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Axl Low

Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = LinkTo perform a second action after the first action completely finishes its animation. the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = CancelTo bypass the remaining time or frames in an action by proceeding directly into another action. the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
BRC = Blue Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
YYXRC = Dash Input X Roman Cancel in Y direction i.e: 22PRC
XRC~Q = Cancel the X Roman Cancel into Q i.e: RRC~5K
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BR = Bridget
CH = Chipp Zanuff
FA = Faust
GI = Giovanna
GO = Goldlewis
HA = Happy Chaos
IN = I-No
JC = Jack-O'
KY = Ky Kiske
LE = Leo Whitefang
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
NA = Nagoriyuki
PO = Potemkin
RA = Ramlethal
SI = Sin Kiske
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
ZA = Zato-1

Basic Combos

  • All damage values tested on Sol and as such are not entirely accurate due to his 0.98 damage modifier. There is an ongoing effort to redo the numbers on this page and on the combos section for greater accuracy (by performing them on Ky, who has a 1.0 damage modifier). Moves whose damage values are not updated yet will probably be marked with an asterisk (*).
  • This list is meant for actual combos, not for frame traps, blockstrings, or mixups (if the combo itself allows to set them up afterwards, it is mention in the "Notes" field).
  • The list is focused on most practical examples, not every single option that exists.
  • All damage values should be damage dealt to Ky unless the combo cannot work on him, in which case the character with the closest defense modifier is used.
  • The difficulty is ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 (Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard) based on various factors (cancel leniency, link timings, special techniques, range consistency, etc).
  • Roman Cancel Notation:
    • 88.RRC - for drift red RC upwards
    • BRC~623K - for fast blue roman cancel into 623K
    • RRC - implies the shockwave hits, and denote the opposite case when it doesn't
    • RRC(0) - for when you do a non-fast roman cancel with the shockwave but the shockwave needs to not connect
    • 66.PRC~2H - for fast RC combined with RC drift
  • Axl Specific notation: TKB = jc 236H (see TK Bomber Loops) for more details.

Ground Combos

Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
2K/5K > 2D > 214H Any 69-86 All [1] Very Easy Basic hitconfirm from your quickest normals.
Max range 5K/2K pushback makes 2D whiff.
c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H Any 132 All [1] Very Easy Basic close range combo for c.S hitconfirm. Link
f.S > 2H > 214H Any 99 All [1] Very Easy Basic mid range combo for f.S hitconfirm.
f.S > 5H does 2 more damage, but whiffs in f.S's max range.
2K/5K > 6P > 214H Any 67-83 All [2] Easy Whiffs if too close to the opponent, making it spacing reliant and somewhat impractical. Can function as a blockstring as well. Tension gain is +15%. Link
5K > TKB, [4]6S OTG Midscreen 116 All [3] Medium Midscreen 5K punish, setup for meaty Rensen-S. If you don't want the meaty setup, 2H deals exactly as much damage. Link
c.S > TKB, land 2H OTG Midscreen 136 All [3] Medium Midscreen c.S punish for pure damage. Link
214S > 5P > 41236H Midscreen 92 Medium and Lightweights [2] Easy Midscreen Rainwater extension made possible after Mantis on-combo properties. Link

Jump-in Starters

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
j.H, 5K > 6K > 214H Anywhere 105 +15% All [2] Easy j.H needs to hit deep in order to link with 5K. Link
j.D, 5K > 214H Anywhere 90 +12% All [2] Easy j.D Needs to hit deep for 5K to barely connect at its tip. Cancel into Snail (214H) also becomes somewhat tight. Becomes easier in the corner and allows for a 6K follow-up before Snail or Rensen (OTG). Link
j.D, c.S > 214H Anywhere 97 +13% All [2] Easy Requires you to be very close to the opponent, most practical in the corner. Link
j.D, 5P > [4]6S(2) Near Corner 120 +17% All [4] Hard Remember to hold down-back to begin charging Rensen in the air; pressing j.D while holding back will execute Throw, as Throw is now Forward/Back + Dust. j.D > 5P > Rensen works midscreen but can't followup. Link
j.S, 2H Anywhere 63 +8% All [4] Very Hard Requires j.S to hit very low to the ground. More useful as a blockstring at far range to keep the opponent locked down so you can apply more pressure. Link

