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Chipp Zanuff

General Tactics

  • use dash, FD brake a lot. you can bait whiff normals with it or fake out your dash-ins -> punish afterwards or dash again to close the gap or take it to the air from there
  • use running jump from far away, then simply airdash back to make them nervous / cautious / impatient. as an alternative, use running jump, then FDC, and while you drop decide what you want to do (airdash back, double jump, airdash foward etc)
  • abuse 22K YRC > if they jump airgrab, if they stand, dash up, start pressure (throw them if they are afraid)
  • use 22H against opponents that can't easily option select anti air it and you are confident they don't have time / will not react in time to air throw you. "option select" anti air simply means stuff like crouching anti airs or anti airs that do not need a directional input, such as axl's 2S or venom's close S can be problematic because they do not have to react to the side you appear on)
  • use invisibilty whenever you feel the need to / whenever you can
  • be patient. this doesn't mean that you should always let your opponent come to you, since our 6P has been nerfed so hard, but just try and pick the spots when you attack carefully.
  • j.HS is your jump-in of choice, mostly out of a running jump as a crossup, after several jumps or after an air dash that is not a "simple" instant air dash and therefore predictable. use j.HS except if you expect them to anti-air you or airgrab you early, in which case you need to use a risky, early j.D.
  • a risky but useful way to close the gap is instant airdash > j.K,K,S,HS(2), land > continue combo or pressure. it's risky because you simply land if your first j.K whiffs, and it will only connect on standing opponents.
  • wall cling -> wait can be a viable option when you are cornered, simply because you have a variety of options and opponents very often like to jump to reach you, in which case you have time to escape with 9-jump, 6- jump or do whatever.


  • C.S. is your one of your best pressure tools as it leaves you at +2. If you stay out of throw range, it virtually guarantees a frame trap without fear of punishment, unless your enemy likes to mash dp. A simple pressure reset is c.s. > microdash > c.s.
  • 2P is your other + normal on block (+1). Using your plus normals for tick throw is an obvious choice, but since Chipp's run is so fast, you shouldn't be afraid to mix up when in your blockstrings you go for dash in > (fd brake) throw.
  • Lows are 2K, 2D and Rokusai; Highs are 6K, 5D, Senshuu, and air attacks (in pressure, air attacks used primarily from teleports or from IAD after a 5H)
  • Frametraps: c.s. > virtually any other fast normal (favored are c.s., 2k, 5k, or normals with big reward on CH like 2S, 2H. 6K can also be a good choice as it is only punishable by 5F moves when gatling'd, the high attack causes enemies to flinch, and it moves Chipp forward, often back into c.s. range) , 6P > 6H (gatlings), Resshou > Rokusai, Self- cancellable normal > delay into another (maybe 2k delay 5k, for example), Resshou > 5K (punishable by 5F attacks) > 6P > delay gatling into any gatling.
  • Although it's not a frametrap, 2H will gatling into 2D. One option is to do a delayed 2D gatling after a frametrap 2H. If the 2H CH's, you still have time for a combo after the whiffed 2D. Unfortunately, the hitstun of 2H is long enough that you can't create a gap between 2H and 2D, even with max delayed gatling.
  • Most common ways to end blockstrings if no hit is confirmed would be with 5H, 6H, Resshou, Rokusai, or teleport. 5H, 6H and teleport leave you with follow-up options; rekka does not (save for a gambit with the followup rekka).
  • Options post-5H: IAD Fast Shuriken, IAD J.D. (can be made safer with alpha or shuriken followup, but doing either one will significantly reduce your reward should j.d. hit or CH), H teleport, P teleport, Rekka, 5D.
  • Taking risks with Chipp on pressure is sometimes warranted. Using 5D, Teleports, Genrouzan, Gamma (which cannot be cancelled into from normals, but is often effective after long range Resshou hit or after 22P / a plus normal), Senshuu, and sometimes even Alpha can be to your benefit, but you should get a good idea of your opponent's habits before you start using high risk options.
  • Using 22P at different points in your blockstring, especially during parts where the opponent is still in the scarier parts of your blockstrings, is a good idea to overwhelm opponents and make them flinch, but comes at a risk in most cases.
  • 6H builds big RISC, is easy to frametrap with, catches jumpers often, drains tons of tension on FD, is jump cancellable, and gives a big reward that's easy to hit confirm. On ground hit (esp. counterhit), you can combo into TK Alpha Blade, and if you hit them trying to jump out, the ground bounce gives you time to confirm a launcher combo, corner carry with 5H, or blitz loop in the corner.
  • If you're willing to spend meter, 22K/ Alpha / Senshuu RRC can be ok ways to extend pressure. Alpha Plus and Genrouzan can be YRC'd.
  • If you are nearing the end of the round, ground throw is one of your best tools as Chipp is one of the best in the game at securing a ground throw at will. It will also yield pretty strong okizeme if you have 50 tension for TK Ryu Yanagi.
  • Learn your gatling table.

