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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link To perform a second action after the first action completely finishes its animation. the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel To bypass the remaining time or frames in an action by proceeding directly into another action. the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jumping/Aerial
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
IAS = Instant Air Special
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
JI = Jump Install
RC = Roman Cancel
FRC = Force Roman Cancel
xDHB = Double Headed Morbid
xMS = Mad Struggle
xDBC = Dubious Curve
xSA = Stinger Aim
xCR = Carcass Raid
AB = A.B.A
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BR = Bridget
CH = Chipp Zanuff
DI = Dizzy
ED = Eddie
FA = Faust
IN = I-No
JA = Jam Kuradoberi
JO = Johnny
JU = Justice
KL = Kliff Undersn
KY = Ky Kiske
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
OR = Order-Sol (HOS)
PO = Potemkin
RO = Robo-Ky
SL = Slayer
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
VE = Venom
ZA = Zappa

Combo List

Damage values are listed on Sol, unless otherwise specific -- mostly in cases where the combo in question does not work on him.

Damage values listed for combos with interchangeable/optional combo parts assume the highest damage variation unless otherwise stated.

Beginner Combos

Beginner.png Basic combos are simple combos with the fewest requirements and conditions possible.
  • Work against every, or almost every, character in the game
  • Can be performed from most positions in the play area
  • Require few adjustments, and if any are required they are simple

Gatling Into 6K DBCWorks against any grounded opponent.
Very Easy

Starter > c.S(3) > 6K > 421K~D
This is an easy way to get damage as Venom while setting up his high/low okizeme, and acts as a foundational component for his core combos.

Common starters include 2K, and j.236S. If you are too far for the 3rd hit to connect, then instead choose the route c.S(2) > 2S > 5H

By routing into Dubious Curve—(here,421K~D)—you set up a multi-hit projectile that can be used for the standard K-Ball Okizeme. If you desire a different, but similarly easy okizeme setup, then you can cancel into a different version of Dubious Curve. These include 421P for P-Ball Okizeme, and 421H for H-Ball Okizeme.

c.S(3) > 6K whiffs on Axl if you have lots of dash momentum, but if you do any button before c.S(3), the combo will work just fine.

6K > 421X will cause an OTG on A.B.A if you do the cancel immediately; slightly delay the cancel and this issue goes away.

SweepAny sort of gatling into a knockdown.
Very Easy

Starter > c.S(2) > 2D(2) > 214X
An extremely un-flashy, but nonetheless essential, Venom combo. As superb as c.S(3) is, its range is limited, both by its proximity and its hitbox. Accordingly, being able to route into knockdowns is massive for maintaining Venom's momentum and establishing his pressure.

2D(2) will not connect on Chipp in most situations; cancel 2D(1) into ball set.

Beginner Throw ComboEven works from low air throw!
Very Easy

Throw > c.S(1) > 6K > 421K~D
The basic throw combo is conceptually very similar to the basic ground combo, but has small considerations.

Only one hit of c.S is used because any hit launches the now round-ified opponenet towards the wall and bounces them off it. c.S(1) does this well by combining damage with speed.

This combo works anywhere on the screen, but you need to make some extremely small adjustments when playing around the corner. If you are throwing the opponent into the corner, then skip the c.S entirely. This is because the bounce from c.S can cause the opponent to bounce past your 6K. The same adjustment applies if you are cornered and are throwing the opponent out of it, because the bounce will happen too far away for 6K to hit.

Core BnB Combos

Intermediate.png Core combos balance potency with consistency. They:
  • Work against most characters of a selected weight or hurt box type
  • May require moderate adjustments to account for variables such as screen position, hit count, resources, and opposing character
  • Are expected to be consistently performable by most intermediate and advanced players who main the character

The Venom BNB

"The BnB"Potent, but a bit finnicky

starter > c.S(3) > 6K > [2]8S > 66 > 6K > 214H~D > 66 > f.S > 421X > 214X
The BnB provides excellent corner carry and gives an opportunity to get a lightning ball + regular ball for okizeme. The damage is quite low- only 87 on Sol from 2K- but the route itself is essential for its meter gain, corner carry, and oki; this is your real party starter. This combo works in the corner, but leaves a lot of damage on the table compared to other routes.

Generally, no adjustments are needed, but the strictness of the route changes based on how heavy the opponent is, and how tall their airborne hurtbox is. To help with consistency, you want to make sure you dash as early as possible, and as deep as you can get.

This combo does not work on A.B.A and Justice, and can occasionally be problematic on Eddie, Sol, and Zappa. For those characters, alternate routes are available in the Specialized Combos section, or you can truncate the route by ending on 6K > 421X.

Standard DBC Loop

Standard Dubious Curve LoopGreat damage given enough guard bar

starter > c.S(3) > 6K > [ 421S , 2S ]xN > 421X > 214X
The Dubious Curve Loop is the crux of Venom's corner combos. There's several ways to optimize the loops, and maximize damage, but this route instills the core idea.

Route from whatever starter initiates the combo into the first 421S, link into 2S, and repeat until Venom has been pushed back to the edge of 2S range. Once pushed to max range, end the combo with whichever versions of 421X and 214X you need for your desired okizeme setup afterwards. The standard combo can be extended by FRC'ing one of the 421Ss in the middle of the combo and correcting your spacing.

Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
(2K) > c.S(3) > 6K > 421X > 214X Everywhere 80 ~12 Everyone* Very Easy Basically the bare minimum. Grants one charged ball and one normal ball.

Delay 6K > Dubious Curve on ABA specifically; fastest timing will OTG her.

(2K) > c.S(3) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 421X > 214X Everywhere 113 ~18 Everyone Medium Stronger core B&B combo, stable and better in every way. Be sure to learn c.S(3) > 6K > sCR.

Can omit the dash if you're facing directly into the corner.

(2K) > c.S(3) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > Microdash f.S > 421X > 214X Everywhere 137 ~20 Everyone Hard "The B&B." Slightly more unstable on certain characters with high mid-combo hurtboxes, but is basically universal. Optimal.
(2K) > c.S(3) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > Dash f.S > 623D Everywhere 148 ~-5 Everyone Hard Guarantees a knockdown off of iffy spacings, missed dashes, or situations/characters where you know Dubious Curve will whiff.
(2K) > c.S(3) > 6K > [421S > 2S]x2-3 > 421X > 214X Corner 145 ~17 Everyone Medium The legendary Dubious Curve loop! Damage listed for two-rep version, though three-rep versions are frequently possible, albeit with slightly worse okizeme.

List of notable optimizations found below.

Specialized Routes

Advanced.png Specialized combos are advanced routes which require more knowledge and awareness, but offer advantages over core routes. They:
  • Can have any number or combination of requirements and conditions—character, spacing, hit count, resource, or situation specific
  • Offer some advantage over core routes; be that in damage, corner carry, okizeme, meter gain, etc.
  • Might not necessarily be harder than core combos, but require more specific circumstances and knowledge to execute

Three-Ball 6PScreen pollution starter

Starter > c.S(3) > 6K > 214X* > Dash 6P > 421X > 214X
While not the easiest combo in Venom's arsenal, this route secures three-ball oki anywhere, which can be massive for enhancing his pressure, corner carry, and chip damage. Its damage leaves something to be desired, at only 83 against Sol, so consider it an investment in future damage rather than a direct cash-out.

Importantly, the first ball set needs to be out of the way of the dashing 6P. P, K, S, and D sets are the easiest to work with.

Works on everyone but SO from a stationary position; 6P > 421X doesn't combo.

Works on everyone but AX with run momentum; c.S(3) > 6K whiffs. If you do any button before c.S(3), the combo will work just fine.

c.S > 421 RoutesThe okipocalypse begins
Medium to Hard

Starter > c.S(3) > 421X > 214S > 2S > 421X > 214X
While this combo requires solid character and gravity awareness, it pays off in spades with good damage- 110 on Ky- and a three-ball formation in the corner. The crux of the route is finding a way to connect c.S(3) directly into Dubious Curve, which saves damage by skipping 6K, as well as opening up stronger routing via the extended floorslide from a high-connecting Dubious Curve.

Readily works on large/heavy/low characters, but requires high gravity scaling before the c.S(3) launch on lighter and smaller characters - the specifics can be seen below.

c.S(3) > Immediate 421X JO, JU, KY, PO, RO, TE, ZA + up close on AB + far on AN, VE
c.S(3) > Delayed 421X Above + , AX, CH, ED, FA, JA, KL, MA, SL, HOS, + up close on BR, IN AN, VE, + far on AB
Needs 2 hits and delay before c.S(3) > 421X from afar, 2K cS works BR
Needs 3 hits and delay before c.S(3) > 421X from afar, 2K cS does not work IN
Needs 3 hits and delay before c.S(3) > 421X BA, DI, MI, SO
Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
(2K) > c.S(3) > 6K > 214X* > Dash 6P > 421X > 214X Everywhere 83 x Everyone Medium First set needs to be out of the way of dash 6P; P, K, S, D sets are the easiest to work with.

Grants a three-ball formation.

(2K) > c.S(3) > 421X > 214S > 2S > 421X > 214X Corner* 110 (KY) x Everyone* Medium-Hard Readily works on large/heavy/low characters, but requires high gravity scaling before the c.S(3) launch on lighter and smaller characters.

c.S(3) > Immediate 421X: AB, JO, JU, KY, PO, RO, TE, ZA
c.S(3) > Delayed 421X: Above + AN, AX, BR, CH, ED, FA, IN, JA, KL, MA, SL, HOS, VE,
Needs high scaling for c.S(3) > 421X: Above + BA, DI, MI, SO,

Works midscreen on certain characters, but is universal in the corner any time c.S > 421X works.

Grants a three-ball formation.

Anti-Air and Air-to-Air Combos

These combos are relevant to hits on airborne opponents.

Anti-Air OptionsLow return, but nevertheless essential

AA 5P/6P > c.S(1) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 421X
In spite of its flaws, 6P is a highly flexible starter with a fantastically disjointed hitbox. At long range you can cancel into the Double Head MorbidGGAC Venom 623S.pngGuardMidStartup9Recovery24Advantage-15 move series to tack on some damage, and closer in you can cancel into Dubious CurveGGAC Venom 421X.pngGuardMidStartup21Recovery19Advantage-3 for a knockdown and oki. 6P can also gatling into c.S at close range, which opens up 6K and jump cancel options.

