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I-No doesn't do much damage from her combos, except when she is in the corner. The most important is that her combos end with good okiShort for "Okizeme" Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. so that I-No can keep on repeating her oppressive pressure. See more combos here

  • All of these combo with 214P at then end, are NOT part of the combo. The 214P helps setup your OkizemeFrom Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups..
Beginner.png Basic combos are simple combos with the fewest requirements and conditions possible.
  • Work against every, or almost every, character in the game
  • Can be performed from most positions in the play area
  • Require few adjustments, and if any are required they are simple
  1. BNB Overhead from j.S/j.H
  2. BNB from 2K/j.S/j.H (The Most Key Combo to Learn)
  3. DP Punish
  4. Corner Combo

Basic BNB Overhead from j.S/j.HA overhead combo used that ends with good oki
64 Damage
Very Easy

(j.S/j.H) > 2K/c.S > 2D > (delay) 214P (setup)
Unimpressive damage and route, but critically sets up I-No's note oki and is less dependent on range than the 6H confirm. Depending on range, an immediate cancel into 214P might cause the projectile to whiff. Gauge the distance between you and your opponent after you hit your 2D and try to delay it appropriately so your projectile hits meaty.

Basic BNB from 2K/j.S/j.HThe most useful of BNB
126 damage
Very Easy

2K/j.S/j.H > 6H(2) > 236H > 214P (setup)
Your go-to combo for I-No's high/low mixup, with 2K being your low option and j.S being your high option. Good corner carry and oki. Be aware that at farther distances 6H(1) wont connect so you will need to combo into 2D for a hard knockdown.

BNB DP PunishBig Damage
153 damage
Very Easy

CH c.S/2H/2S > 236H > 6H(2) > 236H > 214P (setup)
Essential punish for DPs that works anywhere on screen. Okay damage, but huge corner carry and also leads to note oki. Use 2H or 2S if the opponent is farther away.

BNB Corner ComboBig Corner Damage
173 damage (j.S starter)

2K/c.S/j.S/j.H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 6H(1) > 236H > 214P (setup)
Version of the 6H confirm modified to give more damage and meter in the corner. Requires a delay to hit 214K in the later portion of the Active Frames, but the window to hit and still combo into 6H(1) is very lenient. This will also leave one hit on the wall allowing for a chance to setup wallslump oki. Note: the first hit of the second 6H whiffing is intentional.


I-No's oppressive pressure comes from the ability to force the opponent to guess on wakeup on the mixups of j.S (a high block), 2K (a low block) or throw from every single knockdown that I-No gets. See here for more info on how to structure I-No's offense.

Her pressure is mainly focused around j.S.

From j.S I-No can do one of the following: resetPurposefully ending a combo early in order to perform a mixup in order to deal more damage.s, mix-upTo perform a maneuver that forces a defending opponent to choose between two or more options. If the opponent chooses incorrectly, then they are hit by an attack. There are many different types of mix-ups such as crossup(left/right), high/low, and strike/throw.s, and frame trapAn offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own.s.


sample mixups off a knockdown:

  • j.S > 2K - High Low mixup that also Frame traps and is safe from reversals.
  • j.S > j.D - Double overhead with its own rps situation if blocked.
  • j.S > throw/Megalo - tick throw that beats any blocks
  • Hoverdash > 2K - Low mixup


sample resets:

  • j.S > j.S - Naturally acts also like a Frame Trap. Loses to fast buttons like 5P or anti-airs like 6P.
  • j.S > c.S > IAD - A reset that is more riskier than j.S > j.S.
  • 2D/6H > 214S - Special cancel reset. Useful reset off enders like 2D/6H or pokes like 2S.
  • end of a mixup/frame trap > RRC - A reset that is completely safe. At the cost of meter.

Frame Traps

sample frame traps:

  • j.S > c.S - Most common frametrap with a variety of Gatling after the c.S like 2S, 2H and f.S to extends the blockstrings and a jump cancel which can be used for a reset.
  • j.S > 6H - Natural Frame Trap that is also use for combos. Be aware that 6H can be punished if they IB the second hit.
  • ... > Ender (2D, 6H, 5H) > 236S - Frame trap ender, commonly used after 2D and 6H. Be aware that 236S can easily be punished with a 7 frame normal.

Further Learning

The Strategy page contains lots of information about all sorts of tricks and tips that I-No can do. After you feel like you have become comfortable with I-No, it is recommended to proceed further into more intermediate and advanced techniques like:


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