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Axl Low
Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
MC = Mortal Counter
JI = Jump Install
RC = Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
IK = Instant Kill
Rensen = [4]6S
Raiei = 623K
Rashousen = 41236H
TKB = TK Bomber
Bomber = j.623H
AN = Answer
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BE = Bedman
CH = Chipp Zanuff
DI = Dizzy
EL = Elphelt
FA = Faust
IN = I-No
JA = Jam
JC = Jack-O'
JO = Johnny
KU = Kum Haehyun
KY = Ky Kiske
LE = Leo
MA = May
MI = Millia
PO = Potemkin
RA = Ramlethal
RV = Raven
SI = Sin Kiske
SL = Slayer
SO = Sol Badguy
VE = Venom
ZA = Zato-1

Combo List

  • All damage values are damage dealt to Sol unless the combo cannot work on him, in which case the character with the closest defense modifier is used.
  • Damage values listed for combos with interchangeable combo parts assume the highest damage variation unless otherwise stated.
  • Multi-hit normals that use their maximum amount of hits in the combo do not require specification (eg. 6K > 2S (HJC) j.S is equal to 6K(2) > 2S(2) (HJC) j.S(2)).
  • This page is NOT meant to be a comprehensive list, only a general guideline.

Ground Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
2K or 5K > c.S > 2H > Rensen Any 70 / 106 All Very Easy Axl's most stable BnB combo. 2K starter has 70% damage scaling. Video Example
2K or 5K > 2D > Rensen Any 55 / 85 All Very Easy Compact combo for outside c.S proximity range. Video Example
c.S > 5H > 2D > Rensen Any 131 All Very Easy Big close range combo for midscreen. Video Example
6P > c.S > 5H > 2D > Rensen~8 Any 161 All but KY, MI, BA Very Easy Huge point-blank combo that prioritizes damage. Video Example
3P > 2D > Rensen Any 93 All Easy Doesn't connect on counterhit (2D whiffs).
Works well in short range (3P has longer reach than 2D).
Video Example
3P > 2H > Rensen Any 97 All Very Easy Doesn't connect on counterhit (second hit of 2H whiffs).
On crouching, connects even in max 3P range.
Video Example
2P > f.S > Rensen Any 96 All Very Easy f.S > Rensen connects only in close range or on crouching. Video Example
6K > c.S > 2H > Rensen Any 125 Standing Very Easy Hitconfirm for the occasional groundhit 6K. Video Example
6H, 5K > 2D > Rensen Any 106 All Medium Linking 6H to 5K requires 6H to hit on late active frames (eg. meaty on wakeup).
6H DOESN'T hit naturally meaty on crouching SO, KY, PO, BE, RA, LE, JA, HA, RV.
Video Example
5K > c.S > 2D > Rensen~2 Corner 144 All Very Easy Basic corner combo for Rensen-2 power.
Full hits may require delaying the followup (beware of OTG).
Video Example
6P > c.S > 5H > Rensen~2 Corner 175 All Very Easy Hefty combo that gives you a strong knockdown. Video Example

Anti-Air Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
(5P) > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 166 All Easy The BnB anti-air combo from 5P or 6K, no knockdown.
j.D and Bomber can whiff if the opponent is too high in the air.
Video Example
6K (JC) j.6P > j.6K > Bomber Midscreen 121 All Easy 6K route when you're too far for connecting into 2S.
Use (HJC) at high altitudes, notably on light characters.
Video Example
(5P) > 6K (HJC) j.6P > j.S(1) > j.6P Midscreen 107 All Easy Outdated route for long-range 6K, usable in rare cases where j.6K would whiff.
j.S(1) and last j.6P can whiff depending on opponent's hurtbox.
Video Example
2S (JC) j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 140 All Easy Easy and stable choice for a lower altitude 2S confirm.
Can OS throw bursts by inputting j.4H after jump cancelling j.K.
Video Example
2S > TK Bomber Midscreen 82 All Medium Less damage, but secures an easy knockdown.
Knockdown may require delaying the Bomber.
Video Example
2S > TKB, 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 202 Most Medium Height-dependent combo when anti-airing opponents higher up in the air. Video Example
6P > c.S > 2S > TKB, 5P > Rensen Midscreen 161 Medium Medium Good for horizontal approaches (IADs), knocks down.
Trades less against pre-emptive attacks than 2S, but doesn't reach nearly as high.
Video Example
2S (HJC) delay j.D, j.6P > Bomber Midscreen 126 Medium Hard High altitude 2S into decent damage, can knockdown at lower heights.
Connecting j.6P requires hitting j.D at around same height as opponent.
Video Example
2S (JC) j.D, j.6P, 5P > 6K (HJC) j.6P > j.6K > Bomber Midscreen 180 Most Hard Low altitude 2S into great damage and corner carry.
Quite character specific.
Video Example