Venom's anti-air combos are generally unrewarding, and highly dependent on the depth at which you anti-air the opponent. Nevertheless, it is essential to have anti-air combos down to deter relentless air approaches.

If this combo is too difficult, there's no problem with truncating the route to 6P > c.S(1) > 6K > 421X

Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
AA 6P > 421X Everywhere 54 x Everyone Very Easy Basically the bare minimum to keep someone off you. Depending on the character, will not work from very far 6P hits.
AA 6P > 623S/H/D Everywhere 64/~73/~48 x Everyone Very Easy 623S will reset to fullscreen, 623H will lead to a nearby tech, 623D will lead to a knockdown.
AA 6P > c.S(1) > 6H Everywhere 74 x Everyone Very Easy Basic anti-air conversion into a knockdown.
AA 5P/6P > c.S(1) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 421X Everywhere 144 - See Notes x Everyone Medium Depending on the hit depth, spacing, and character, you can go for basically any of the B&B combos, from the simplest to most optimal hits.

Also works off anti-air c.S, though it doesn't have strong anti-air properties like 6P does.

AA 6P > c.S(1) > j.KS > dj.SH Everywhere 94 x Everyone Easy The exact air string you use can vary, but this is a good, basic jump confirm from an anti-air that will knock down.
AA CH 2H(1) > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > f.S > 623H Midscreen 165 (IN) x Everyone Medium 2H is an extremely niche anti-air, but effective against things like Baiken j.S and I-No's dives.

Very limited conversions on non-CH or both hits of 2H; go directly into 623S/H/D.

j.PPS > dj.SH Everywhere 77 x Everyone Very Easy-Easy Basic air-to-air for a knockdown. Any string works, just route into j.H.

Be aware that not all characters get hit by j.H the same, however, every character will get hit you are slightly above them, so prioritize that spacing.

j.PSH > j.236D > Airdash > j.H Everywhere 107 x Everyone Medium-Hard FB MS can be used to floorbounce airborne characters for extension or combo stabilization; you can use your air actions afterwards to pursue more damage, a knockdown, or both.

This specific conversion is not hard, but awareness of these types of conversions is, broadly, difficult.

Force Break Mad Struggle

Force Break Mad Struggle is the ultimate can opener, boasting 14f of startup and a massive launch on hit. It's the only move of its type in Venom's arsenal, so be familiar with the conversions possible from it.

Force Break Mad Struggle: Same SideMassive launch, massive damage, massive opportunity

j.236D > Dash c.S(1/2) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > f.S > 421X > 214X
Force Break Mad Struggle is a tremendously useful move, since it provides a massive "anything goes" launch on hit and continued pressure on block.

Learning to properly convert from this move anywhere on the screen will unlock tons of potential damage, and leave your opponent afraid any time you have more than 25 meter.

Force Break Mad Struggle: Side SwitchDictate your positioning with this situational variant

j.236D > Airdash > Whiff j.H > Land c.S(1/2) > 6K > 421X > 214X
Nearly identical to the above, but with a side switch. This route is niche but important, since positioning is essential for unlocking Venom's stronger mixups and higher damage in the corner. With this route in your pocket, FB MS should basically guarantee corner positioning no matter where you are on the screen.

Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
j.236D > Dash c.S(1/2) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > f.S > 421X > 214X Everywhere 145 x Everyone Medium Simple B&B route.

Lower damage than a Dubious Curve loop conversion, but rebuilds proportionally less burst.

If the landing c.S > 6K > [2]8S is too hard or feels unstable, go for c.S > 6K > 421X

j.236D > Airdash > Whiff j.H > Land c.S(1/2) > 6K > 421X > 214X Midscreen 138 x Everyone Hard Side switch route. Only works from lower FB MS hits.

If the landing c.S(1/2) > 6K > [2]8S is too hard or feels unstable, go for c.S(1/2) > 6K > 421X

j.236D > (Dash) 6P > [421S > 2S]x2-3 > 421X > 214X Corner 170 x Everyone Medium Very basic Dubious Curve loop. Pretty extraordinary setup-less damage for Venom.

Damage listed for three-rep version.

Counterhit Combos

Venom generally lacks notable counterhit options, both due to mostly lacking normal frame traps and lacking bombastic counterhit properties. However, there are a few that are important to know.

Counterhit Dubious CurveLegitimately, but not literally, stunning damage

CH 421P > 214S~D > 2S > 623H
Though Venom's reputation as a persistently low-damage character is somewhat undeserved, he's not really a high damage character, with one exception: CH Dubious Curve, which gives a massive unscaled, confirmable floorslide.

The route given here is relatively low-effort, but it's universal and positioning-agnostic, and still does over 180 damage to Ky. If you go for more situational CH Dubious Curve routes, you can melt characters, easily doing upwards of 60% life for little or no meter invested.

Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
CH 421P > 214S~D > 2S > 623H Everywhere 148 x Everyone Easy CH DBC causes a substantial floorslide, which normally requires an air hit.

Lots of pickups are possible, and will depend on which DBC you hit with; this is just one example.