Tips and Tricks

Faultless Defense Cancel

To immediately stop your momentum in air and fall directly downwards, even if you dash-jumped, you need to cancel j.2K (the drill kick) during its startup into faultless defense (shield-block).
The input is as follows: hold "1" during jumping (to block as well as to trigger the drill kick), push and hold K and immediately slide to another button (for example S).
In other words: j.1[K]~[S]

Fighting Chipp

  • Think of Chipp as a really fast jack of all trades with shorter normals.
  • Round start buttons to consider: 2S, 5K, 2D, 6P, H teleport, Alpha Blade. Investigate your matchup.
  • If he is playing patiently and running away (which often, he should), it would be in your best interest not to chase him but focusing on zoning instead, and trying to make him impatient.
  • He takes tons and tons of damage, so try to take good trades as often as you can (he usually wins trades with his JD, Gamma Blade, 2H, Alpha Plus, and sometimes 2S/ 6H). Running okizeme vs. Chipp is generally preferable over damage combos since it is the only time you will be able to pin him down, and since he will likely die in three combos anyway.
  • Be wary of gamma blade, especially if you use projectiles a lot. Gamma blade will eat and go through them, and is very fast. But of course it's got long recovery, and is extremely punishable by IAD approach, and in many cases, Chipp may struggle to directly anti air IAD approaches as well. Gamma blade is +5 which means you shouldn't contest him after it up close.
  • Be wary of beta blade, it is as fast as Volcanic Viper. His slow wakeup time however dampens its strength.
  • Don't contest alpha blade or alpha plus. Block them and punish.
  • If you can airthrow his H teleport on reaction, you will force the Chipp to work to get in. This skill will win you rounds.
  • See if your character has a good option selectable anti air vs his S and H teleports. 4/6PH for many characters, or for characters with high hitting cs'es like Elphelt and some others, 5S.
  • Chipp can jump really high and three times, so airthrow vs him is something that needs studying to use outside of corner pressure situations.
  • If he uses slow shuriken, he will maintain his air momentum but has shitloads of recovery, attempt to punish it especially if he uses it on the way down.
  • Many of his mixups can be beaten by reversal option selects, and Chipp tends to go for high oki a lot since low is throwable often and poor reward. Use blitz.
  • His only standing high besides dust is reactable (second/third rekka) and highly punishable, with counterhit recovery. He will have to rely on frametraps and movement for pressure. His ground throw is one of the weakest in the game so it's generally a good idea to not try and contest his fast buttons. Play conservatively versus his pressure until you see his habits.
  • Spend a lot of time in the air. He is hard to anti air so it's better to try and contest his teleports by being on equal ground, while enticing him not to use his extremely fast ground movement and buttons.
  • Punish a blocked JD.
  • IB falling JHS and try to throw, if in range.
  • Rokusai is -7 on block and -3 on hit, and he would have to take a big risk to cancel it into the third rekka.
  • Senshuu will go over low pokes. If you want to press a button after blocking Resshou, you should prefer a relatively high hitting move. Genrouzan can have a similar application in places where Chipp would want to use it, such as close range and in the corner.
  • Consider that Chipp could airthrow you at any time.
  • Some Chipps will abuse H teleport in response to a projectile so use this to your advantage.
  • Don't fear K teleport until you are starting to get a bit closer because he will be unable to crossup from a distance.
  • S teleport is most commonly used out of a dash or rarely in pressure. You should usually be prepared to anti air the crossup side instead! For this reason, using 4PH OS might be a good idea.
  • Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Think rather than react!


Chipp Zanuff