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Venom's okizeme in a nutshell: After knockdown, launch a ball that will hit meaty, then go in and do a mixup or start his blockstring game which can have mixups inserted in the middle of it. If Venom manages to get 2 balls or more ready post knockdown, he has a chance to extend his blockstrings further giving him more opportunities to move the mixup point(s). Venom can get knockdowns by (in order of preference):

  • DBC(>ball set): yields a long knockdown with at least 1 lightning ball and 1 regular ball.
  • 2D(>ball set): 2D(2) kd is preferred but some characters mysteriously can't be hit by it. yields 1 ball set.
  • 6H(>ball set): same as 2D(2).
  • air j.H hit: for example after an air to air conversion. Leaves Venom very close and therefore limits his choices.

Example Routes

This is the equivalent of the combo list from the combo page but for oki.

Categorize this section based off of the type of knockdown, and break down your options from that knockdown. Be sure to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each oki route. For Example: Oki #1 gives a left/right mixup and leaves you + on block, but loses to a well timed wakeup throw, and to IB throw.

Close range 2D Knockdown

P/S/D ball

2D(2)>p/s/dSet, 5P/2p the ball to cover your dash in. The simplest but by no mean weak oki. You can either:

  • start your blockstring and/or mixup game: mixup between 2K and S mad struggle. If blocked, go into your blockstring game for example 2K/sMad struggle>c.S(3)>whatever, which also combos on hit.
  • FD break, throw. If you throw OS with 6S+H, this doubles as a frametrap if you mixup the timing.
  • Point blank c.S into blockstrings: start your blockstring game

Take into account their low profile options, for example, use s/dSet 2p against Sol to deter GV.

K ball

2D(2)>k/k~dSet, 669 j.K the K ball then either:

  • land 2K
  • late airdash j.SH or similar
  • If the jump cross up, airdash back j.S
  • mad struggle on the way down.

The classic. k~d ball is easier to hit. Watch out for characters with good reversals, they can blow up any of the high options.

charged S stinger aim

2D(2)>lvl2 S stinger aim. Same as P ball but 2 hits. Don't do this if they can low profile, or at least cancel the stinger aim and block their low profile reversal.

6H Knockdown

Use either P ball or K ball oki described above.

DBC knockdown

Gives you 2 ball formations. Really boost your damage in the corner. Probably one of the most ideal situations.


Midscreen not a bad formation to push them to the corner:

  • 5P the P ball to trigger a 2 way split. Dash behind them and do a blockstring. Prevents both low profile and jumpy shenanigans like riot stomp.
  • microdash 5K both balls and dash in: 5K gives more blockstun, good for corner carry.
  • Dash forward 2P the S ball, ball set: meaty low lightning ball followed by a 2 ball formation. You can get creative here. <todo find baller examples here>

In the corner gives you a chance to do a few mixups or prolong their stay in the corner: dash forward 2P the S ball dash in and:

  • c.S(3)>2D(2)>S stinger aim: If they block high S stinger aim triggers the P ball, keeping them afloat long enough to continue the combo, ideally 6K>whatever. If they block low P ball + S stinger aim lock them in blockstun enough for Venom to redash in and do another mixup/blockstring.
  • c.S(2)/(3)>FB mad struggle: Overhead option. If they block FB mad struggle, land do some string into S stinger aim which triggers the P ball. Same result as above.
  • String into Scarcass, 2D>S stinger aim or mad struggle: same as above but moves the mixup point.

Keypoint is having S stinger aim trigger the P ball so must take spacing into account. For example if you land this via a long DBC loop, P ball might be too far if you do short blockstrings into stinger aim.

  • 2Kc.S(3)>Scarcass, 6H>teleport j.S, redash in. Low mixup, confirm block, Preemptive AA, confirm another block, j.S the P ball to keep them locked down, redash in. Not very airtight but good for variation.
  • 2Kc.S(2)5H/6H>teleport airdash j.KS>etc. 2Kc.S to confirm they blocked, do a different teleport shenanigan. If they block j.KS you can still do blockstring into P ball+stinger aim and get another mixup chance.


K ball oki with an extra lightning ball. If they block your mixup and you are still in front of them, blockstring into FB stinger aim is pretty nifty.


Midscreen very useful to push them to the corner: dash 2K the P ball, sSet>2S>Sstinger aim.

In the corner sets up sSet>2S loop: dash 2K the P ball, (sSet>2S)x3>sSet>f.S>stinger aim.


