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Beginner's Guide: Start Here!

Welcome to the +R wiki! As a beginner, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information and content here. However, we recommend you start with the very basics before delving into the most advanced parts of the mechanics and system.

101 (Introductory)

Serving as a small crash course, ala Guilty Gear 101, the first pages you should read are:

The FAQ contains a short guide for getting into +R. It covers only a taste of what +R offers, a brief character overview, and some tips on how to navigate through the game itself.

102 (Intermediate)

Once you've played some matches and gotten a feel for the game, it's recommended to go through the rest of the pages, particularly:

These pages expand on many of the topics in Controls, as well as into a few more intermediate and advanced topics.

If you're not particularly fond of scrolling through text, there's also an excellent mechanics guide here:

DO NOT START HERE IF YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. There is too much information to cover and you are best sticking with the 101 information until you are comfortable with it.
Note, while this video was made for AC, the mechanics covered are nearly identical. The only mechanics changes involve Gold Burst no longer knocking down on regular hit, and the addition of subsequent Slashback windows after a success increasing to 6F.

103 (Advanced)

This section is under construction, but many of the character pages have more in-depth looks at how their moves work, how to play them, combos, strategy, and matchups. All of these pages are still under construction, but have bits of information to give you a bit of start. Also, check the pages:

The Legacy Guide

Note: an older guide which refers mainly to Accent Core can be found here. While there are few mechanics differences between AC and +R, they are mostly minor and aren't particularly important to distinguish as a beginner. What matters starting out is that you strike a balance between enjoying playing the game, and taking in pieces of it in moderation.

If you have additional questions, you can join the Discord, which is full of knowledgeable and experienced players available to answer questions not found in the guides here.


Bonus Content

Character Beginner Friendliness

This list is made with the intent to inform new players of how much work their character will require to learn at a basic level. This list is to some degree subjective, and the usefulness may vary depending on your personal strengths and weaknesses.

If a character you are interested in is listed as difficult for beginners please do not let that discourage you from playing them. Every character in +R requires some level of investment, and every character has a very high skill ceiling.

Character who are a higher tier are more beginner friendly.

Advice For First Time Fighting Game Players

This document is a generalized advice article for people who have never been serious about a fighting game before. It covers some advice on how to learn a game, pick a character, and get started in the community.


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