender; it knocks down at just about any height you'll generall reach. The fast startup of both versions also means it combos from just about any air normal, which makes Millia's strong aerial presence even more threatening. Both versions allow for combos afterwards; S Pin usually has you land way before the opponent, and so it allows for a lot of freedom in your following combo. Most often you see Millias doing Iron SaviorGGXRD Millia IronSavior.pngGuard:
18+landing 8
or 5H > Lust Shaker after landing to secure extra damage and retain the knockdown, however you can continue with a relaunch using S2H or 6H. The H version is a bit more specific, and is only really utilized like this in the corner, but it gives even stronger combos, as you can do a falling j.D to keep the opponent juggled before continuing with the rest of your combo. If a knockdown if preferred, 5H > Lust Shaker can work depending on the height and character of the opponent. Note that if you relaunch, you'll have no way of securing a knockdown outside of the corner or without using resources, so keep this for ending rounds if neither of those options are available.

Can also serve as a pressure reset, if a counterable one, after 6H > Jump with the S version, or either version, were you to successfully IAD on the opponent and not have your first attack countered by airthrow or 6P.

  • S version launches the pin at a 45 degree angle downwards without changing your air momentum at all.
    • Used to get your strongest oki and make swift approaches and jumpins safe.
  • H version has a slightly longer total duration and bumps Millia upwards slightly upon use, changing its range but not its angle.
    • Useful in many combos, where S pin would not get high enough to hit and net a knockdown, or when a specific extension is preferred.
    • Leads to slightly weaker oki, requiring a meaty normal to keep the opponent from Fuzzy Jumping to avoid your mix.
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
j.214S 1 Initial: 80% 2 6
j.214H 1 Initial: 80% 2 6

j.214S: j.214H:

Forward Roll


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214K Total: 28 4-15 really low profile
16-24 above knees
Roll > K Total 18 4~11F really low profile
12~18F above knees
Roll > S 18×4 All 17 1(3)1(3)1(3)1 7 +6
Roll > H 45 Mid 8 4 26 -11
Roll > D 23 High 25 4 20 -10 7~11F Low profile
12~14F Above Knees

Tucks Millia's hurtbox very low to the ground, where only attacks that touch the floor will hit her. Can be used to bait Dead Angles this way, as well as evading other slow standing pokes. However, Roll has no invul and can be thrown, limiting its usage as a crossup.

Roll can be followed up with K, S, H, and D.

  • Roll can be used to pick up the dagger from Silent Force. This does not change the functionality of Roll, which means she has all her normal options afterwards. Very handy when applying okizeme or during a blockstring.

Roll K will simply perform the move again, crossing up a second time if Millia is close enough. This is often used for tick throws, though use these sparingly if the opponent shows their ability to counter them consistently. Also has some use as a double crossup in conjunction with disc or garden, but situations for this are incredibly rare, so it's mostly not used this way.

Roll S performs the motion input version of Lust Shaker. Closing the gap and providing plus frames gives you a good opportunity to reset pressure, which is really strong for Millia due to her mixup. Usually used by conditioning the opponent against jumping/mashing and Blitzing via Iron SaviorGGXRD Millia IronSavior.pngGuard:
18+landing 8
and DigitalisGGXRD Millia Digitalis.pngGuard:
, then claiming your pressure reset once the opponent is respecting your options. Read below for details on Lust Shaker specifically.

Roll D simply performs her 5D after roll. Mainly useful to bait attacks looking to stuff your other options from roll, and get high reward doing so. The overhead property is also nice but most people will be standing to block your attacks after roll anyway, so this usually shouldn't hit on a blocking opponent.

Roll > H is the only roll follow-up that is an entirely unique move, Digitalis. Digitalis is mostly used as a knockdown tool against crouching opponents, comboing from 5H at any range, but it can also be used as a risky frame trap from lvl 4 moves. On hit, Millia is plus enough to get a safejump with IAD j.Pw > AD j.S/H. 5H > Roll > Digitalis > RRC is also a very common pressure reset, albeit risky when the opponent can IB your 5H, or Blitz after it, and before Digitalis. Massively rewarding on counterhit with a wall slide into a full combo, which are not impractical to get considering Roll's amazing low profile qualities, thus Digitalis is a strong, if risky, preemptive whiff punish tool. Surprisingly effective as an anti-air.