Air to Ground/Air Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
Airdash j.S (> j.P/j.H), 5K > 2D > Rensen Any 97-122 All Easy Connects a successful air dash j.S into compact ground BnB.
At IAD height j.H is usually possible, but j.P may be needed instead if j.S hits too late.
At lower air dash heights just j.S will suffice.
Video Example
IAD j.H > j.D, (66) 5K > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 198 All Medium Launches the opponent for huge damage, but is risky on block because of j.D.
Great for punishing stuff, e.g. IADing over Gunflame or Slidehead on reaction.
Video Example
Late AD j.H > j.D, 66, 6P > c.S > TKB,
5K > 5P > 2S > TKB, 5K > 5P > delay Rensen~2
Corner 230 Medium Medium High damage TKB loop with a knockdown on actual medium weights (not LE, JO).
Practical choice for stun and 41236H(0) RRC combos.
Video Example
Late AD j.H > j.D, 66, 6P > c.S > 2S(1) > TKB,
delay c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S (JC) delay Bomber
Corner 243 Light Hard High damage TKB loop with a knockdown on all light weights .
Replacing last c.S with delay 5K makes the combo much easier for 4 less damage.
Video Example

Counterhit Starter Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
Air CH 5P or CH 6K(1) > 214H~PKPKPK Midscreen 155 All Medium Air counterhit 5P/6K confirm into Haitaka, easy to buffer in long range.
Remember to adjust with different follow-ups according to combo height.
CH 3P, 5K > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 166 All Medium 3P to 5K link is a bit tight, but works from most ranges. -
CH 6P > 623K, c.S > 5P > 2S(1) > TKB,
5K > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB
Corner 218 Medium Hard Huge damage with a knockdown if you can confirm the CH.
Lots of corner carry as well.
Video Example
CH 623K, 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 184 All Easy Similar to throw BnB, but lacks the damage proration.
6K can whiff depending on range/character (use 66, 5K > 5P instead).
Video Example
CH 623K, 5P > 6K > 2S > TKB, 5P > Rensen Midscreen 194 Medium Medium Knocks down. Use run 5K > 5P to connect easier on some characters. Video Example
CH 5H > 5K, 2D > Rensen Any 117 All Easy Simple CH confirm for close range. Video Example
CH 5H > 5D~8, j.D > j.D > j.6P > j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 177 All Hard While easy execution wise, the actual CH 5D hitconfirm is hard. Video Example
CH 5H > 5D~6, j.D > j.D > j.D, 6P > c.S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB Corner 197 Medium Hard Same as above Video Example
CH 6H, 6K > c.S > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 165 All Easy Similar to throw BnB for simple damage. -
CH 6H, 623K, c.S > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Any 195 (EL) Light Medium CH 6H route on light characters. beware of sideswitch. -

Roman Cancel Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
(X) > Rensen~8 (RRC) 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 129 All Easy Easy throw-like Rensen-8 RRC combo. Video Example
(X) > Rensen~8 (RRC) 214H~PKPKPK Midscreen 136 All Easy Easy Rensen-8 RRC combo for good damage and a fullscreen knockdown.
Knockdown requires delaying the Haitaka hits properly.
Video Example
(X) > Rensen~8 (RRC) delay IAD, delay j.D, 6K > 2S > TKB Midscreen 123 Medium Medium Links into 5K or 5P for additional damage near corner.
Whiff a 5H after RC for the delay timing and do j.D late for more untech time.
Video Example
623K (RRC) 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 160 All Easy Easy throw-like Raiei RRC combo. Video Example
623K (RRC) 5K > 5P > 6K > 2S > TKB, 5P > [4]6S Midscreen 155 Medium Medium Raiei RRC into 5P > Rensen knockdown for mediumweights. Video Example