Anti-Air Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
6P > 214H Close 65 All [1] Very Easy Close range version of an anti-air combo. Slightly better than just doing 2S > 214H, because of 6P's upper body invincibility. Link
6K > 214H Any 75 All [1] Very Easy Works well vs characters with tall hitboxes, such as Faust and Potemkin. Link
5P > [4]6S(8) > 5H (OTG) Midscreen 104 All [2] Easy Instead of 5P, you should be doing what is essentially 4P, so that 5P comes out and you are doing the [4] input for [4]6S (Rensen) at the same time. Link
5P > 6K > 41236H Midscreen 92 All [3] Medium Aside from the above combo, this is now is your go-to meterless 5P Antiair route if you still wish to utilise 6K and experiment with the new Mantis knockdown. Does not always work if antiairs the opponent very low to the ground or opponent is heavier, and requires a little bit of hitconfirming awareness as whiffing Mantis (41236H) may be detrimental to you after they roll out of 6K knockdown
2S > 214H > 5P > [4]6S(8) > c.S (OTG) Any 136 All [3] Medium If non-counterhit 2S antiairs high enough you can recover in time after 2S Snail to link 5P. You can opt for various c.S OTG oki setups (either c.S Airdash or c.S Run-cancel meaty) or the Winter Cherry followup of Rensen. Link
2S > 214H > 5K > 6K > 214S > 5P > [4]6S WS Corner 182 [3] Medium Not a very likely combo since it requires you to antiair them non-counterhit next to the wall at the corner. Doing the same route when not absolutely cornered will do 141 damage at the 5P portion, but all followups from 5P (6H, 6K or Rensen) will miss due to distance. Also note that Rensen wallsplat and breaks simultaneously. Link
(CH) 2S > Run > c.S > 5H > [4]6S(8) > c.S (OTG) Any 147 All [3] Medium Use this route which gives okay damage and an OTG c.S Dashcancel Oki. You can fit in an additional 2S before 5H but it might be finnicky if c.S was not done very close or with different weight classes. Link
(CH) 2S > Run > c.S > TKB > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H WS, 2H Corner 229 [4] Hard Works slightly away from corner. You typically always want to look for one TK Bomber after 2S Antiair near the corner (use 5K instead of c.S for combo safety). It's now impossible to do 2 Loops unless the second bomber wallsplats, so the c.S f.S 5H Snail sequence is the best damage you can fit in one gatling (and is more damage-optimal than any 6K Rainwater routes). Link
(CH) 2S > 5P > 6H > 5K > 6K > 214S > 5P WS, 6H Corner 195 All [3] Medium Works slightly away from the corner. Alternate version of a near-corner 2S counterhit if you don't want to execute a TKBomber input. Link
6P > 214H > 66RRC > 5K > 6K > 214S > 5P > 6H WS, j.236H Near Corner 193 All [3] Medium After two buffs Axl's 6P now can reliably convert into Snail even on non-counterhit, allowing a wallbreak combo starting from near-corner positioning. The poor gravity scaling of 6P starter makes it impossible to carry to the corner from any midscreen methods (including TKB) so it's almost never worth RCing 6P midscreen unless it will kill. Link
6H > 5K > TKB > 5K > 6K > 236236H Near Corner 228 All [4] Hard While not Technically an Anti-air, but landing 6H against jumping opponents occurs surprisingly frequently so converting it near the corner is very useful. Video example here uses Super Ender for a forced reliable Wallbreak. Link
5P > 6K > [4]6S(8) > c.S (OTG) Midscreen 111 All [5] Very Hard The 5P Antiair needs to hit the opponent very high up due to 6K Launching low. Very impractical and does not work after RCing from another starter etc. Requires Charge Partitioning, a way to think of it is after 5P, tap 6K (buffered from 5P) and immediately begin charging for Rensen well before 6K Comes out. Link

Advanced Combo Theory

TK Bomber

Tiger Knee Axl Bomber or TKB in short is a technique used to execute an Axl Bomber at lowest possible height. The most practical usage for it is canceling from ground normals (5K and c.S) into TKBs for combos that deal more damage and/give advantageous positioning than other options. TK Bomber can link to another ground normal if you are in the range (notably 5K since it has quick startup and long range), so it functions as your best meterless high damage combo starter and links into other sequences in the corner. TK Bomber can now be executed with all sorts of methods since the change from a 623 to 236 input (2369H, 963236H, 698741236H, etc.) but the most important skill is having the correct timing which changes depending on the cancel normal (or no normal at all). If your timing is inconsistent, the combo drops can leave you in a really bad spot; doing the input too early usually puts out a j.H that leaves you hanging right next to the opponent (or a 6H which is more or less whatever), while a too slow input will delay the Bomber too much which makes it either whiff or get blocked, allowing the opponent to punish your long recovery.

