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Lenient Input Option

Steam Version Only
Input parser was modified to simulate updating at 120 FPS, while keeping the amount of frames required to input a move the same as before. Only half-circles (HC+back, HC+forward as well) are affected. Changes allow skipping a direction if it looks like it was pressed, but for less than a frame.

As for feedback, we're most interested in any examples of game registering unintended moves due to changes in input parser, or game's behavior in general changing in any way aside from making it easier for keyboard and hitbox players to input the moves.

In depth: - Any direction other than the first or last can be skipped (i.e. 4123 is not a valid HCF, but 4136 can be, same for 63214 vs 63216 for HCB+F) - Incorrect direction is not allowed to be in place of the skipped one. For example, if expected input is 63214, 63514 is not valid. Alternatively, the "sum" of previous and next directions must result in the skipped one. For example, if expected input is 632146, then 632176 (1+7=4) will be considered valid. - Even if (for example) 6314 is accepted as HCB, the whole input must still be at least 5 frames long like before (i.e. some direction should be held for at least 2 frames)

Ranked Mode

0: Civilian
1: Cadet
2: Bodyguard
3: Enlistee
4: Low-ranking Soldier
5: High-ranking Soldier
6: Novice Squadsman
7: Squadsman
8: Senior Squadsman
9: Platoon Leader
10: Battalion Leader
11: Champion
12: Master
13: Holy Knight
14: Holy Knight Commander
15: Master Swordsman
16: Dragon Hunter
17: Titan
18: Hero
19: War God
20: Legend

Gap of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 (winner lower) ranks: Winner gets 40 points, loser loses 40 points
Gap of 4 (winner higher): Winner gets and loser loses 20 points
Gap of 5 (winner higher): Winner gets and loser loses 6 points
Gap of 5 ranks (winner lower): Winner gets and loser loses 80 points

Missing Reversal Notification

Normally when a character does a special move on wakeup "REVERSAL" text appears on the side of the screen. However if that special move cannot be cancelled into (e.g.  Kliff's DodgeGGAC Kliff 214P.pngGuardStartupRecoveryTotal 48Advantage-) no text will appear.

Selecting a Win Pose

Hold P/K/S/H during "Slash" at round end

At the end of a match, players can select their characters winpose by holding the associated button during the "Slash" screen. If nothing is held, the animation that plays is randomly selected from all possible winposes.

Characters have either 1, 2, or 3 win poses. This is specific to each character.

Button to hold P K S H
2 Winposes A B A B
2 Winposes (Baiken) A B B A
2 Winposes (Eddie) A B A A
3 Winposes A B C A

Characters with One Win Pose

 A.B.A,  Order-Sol,  Sol

Characters with Two Win Poses

Everyone else

Characters with Three Win Poses

 Bridget,  Chipp,  Dizzy,  Faust,  Robo-Ky

Unique winposes

In some cases the winpose is forced to a specific animation regardless of player input, these are found in specific match-ups or when killing with certain moves.

Japanese Character Nicknames and Shorthands

JP Short Kanji Character Nicknames:

 Sol Badguy = 炎 「Fire」
 Ky Kiske = 雷 「Lightning」
 Slayer = 髭 「Beard」
 Chipp Zanuff = 神 「"Kami" God」(When he's winning)
 Chipp Zanuff = 紙 「"kami" Paper」(When he's losing)
 Potemkin = 肉 「MEAT」
 Bridget = 鰤 「fish that is read as 'buri' for 'burigetto'」
 Baiken = 梅 「Plum, it's part of her name」
 Anji Mito = 扇 「Fans, the later characters mean Half-Naked」 (but also often半裸)
 Johnny = 霧 「Mist」
 Dizzy = 翼/羽? 「Wings」
 Justice = 正義 「literally the word (not the character) Justice in Japanese」
 Order-Sol = 聖/聖ソル 「Means Holy, despite there being multiple Holy Order Knights in the game, this is widely understood to refer to HOS」
 Millia Rage = 髪 「Hair」
 Venom = 球? 「Balls」

Button Macros Rapid Fire Bug (PS3 Only)

This bug is used to make linking special attacks and reversals very very easy.

Built-in button macros have a strange property where holding down the button repeats a negative edge input every frame. This means that by holding down a macro button and buffering the motion, it is very easy to perform one frame links of specials and supers.

To use this bug on a specific button, hold down the macro button as well as the buttons you wish to exclude. For example to use this bug specifically for H inputs, bind the P+K+S+H Macro to button X, then hold X + P + K + S.

Example with Ky
  • Bind the P+K+S Macro to button X, then hold X and perform 236. Ky will perform Stun Dipper (236K).
  • Ky has multiple special attacks that use 236 motions: 236K, 236S, 236H, 236D, 236236P
  • To perform 236S with this bug, hold X + P + K and perform the 236 motion.

This bug allows for some once difficult links to be performed very easily.

More examples
  • As Robo-Ky, bind the P+K Macro to button X, then hold X and start running. Robo-Ky will perform his invincible dashing attack special as fast as possible!
  • As Sol, bind the P+K+S+H macro to button X, then hold X and mash 623 motions when knocked down and you will get a reversal S Volcanic Viper on wakeup! Hold X + S to specifically get H Volcanic Viper.
  • As Anji, bind the P+K Macro to button X, then hold X and continually perform 236 motions to easily perform Anji's double butterfly glitch!
Note this bug does not work in the PC version, nor does it work in Training Mode in the console version.


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