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Roll > K
Roll > S 2 10 7
Roll > H 4 Initial: 75% 20 5
Roll > D 2 Initial: 80% 10 20


  • Can cancel into Lust Shaker, Digitalis, and Dust from 12~20F
  • Can be canceled into Roll Again from 18~20F
  • Can be canceled into all other attacks from 25F onward(except throw)

Roll > K: Roll > S: Roll > H: Roll > D:

Turbo Fall


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
8 after landing

Millia's command fast fall that alters her trajectory in the air, as she dives down in a 45 degree angle after a short halt midair.

Yet another tool to make your airgame stronger and more unpredictable. Great for escaping situations where you're out of air options and your opponent is below you, where Silent Force won't reach, notably, so long as your opponent doesn't interrupt your jump, Turbo Fall makes escaping the corner trivial. Keep in mind that the move has no active hitboxes and is throwable, so a well-placed j.H Throw Option Select can interrupt you, as rare as is this is to see, especially when you make sure to stay unpredictable. Good option after getting bursted.

Has uses as a Mixup tool thanks to its ability to cross through the opponent, as Disc can mostly conceal a TK Turbo Fall (j.2369K) startup, which makes for a pretty sneaky crossup that can beat low attacks and throw attempts.

While not the nightmare of fullscreen throw setups that it was in the XX games, this move is still a very strong option in conjuction with YRC. The slowdown gives the opponent more time to react but makes the move effectively faster, so in almost every case, they have the hold whatever mixup you're going to use on them. Specifically potent after the opponent's burst, as it basically secures your turn back, especially if they're cornered.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-

Lust Shaker

214S or SSSS....

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214S 18×4 All 17 1(3)1(3)1(3)1 7 +6
SSSS 15xN All 10 {1(3)}×N 7 +6

Lust Shaker is an interesting tool. It's one of Millia's only two grounded plus moves, and this one is plus even on IB. As such it can be a strong tool against a defensive opponent, since a pressure reset for Millia means another 50/50. It gives Millia a way to check how her opponent is reacting to her offense, whether that means blocking normally or using IB/FD. The chipp damage is also situationally good, better yet the meter it drains for FD usage can be significant.

The special move input version (214S) has longer startup and no variability in its duration, so is only really preferable in situations where the mashed version is not available at all, however that ends up being most situations. As for SSSS.... this move is less applicable due to the restrictive input, but has its uses in the same realm as motion Shaker, with some unique uses in combos.

This move is also used after Roll, as the S followup is literally just 214S cancelled from Roll. This is amazing against any defensive opponent, as it closes the gap in an effective way and punished people hesitant to counter Roll on reaction to the roll itself.

Lust Shaker is also a useful combo tool. It’s plus enough on hit to link into 5K up close and f.S farther away, which can lead to crouch confirms with Digitalis, or full conversions with Emerald Rain. 5H(1) > 214S connects on juggled opponents and, at 3 hits of Shaker, leads to a knockdown long enough to set up Disc, which most commonly seen after H Pin knockdowns to optimize the knockdown situation. It can also turn what would be an airtech situation after Bad Moon into a hard knockdown with RRC. Interestingly, Counter Hit > 214K > S is a true combo you can link out of, so seeing as most people will be blocking after 6H(1), waiting for the second hit or a cancel to Haircar, and 6H is a strong frametrap tool used to fish for counterhits, this becomes a semi-OS to fish for high damage corner combos. SSSS is a highly effective guts crush tool after Winger, or S Pin which are both combo enders that allow you to buffer the mashing input.. It can also combo after 2D if cancelled fast enough, so depending on the opponent's wakeup times, optimally you should always be doing this, as rare as that is to see. Can reliably combo after juggled 6H for a more freeform knockdown after S Pin if mashed effectively.

Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
214S 2 10 7
SSSS 2 10 7

214S: SSSS:

  • Mash S for more hits
  • 4 hits min, 23 hits max

Secret Garden

214H > Direction + H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30×1~5 All 77 18 Total 74

Secret Garden creates an orb above Millia's head that will move forward once and then in the inputted directions. The orb can be given commands by inputting a direction + H up to 4 times (ex. 3H > 4H > 6H > 4H) during the move's startup before it gets going and performs the inputs issued. Once it's started, the Orb doesn't disappear even if Millia is hit.

Garden Oki is THE Oki. Up to 5 hits, in a unique pattern your opponent doesn't know, which means mixup after mixup afer mixup of any kind; high/low, strike/throw, potentially left/right in rare situations, its all on the table. Due to a lengthy startup, the move is situational, but is your trump card during corner oki, where combos to set up Garden are abundant. These setups can vary based on character, some are more powerful than others, and can range from simply and easy to niche, execution-heavy, and complex, however the reward pretty much always lines up with the requirement. With proper dedication you can make unlikely openings into a nightmare for the opponent.

Most common setups will have you use S pin while falling from a double jump combo, as this is the most advantage you can get out of a knockdown, and just about every true setup is exclusive to the corner. How much advantage it actually gives you depends on character wakeup times, and the optimization of the combo itself, which is again character-dependant, so as strong as Garden is, it is much rarer to see in some matchups than others, such as against Venom. Less common setups include cancels from 6H or 2D, again, depending on wakeup timings. In just about every setup that doesnt use meter, you'll be forced to use a meaty normal, opening you up to reversals and Blitz, but so long as the Orb comes through it restricts the opponent from pushing an advantage from most defensive options, and often still gives you your turn. Dead Angle Attacks can be punished ON HIT in some scenarios.

People will often fuzzy jump or mash to call out less powerful setups, but with the control you have over the orb, you can always account for this, on top of the fact that in many cases orb can still bail you out of a combo. The extra amount of hits will require some adjustment to your following combo, especially when using the Car/Moon 50/50, which launches either way, but this is very much manageable so long as you can secure Pin.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Forced: 90% 2 7
  • Additional hits have active frames: (8) 18



2141236H or 2141236D

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40, 25×4, 80
[50, 31×4, 100]
Mid×5, High 5+1 10(10)15 30 -22 1~7F Full
8F onwards Upper Body

Millia’s reversal super. Has decent damage, leads to a combo, and is pretty quick to start up, but its invul frames aren't great, it leaves you point blank to the opponent almost every time and its hitbox is also rough. Considering that, and the counterhit recovery, this is an incredibly risky defensive option.

The more common usage of this move is as a combo ender after Silent Force. The tumble it leaves you with can lead to great oki as it allows you to chose between any knockdown tool you have access to during the tumble, or a good situation for getting through guts and high scaling to finish a round, by doing Lust Shaker, then runup OTG 2K5KKK... This move is also one of your avenues into comboing into Gold IK, as rarely as Millia will have 100 meter and the corner to do that.

  • The downwards hit is an overhead, have fun knowledge-checking people
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
4 Initial: 80% 20 6×5,15
  • [] values are for the Burst version
  • 8F onwards Airborne

Emerald Rain


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36×3 All 4+1 Total: 74 -3 4F Strike

Throws three discs, roughly the size of tandem top, across the screen. All 3 hits launch and wallbounce, leading to a combo on hit, but leave Millia safe on block. All hits knock the opponent down even after the wallbounce.

Has basically no use in neutral outside of being a wasteful and inconsistent anti air, and really shines as a combo tool. Millia struggles with her longer range conversions in general and this Overdrive does wonders for her in that regard. Despite it being cancellable into from only normals and not specials, it generally out performs a regular RRC in just about every way, with stronger corner carry and damage, although there are routes where it simply doesn't hit in time to combo, and there RRC is preferred to secure a knockdown, if for miniscule damage. Most often seen after a confirm into 2D or 5H, and is more consistent on a crouching opponent. If you're ready to gamble tension away, you can also throw out a 5H and buffer the super in situations you assume it might hit. This is safe if blocked and massively rewarding on hit.