CH 421P > 421S > 2S > [421S > 2S]x2 > 421X > 214X Corner 184 x Everyone Medium Example of using CH DBC's enhanced floorslide to begin a high-damage DBC loop.
RISC CH j.236D(2)* > j.214K~D > Land c.S(1) > 6K > 214S~D > 6H > DL 421X > 214X Corner 240 x Everyone Medium Requires the guard bar to be 3/4 full or greater for the 2nd hit of FB MS to CH. At certain spacings, second hit-only counterhits are possible, albeit somewhat rare.

Delay the cancel on the 6H such that it occurs after the ball hit.

CH 421S > 214D > 2S > [4]6H Feint > Dash c.S(1) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > Dash f.S > 421X > 214X Midscreen 264 (KY) x TBD, KY Very Hard Swag. Niche, maximalist, extremely cool CH DBC combo.

This is not a combo that is expected to be in your repertoire, even at a very high level BUT it is emblematic of how creative you can get with CH DBC, and have it be worthwhile.

Generally, your frame traps will come from one of two sequences:

c.S / 5H > 421X - Frame trapping from 5H is tighter and will catch prejump, while c.S is slightly looser and will catch jumps unless your opponent FDs. Dubious Curve counterhits and air hits generally lead to strong damage.

5P / 2P / 5K > 5H - All of these level one moves with a gatling into 5H will readily catch fuzzy jumps during prejump and mashes, given the 1f gap created. 5H counterhits give an extended stagger, allowing for 5H > 214X > ... combos.

5D Combos

Venom has access to decent dust combos, as well as quite strong impossible dust combos that will grant corner carry and oki.

5DThe lesser of like ten overheads

5D > FD > j.D > dj.236H > 214X
Though often regarded as a weaker mixup tool than Mad StruggleGGAC Venom j236S.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup18Recovery6 after landingAdvantage+7 and its Force Break counterpartGGAC Venom j236S.pngGuardAll, High/AirStartup14Recovery6Advantage+19, 5D still represents a potent grounded overhead threat that can lead to a knockdown, oki, and reasonable damage in the corner.

Don't feel pressured to use it if you prefer Mad Struggle or don't have a combo for 5D down; its routing options can be tricky, and a flubbed combo could lead to a very nasty situational reset.

Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
5D > j.SH > dj.KS > tj.KSD Everywhere 105 x Everyone Very Easy Non-impossible dust; no knockdown.
5D > j.SH > dj.KS > tj.SH Everywhere 102 x Everyone Very Easy Non-impossible dust; knocks down.
5D > FD > j.D > dj.236H > 214X Everywhere 58 x Everyone Easy Simple, reliable, hard knock down.
5D > FD > j.D > Land c.S > 6K > 421X > 214X Everywhere 89 x Everyone Medium Heavily delay the j.D after the FD.

Basically leads into the B&B, very consistent and reasonably rewarding.

5D > FD > j.D > dj.236H > 66 j.KSHD > Land c.S > j.KS > dj.SH Corner 121 x Everyone Hard Reasonable damage, but very weak oki owing to the j.H knockdown.

Ground Throw

Venom has access to two types of throws:

  • Hit the opponent while still in the ball - they will bounce off the opposite wall and return.
  • Hit the opponent after they pop out of the ball - will behave like a normal air hit.

Midscreen Three-Ball Throw SetupSuffocating oki on demand

Throw > c.S(1) > 214H > c.S(1) > 6K > 421X > 214X
Venom's throw is a tremendously threatening option, which leads to strong oki anywhere on the screen, provided you have a setup in mind. The wallbounce provided by his throw gives ample frame advantage to set up a three-ball formation and push the corner.

This route is universal, but relies on midscreen positioning; in the corner, utilizing the wallbounce (hitting the opponent while they're still in the wall) will cause them to bounce out of the corner and away from you.

Formation shown in video is HSK, which (as shown in video two) allows you to 2P the forwards-most ball, set an S ball, and then run a protected mixup. This specific setup can seem a little daunting, but it is actually relatively simple, and extremely powerful.

To get the most out of this three-ball setup:

  • Make use of an initial ball set that is out of the way of c.S and 6K; the opponent getting hit by a ball during this sequence can disrupt your combo
    • H and H~D sets work best for this
    • If a ball does interfere, use c.S(2) for the second c.S instead; the first hit will trigger the ball, and the second hit after the ball hit will let you combo into 6K
  • As shown in video two, the route can be made burst-safe by adding one or two (depends on the character) 5Ps after the wallbounce
Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
Throw > c.S(1) > 214H > c.S(1) > 6K > 421X > 214X Midscreen 63 x Everyone Easy 214H > 421S > 214K grants an extremely strong formation.

Add a 5P before the second c.S for stability on heavy/low characters and burst safety.

Hit them while they're in the ball.

Throw > Dash c.S(1) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > Dash f.S > 421X > 214X Everywhere 97 x Everyone Hard B&B route off of throw, solid blend of corner carry, oki, and damage.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Throw > (Dash) 6P > 421X > 214X Midscreen 61 x Everyone Very Easy Deeper dashes are possible on heavier and larger characters, generally.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Throw > (Dash) 6P > 421X > 214S > 2S > 421X > 214X Corner 89 x Everyone Medium Enhanced three-ball formation from in the corner.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Air Throw

Venom's air throw conversions are dependent on his height, and to some extent, the hurtbox of the character being thrown. Air throw combos here will be ordered by approximate height.