Overdrive Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
c.S > 5H > 2D > 2363214H Midscreen 216 All Easy Easy and damaging close range punish with a decent knockdown.
Really destructive against low health (OD minimum damage), especially in Hellfire.
Video Example
2P > 214214S, 66, 6K > c.S > 5H > 2D > Rensen Any 158 Most Medium Long-range Kairagi hitconfirm, much easier with CH but works even on normal hit.
Buffer 214214 after 2P and hit S after a visual confirm of ground hit.
Video Example
c.S > 5H > 2D > 214214S,
c.S > 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S > TKB
Corner 212 Medium Medium Corner Kairagi confirm for great damage and tension build.
Use 5K > c.S > TKB as stable finisher on thin hurtboxes (Ky, Venom, Zato etc).
Video Example
c.S > 5H > 2D > 214214S,
3P > f.S > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB
Corner 204
Light Medium Corner Kairagi confirm for light characters.
Use delayed Bomber to knock down.
Video Example
c.S > 5H > 2D > 214214S,
c.S > 6P > c.S > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S (JD) jS > jH > jD, 2S > TKB
Corner 200
Super-Heavy Medium Corner Kairagi confirm for super-heavy characters (Pot, Kum, Bed). Video Example

Dust Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
5D~8, j.D > j.D > j.6P > j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 125 All Easy Tiny additional damage with slightly stricter cancel timing. Video Example
5D~8, c.S > 5H > Rensen~2 Midscreen 84 All Easy Midscreen Dust (Homing Dash) combo for a knockdown. Video Example
5D~6, j.D > j.D > j.D, 6P > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB Corner 144 Medium Medium Corner Dust into big damage and knockdown. Video Example
5D~6, j.D > j.D > j.D, 6P > c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 6P > 2S TKB Corner 134 (Pot) Super-Heavy Medium Corner Dust route for Potemkin, Haehyun and Bedman, ends in knockdown. Video Example
5D~6, j.D > j.D > j.D, 6P > c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S TKB Corner 148 Heavy Medium Corner Dust route for Leo & Johnny with knockdown. Video Example
5D~6, j.D > j.H > j.D, c.S TKB, delay 5K > c.S > TKB Corner 138 (Elph) Light Medium Corner Dust route for light characters.
To reduce height for knockdown, do first j.D ASAP, and delay 5K.
Video Example

Throw Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
Throw, Rensen Midscreen 69 All Very Easy Puny damage, but burst safe and universally knocks down. Video Example
Throw, 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 113 Most Easy The BnB throw combo, doesn't knock down.
2S(2) either easily or completely whiffs on some characters.
Video Example
Throw, 66, (5K) > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 116 Most Easy Alternate version of throw BnB for different hurtboxes.
Works well on Ky, Zato, Venom, Jam, Jack-O, etc.
Video Example
Throw, 6K > 2S > TKB Midscreen 93 Most Medium Basic TK Bomber combo for a knockdown.
Knockdown on lights (notably Elph) requires a very strict delay.
Video Example
Throw, 6K > 2S > TKB, 5P > Rensen Midscreen 113 Medium Medium More damage and a far knockdown for IAD j.S safejumps. Video Example
Throw, (66,) 6K > 2S (vertical JC) delay j.S > Bomber Midscreen 99 Light Hard Midscreen route for knockdown on lights.
On Jam and Jack-O, microdash after the throw.
Video Example
Throw, 66, 5K > 5P > 2S (JC) delay j.S > Bomber Midscreen 99 Elph Hard Most stable knockdown route for Elphelt. Video Example
Throw, 66, 2H, 5K > 5P > 2S, delay j.S > j.H > j.D,
2S, j.H > j.D > Bomber
Midscreen ??? Millia Hard Stylish Millia-specific combo. -
Throw, 66, 5K > 2S (JC) j.S > j.H > j.D, microdash j.S > j.H > j.D,
j.S > j.H > j.D, j.S > j.H > j.D, 2S > TKB
Midscreen 115 Potemkin Very Hard Full corner-carry Dustloop with a knockdown.
The first 5K must be hit as low as possible.
Video Example
Throw, c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S > TKB, 5K > c.S > TKB Corner 136 Medium Medium Basic 3-rep Bomber loop. Knocks down.
Mind the link timing after landing recovery of Bomber.
Throw, c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S > TKB, 5K > 5P > Rensen-2 Corner 139 Medium Medium Alternative ender for the Bomber loops. -
Throw, 6P > TKB, c.S (JC) j.D, j.6P, 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB Corner 143 Medium Hard Flashy AMR route for knocksdown + damage.
6P is replaceable with c.S, but makes jD whiff on Ky, Zato, Venom.
Throw, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB Corner 128
Light Medium Simple 3-rep loop for lights. Knocks down. -
Throw, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB,
c.S > TKB, 5K > 2S > delay TKB
Corner 146
Light Hard 4-rep loop knockdown for all light characters.
Requires strict timing to connect everything, finish with delayed Bomber.
Throw, delay c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB,
5K > 2S(1) > TKB, 5K > 2S > delay TKB
Corner 145
Light Hard 4-rep loop knockdown with slightly more leeway.
Delayed c.S lowers height for knockdown. Doesn't work on I-No, May.
Throw, 66, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB,
5K > 2S > TKB, 5K > c.S > TKB
Corner 144
Light Medium Easier variation for slightly less damage, works on all lights. -
Throw, (66,) 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB,
5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB, c.S > Rensen~2
Corner 126
Super-Heavy Hard Reliable 2-rep loop on super-heavies.
Microdash on Kum, dash longer on Bed to connect TKB easier.
Throw, (66,) 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB, 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB,
c.S > 2S (JC) j.S > j.H > j.D, 2S > TKB
Corner 126
Super-Heavy Hard 3x TKB + j.SHD filler = almost 50% meter gain.
On Bedman, ...5K > 2S > (JC) j.S... is more consistent.