There are three major options for comboing into TKB:

  • 5K: The quick startup with great vertical range makes it the most useful relauncher. Cancel timing: quick and lenient.
  • c.S: Slower startup and worse horizontal range than 5K, but does more damage. Cancel timing: slow and quite lenient.
  • Raw: Rare option for cases where a single hit without cancels is possible (eg. the wallbreak hit at the end of a Bomber loop). Link timing: strict manual timing with no buffers (inputting H during pre-jump frames turns into 5H, 6H, or 2H).

Help: If you're struggling with figuring out how to do or approach a TK Bomber, you can read some beginner-friendly and intermediate tips in the Strategy page here.

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
5K or c.S > TKB > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214S WS IAD > j.236H Corner 245 (c.S starter) All [4] Hard This is your most reliable meterless best-damage-moderate-execution route off a Corner punish. Link
5K or c.S > TKB > 5K > 6K > 214S > 5P > 6H WS > 6H Corner 236 (c.S starter) All [4] Hard Is easier than doing 2 TKB loops, but still does slightly less damage than the above combo Link
5K or c.S > TKB > 5K > TKB > 2K > 6P WS > TKB Corner 232 (c.S / 5K starter) All [3] Medium Easier route for less meter, found by the GGST Resource Hub discord.
5K or c.S > TKB > 5K > 5P > 6H > 5K > TKB WS > TKB Corner 230 or 256 (c.S / 5K starter) All [4] Hard Alternate route off of basic starters, found by the GGST Resource Hub discord.
5K or c.S > TKB > 5P > 6H > 5K, 5K > TKB WS TKB Corner 232 or 257 (c.S / 5K starter) All [4] Hard Similar idea to above combo, slightly hard for slightly more damage. Found by the GGST Resouce Hub discord.
5K or c.S > TKB > 5K > TKB > 2K > 6P WS > j.236H Corner 256 or 232 (c.S / 5K starter) Medium and Lightweights Only [4] Hard You can still get 2 Bomber loops off using this route: the 5frame 2K relink is necessary after the 2nd bomber and the 6P is necessary for the wallsplat (6K will not wallsplat and special cancelling Snail or Rainwater will always whiff here). Use the below combo instead to cash out meter on Super. Link
5K or c.S > TKB > 5K > TKB > 2K > 6K > 236236H Corner 277 (c.S starter) Medium and Lightweights Only [4] Hard Best corner damage using 2 Bomber loops into Super wallbreak (causing post-wallbreak knockdown). Note 6K does not wallsplat (and neither does any further special cancels) so the Super is necessary to wallsplat and break simultaneously. Link
2K > 2D > 214H > delay 66PRC > c.S > TKB > 5K > TKB WS, TKB/5H Near Corner 188 [4] Hard Practical starter. Works with 5K or c.S starters as well. Also works even if you are further away from the corner (slightly closer than roundstart position). PRC no longer necessary to negate proration, and combo still works after Bomber nerf provided the second bomber wallsplats. Link
f.S > 2H > 214H > 66RRC > c.S > TKB > c.S > TKB WS > TKB/5H Near Corner 242 [4] Hard Practical starter. Especially with f.S being better disjointed hitbox than before. Even though f.S 5H does slightly more damage, f.S 2H is more consistent as 5H whiffs at max range. PRC or missing the RRC bubble no longer necessary to negate proration, and combo requires second bomber wallsplatting. Link
c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB > 66RRC > j.D > j.236H WS, TKB Corner 288 [5] Very Hard Replicating old bomber loops by negating the gravity dropoff of the second bomber with an RC. j.D is used over c.S for the third loop as j.D does slightly more damage (by 3 points in this instance on Ky), and ironically this combo does more damage than the Super wallbreak route, but lacks the post wallbreak knockdown.
c.S > TKB > 66RRC > j.H (whiff) > c.S > 5K > 6K > 214S > 5P WS, Airdash j.236H Midscreen Roundstart 241 or 243 (CH) [5] Very Hard Works on counterhit or standard c.S, but is more likely to be hitconfirmed from counterhit scenarios. On counterhit you will need to walk back a tiny bit after landing from the first TKB so that c.S floats the opponent on the correct side. The aerial move you whiff to RRC cancel is unimportant, but sometimes j.K or j.D will hit the opponent so use j.H or j.S to whiff more reliably. Check video link if the combo doesn't make sense. Link
c.S > 2H > 214S (startup) 66PRC > j.D > j.236H > 2K > 6K > 214H WS, TKB Corner 250 [5] Very Hard Cancel the 214S into forward drift PRC ever so slightly above the ground to allow j.D Axl Bomber to fit in. Sadly with PRC and Bomber changes this combo is less optimal than going Starter into Snail RC. Link
j.H > 22BRC > j.236H > c.S > TKB > c.S > TKB WS > TKB Corner 256 [5] Very Hard Very high damaging Instant Overhead Starter; Despite Bomber changes this combo still works since BRC timeslow allows the opponent to float extra high even after the second loop. Will work on crouch blockers (as shown in video link) but timing the airdash 22BRC is slightly harder. Use 5K for the 3rd loop for a more consistent link at the cost of 4 damage.  Link