Air Throw SuperjumpThe crux of Venom's AA game

Further than character-height air throw > sj.PSH
Is this combo low damage and unexciting? Yes. Is it essential that you master it, and routes similar to it? Yes.

Venom relies on having a solid anti-air game, which cannot just be accomplished with his anti-air normals; air throwing is massively important for shutting down airdashes, close jumps, approaches from the superjump space, and more.

Generally jump/superjump combos from air throw get progressively more difficult as you get higher, until you hit a cutoff where air throw FRC is necessary.

Air Throw FRCGreat oki from any height

Air throw FRC > j.D > Land c.S(1) > 6K > [2]8S > 6K > 421X > 214X
At extreme heights, without an FRC, Venom's air throw buys you some frame advantage and a slightly advantageous scramble, where you can do things like set a ball or two and pursue your opponent as they land.

Air throw FRC, however, turns a high air throw into a 'have your cake and eat it too' situation, where you can get strong oki anywhere, and a lot of leeway to choose where you want the opponent to end up. Midscreen, you can dictate their end position by catching them from the front or going under and behind them, and continuing your combo from there. Air throwing your opponent directly into the corner, though, will generally push them towards the midscreen.

Combo Position Damage Tension Works On Difficulty Notes
Ground-level air throw > c.S(1) > 214H > c.S(1) > 6K > 421X > 214X Midscreen 60 x Everyone Easy Mirror of the grounded three-ball throw setup.

Hit them while they're in the ball.

Ground-level air throw > Dash c.S(1) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > Dash f.S > 421X > 214X Everywhere 97 x Everyone Medium Mirror of the grounded throw B&B sequence.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Chest-level air throw > 6K > 421X > 214X Everywhere 61 x Everyone Very Easy Simple oki setup.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Chest-level air throw > 6K > 214H > 6K > 214X > 214X Everywhere 49 x Everyone Very Easy The second 6K will knock down, granting a three-ball setup or a highly advantaged two-ball setup if you omit the last Set.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Character-height air throw > j.PS > dj.SH Everywhere 67 x Everyone Very Easy As you get higher, grounded sequences become impossible.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Further than character-height air throw > sj.PSH Everywhere 61 x Everyone Easy Exact string may vary.

Hit them after they come out of the ball.

Air throw FRC > j.D > Land c.S(1) > 6K > [2]8S > 6K > 421X > 214X Everywhere 88 x Everyone Hard Depending on your distance to the corner, may require anything from a slight walk back to a full dash to catch them with c.S.

Can do shorter sequences, like land c.S > 6K > 421X > 214X as well.

Hit them while they're in the ball.

Combo Theory

Combo Structure

Grounded Combos

Venom's grounded combos are fairly limited, and as such you should generally keep one of three things in mind to start with:

  • Score a proper 2D knockdown
Route Purpose
2K > c.S(2) > 2S > 2D(2) Basic gatling into a knockdown.
2S > [4]6H FRC > Dash 2S > 2D(2) Example of using meter to secure a knockdown from an awkward, low-reward hit.
  • Score a proper Dubious Curve knockdown
Route Purpose
2S > 5H > 421X > 214X Basic gatling into 5H for a Dubious Curve knockdown.
2S > [4]6H FRC > Dash 2S > 5H Example of using meter to secure Dubious Curve from an awkward, low-reward hit.
  • Convert to an airborne combo
Move Purpose
c.S(3) Last hit of c.S(3) leads to a highly untechable small launch on grounded opponents.
421X FRC Typically, you cannot combo off a grounded Dubious Curve hit. However, FRCing it grants you enough frame advantage to dash and pick up, even midscreen.
During the floorslide caused by Dubious Curve, opponents follow the air combo rules.

Airborne Combos

The vast majority of Venom's combos will be airborne, including the floorslide state triggered by Dubious Curve (generally needs an air hit, counterhit, or FRC to pick up off this, however). Generally, your air routing will involve one of the following:

  • Trigger a floorbounce to extend/stabilize a combo while grounded
Route Purpose
(c.S(1)) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K Combo filler sequence for good corner carry and meter gain.
Works unconditionally from grounded c.S(3) but requires low proration for airborne c.S hits.
(c.S(1)) > 6K > 214X > Dash c.S(1) > 6K Alternate filler sequence for getting an additional ball out.
  • Continue the combo with a jump or airdash sequence
Route Purpose
(c.S(1)) > j.KSHD
(c.S(1)) > j.(P)PSHD
Ending with j.D allows for rejumps midscreen on some characters, and in the corner on most.
Can also occasionally combo into j.236H for a relaunch.
IAD j.SHD Generally only works on larger or heavier characters, or at high gravity scaling.
Can continue with a rejump of your choice, 6P or 6H, or a precisely-timed 6K in the corner (hard).

Ending Combos

Venom more or less ends combos in three ways:

  • Floorslide

Note that at extreme combo lengths, Dubious Curve's floorslide may not actually knock down, so be mindful of balancing your damage and knockdown assurance.