The classic sSet>2S loop formation. Midscreen you can also backdash 2P which will trigger both balls. If you dash forward with them, there is enough gap between the 2 ball hits to sneak in a throw. Watch out for the H ball bouncing them against the wall.

In the corner: microdash 5P/2P the S ball, sSet>2S loop. Classic 2S loop. does a ton of chip. puts you in perfect position to harrow their escape attempt.


The classic corner mixup formation. Basically K ball j.K oki on steroids: 669j.S the K ball then:

  • land 2D>sCarcass, c.S(1)>6K combo if hit, blockstring otherwise
  • land 2K>c.S(2)5H>S stinger aim, dash 2S>5H>DBC if hit or blockstring otherwise.
  • late airdash j.SH>c.S(2)>S stinger aim, dash 2S>5H>DBC if hit or blockstring otherwise.
  • FB Mad struggle on the way down.

Same as S,P formation, you are trying to have stinger aim trigger the S ball.


Very similar to kDBC>sSet. 9j.S the P ball and mixup between land 2D and late airdash. A lot harder to mess up but more difficult conversions from 2D.

Extra notes courtesy of Me(i)an vs Sol:

  • forces him to block for iad mixup and if he low profiles thru it w GV iad doesn't cross up netting you a free jX CH
  • If Sol DP and Venom j.K the P ball it will hit him out of his DP.


Same as above, due to the formation's shape the P ball is a lot closer to them so might be useful if you get this via a long DBC loop. 669j.K the K ball and do the same mixup as above. It's possible to j.S on the way down (hard.)

jS djH KD

Doing a double jump out of jS will allow you to set a D ball and hit it with jK/jS, in the corner, doing a neutral or backjump D set into jK is preferred. Usually jS will whiff in most situations when they crouch even midscreen, but you have enough time to eyeball if it'll be worth it.

Corner hDBC pDBC S set KD

Midscreen Dark Angel KD

Charged hSA

Mostly for chip. You'll get to H stinger again or frametrap them with 6H to catch their jumpouts.

Dash 5D/5P 2K

While the 5P is not needed, it helps the opponent think they're going to get hit by 5D as you've stopped moving, hiding behind dark angel makes this a tricky mixup compared to done from anything else, and makes 5D a better option than sMS since that one will be far more clear that it is a high as you'll appear on top of dark angel.

Dashjump into airdash high low

The classic mix. Not much to say about it.

Corner Tact Arch KD

S~D dash 5P

Meaty ball that works from most distances and is dp safe. Walk backwards or bdash after to get closer to the other balls. A basic followup post 5P hit is walk back/backdash 2S S stinger aim into high low mix. The chip is slightly better than dark angel so it's better on corner KDs.

  • If they backdash (not potemkin zappa), you can 6P S~D dbc to get in the same situation as before.
  • If potemkin/zappa backdash, proceed with the basic oki and you'll get to confirm into a knockdown.
  • Dash 5P backdash will allow you to react to Gunblaze. Other low profile moves can be a bit tricky to deal with but sacrifising chip/risc crank by doing dash 2K crouch block 2S stinger instead will cover them.
  • Depending on how much you walk back, you won't hit D ball, which you can save for later in the combo/+ frames if they block or ignore it completely.

Choosing an Oki Route

Venom really likes cornered opponents so it makes more sense to choose midscreen oki routes that maximizes corner carry blockstrings.

When doing oki, take into account their low profile, low crush, and other reversal options. For example:

  • 669j.K type oki is not that great vs DPs since you can't do the low airdash option safely.
  • use S/D ball 2p against Sol/Slayer to prevent GV/BBU low profile. Against Sol, watch for riot stomp and react to it with 6P.

In the corner, j.K/j.S type Oki potentially do a lot of dmg but very risky if messed up, particularly if you mess up the initial j.K/j.S. Depending on your risk/reward assessment, it might more sense to go for more lockdown oriented oki (for example sSet>2S loop) to do chip damage and raise their guard bar, then harrow their escape attempt from a safe distance. If they manage to escape from the corner usually you have enough time to ball set and start neutral all over again but at an advantage.

Venom's balls also raise guard bar, so it might make sense to prolong the oki blockstring using balls to either force them to FD or raise your potential dmg when you eventually do a mixup.

Video Examples

Either embed individual videos, or link off to playlists of videos which cover oki.


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