Corner Routing Theory

As long as the opponent is a few spaces away from round-start position to the corner, you can generally reach the corner with a Bomber or something else. These combos here are not an exhaustive list but gives the reader examples and structural ideas as to the sort of things they can do upon reaching the corner, especially if one does not want to risk losing a round from dropping multiple TK Bombers.

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
Some Long-ranged Confirm (Example (CH) 2D(far) or (CH) 214S) > 5P > 6H > 5K > 6K > 214H Corner Varies, Example does 147 and 141 respectively +27% First combo does not work on PO, NA, LE. Second works on All. [3] Medium Not necessarily the most consistent combo route since 5K after 6H corner hit properties may OTG depending on how far away you wallbounce the opponent with 6H, but does give you some decent meterless damage without any TK Bomber execution. Typically most applicable on far confirms where only 5P will reach (such as the two examples, far Counterhit 2D and Counterhit 214S). Link
Some Highly-scaled confirm (Example AirThrow) > 22RRC > 5K > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H WS, 2H Corner 155 -38% All [3] Medium Another easy alternative if you don't necessarily need the max damage corner combo (and is sometimes necessary for starters like Throws). This route may even wallbreak (such as the example) on certain situations. the 5K, c.S f.S 5H Snail route can also be done after a TK Bomber provided it launches high enough. Link
Some less desirable starter (Example point blank cornered 214S) > 5K > TKB > 5K > 6K > 214S WS, j.236H Corner 193 All [4] Hard 5K > 6K > 214S is the main corner routing given in the Season 2 patches and is incredibly useful to secure a fast wallsplat due to hardcoded increased wall damage from 6K 214S. Example combo is one of many applications. Link
Some Extended Starter (or already damaged wall) > TKB > 5K > 6K > 214H WS, 2HS or 5P or TKB Near Corner Varies N/A Any, Combos may be harder with heavyweights or impossible depending on Starter [4] Hard The most reliable wallsplat alternative with slightly less damage instead of doing so with another TK Bomber. (Or it might not wallsplat at all, in which case check if the above 6K > 214S routing works) You should opt for 214H over 214S because it is faster and more damaging (214S wallsplat may drop if 5K hits low) and does 1point more damage (after proration) This route may sometimes even wallsplat when another TK Bomber otherwise wouldn't due to the additional hit. Wallbreak with 2HS when the opponent wallsplats low to the ground for slightly better damage, Bomber if you're confident, or 5P Otherwise Link
Some Gravity-Prorated Starter (Example (CH) 6H) > c.S > TKB > 5K > 6K WS > 236236H Corner Varies, Example does 223 +30% Any, Noticeably difficult on Potemkin (heavyweights) [4] Hard You can reliably force a wallbreak from an undamaged wall using this route especially if using a gravity prorated Starter. (Season 2 note: This route is still useful especially if you are unsure if 214S routing will drop from gravity issues) You can tell if it's a prorated starter based on how much lower the first TKBomber launches (such as the CH 6H example). Also functions as a general meter-spending idea to get more damage. Link

Situational Combos

Air-to-Air Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
j.P > j.214H Any 63 All [1] Very Easy j.P, j.K (59 DMG) and j.D (75 DMG) are interchangeable. Link
j.P > 5P > 41236H Any 86 All [2] Easy Somewhat reliable grounded conversion after j.P air-to-air that utilises the new Mantis on-hit change.
j.K > Airdash > j.K > j.D > j.214H Any 95 All [2] Easy j.K now floats high enough to allow airdash j.K j.D to link, which is huge for corner carry purposes. This combo will always work unless the opponent is hit very low, in which case j.K j.D j.214H is sufficient. [Link]
j.K > Airdash > j.K > j.D > j.214H > 66RRC > c.S > TKB > 5K WS j.236H Near corner 196 All [4] Hard Unless j.D hits the opponent near the wall you will always need to use j.214H to finish the air sequence as listed above. Use a simple RC to link into c.S TKB 5K relink for a wallbreak if you're close enough to the wall. Link
j.K > Airdash > j.K > j.D > j.236H > 5K > 6K > 214H WS 2H Near corner 192 All [4] Hard As long as j.D reaches the wall you can go for a Bomber launch into 5K link wallsplat, though this combo can be a bit finnicky as it's spacing dependent on the initial j.K (as well as how low to the ground the Bomber is done after j.D) Link