Route Purpose
6P > 421X
6K > 421X
Airborne conversions into Dubious Curve.
5H > 421X Grounded conversion into Dubious Curve.
  • Guaranteed hard knockdown
Route Purpose
... > j.H Airborne hard knockdown from any height.
... > 6H Grounded hard knockdown from any height.
... > j.236H Somewhat hard to set up, but leads to a high relaunch that will knock down if the opponent isn't hit.
... > 623D Metered stabilizing ender; guaranteed hard knockdown on contact.
  • Untechable floorbounce

At extreme prorations, Venom can use his floorbounce moves to set up massively untechable knockdowns, but these typically need extremely niche setups and good awareness; don't sweat these if you're new and aren't comfortable with these.

Route Purpose
j.236D At or near ground level, Force Break Mad Struggle's launch can knock down, which will typically give a two- or three-ball setup in the corner.
6K > 214X 6K, despite mostly being combo filler, can be used as a knockdown tool at the end of long combos, providing a massively advantaged knockdown with good okizeme.

It is also possible to do more damage-focused combo enders, but those are generally undesirable unless they will kill, and highly situational. Experiment!

Where Venom's Damage Comes From

High-Velocity Ball Hits

All balls hit by Venom inherit a damage value that roughly correlates with their button strength. Some buttons- notably 5H, 2H, 6H, and j.H, all of which cross the 40 damage mark- when combined with ball hits mid-combo can build up huge damage.

Versus some characters, it is possible to utilize 6H and a simultaneous ball hit mid-combo for massive damage. This does not work on grounded opponents (the simultaneous 6H and ball hits cause an instant OTG), and the 6H will no longer knock down; you need to use Dubious Curve, FB Double Head Morbid, or some non-knockdown ender.

f.S ender to the B&B: c.S(3) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214H~D > Microdash > f.S > 421X > 214X

  • 137 damage on Sol.

6H ball hit ender to the B&B: c.S(3) > 6K > [2]8S > Dash 6K > 214S~D > 6H > 421X > 214X

  • 148 damage on Sol

Double ball hit ender from j.236D: j.236D > 6K > 214K > Dash c.S(1) > 6K > 214S~D > 6H > 421X > 214X

  • Does 168 damage on Sol, even though FB Mad Struggle has 90% proration and two hits as a starter.


Sporting an impressive 46 damage on hit- and, importantly, 46 damage on hit from other balls launched by this move- H and FB Stinger are both major damage engines.

As an exaggerated example, c.S(2) > 2D(2) does 58 damage on Sol, while c.S(2) > [4]6]H > 2D(2) jumps to 91 damage.

This becomes especially evident in mixups, where properly applied [4]6D can absolutely melt even very hearty characters. Let's look at an example:

Off of a corner throw, you can use 6P > 421K > 214S > 421H > 214S to set up the KHS formation, which lets you hit the uppermost ball with dashing j.S before going into airdash j.SH (high option) or 2D(2) (low option). You can use [4]6D to pick up off both of these for massive damage. See below:

Low option: 2D(2) > [4]6D > 6K > 214S~D > 6H > 421X

  • 223 damage on Sol.

High option: Airdash j.SH > c.S(1) > 5H > [4]6D > Dash 2K > c.S(2) > 5H > 421X

  • 201 to 235 damage on Sol, depending on ball interactions

This is not to say you should just loop c.S(2) > 5H > [4]6H when you get the chance, however; the damage falloff is steep and, as will be discussed, Venom's meter is better spent elsewhere. Furthermore, it is important to not exhaust your meter during combos, since Venom needs to strike a balance between using meter on defense, offense, and during combos.

Skipping c.S(3) and Bad Starters

One major thing to know is that c.S(3), despite being a phenomenal button- providing time to charge, guard bar raising, allowing combos into 6K, and being a superbly strong OS- is actually very damage-inefficient.

For example: c.S(3) > 6K sequence does 61 damage on Sol, and consumes 31 guard bar units (24 from c.S(3) alone).

Meanwhile, 2S > 5H > 421X does 82 damage on Sol, and consumes 19 guard bar units; more range, fewer hits, and more damage.

Accordingly, skipping c.S(3) > 6K helps a lot with Venom's damage output. There are several ways to do this, all of which can be found in the 'damage comparison on mixups' section - that table is more just meant as a reference, though, so let's go over some options:

2D(1/2) > [4]6S/H FRC > c.S(1) > 6K > ...

  • 2D(1) > [4]6S FRC works on everyone except Dizzy, with the caveat that it doesn't work on Johnny at point-blank range.
  • 2D(2) > [4]6S FRC works on everyone except Chipp due to the risk of the second hit of 2D whiffing.
  • 2D(1/2) > [4]6H FRC works on the entire cast.
  • Other followups, like 6P > 421X and Dash j.KSHD work as well, but are more character-specific, and tend to be harder.

2D(1/2) > [4]6S/H FRC has another major benefit - it's an unprorated low, compared to 2K, which has 70% proration, meaning your combo will do more damage, outright, for an otherwise completely identical route.

This is also why it's important to, when possible, get as few hits of S Mad Struggle as possible; each hit counts towards your combo's scaling, and eats into 7 guard bar units. Let's look at j.236S > 2S as an example:

  • j.236S(4) > 2S does 54 damage on Sol, but the 2S only does 14.
  • j.236S(3) > 2S does 48 damage, but the 2S does 16 damage.
  • j.236S(2) > 2S does 41 damage, but the 2S does 18 damage.

