GGXRD-R2/Change Log

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Non-Gameplay Changes

  • Overall Production: Camera effects and hit effects have been changed overall.

System Changes

  • Roman Cancels: Input buffer during RC increased. In counterhit state during RC startup
  • Purple Roman Cancels: PRC startup shortened
  • Danger Time: When Danger Time is triggered, both players gain a set amount of tension.
  • Wall Crumple: Throw invul added to the recovery after Wall Crumples. This was added to prevent inescapable command throws.


  • 5K: startup lengthened
  • 6H: on normal ground hit, opponent enters normal hit state. Given new animation
  • Wild Throw: wild throw doesn't start if up directions are mixed into the input when the input is completed (allows running br/bb with 2369k)
  • Gunflame Feint: now affected by dash momentum
  • Dragon Install Gunflame: now affected by dash momentum
  • Dragon Install Grand Viper: flames will always hit opponent towards sol


  • 6H: changed into a completely new move
  • 5D: when YRCed, a mid hitting projectile still comes out
  • Stun Edge: hitbox while moving has been standardized


  • 6P: when P is held, the upper body invul is also lengthened
  • Overhead Kiss: May can move in the air on hit
  • Applause for the Victim: input buffer for normals while riding the dolphin has been increased.


  • j.H: changed into a completely new move
  • Roll: input buffer for the followups were increased
  • Digitalis: startup is faster, untech time is longer
  • S Silent Force: behavior on hit changed and untech time increased
  • H Silent Force: new move, input is 214H
  • Bad Moon: properties changed when performed from above a certain height
  • Secret Garden: the ball's hitbox appears later
  • Chroming Rose: roses disappear when Millia is hit


  • j.D: wall bounces on counter hit only in the corner. Counter hit untech time reduced.
  • Invite Hell: triggers proximity guard in a shorter range. Is no longer + on block.
  • Shadow Gallery: launch height on 1st hit is reduced. 2nd hit wall bounces in the corner. Creates puddle
  • Break the Law: creates puddle
  • Shadow Puddle (]H[): creates puddle
  • Great White: can be used when Eddie is not summoned. Launch trajectory of the opponent is changed


  • Crouch: animation changed, hurtbox shortened
  • Crouch Block: animation changed, hurtbox shortened
  • Air Throw: untech time increased
  • Heat Knuckle: hitbox is bigger, launch height increased
  • F.D.B: can hold S for a charged version. The charged versions hitbox and projectile reflect only starts when the button is released
  • Trishula: changed to 214K


  • Various Specials: when the button is held, Chipp will automatically wall stick
  • Shinkirou: launches on counter hit.
  • Alpha Plus: tumbles on counter hit
  • Shuriken: damage increased from 1 to 9, now considered a projectile
  • Gamma Blade: Earlier YRC point, projectile also comes out earlier on trade


  • 5D: can reflect enemy projectiles. However it does not reflect the projectile as is, it creates a projectile unique to Faust instead
  • Nani ga deru kana: new items added


  • 5P: cancel window increased
  • 5H: cancel window increased
  • j.6K: new move added
  • j.2S: new move added
  • Haitaka no Kamae (Sparrowhawk Stance): when his attacks are blocked, he cannot cancel into another move. Startup, hitboxes and hurtboxes were changed drastically. Attacks become unblockable after a set period of time (like elphelt rifle)


  • 2H: changed into a completely new move
  • Stinger Aim: when 2 is held after the input, the ball gains back spin. Otherwise, it has top spin
  • Carcass Raid: when 4 is held after the input, the ball gains back spin. Otherwise, it has top spin
  • Red Hail: startup reduced, ball trajectories changed


  • 2K: cancellable time increased by 3F
  • 2S: hitbox changes at a different timing, late hitbox buffed
  • Bloodsucking Universe: on hit, all specials counter hit for a set period of time


  • 663: changed airdash trajectory after 663
  • f.S: when YRCed, projectile attack still comes out
  • 6H: when the later part of the move hits in the air, it vacuums
  • 5D: when YRCed, a mid hitting projectile still comes out
  • j.H: counter hit recovery removed
  • Sterilization Method: removed throw hitbox behind I-no