Counterhit Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
(CH) 6P > 214S > 5P Any 93 [1] Very Easy Options after 5P still drop, so any further meterless followups are currently unknown Link
(CH) 6P > 214S > 5P > 6K > 214S Corner 117 [2] Easy Combo can be extended if occurs near corner even on grounded 6P. No meterless wallbreak potential however. Link
(CH) 5K > 5P > 6K > 214H Any 111 [2] Easy Universal CH P and K buttons change allows CH 5K to relink into 5K or 5P to sneak some extra damage. But this is difficult to actually hitconfirm into so you'll most likely autopilot 5K 2D 214H anyway. Link
(CH) 2K > 5K > 6K > 214H Any Crouching [2] Easy Similar concept to above, but CH 2K only reconnects to another button on crouching opponents. Has some very niche usages possibly.
(CH) 5K > 5K > TKB > 66RRC(0) > j.H(whiff) > c.S > 5H > 214S > 5P WS, j.236H Midscreen 216 [4] Hard CH 5K relink into 5K taken to the extreme to allow a hitconfirmable TKB, which you can do some fancy routing (in the Metered Combos section) to secure a wallbreak if you're only midscreen. Refer video link if you're unsure either. Link
(CH) f.S > [4]6S(8) > c.S/5H (OTG) Midscreen 103/117 [2] Easy Using c.S OTG ender leads to j.H safejump. Link
(CH) f.S > [4]6S(2) > c.S/5H (OTG) Any 123/156 [2] Easy Closer range f.S hit. Using c.S OTG ender leads to j.H safejump. Link
(CH) 2S > 5P > [4]6S (8) > 5H (OTG) Midscreen 127-142 All [2] Easy 5P > [4]6S (8) requires a slight amount of delay. Damage varies depending if 2S hit at max range. Link
(CH) 2H > [4]6S(8) > c.S/5H (OTG) Midscreen 115/129 [2] Easy Using c.S OTG ender leads to j.H safejump or Mantis meaty. Link
(CH) 2H > [4]6S(S) Fullscreen 108~122 [2] Easy At long range. Link
(CH) 6H > c.S > f.S > 5H/2H > 214H Any 147 [2] Easy Can gatling to 6H from 5P, 2P, 5K, 2K, and c.S. Link
(CH) 2D > c.S > 6K > 214H Midscreen 119 [2] Easy Link
(CH) 214S > 5P > [4]6S(8) Any 103 [2] Easy Remember to hold 4 as you are falling from Rainwater to make the charge from 5P easier. Allows various OTG oki. Link
(CH) 214S > 5P > 6K > 41236H Any 117 [2] Easy More damaging alternative to the old counterhit 214S starter but less oki options. Link
(CH) 6H > c.S > TKB, land 5P > 6K > 214H Corner 178 [3] Medium 5K can be used instead of c.S as well. Link
(CH) 6H > c.S > TKB, land [4]6S (OTG) Midscreen 148 [3] Medium Sets up meaty Winter Cherry. Link
(CH) 6H > c.S > TKB > 66RRC, land 5K > 5K > 6K > 214S > 2H Corner 222 [3] Medium Can swap 2H for 66 236236H if needed. Link
(CH) j.H > Airdash > j.H > j.D > j.236H > 2K > 6K > 214H WS, 2H Corner 222 [3] Medium Corner CH Instant Overhead starter without meter usage which does not require forward jump momentum but does require opponent fully cornered. Link
(CH) j.H > j.D > Microdash 5K > TKB > 5K > 6K > 214H WS, 5P Corner 218 [4] Hard Corner CH Instant Overhead starter without meter usage which requires forward jump momentum but does not require opponent fully cornered nor an air action. The microdash 5K may not be necessary but j.D has some natural pushback and is needed to offset it. Link
(CH) 2D > 5P > [4]6S(8) > c.S/5H (OTG) Midscreen 120/130 [3] Medium Using c.S OTG ender leads to j.H safejump. Link
(CH) 2D(far) > 5P > 6H > 5K > 6K > 214H Near Corner [3] Medium Using air wallbounce 6H properties to relink into 5K in the corner (described in Corner Routes section already). Also works off 214S but somehow less reliable. Video demonstration uses 236236H ender instead of 214H. Link
(CH) j.623H, land 66 > c.S > TKB Midscreen 182 +25% All [3] Medium Link
(CH) c.S > TKB > 5P > 6K > 41236H Midscreen and Further 191 [4] Hard Slowdown from c.S counterhit allows you to recover faster from TK Bomber, which allows a 5P link. Charge partitioning route only works if opponent wallbounces from 6K by being near corner, and thus now Mantis should be used as your most reliable ender (or forfeit 6K and go 5P Rensen) Old Charge partitioning route: Link and Link.
(CH) c.S > 5[D] > 5P > [4]6S(8) > c.S (OTG) Midscreen 165 [3] Medium An alternative c.S Punish combo from midscreen without using TK Bomber, but any 5P 6K routes no longer work. Same combo as video link but without 6K Link
(CH) 6K > Run > 5K > TKB > 5K > TKB > 2K > 6P WS, TKB Corner 237 [4] Hard 6K's corner wallbounce properties makes this combo much harder ironically, if not impossible if Axl himself Antiairs too far away from the opponent for run-up 5K to connect. As always you can utilise other Corner routing enders instead of the most difficult double Bomber into 2K link [Link]