So, if we continue with a longer combo, such as j.236S > 2S > 5H > 421P FRC > Dash c.S(1) > 6K > 214S~D > Dash 5H > 421X

  • j.236S(4) > ... does 136 damage.
  • j.236S(3) > ... does 146 damage.
  • j.236S(2) > ... does 155 damage.

Basically, if you do fewer small/gbm-expensive hits at the start of a combo, there's more damage 'left' in the combo for harder-hitting moves at the end. These optimizations are definitely minor, but essential for squeezing extra damage out of Venom. While "Venom does low damage" is slightly exaggerated, it's important to do what you can to keep his damage output competitive with other characters.

Optimized Dubious Curve Loops

Typical Dubious Curve loops involve repeatedly hitting the opponent with some form of 421S > 2S. What glues this combo together is the fact that the lightning ball, when hit by 2S, gives you enough time for the next Dubious Curve to connect. However, 2S only deals 22 damage, and launched balls only do 34 (lightning balls will do 47). We can do better. These routes are generally character-specific, but they can lead to substantial damage for little or no meter investment.

For the sake of comparison, all combos will be measured against the following 'standard' Dubious Curve loop, started with 421S FRC:
2S > 5H > 421S FRC > Dash 2S > [421S > 2S]x2 > 421X

  • 196 damage on Sol.

Optimizations can include:

f.S Route Works On
Sample Route Damage Notes
2S > 5H > 421S FRC > Dash f.S > [421S > f.S]x2 > 421X 204 on Sol
(vs. 196 for 2S)
Be sure to not dash in so far that you get c.S; the combo works fine, it's just a minor damage loss.
5H Route Works On
Sample Route Damage Notes
2S > 5H > 421P FRC > Dash 5H > [421P > 5H]x2 > 421X 231 on Venom
(vs. 202 for 2S)
On many characters it is necessary to transition to f.S or 2S past close range.
Conversely, some characters work at mid-range but not point blank.
2S > 5H Route Works On
Sample Route Damage Notes
2S > 5H > 421P FRC > Dash 2S > 5H > [421P > 2S > 5H]x2 > 421X 219 on Ky
(vs. 197 for 2S)
Tends to require a microdash after 5H > 421P, but it's rather easy due to height at which DBC hits. Due to this combo's length, the floorslide may not knock down at high scalings. Consider ending early or an alternate ender.
2S > 2H Route Works On
Sample Route Damage Notes
2S > 5H > 421P FRC > Dash 2S > 2H > [421P > 2S > 2H]x2 > 421X 206 on Anji
(vs. 202 for 2S)
Tends to require a microdash after 2H > 421P, but it's rather easy due to height at which DBC hits. Due to this combo's length, the floorslide may not knock down at high scalings after multiple reps. Consider ending early or an alternate ender.

As a more minor note, if you're confident in your execution, you can also use 421P~D > Microdash 2S to give yourself more reps on a standard Dubious Curve loop, or to get the same amount of reps but end closer. Likewise, using 421P~D FRC is also strong when you know you will be doing a deep dash, since the ball goes further forwards, making sure you don't run past the ball, as can happen with deep dashes after 421S.

Damage Comparison on Mixups

Using Venom's midscreen B&B as a 'control,' this table will show what kind of damage you can expect from different starters. Note that this does not mean that you should only pursue the most damaging starters; they all have a place, and should all be represented to build a holistic mixup game.

Starter Combo Body Damage
5K > c.S(3)
(90% prorate; control for an opening hit that's not a mixup option)
... > 6K > [2]8S > 6K > 214H~D > f.S > 421X > 214X 113
2K > c.S(3)
(Low, 70% prorate)
TK j.236S > c.S(3)
2D(1) > [4]6S FRC > c.S(1)
(Low, 25 Tension)
TK j.236D > c.S(1)
(Overhead, 25 Tension, 90% prorate, 2 hits)
Throw > c.S(1)
(Non-strike, 50% prorate, 7 hits)

There are a few key conclusions we can draw from this -

  • Using meter to skip the full hit count of c.S(3) keeps damage high, by avoiding spending guard bar on just getting the opponent airborne
  • With meter, every mixup option becomes roughly evenly threatening due to their similar and high damage
  • Even low damage options are highly valuable, because their okizeme is identical to the stronger options