Parry (214P/K) Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
Parry, 5K > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 155 All Easy Basic, easy to execute parry route without a knockdown.
Parry, 5P > 6K > TKB Midscreen 130 All Medium Guaranteed knockdown for reduced damage.
Parry, 5P > 6K > 2S > TKB, 5P > Rensen Midscreen 156 Medium Medium 5P > Rensen knockdown route on SO, ZA, CH, AX, SL, SI, JO, AN.
Sin and Johnny require delaying 2S.
Parry, 5P > 6K > 2S > TKB,
5P > 6K (HJC) j.6P > j.S(1) > j.6P
Midscreen 169 IN Medium I-no only route, mostly useful to get that slight
extra damage to close a round.
Parry, 2S (JC) j.2S > j.H > j.D,
(6K) > 2S > TKB
Midscreen 148 (BE) BE, KU Hard Bedman and Kum specific route that gives knockdown and more damage.
6K addition still gives knockdown on Kum.
Parry, 5K > 2S (HJC) j.S > j.H > j.D >
2S > TKB
Midscreen 155 SO, AX, SL,
Hard Knockdown route for a few midweight with decent damage.
You can use 5P instead of 5K on Faust.
Parry, 2S(1) (JC) j.S > j.H > j.D,
j.S > j.H > j.D > Bomber
Midscreen 149 PO Very Hard Stylish combo that gives great damage and Knockdown on Potemkin only.
Look at the Video Examples category for a demo.
Parry, 2S (HJC) j.2S > j.H > j.D,
6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber
Midscreen 179 RA Very Hard Ramlethal Only, probably the hardest in that list
because of how hard it is to consistently land 2S after parry.
Parry, 5P > 2S (HJC) j.2S > j.H > j.D,
6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber
Midscreen 207 MI Very Hard Millia only route, 5P has to be done ASAP so you can combo into 2S.
The first j.D has to be delayed so you can relaunch with 6K.

Instant Kill Combos

Combo Position Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
41236H (0), (RRC) Activate, IK Any All Very Easy Burst safe due to the throw state of 0-hit Rashousen.
Holds the opponent long enough to even taunt before the IK.
Video Example
Ground string > Rensen~8 (RRC) 66, Activate, IK Any All Easy Easiest way to IK with 100%, bursts can be avoided with careful spacing/timing.
IK attack has great range, so the dash can be left quite short.
Video Example
Throw, 6K > 2S > TKB (RRC) airdash, land, 66, Activate, IK Any Light Medium The pre-RC part builds lot of meter, so you don't have to be quite 100%.
Be prepared to block their burst during/after Bomber RC part.
Video Example
Ground string > Kairagi, 66, Activate, Throw, IK Corner All Medium Safe from bursts once you connect the Kairagi.
Works midscreen on Sol, Sin, May, Slayer, Axl, Leo, Johnny.
Video Example
5D~6, Activate, IK Corner All Easy If you land a corner Dust, this is an easy confirm.
Vulnerable to bursts since you have to be close.
Video Example
CH 6H, Activate, IK Any All Hard Activate quickly after the 6H recovery (avoiding 6H RRC). Video Example