Dust Combos

Combo Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
5[D], j.D > j.P > jc > j.D > j.P > j.S > jc > j.S > j.S (Finishing Blow) 207 All [3] Medium Link
5[D], j.D > j.P > jc > j.D > j.P > j.S > j.P > j.P (Finishing Blow) 213 All [3] Medium Link

Throw Combos

You can RC Axl's Throws, Airthrows or Mantis to get very basic damage extensions based on the many combo routing options mentioned in Corner Routing Theory or Midscreen Grounded Combos. RCing Throws in general is not worthwhile unless the combo will kill or you know you can achieve a wallbreak. Furthermore, for all combos listed involving Mantis (41236H) you can always get better damage AND corner carry by learning the One Vision combo extender listed in the One Vision Combos table. This list is a non-exhaustive list of ideas only.

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
Throw > 66RRC > c.S > 6K > 214H Any 105 All [2] Easy Easy throw conversion with meter. Make sure to RC right when they hit the ground to get the RRC. Link
Throw > 66RRC > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H Corner 112 All [2] Easy Link
Throw > 66RRC > dash c.S > 2S > 5H > 214S > 5P WS, Airdash j.236H Corner 164 All [3] Medium Not the most consistent corner combo but typically will always work as long as you dash even deeper into the corner before c.S and hit the opponent at the max height of the RRC bubble. [Link]
Throw > 66RC > c.S > TKB Any 107 -36% All [3] Medium Throw conversion with meter into knockdown. Link
Throw > 66PRC > c.S > TKB, 5K > 6K > 214H WS, 5H/2H Corner 162 - All [3] Medium PRC combo which comes in handy for OS. Link
41236H (Close) > 5K > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H WS, 2H Corner 149 +29% All [2] Easy While you can get TKBomber loops off Corner Close Mantis, the damage scaling makes the very heavy execution not worthwhile. Even the 5K 6K link route is surprisingly tight. Link
41236H (Close) > 5P > [4]6S(S) Any 92 +20% All [1] Very Easy Most consistent followup after midscreen close-Mantis to send the opponent fullscreen. May opt for the (8) followup of Rensen for an OTG followup oki situation too. Link
41236H (Far) > 66PRC > [5]D > c.S > TKB Any 110 -38% All [4] Hard The side may switch if you time the PRC too late. Do the [5]D early to keep the opponent in the air for c.S Link
41236H (Far) > PRC > Run > c.S > TKB > 5K > 6K > 214HS WS, 5P Against Corner OR Corner 158 Any [4] Hard PRC is always better than RRC for both comboability and damage due to RRC adding an additional hit to damage scaling and gravity. Link..
41236H (Close) > c.S > TKB > 5K > TKB WS, 5HS Corner 161 Normal and Lightweights Only [5] Very Hard This combo is possible but for the aforementioned reason above, not usually worth the extra damage 10ish damage. Link

Metered Combos

Roman Cancel Combos

While there exists astronomically high amounts of permutations in which one can utilise Roman Cancels in Guilty Gear Strive, it is generally used in combos only if it leads to a big conversion (by being able to reach the corner) or if it will kill the enemy (or come close to). Hence this list should provide several unique use-cases of Roman Cancel combos rather than just tacking on more damage