What Each Button Does

Combo Starters
Button Use
2K Venom's most common grounded starter in the form of a fast low.
Being a 2K, it has 70% proration - your combos will do less damage and generally have to be shorter.
Routing for oki and corner carry is better than trying to maximize damage.
j.S Venom's most common overhead mixup starter, namely in K ball oki and as a high component of his airdash/low mixups.
c.S Generally this will be a ground starter during frame traps (5f startup) or punishes, or people just not respecting your pressure.
The last hit launches grounded opponents with 28 untechable frames, meaning it will always combo into 6K, and can combo directly into Dubious Curve under certain conditions.
Works as a niche anti-air, but pickups can be tricky at certain heights. Look for superjump conversion opportunities.
f.S and 2S God pokes. At longe range, Ball Set will be your best cancel (or don't cancel, if your opponent has punishes on deck).
If you're close enough, sweep with 2D. If not, you can use H Stinger Aim for a combo, or H Stinger FRC to dash in for a knockdown.
5H On grounded normal hit, your only options are Dubious Curve or niche charge move conversions.
Functionally untechable on air counterhit with wide-open routing, lots of options on ground counterhit.
6P Primary anti-air combo starter. Your followup will depend on the opponent's position and if you counterhit.
2H Niche anti-air where conversions are only possible on counterhit.
j.D Strong move for intercepting people above Venom.
Wallbounces in the corner. Even easier to followup on counterhit due to increased untechable time.
2D Requires meter (Stinger FRC) or corner positioning (Carcass Raid > Microdash c.S) to pick up off of, but a strong starter nonetheless.
S Mad Struggle Primary overhead threat. Most readily combos into 2K, c.S, 2S, and 2D.
FB Mad Struggle Same general uses cases as S Mad Struggle, but launches for wide-open air combo options.
Plus on block as well, making this a fantastic brute force tool.
Throw Heavy proration, but will give you an opportunity to get lots of balls on the screen anywhere on screen with the right routes.
Combo Filler
Move Use
c.S 3 hits for a launch on grounded opponents, or 2 hits to keep the opponent grounded.
6K > [2]8S Start charging immediately after buffering 6K.
Essential for Venom's combo game.
6K > 214X > Dash 6P or c.S(1) Niche replacement for 6K > [2]8S that gets more balls on screen. Does not work at higher scalings.
2S/5H > [4]6H FRC Great string for tacking on damage and closing the gap on opponents to secure a knockdown or c.S(3) launch.
j.KSHD More or less corner only, though rare exceptions apply. Generally requires character- and situation-specific delays and routing alterations.
Depending on the starter, damage can be anything from paltry to stunning.
Fickle okizeme, depends on your ability to combo into j.H (poor oki), 6H or H Mad Struggle (workable oki), or 6K (good oki, but very difficult).
421P FRC
421S~D FRC
421H~D FRC
Add corner carry and/or extra damage to your combo.
Generally follow up with dashing 2S > 2H > 421X or dashing (2K) > c.S(1/2) > 6K.
Move Use
421X Generally your standard combo ender. Cancellable into ball set for two balls on a knockdown.
On grounded opponents, 5H is your only typical way to combo into 421X.
On airborne opponents, 6K will always combo and 6P will at low scalings.
When paired with a late ball hit, many moves- like f.S and 2S- can combo into this.
2D Sweep ender, very reliable one-ball oki on grounded opponents.
j.H Knocks down from any height, but pretty poor okizeme. Strong opponents will recognize this and be more willing to challenge your pressure.
6H Grounded, unconditional knockdown. Not super common.
Great for ending unstable combos early or trying to cover jumps.
623D Great 'stabilizing' ender; as long as you can combo into it, it'll knock down.
Superb for combos where the opponent is slightly too high up to knock down with Dubious Curve.

Knockdown Tiers

Venom has lots of ways to score knockdowns, with differing 'tiers' of advantage.

Ender Strength & Notes
Airborne Dubious Curve, high proration 6K Massively advantageous knockdowns. Will allow for a watertight two-ball setup or even three-ball setup depending on positioning.
Made even better by corner positioning, where specific routes can grant two electric balls in a three-ball formation.
2D, grounded Dubious Curve, mid-range 6H, H Mad Struggle Medium knockdowns. Enough to get the ball rolling unconditionally (K Ball oki is possible here.
Your opponent will generally have to deal with whatever option you throw at them, but you only get one layer of mixup.
j.H, far 6H Weak knockdowns. Generally reliant on the opponent being willing to hold a mixup, or fairly ambitious okizeme like an unprotected S Mad Struggle.

Dark Angel is basically the great equalizer for Venom's oki; if you aren't confident in a knockdown, or just need the opponent pushed to the corner or chipped/meter drained, there's nothing wrong with throwing down Dark Angel and using that to secure a more holistic advantage.

Decision Making and Pitfalls

WIP section; more coming soon.

Of course, we've spent a lot of time talking about the ins and outs of Venom's uses for meter on offense, but that's not the end all be all. Venom needs meter throughout most of his game plan, not just offense, so this section will be dedicated to discussing metered decision making, how to optimize when you don't have meter, and common 'noob traps.' Additionally, Venom is not a "have your cake and eat it too" character. Broadly, you have to choose some combination of corner carry, okizeme, and damage.


Venom is a character that benefits hugely from his meter... that doesn't mean you should spend it all in one 'turn,' or all on offense. Stinger FRC is a great pressure re-buy, but if you spend too liberally on stinger FRC without opening up your opponent, you'll end up direly short on meter. Similarly, FB Mad Struggle is doubtlessly an absolutely brutal tool, but over-using it will short you on meter elsewhere, and could make your offense predictable. It's a tricky balancing act, because you want to spend meter to maximize your mixups, damage, and okizeme, but want to retain enough to be functional in neutral and on defense. There's no right way to do it, but your priorities may shift with the matchup.


When you're short on meter, Venom cannot get corner carry, damage, and okizeme.

Video Examples

Current Version Combo Videos

Legacy Combo Videos

Legacy combo videos are still really helpful, provided you can parse what's been changed and what hasn't been; Venom's old formations are all still available, and the vast majority of his buttons are really similar to all other versions of GGXX.


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