Combo Theory

TK Axl Bomber Loops

Bomber loop is an umbrella term for Axl's combo routes that are done near the corner on aerial opponents.
The basic structure can be divided into three parts:

  • Starter: the move that initially launches the opponent in the air with enough hitstun for a link to something else:
    • Ground throw, Air throw RRC
    • Counterhit 6H / 6P / 3P, CH Raiei, CH Rensen~8
    • Antiair / air-to-air hitconfirms (2S, 5P, c.S etc.)
    • Rensen~8 / Benten / Rashousen RRC
    • 2D > Kairagi
    • Rensen YRC
    • Parries (both 214P and 214K)
    • Blitz
    • 5D and j.D
    • Situational exceptions like air hit Raiei, point-blank Rensen~8 in corner, CH 2H(2) (eg. Eddie absorbs the first hit), Pineberry self-detonation etc.
  • Relaunch: a string of normals eventually canceled into a TK Bomber that links into another relaunch (hence "loop") or the ender.
  • Ender: the final part that secures a knockdown or something else like damage or positioning when prefered.

Bomber loops lead to big damage, huge tension gain, and most importantly a knockdown, so learning them is by far the most the most important step in becoming a better Axl player. In most cases loops have 2-4 relaunches (aka "reps"), light characters getting more reps with less normals and heavy characters getting less reps with more normals to compensate for the untech time, gravity, and pushback scalings.


Relaunches are most commonly done with:

  • (5K, c.S, 6P, 5P, or 6K) > 2S or 2S(1) > TKB
  • (5K or 6P) > c.S > TKB

5K and c.S are the most stable normals in relaunch strings, former because it has the fastest startup and great hitbox, while latter because it has good damage, good hitbox, and decent startup. Normals like 5P and 6P (and even 6K) have their specific uses, but their hitboxes are much smaller/thinner so they can whiff easily on some characters causing fatal combo drops. 2S is the best normal for going into TK Bomber since it cancels from all relevant relaunch normals, has a great hitbox with a second-hit vacuum, and both of its hits have additional untech time (making delayed Bombers possible). Unfortunately 2S(2) can whiff in longer combos (3 reps or more) on many vertically thin hurtboxes (eg. Ky, Venom, Zato, I-No), which means 5K > c.S > TKB is a more stable finisher, though getting a knockdown with it can be harder depending on the situation.
While relaunches are most commonly finished in Bombers for the loop to work (ie. to link into another relaunch or ender), there are also other options; filler parts such as c.S (JC) j.S > j.H > j.D and c.S (JC) j.D, j6P can also give enough untech time to link into the next part while doing better damage than common TKB strings, but they are much more weight/hurtbox specific.


There are several different ways for finishing a Bomber loop:

  • Final TK Bomber - This is the universal, stable ender for a knockdown, though it requires proper height control during the combo (especially on light characters).
  • Rensen-down - Does slightly more damage and gives a knockdown with crossup potential (eg. Raiei, IAD j.H/j.D), but connecting into it is quite character specific with different hurtbox types.
  • Sickle Storm - The biggest damage and a guaranteed knockdown, but not really worth meter unless you can kill with it (which usually requires the Burst OD version).
  • Fullscreen pushback - By utilizing an aerial string with back-jump cancel and j.6P, it is possible to push yourself to the opposite corner for a Haitaka setup.
  • Damage - When finishing the opponent, going for an easy j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber can be a good choice, though high Guts rating can make it pointless (where multiple hits from Rensen-down would be more effective).

Height Control

The balance between lifting the opponent high enough for more reps and hits (ie. damage), and finishing low enough for a knockdown from the ender is something you have to learn by practice and experience, especially from random antiair starters where the pickup height and amount of hits isn't identical each time (unlike from throw starters).
Ways to control the combo height for a knockdown and optimal damage:

  • Extend the relaunch by adding normals for higher height and more damage, eg. 5K > c.S > 5P > 2S > TKB (5 hits before Bomber)
  • Shorten the relaunch by reducing normals for lower height and better untech time scaling, eg. 5K > c.S > TKB (2 hits before Bomber)
  • Delay the relaunch for lower height: very useful on high altitude antiair starters after the first rep when there is still plenty of untech time.
  • Delay the last Bomber after the second hit of 2S (aka "delayed Bomber"): important method for securing the knockdown, especially on light characters.
  • Choose between different relaunch string normals:
    • 5K, 5P, and 6P hit aerial opponents on their first active frame, so they tend to increase combo height.
    • c.S and 2S have 7F and 8F startups but can take few frames longer to reach aerial opponents, so they tend to lower the height.