Regarding its inconsistencies, depending on height and character, the discs sometimes don't fully connect, which generally results in a reset to neutral if the discs hit OTG, or sometimes minor frame advantage at midscreen-3/4 screen range. If the opponent is light enough, at a certain heigh the discs can also partially whiff in the corner, which leaves you with a discless oki situation.

It can even secure a combo from throw in many situations, but these aren't fully consistent and are highly prorated, so they're more rare to see and generally serve the purpose of ending rounds, however the better corner carry and oki can be worth the Tension.

  • Can trade quite favorably as any of the hits knock down
  • Can be done after a Silent Force knockdown to get more corner carry out of your combo
Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
2 Initial: 80% 10 7
  • 2nd disc has startup 25F, 3rd disc has startup 45F

Chroming Rose


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214214S 23+0 4~10F Feet
Rose 16 All 31 40

Install super which causes Millia's movement and special moves to leave a trail of roses that become active as damaging projectiles after a short delay. Many of her moves which do not lead to a combo without a disc can be converted with roses, especially in the corner. All roses disappear if Millia is hit. Additionally, it speeds up the startup and just general movement speed of certain moves.

While it can make for certain tricky situations and improves Millia's conversions from lots of moves, this super is generally never used, as despite clear intentions many of the moves it's supposed to make safe can still be counterhit before the rose pops, notably TK Moon and Haircar can often just be stuffed between the two hits by faster moves that possess the range when you aren't in the corner at point blank range. Every other use ranges from situational to borderline useless, and mostly encourage you to make this move's 50 tension commitment in neutral of all places. Most of the time, roses left by forward runs and airdashes won't be in a position to hit, Turbo Fall can be abare'd with little risk --given, it has uses in combos too--, Roll is fine, but can give you a safe crossup for 50 tension using RRC anyway, and is still throwable and mashable. Backdash and Throw, and DigitalisGGXRD Millia Digitalis.pngGuard:
are the moves it meaningfully upgrades, since getting full corner carry from throw, as rarely as you should be using this midscreen, is very strong, but since Millia can combo certain characters anyway without meter, its use varies. Backdash leaves a rose to cover your retreat, and this is genuinely good, however since Millia's backdash is as strong as it is, 50 meter is yet again not worth gambling away like this. Making Digitalis safe is strong, but again, RRC gives you that and more.

In combos the roses highly scale damage and can even interfere with certain j.D > IAD combos, as airdashes leave roses that can knock the opponent out of your string. The high amount of hits also give the opponent more burst than its worth, as the damage increase is rarely significant. At its best, Chroming Rose gives Millia strong guts crush combos in the corner, ones that are pretty much 100% burst safe with simply looping j.D > Turbo Fall until the super runs out. It can also serve to secure knockdowns from a midscreen Bad Moon ender, however that's already possible with RRC, and also more likely to happen as you'll be gaining meter during combos.

Millia's other uses of Tension are so good that it's hard to justify taking a gamble on hitting someone with this and being at a gigantinc disadvantage if it backfires.

  • Millia spawns roses on the following moves:
    • Iron Savior
    • Bad Moon, high version has stronger hitbox and faster startup.
    • Throw
    • Roll, only 214K and not its followup.
    • Digitalis
    • Turbo Fall, also descends faster and has faster startup.
    • Airdash
    • Backdash
    • Run, including the run animation during 5D[6].
  • Roses lock out the opponent's Burst usage on hit, due to being an Overdrive.
Version Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
Rose 0 2 3


  • Lasts for 360F, during Hellfire lasts for 432F


  • The first rose that hits the opponent in a combo has RISC -7

Instant Kill

Iron Maiden

During IK Mode: 236236H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Destroy All 9+12
6 34 -23 5~27F Full
[3~22F Full]

IK with rather short range. Millia has low stun output so Red IK is almost completely off the table. Gold IK setups include the universal 5D6, and notably Winger -> Gold IK Activate -> IK. Rarely should you have meter for this, but due to Millia's mediocre damage it's genuinely useful to finish certain rounds off with.

Level Proration RISC+ RISC-
3 14 6
  • [ ] Indicates when match point for you, opponent in Hell Fire state, and you have 50% Tension
  • IK Mode Activation: 64F [5F+5F]


Millia Rage
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