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The resident geezer with a cleaver, Kliff is a slow but devastating midrange powerhouse. Though he's sluggish, stubby, and has many extended hurtboxes, Kliff is infamous for his ability to confidently ToD most of the cast if he has the meter for it. Due to his long sword normals, he tends to work pretty well at any range closer than half a screen away. He can confirm into his combos incredibly easily, knock down without any trouble, and do OTG pickups in corner carry combos without meter. He has three good lows, multiple instant overheads (including one that works meterlessly), and one of the hardest standing Dusts to see coming in the game. His 6P, Charged 2H, FB Hellish ChargeGGAC Kliff 214PP 1.pngGuardMidStartup22Recovery68Advantage-56, and 6H can all do enough dizzy damage to get an opponent seeing birds within a matter of seconds. All in all, Kliff is an offensive monster once he gets close, and his wide range of tricky and high-reward options means he can steal rounds with naught but single confirm.

On the flip side, Kliff is pretty much always seconds away from death. He's the most extreme risk/reward character in the game, and some of his stronger tools come with brutal downsides. As just one example, using 5D puts Kliff closer to being stunned, and the higher this value, the higher the chance that 2-Steps ForwardGGAC Kliff 214P.pngGuardStartupRecoveryTotal 48Advantage- will fail and leave Kliff extremely vulnerable. His neutral is also quite tough, as while he sword normals allow him to poke from far ranges, they also extend out his hurtboxes extremely far. A lack of solid mobility and poor defensive options means that Kliff often has to take big risks to take his turns back.

Kliff on offense is very strong, but must play smart when on the defensive, as his most potent tools could end up backfiring and costing him the game. If you're looking for a character with a simple yet effective gameplan, massive damage potential, and the ability to quickly flip a match in their favor, Kliff might be what you're looking for.
GGACR Kliff Undersn Nameplate.png
GGACR Kliff Undersn Portrait.png
Damage Received Mod
Guts Rating
Gravity Mod
Stun Resistance
13F (1~7F Strike Invuln)
Forwards Dash
Wakeup Timing
24F (Face Up)/ 21F (Face Down)
Number of Jumps:
Number of Air Dashes:
Unique Movement Options
Step Dash
Fastest Attack
5P (5F)
2P (5F)
214P (Dodge 1~48F Strike)
632146H (16F)

 Kliff Undersn is the risk/reward king, a slow mid-range tank that can obliterate his opponents with one good hit, but also capable of completely throwing the round with one bad decision.

  • Extremely Rewarding Offense: Kliff's general damage output is the highest in the game, and scales with meter excellently. Specialized routes or meterdumps are capable of ripping massive chunks of life away, and almost every combo Kliff does can end in solid Okizeme with P Bellowing RoarGGAC Kliff 236P.pngGuardAllStartup16Recovery4Advantage+3 or his Taunt.
  • Deceptively Long Range: Kliff's sword normals have incredibly long reaching hitboxes which can poke or even mix up from half a screen or further away.
  • Excellent Air Control: 6P and Scale Ripper are great reactionary anti-airs with good reward. 6P in particular leads into Kliff's BnB, while his air normals are great for contesting air space.
  • Myriad Mixup Tools: Several F-Shiki Sometimes known as "Fuzzy Overhead". When you are in blockstun, you can switch high/low blocking, but your blocking animation and hurtbox does not change until you leave blockstun or block another attack. F-Shikis take advantage of this and use overheads that would miss on crouching characters, but not on standing characters. normals, a fast IAD An air dash performed from a standing position as quickly and as low to the ground as possible from a jump. Done by inputting 956 754, and depending on the game, using a dash macro right after a jump., and Limb SevererGGAC Kliff j41236S.pngGuardHigh/Air, AllStartup14Recovery26Advantage-6 (FRC) give Kliff some unusual overhead opportunities. His sweepGGAC Kliff 2D.pngGuardLowStartup7Recovery21Advantage-14 is incredibly fast for the range it offers and his standing DustGGAC Kliff 5D.pngGuardHighStartup27Recovery19Advantage-6 has an ambiguous startup animation, so Kliff has tons of ways to mix you up no matter what you're prepared for.
  • Unconventional Defense: Kliff is small, has a floaty jump, and can use 2-Steps Forward to temporarily become strike-invulnerable. He can use these traits to avoid setups or maneuver his way out of bad situations if given the opportunity.
  • Momentum Reverse: Kliff's Gold Burst reward on hit can completely flip the round or even the entire match. A Gold Burst counterhit in the corner can allow him to route into his Instant Kill, and even failing that a fully-stocked Kliff can absolutely obliterate his opponent.
  • Limited Mobility: One of the slowest set of dashes in the game, has trouble traversing quickly and escaping the corner. Kliff must either wavedash, dashjump, Skull CrusherGGAC Kliff 214S.pngGuardAllStartup10Recovery25Advantage-8 or Nape SaddleGGAC Kliff 214K.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup28Recovery4+8 after landingAdvantage-6 to cover ground, all of which carry risks.
  • Extended Hurtboxes: Many of Kliff's long range buttons greatly increase his hurtbox size, exposing him to potential counter poke opportunities.
  • Struggles Against Zoners: Despite his strong toolset, Kliff must work extremely hard to get in against characters with superior screen control. Zoners in particular give him a hard time, as he must take big risks to successfully close the gap.
  • Risky Defensive Options: No frame 1 invincible Dead Angle AttackGGAC Kliff 5K.pngGuardAllStartup12Recovery12Advantage-2 and two reversal options, both with random elements tied to them, force Kliff to either hold the pressure or bet on high-risk, high-reward options.
  • Gets Stunned Easily: Tied for the lowest dizzy resistance in the game, Kliff has to factor this in when using 2-Steps Forward or 5D, as they raise his own stun meter which can lead to disaster later on.