j.D Combos

j.D has properties that make it special as an air normal: big damage, big untech time, and wallsplat. These features allow air combos to be extended in spectacular ways. If you hit with a low altitude j.D, you may recover fast enough to link into 5P, c.S, 2S, or even a microdash j.S.
Examples of j.D usage:

  • IAD j.H > j.D which continues into BnB antiair combos and even links into itself in the corner for the most damaging combos.
  • j.D, j.6P link (now also known as "Axl Makes Revolution" thanks to Kaon) which can be used really diversely in both corner and midscreen (antiair 2S, Benten/Rensen-up RRC, corner throw, etc).
  • j.S > j.H > j.D, aka "Ghetto Dustloop". Connecting the whole thing is very hurtbox and weight specific, but it is the most damaging type of combo filler (CH Raiei, midscreen/corner throw, etc).
  • 5D, 6, j.D > j.D > j.D which combines the special properties of 5D (free cancel window) and j.D (long untech time + wallsplat) for the most efficient corner Dust combo starter.

Basic Ground Combo Theory

Axl's ground combos are quite basic since the gatlings are simple and Rensen is the optimal meterless finisher in 99% of cases, but there are still few things that should be taken into consideration depending on the situation. With meter the freedom increases and efficient combo routes aren't always obvious.

  • Rensen follow-ups:
    • No follow-up (Rensen) does the least damage, but practically always gives a knockdown, usually with enough time for a j.S safejump which can be extremely valuable in matchups where catching the opponent is hard and/or the neutral game isn't advantagous for Axl (eg. Chipp, Millia, Venom, Johnny).
    • Up follow-up (Rensen-8) does a bit more damage, but outside specific cases doesn't knock down or link into a further combo, letting the opponent tech out with invulns (forcing you to guess their timing, direction, and what they actually do after the tech).
    • Down follow-up (Rensen-2) does most damage and gives a knockdown, but its effectiveness (the range where it still connects) varies depending on the opposing character's hurtbox (see Rensen-2 Stability Table).
  • 5K vs 2K:
    • 5K is generally the optimal choice in combos because it's better in basically all areas (startup, damage, hitstun, range, gatlings) except hitting the area really low to ground. There are very few cases where 5K would whiff while 2K would connect which are mostly related to hitstun animations where the character reels back while crouching (e.g. trying to link 5K after a jump-in j.H may whiff while 2K might connect).
    • 2K is useful in the neutral game for all sorts of situations thanks to its low-profile hurtbox, but it's generally weak as a combo starter because of the 70% initial proration and as a combo part because it's otherwise inferior to 5K.
  • 2H vs 2D vs 5H before Rensen:
    • 2H connects from c.S and 3P really well since it has a big hitbox that covers a lot of range, but on the other hand it is slightly slower (making it harder to connect on standing in longer ranges) and causes lot of additional pusback in the corner.
    • 2D is not as stable against few characters after c.S and 3P (e.g. Ky, Millia, Baiken who lift their front leg during their standing hitstun animations), but not having much pushback and putting the opponent in aerial state generally makes Rensen-2 connect more easily in the corner.
    • 5H is also slow and quirky so it may fail to connect after c.S in certain situations (e.g. Chipp, Potemkin in max c.S range), but does a lot more damage than the other normals so it's the best option when you know it will connect.
  • RRC vs Overdrive:
    The biggest difference between the two is that OD combos won't stop your meter gain, either during the combo itself or few seconds after it (eg. okizeme into another combo or blockstrings), making optimal Kairagi routes quite attractive, while RRC will reduce your meter gain to practically zero.
    • RRC routes will give you more opportunities for combos in any kind of situation (making it great for improvising) and generally lets you do more damage, but as a combo extension it may not be worth the 50% unless its kills because of damage scaling; for example, c.S > 5H > 2D > Rensen-8 already does 147 damage while extending it with RRC Haitaka K~P~K~P~K~S adds 46 damage + knockdown while a simple Rensen-8 does 64 but extending it with the same RRC Haitaka combo adds 67 + knockdown, so RRCs are more efficient the more you can rack up additional damage.
      Combos before and after the RRC aren't usually safe against Bursts without specific routes, but RRC gives you a slowdown with some invulnerable frames so reacting to a Burst during that moment allows you to block it and punish with another combo.
    • Overdrives are generally much more situational; in some cases they may be the only option to get a significant combo (like max range 2P > 214214S) and in some cases they may do more damage more easily than RRC routes (like c.S > 5H > 2D > 2363214H doing 216, Burst OD version doing 244), but they can't be tacked on literally anything like RRCs and the combo routes need to optimal to do as much damage as equal RRC routes.
      Opponent can not Burst after your superflash and while being hit with an Overdrive, but if they Burst before the superflash then it comes out and interrupts your combo.
  • 214214S vs 2363214H:
    • The biggest strengths of Byakue Renshou, a.k.a the flame super (2363214H) are high damage (minimum OD damage, Hellfire bonus, Burst OD version) and simplicity of combos. Its major weaknesses are the fact that the first part (hits 1-2, strike) has surprisingly short range, huge pushback in corner, and funky interactions with some hurtbox types which can make it hit OTG, letting the opponent tech and punish your long recovery. It's also weak to bursts during its startup (before the super flash) and its common to partially whiff the second part (hits 3-7, projectile), connecting only 4-6 hits instead of the full 7 hits.
    • The strengths of Kairagi, a.k.a the green super (214214S) is the meter built during the combos (easy routes give about 12% while optimal routes give over 25%) and its quick startup + long range makes it very consistent for connecting combo parts in situations where anything else (including RRC options) wouldn't work, but its weaknesses are the low damage from the super itself (only 52) and the following combo being vulnerable to burst. You also need to learn lots different routes depending on the starter, positioning, and weight / hurtbox types for optimal damage and meter gain.

