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Aligari's Mu notes


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Things to note when discussing matchups:
-General ratio
-Optimal/inoptimal spacings
-Strong/Weak buttons
-Things to watch out for
-Character specific confirms
-etc etc

All Matchup rates/stats have been removed as part of a DL wide decision. Or at the very least, a +R wiki wide one.

Matchup Information Directory
Character Suspected Ratio Matchup Breakdown (In-depth Breakdowns) Ratio Explanation
 A.B.A Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown ABA's turtle game in normal mode is surprisingly effective against you, and she can consistently AA you and get otg keygrabs quite easily. Once she pops Moroha, she just straight up outclasses you in just about every aspect. While you can threaten her in midrange, she can RPS all of your threats effectively, and due to her high defense and your low damage, its extremely hard to kill her before she can transform at least once. Combine this with difficulty chaining KDs and no IK and poor damage post suka, and ABA becomes a very difficult matchup.
 Anji Mito Favorable Matchup Breakdown 2D and Gunblaze throw massive wrenches into Anji's traditional gameplan, and his slow moves leave him ill equipped to deal with your fast offense without risky guessing.
 Axl Low Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown Axl not only has the tools to keep you out or pinned and make you take risks, and the damage to back up those tools, he has enough tricks both offensively and defensively that you can never be completely safe.
 Baiken Even Matchup Breakdown Tatami mats and Baiken normals make neutral a massive pain in this MU, and her damage is going to be big issues. Once you get in though, 2D to punish guard cancels and the ability to jump cancel and safely pressure and bait guard cancels with most of your buttons means Baiken has a hell of time playing defense, and 2H punishes her for trying to stop your lows.

Even Matchup Breakdown You melt Bridget when you touch her and have the speed and mobility to keep up and mess with her oki setups, but good luck ever catching the gal, and her normals dominate neutral.
 Chipp Zanuff Favorable Matchup Breakdown You have the speed to keep up with chipp (sorta) and the moves to constantly challenge his stuff, and more importantly the damage to make him regret any single mistake the makes, and the health to trade it out to that point.
 Dizzy Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown You take an absolute grip off Dizzy when you hit her, and once you are in range she has to take risks to do anything. Good luck getting into that range though, her maneuverability dances circles around you, and her air buttons combined with space control means that you are often the one on the back foot. Rush her down and try to pin her or put her in a bad spot, but if you get hit or have to block a summon, the match can end right there, and her neutral is very good at deterring linear aggression, which unfortunately is really your only option in the MU.
 Eddie Even Matchup Breakdown Eddie has the neutral control to make you regret careless movement, and the threat off blockstrings and oki to make you severely regret getting hit. Conversely, he absolutely can't deal with your pressure or damage, and your abare can randomly snipe lil eddie all the time during his blockstrings if he isn't careful.
 Faust Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown He owns the ground and air from round start, and won't ever let you forget it. Hard to approach, hard to get away from, and he anti-airs you for free. If you can manage to get lv3, you can shift the risk/reward of the MU into your favor and force Faust to take the initiative.
 I-No Even Matchup Breakdown You have the speed and buttons to make neutral a pain for I-NO, and the specials to blow her up for a lot of her common options.
 Jam Kuradoberi Even Matchup Breakdown Two of the best close range fighters in the game duking it out. Jam doesn't have the damage to trade with you without cards, and you absolutely don't have the damage to trade with her when she does, but in regards to neutral or defense, you are both pretty evenly matched.
 Justice Favorable Matchup Breakdown Contrary to popular belief, this MU is in your favor. Neutral is a pain, and you have to play respectfully around JU's neutral options, but you have plenty of stuff that gives her headaches, and once you get your KD, the match is yours to lose. She has no good ways to contest lv3 charge so you play the MU at basically a permanent lv3 neutral, which it turns out makes HoS pretty scary.
 Johnny Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown Your worst MU. Johnny shuts down all your ground and air options with just his ground buttons, and his air buttons are mostly uncontestable for you. You will have to fight your way through hard neutral to score a KD, then never let johnny play again. Also all your combos drop on this char.
 Kliff Undersn Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown The old man beats you in the damage race, and completely controls neutral, making a MU where its very hard to play. Essential to know the answers to his tricks, or you will get gimmicked out.
 Ky Kiske Even Matchup Breakdown Ky absolutely dominates the neutral in this MU, but has a hard time actually approaching you, and is constantly in danger of losing life lead to you landing a stray haymaker, and once you get your KD, he doesn't have a lot of good options if you play safe.
 May Even Matchup Breakdown May can gorilla out in this MU, and if you get hit its bad times, but you can also constantly check her, and her low life means you are no slouch in damage either. Couple that with both chars high mobility, and this MU is often very fast, movement and damage wise.
 Millia Rage Favorable Matchup Breakdown Pound for pound your normals out-trade her and she has to play in your optimal range, plus you have the speed to keep up with her. Still scary if you get knocked down, but not a matchup where millia can afford to make many mistakes.
 Order-Sol Even (Obviously) Matchup Breakdown 10/0 HoS. "HoS mirror is stupid, because your character has answers to literally everything I do" -Aligari, 2019
 Potemkin Even Matchup Breakdown The Ky MU in reverse. You have the advantage in almost every way but damage here, but you need to hit Pot like 5x more than he needs to hit you. Strong charge management and risk/reward skills are essential for this MU.
 Robo-Ky Favorable Matchup Breakdown You absolutely dominate robo at the start of this match, and all the way through he has a pretty tough time dealing with your offense, but once he gets 75 meter or more, you have to be very careful. Similar to pot, you are going to be hitting robo a lot, and all he needs is one or two hits.
 Slayer Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown "So I've been thinking about the [Slayer vs Order Sol] matchup a lot ever since AA, and I think my character is just better than yours" -Sims 2019. Slayer out-damages you, out-footsies you, out-gimmicks you, out-pressures you. He basically does everything HoS wants to do but better. Don't try to turn it into a slugfest without charge to equalize risk/reward, and if you get the KD, don't let him gimmick out of it for free.
 Sol Badguy Even Matchup Breakdown "Mirror match." He beats you in neutral and damage, but he has real trouble stopping you once you get momentum. Watch out for his big starters.
 Testament Unfavorable Matchup Breakdown This matchup is an elaborate game of Simon Says, where if you did the wrong answer you have a very real chance of dying. That being said, you run past trees and clear nets pretty well, so its down to just their normals that will really be giving you trouble.
 Venom Even Matchup Breakdown Typical Zoner MU. Venom can keep you out really effectively, and can and will setplay you to death once he gets a hit, but his relative inability to get KD from air hits and low damage means that eventually you WILL get in, and he has no good answer for that.
 Zappa Even Matchup Breakdown Surprisingly even. You can run in on sword very well, abare dog decently well, and even get in against ghosts with careful movement. They are all still giant pains for you though, and Zappa can easily control the flow of the match



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