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
5P > RRC~46S Any N/A All [2] Easy The Rensen input is not a typo. A special-canceled RRC removes the charge requirement. Read more about it in the Charge Cancel Red Roman Cancel section here. There are no current use-cases for this tech, so this combo is merely a proof of concept. Link
[4]6S(8) > RC > 5P > [4]6S(8) > c.S(OTG) Fullscreen 106* All [2] Easy Link
5K > 6P > 214H > 66.RRC > run until sideswitch > 5P > 6K > 214H Cornered or Mid 123 All [2] Easy Sideswitch combo. Second 214H will whiff if you run too far. Works with most 214H enders like 5K>2D>214H or cS>fS>214H. Link
6P > 214H > RRC > 5K > 6K > 214S > 5P > 6H WS, j.236H Corner 193 All [3] Medium Normal hit 6P Finally has enough reliability to always link into Snail, and with the new 214S corner routing now allows a metered wallbreak. Respectable damage off a 6P button challenge with or without CH Link
j.H > 22RRC > j.H > c.S or f.S > 2H > 214H Any ~142 All [3] Medium Decent instant-overhead starter which requires cancelling 22RRC into jH so the RC bubble doesn't come out for way better damage. No good PRC routes known as of yet due to lack of midscreen comboability. Link
6H > 88RRC > land > Run > c.S > TKB > 5P > [4]6S(8) > c.S(OTG) Any 175 All [3] Medium Old 6H PRC routes no longer work due to both PRC nerfs and 6H pushback on hit. Furthermore 6K Rensen Charge partitioning no longer works on longer combos due to 6K's adjusted height blowback, so this is approximately the best you can do. Updrift RRC is required for a recombo after Bomber (but may leave you more disadvantageous on block), so you can opt for a normal grounded combo after 6H RRC instead (such as c.S 2S 5H [4]6S) [Link]
6H > 88RRC > delay j.236H > 5K > TKB > 2K > 6P WS, TKB Corner 232 [4] Hard Old 6H PRC routes no longer work due to both PRC nerfs and 6H pushback on hit. You can still replicate a double bomber loop with the 2K 6P relink by using updrift RRC to float the opponent higher, or opt for 5K 6K 214S after the first bomber for slightly less but reliable damage. [Link]
c.S . f.S > 5H > 214H > 66.RRC(0) > 5P > 6H, 5K > 6K > 214H WS > 5P Midscreen to Corner 229 -26% All [3] Medium Essentially works from round-start positioning, and the routing can be done from most grounded combos into 66RRC. Universal RC changes means you no longer have to whiff the RC bubble to negate combo proration issues. More info also present in the Corner Routing Theory section. Link
f.S > 2H > 214H > 66.RRC > c.S > TKB > c.S > TKB WS, TKB Near Corner 242 All [4] Hard Your most practical AND optimal f.S or c.S hitconfirmable starter combo RC route. The second TKB must wallsplat or else the combo drops due to Bomber Same-Move-Proration changes but this will almost always happen as long as you've pressed 2 Normals into a special cancel before RCing. TKBomber-less alternatives exist such as 5P 6H 5K ... or c.S 6K 214S 5P ... (See Corner Routing Theory as well) Link
j.H > Airdash > 22.BRC > j.623H > c.S > TKB > c.S > TKB WS, TKB Corner 256 All, but harder on Heavyweights [5] Very Hard Instant-overhead starter that utilises Airdash changes on j.H to force a BRC timeslow (more preferable than PRC and gives a better combo). First c.S needs to hit the opponent very high up to allow a second relink of c.S due to TKBomber Same-Move-Proration. (Video link outdated patch but still works) Link
c.S > TKB > 66.RRC~j.K(0) or j.H(0) > Walk back > c.S > 5K > 6K > 214S > 5P WS, j.236B Midscreen 241 (243 on CH) All [5] Very Hard Utilising Red Drift RC cancel to land at the end point of Axl Bomber to recombo off it midscreen. Doing the combo on counterhit makes Axl fly past the opponent during the drift RC more so the walk back before c.S is required to save the combo from side switching. Without sideswitching problems you can opt for any corner routing upon landing but a second TKB is unlikely to be possible Link

Overdrive Combos

One Vision Combos

When One Vision ends, the final move's hit effects during time-stop will be applied to the opponent, leading to very elaborate conversions.