Unique Mechanics

Self Stun

Self Stun

Many of Kliff's moves raise his stun level or are affected by it.

Kliff is capable of stunning opponents within a single combo with his high damage and moves with very high base damage and high dizzy modifiers (Such as 6P and 6H). Several moves have varying interactions with his and the opponent's stun level, so that using these moves involved becomes a large consideration of risk vs reward.

  • 5D is a strong dust that is safe on block, but it raises Kliff's own stun level on each use.
  • 2-Steps ForwardGGAC Kliff 214P.pngGuardStartupRecoveryTotal 48Advantage- is a dodge that is strike invincible for its entire duration. However, each use increases Kliff's stun level, which increases the chance that the next use of this move will cause Kliff to throw out his back, leaving him free for the opponent to punish.
  • FB Hellish ChargeGGAC Kliff 214PP 1.pngGuardMidStartup22Recovery68Advantage-56 has an offensive dizzy modifier of x50 but it can only be combo'd into in specific situations. It is also not guaranteed to stun the opponent in a combo based on the opponent's stun resistance, and may not work if the opponent was recently stunned already.
All of these moves can contribute to Kliff's style of Russian Roulette. Though he can be difficult to manage defensively, Kliff is capable of dizzying and subsequently KO'ing opponents with no prior interaction, making matches very volatile and cementing Kliff's role as the glass cannon.

Starter Guide

Need help getting started? Go to this page for information targeted at new players. It covers easy combos, key moves, and what to do after you knock the opponent down.
StartupThe time before an attack is active. Written startup values include the first active frame, so the startup on a frame chart will display one less square than the written value. Frames
Active The active frames of an attack refers to the amount of time an attack can hit the opponent. Frames
InactiveFrames in the middle of multi-hit attacks which cannot hit the opponent, but are after the move has become active at least once. Frames
Recovery The recovery of an attack refers to the amount of time an attacker must wait before they may perform another action, even blocking. Frames
Special RecoveryThe recovery of an attack refers to the amount of time an attacker must wait before they may perform another action.Recovery frames which happen under abnormal conditions, such as after landing. Frames
ProjectileIndicates an entity that exists separately from the character has become active. Usually something like a Fireball A projectile which usually travels slowly across the screen in a horizontal path above the ground.. Active
CancelA window in which to cancel a move. Can be varied in usage. Window

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
10 Mid 5 7 3 0
Total: 14

The slap chop. Kliff's 5P is a far reaching quick jab that fills an extremely critical role in Kliff's toolset.

5P is commonly used for pressure situations. Due to its speed, reach, and large gatling table, it's often the beginning of Kliff's pressure sequences when he has any amount of frame advantage. Since it can be jump cancelled, combining it with Kliff's IAD An air dash performed from a standing position as quickly and as low to the ground as possible from a jump. Done by inputting 956 754, and depending on the game, using a dash macro right after a jump. is a common tactic, and with its safety on block it can also be used to end pressure sequences safely. It can also anti-air, but be warned: it extends Kliff's hurtbox upwards along his arm for the startup briefly.

Additionally, it boasts a huge amount of active frames, allowing it to counter-poke many moves that extend hurtboxes forward before they're active, such as  Millia's 2DGGAC Millia 2D.pngGuardLowStartup13Recovery12Advantage-1.

Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 3 8 1


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
20 Mid 6 8 12 -6
Total: 25

Despite appearances, Kliff's 5K is one of his most potent normals, and a key cornerstone in his combo theory. Correct usage of this creates a myriad of dangerous situations for Kliff's opponent.

Its most obvious use is in combos. Due to its huge amount of untechable time, 5K can allow Kliff to combo straight into 6{P}, enabling some of Kliff's best damage output. It also creates extensions into j.H which has a plethora of uses.

Much like 5P, the jump cancel allows it to be used in pressure as well since it boasts an amazing gatling table. Where it really shines with this aspect is its properties on counter hit, where it becomes COMPLETELY untechable for its entire launch. This grants Kliff conversions from virtually anywhere, made even more ridiculous by 5K's tendency to trade with many normals. Even on trade, Kliff is almost always guaranteed a 2S, which can lead to major damage in the corner.

