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This page is Jack-Os "Resource Dump" page. This page is to be used to indiscriminately store just about any pieces of gameplay information that anyone may have that exists about this character, to make for a catalog of preserved content that can (and probably should) be fully realized and transcribed onto main character pages after review.

For simplicity's sake; anything you would want pinned in your character channel or character Discord can go here, such as:

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  • Tech videos, especially from Twitter hashtags
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  • Set-ups (for pressure, mix-ups, okizeme, or setplay)
  • Video analyses of matches and sets

If more opinionated works are posted, such as match-up charts, it is highly recommended that you include accreditation to the creator and any other important specifics (such as ordering or et cetera), so that readers can evaluate the sourcing. To readers, also note that this means you should consume at your own discretion. Not all strategy or reasoning may be fully explained, tested, or viable, so either be sure to ask the creators any questions (if possible), or do your own research in training mode.


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Jack'o starter guide

Combo memo

MU opinions from min, Svampen, Purepure, Chonari, and FG

Guilty Bits


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2H ender info

Minion Primer

How To Beat Jack-O (by dotNova)

Combo Challenge Guide (Revelator)

Playlist of various Jack'o player games

Beginner's guide to Jack'o

Plain Text

You can write your own content here, or post transcriptions of content from potentially impermanent sources here.

Midscreen 6D combos:

6D > 5P > jK > j4D work on Sol, Axl, Kum. Damage (102, 107, 95)

6D > 5P > jK > jK works on Axl and Kum. Damage (110, 97)

6D > fS > 4D Work on Potemkin, Faust, Kum. Damage (98, 107, 101) (Requires dash fS on Kum)

6D > dash 5K > fS > 4D Works on Faust (113 Dmg)

Dash 5K/fS into 4D can possibly work on other character like Millia but timing is really strict.

As for Kum the 5P > jK route does less damage but builds more tension than the dash fS > 4D one.


anything > f.S > 3HS (range dependent)

anything > c.S > 2HS

anything > c.S > 6P > 6HS(1) > IAD j.S > j.HS(2) > j.4D

anything > 5HS > 4D

anything > c.S/5HS > 214S > j.S > dj.S > j.HS(2) > j.4D

anything > 3HS > RC > dash c.S > 6HS (1) > j.S > dj.S > j.HS (2) > j.4D

6K(1) > airdash j.S > j.HS(2) > ground combo

CH 6HS second hit > 22P > dash f.S > [6HS(1) > IAD j.S > j.HS(2) > j.4D~1]x2 > 6HS(1) > 4D~9


anything > 6P > 6HS(2) > j.S > dj.S > j.HS(2) > j.4D

CH 6P > dash c.S > 6HS(2) > j.S > dj.S > j.HS(2) > j.4D

6D > [66HS(1) > j.2D]x2 > 66HS(2) > j.S > dj.S > j.HS(2) > j.4D

6K(1) > RC > j.2D > [66HS(1) > j.2D]x2 > 66HS(2) > j.S > dj.S > j.HS(2) > j.4D

5D~8 > j.HS(2) > j.HS(2) > j.S > dj.K > j.S > j.HS(1 or 2, character dependent) > j.4D


Safejump OS vs DP and backdash.

-Swap 3HS for 5K on most characters. Should be almost universal but I haven't tested it for everyone.

-You can't backdash Volcanic Viper, just block it

-Cross-up and same side both work, just be sure to reverse your inputs when applicable

-Other normals will probably work to catch backdash, experiment and tell me what you find! This is just the best I got against Sin.

-House throw is generally better, but this is especially good for when you get a weak knockdown and have no houses yet

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