  • Dash: overall duration and counter duration reduced. Speed increased
  • Backdash: hurtbox widened
  • Crouch: hurtbox shortened
  • Crouch block: hurtbox shortened
  • 2K: gatling into 5H removed
  • 2H and 3H: on ground hit, the opponent now enters a normal hit state
  • 6H: changed into a completely new move
  • j.P: hurtbox widened
  • Air Throw: can be comboed off on RC
  • Dejavu: can be used in the air


  • Marteli: new move. Input is 214S while holding the S sword
  • Forpeli: new move. Input is 214H while holding the H sword. Can cancel from Marteli on hit


  • Backdash: invul period shortened
  • 6P: not jump cancellable anymore. Untech time increased
  • Still Growing: can gain calories again by hitting H
  • Leap: can be cancelled into specials right after jumping


  • Defense: lowered a little
  • 5H: followup hits can be special cancelled. Followup hits attack level reduced
  • j.S: hitbox reduced
  • j.H: hitbox widened
  • Shotgun Shot: Elphelt retreats a little bit more after shooting
  • Sniper Shot: takes longer to become unblockable


  • 6P: upper body invul removed, added high and mid armor (from frame 5), can't YRC if you're hit during the armor frames. Launches back on hit, no longer jump cancelable, startup increased from 9f to 13f, attack level increased from 2 to 4, damage increased from 25 to 38, total duration increased from 28f to 37f. cS > 6P gatling removed, 2K > 6P gatling added, all gatlings from 6P removed.
  • 5H: hurtbox increased
  • 2H: startup 11f > 10f
  • fS~P and 5H~P: guard point is now subject to chip damage
  • Graviert Würde(S): now stays active if Leo gets hit


  • Mist Finer: when FDed while Bacchus Sigh is on the opponent, Mist Finer does a set amount of damage. Hitback on regular block Bacchus Sigh Mist Finer removed
  • Zweihander: attack level reduced


  • Explode: cooldown reduced. Servants are invulnerable during the countdown
  • Various Servants: lvl 1 and 2 servants disappear after one attack


  • Crouching Hurtbox: Increased while getting hit
  • 5K: 5P > 5K Gatling added
  • 6K: Reduced damage of 2nd hit (36 -> 26)
    • Removed 6K > 5H
  • c.S: Added c.S > 6K
  • 2D: Increased hitbox
  • All Ryuujin (236K): Fixed blowback to always go away from Jam
  • All MAX Ryuujin (MAX.236K): Increased blowback
  • Grounded MAX Gekirin (MAX.214K): Changed blowback to be more similar to followup MAX Gekirin
  • All Kenroukaku (623K): Increased Hitbox
    • Increased untech time
  • Followup MAX Kenroukaku (MAX.623K): Resets airdash count
  • Bakushuu (236S): Increased input window for followups
  • Hyappo Shinshou (236SS): Increased horizontal blowback
    • Increased untech time
    • Decreased RISC gain on block
    • Can now cancel into Senri Shinshou by pressing H
  • Hochifu (46): Increased input window for Zekkei (46P)
  • Renhoukyaku (632146H): Increased throw invul
  • Bao Saishinshou (236236H): Opponent launch height no longer affected by combo length
    • Clean Hit window increased
    • Clean Hit frame advantage increased


  • 6P: jump cancel removed
  • Scharf Kugel: amount of hits depends on Excitement Meter.
    • Excitement 0-2: 2 hits; Excitement 3-5: 3 hits; Excitement over 6: 4 hits
  • Grausam Impuls: startup changed based on excitement meter


  • Shiinken (Reverse): input made easier, time to input the back input has been increased
  • Hayabusa Otoshi (Reverse): launch on hit increased


  • Various Normals: hurtbox reduced
  • j.P and j.K: can gatling into j.D
  • 2S: launches on ground counter hit. Changed launch trajectory on air hit
  • j.236P and K: bounces off the side of the stage
  • 236S and H: appears on stage when used near the corner
  • 421S and H: hitstop changed. Hitbox increased
  • 421S: spear rises faster after the first hit.
  • 421H: 2nd hit attack level increased
  • Air S and H fish: startup reduced
  • D fish: after countering a move, it tracks the opponent vertically as well
  • Burst Imperial Ray: removed bug where Dizzy did not gain Burst meter on hit


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