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
632146P (Install) > 632146P (Activate) > 6H > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H Any 141 [2] Easy Basic grounded confirm off any move into One Vision. Link
632146P (Install) > Throw > 632146P (Activate) OTG > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H Any 105 [2] Easy Link from throw into One Vision activate is a little tough, and has bad damage. Also very minus on hit. Link
632146P (Install) > Air Throw > 632146P (Activate) OTG > 6H > 5H > 214H Any 142 [2] Easy Link from air throw into One Vision activate is a little tough, but much better OTG damage than ground throw. Link
632146P (Install) > 632146P (Activate) > c.S > TKB > Time Resume > j.D > j.236H Midscreen 162 [3] Medium Can back-jump to make j.D easier to connect. Works on grounded and normal jump height. Will side switch. Link
2S > 632146P (Install) > 5K > 214H > 632146P (Activate) > j.D > 236H > Time Resume Midscreen 185* All [3] Medium 2S needs to hit near max-range. 5K should hit at the very tip. Can be followed up with c.S > TKB if near a wall. Chip, Sol, Pot
632146P (Install) > 632146P (Activate) > c.S > TKB > Walk Back > Run > Time Resume > c.S > TKB > 5K > 6K > 214H WS, 5P or 2H Midscreen to Corner
Opponent airborne
232-233 [4] Hard Can still reach corner from further than Round-Start midscreen. Need to walk back after first TKB to ensure Axl runs forwards to prevent sideswitch. Use 5P or 2HS wallbreak depending on height of wallsplat. Link
632146P (Install) > [4]6S[8] or [4]6S[2] > 632146P (Activate) > c.S > TKB > Run > Time Resume > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H WS, 5P Midscreen near Corner 185-199 [4] Hard Needs Round-Start or closer to reach corner. Axl bomber may jump over opponent if frozen too low to the ground, which will greatly shorten corner carry. This wallsplat route is recommended for prorated starters like Rensen and Rainwater. Link
632146P (Install) > j.H > 632146P (Activate) > Run > c.S > TKB > Time Resume > Run > 5K > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H WS, 2H Midscreen near Corner 201 [5] Very Hard Example of running the opponent to the corner off a grounded hitconfirm. Also functions as instant overhead. Link
632146P (Install) > j.H > 632146P (Activate) > c.S > TKB > Run > Time Resume > c.S > TKB > 5K > TKB WS > TKB Corner 222 [5] Very Hard Example of max damage instant overhead confirm. All corner One Vision starters generally follow this formula. Doing more hits during Time-Stop will prorate the combo for overall less damage. Can opt for easier combo enders such as 5K 6K Snail and 5P wallbreak. Link

Now that One Vision Install can be cancelled into from Specials, Axl gains a few new high damage combo routes on otherwise low damage starters!

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
[4]6S(S) > 632146P (Install) > 632146P (Activate) > Run > j.D > j.236H > Time Resume > Run > c.S > f.S > 5H > 214H WS, 5P Midscreen 193 [3] Medium Now your main metered confirm off hitting Winter Cherry. Forgo the j.D for some additional time (sacrifices only 2 damage), you can try for another TK bomber loop after time resume but the damage scaling & timing height of c.S makes this not usually worthwhile. Link
[4]6S(S) > 632146P (Install) > 632146P (Activate) > Run > j.D > j.236H > Time Resume > 5P > 6K > [4]6S(8) WS, microdash 5P Any 185-189 [3] Medium Same as above, but combo route works further than midscreen. If at absolute corner to corner starter then wallsplat does not occur but full combo still connects. Link
(CH) 2H > [4]6S(S) > 632146P (Install) > 632146P (Activate) > Run > IAD > j.D > j.236H > Time Resume > Run > c.S > TKB WS, 2S Midscreen 235 [4] Hard Main application of the new One Vision allows a full wallbreak conversion off Counterhit 2H. You can choose any 2-hitting wallsplat combination after the time resume (such as c.S 5H, 5K 6K etc). The 2S wallbreak is for reliability as TKB may wallsplat high up if done from further away. Link
(CH) 2H > 214H > 632146P (Install) > 632146P (Activate) > Run > IAD > j.D > j.236H > Time Resume > Run > c.S > 5H > 214H WS, 2H Midscreen 221 [4] Hard Similar to above, but with CH 2H into Snail (which typically happens off a failed CH hit-confirm, or if the opponent isn't far away enough for Winter Cherry to connect. Link
41236H > 632146P (Install) > c.S > TKB > 632146P (Activate) > Airdash > j.236H > Walk back > Run > Time Resume > c.S > 5H WS, 214H Any 162 [4] Hard The general combo route idea for any metered Mantis confirms. You can use the standard Mantis PRC route if you are already near the corner, but this route works from corner to corner (shown in video link). Doing a TKB wallsplat and wallbreak ender on this combo only grants 2-5 more points of damage at max, so it may not be worth the execution. Link
41236H > 632146P (Install) > c.S > 5H > 632146P (Activate) > Run > j.D > j.236H > Time Resume > Run > 5P > 6K WS, [4]6S(8) Any 152 [3] Medium The alternate combo to the above which requires no TK bomber inputs. Can still be done from corner to corner Link

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