Rensen-2 Stability Table

While Rensen without followups is the safest ground combo ender in midscreen since it gives you a knockdown for a IAD j.S pressure unlike the up follow-up (Rensen-8) which lets the opponent tech towards you, if you are in range for the down follow-up (Rensen-2) to connect then it's the superior choice because it does more damage, gives you a stronger knockdown and builds a lot more tension. The problem is that most characters have hurtboxes which make Rensen-2 whiff partially or completely (reducing the damage and the frame advantage after knockdown) or even hit "Off The Ground" (letting the opponent tech on your Rensen-2 recovery with strike invulnerable frames for a punish).

This table demonstrates how effective Rensen-2 is against each character by scoring the amount of clean Rensen-2 hits at the end of various point-blank combos. The numbers indicate how many times the down follow-up actually hits (i.e bigger number means more damage and tension) while a blank space indicates it whiffs completely. Parentheses indicate the numbered hit is OTG.

The pushback increases the longer the combo is and 2D launches opponent in air while 2H vacuums, so for a high score the hurtbox must be large in all dimensions and states (standing, crouching, aerial). Even though this aggregate might seem to lack practicality (point-blank starters are rare because of 1F throws), the character specific hurtbox still affects all combos that utilize Rensen-2; if the character has a low score, they are relatively harder to combo with Rensen-2 in any kind of situation (ground corner combos, TK Bomber loop finishers, Kairagi stagger, charge Blitz crumple, etc).

Rensen-2 Stability Table
Character Score 2D 5H > 2D 5K > 2D c.S > 2H c.S > 2D 5K > c.S > 2H
(on crouching)
5K > c.S > 2D
Answer 12 4 4 4
Axl 18 5 5 4 4 (3)
Baiken 22 5 5 4 4 4
Bedman 25 5 5 5 5 5
Chipp 9 5 4 (2)
Dizzy 20 4 4 4 4 4 (1)
Elphelt 29 5 5 5 5 4 5
Faust 7 4 3 (1) (1) (1) (1)
Haehyun 8 4 4 (1) (1) (1)
I-No 12 4 4 (3) 4
Jack-O' 16 4 4 4 4 (3) (2)
Jam 23 5 5 4 5 4 (2)
Johnny 34 5 5 5 5 5 5 4
Ky 30 5 5 5 5 5 5
Leo 29 5 5 5 5 5 4
May 30 5 5 5 5 5 5
Millia 12 4 4 4
Potemkin 28 5 5 5 5 4 4
Ramlethal 3 3
Raven 29 5 5 5 5 5 4
Sin 10 5 5 (1) (2)
Slayer 16 4 4 4 4
Sol 9 5 4
Venom 12 4 4 4
Zato 35 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

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