Due to Kliff's hurtbox during this move, it also evades SlideheadGGAC Potemkin 236S.pngGuardLow, UnblockableStartup23Recovery25Advantage-11.

Note: Combos into 6{P} are generally universal outside of the corner, but become weight and hurtbox specific when in the corner. Make sure you don't route into this mistakenly!

Gatling Options: 6P, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 10 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 Mid 7 7 15 -5
Total: 28

c.S serves as another very important combo staple for Kliff, and also as a common throw OS normal and frame trap tool.

On air hit, this move slams opponents downward. This serves as a great way to stabilize air hits and allow for further conversions into 2S, or to set up okizeme From Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. via taunt. Additionally, this normal is fairly good at anti-airing, though a little flakier at particular distances/heights. It functions great against most IAD buttons, and it's excellent for catching people trying to jump out of pressure or tick throw attempts.

Against grounded opponents, c.S commonly works as a great frame trap tool due to its speed relative to its attack level. This pairs well with its very wide cancel window for both specials and gatlings, and the ability to jump cancel it. Great frame trap normals after a blocked c.S include 5H, 2H, and 2D. If it counter hits, Kliff can even combo into IAD j.K against standing opponents!

Gatling Options: 6P, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 14 6 4
  • Slams down opponent on air hit


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 Mid 11 3 15 -4
Total: 28

f.S serves as a pivotal poke for maintaining ground control, and a tool in corner pressure.

f.S boasts some of the best range Kliff has to offer, allowing for confirms into 2H at any range, and 214S at many ranges. With meter, said 2H turns into a full conversion with Reflex RoarGGAC Kliff 236236S.pngGuardAllStartup7+1Recovery26Advantage-17. If you're sharp, you can even confirm straight from f.S itself into Reflex Roar! This is particularly useful if you nab an air hit from afar.

In corner pressure, f.S shines as a strong tool to keep people from freely jumping out. As its hitbox is fairly high reaching at the base of the blade, it's great at tagging people trying to escape too late. It's also only -4 on block on its own, leaving Kliff pretty safe if it's blocked from a distance.

A powerful aspect of f.S that elevates it over Kliff's other pokes is the lack of extended hurtbox on recovery. Combined with its brief active frames, this allows Kliff to safely swing this normal into all sorts of invincible moves if timed correctly.

Gatling Options: 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 10 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
54 Mid 14 12 15 -8
Total: 40

Kliff's 5H is his highest risk anti-air, but it yields the absolute best reward when used correctly. A tool that can decide entire rounds.

The most standout aspect is the coverage this button provides. It touches the ground in front of Kliff, and then rotates entirely around him. While its initial anti-air hitbox is serviceable, the back hitboxes on the later frames reach incredibly high, making this move particularly good at hitting opponents both above and behind Kliff. Utilizing Kliff's Step DashGGXXACPR Kliff Dash.pngGuardStartupRecoveryTotal 34Advantage- to get underneath opponents allows for convenient usage of the back hitboxes.

The rewards on air hit can be huge. It vacuums inward towards Kliff, and if it counter hits, it's completely untechable, allowing for a huge suite of combos and extensions afterwards depending on the height and positioning, on top of dealing a huge chunk of damage to both health and stun.

The other prime uses of 5H are for setting up tech traps or combos after 2S, and frame traps and combos against grounded opponents. Adding a 5H to a combo after a 2K starter against a grounded opponent adds a huge chunk of damage. Misuse of this normal can and will get you killed, as Kliff is in counter hit state for a substantial amount of time (all of the active frames and all of its startup), so be judicious.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 20 6 5
  • Pulls in opponent on air hit
  • Staggers on ground CH (max 35F)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
30 High 27 6 19 -6 18~18F, 42~45F Feet
19~41F Lower Body
Total: 51

Ranged, safe on block 5D that confirms to knockdown and damage from anywhere. Roughly the first half of the startup reuses Kliff's crouching sprite, making this move borderline unreactable despite its actual frame data. A critical mixup tool against characters that are too short to get proper fuzzies against.

  • Airborne on frame 18, allowing Kliff to use it to bait wakeup throws.
  • Impossible dust leads to guaranteed stun against the majority of the cast in the corner if Kliff has 50 meter for FB chop routes.
  • The latter end of the active frames can be low profiled if too far away.
  • Increases Kliff's stun by 10 every use.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 15 20 5
  • Kliff is airborne from 18~41F
  • Kliff's stun rating increases by 10 on 18F
  • Even if this puts his stun rating over max he won't be dizzied unless he gets hit


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
6P Lv1 32 Mid 13 7 17 -10 1~8F Above Chest
9~12F Upper Body
13~19F Above Knees
20~26F Feet
6P Lv2 36 Mid 22-70 7 28 -21
6P Lv3 40 Mid 66+5 7 28 -21
Total: 36

An anti-air that strikes a balance between other useful anti-airs. Despite its relative slowness and lack of horizontal range, its hitbox and reward balance out its weaknesses.

6P has a huge stun modifier, so counter hits can be lethal. Its allowance for gatlings is particularly useful, as you can simply input c.S and react accordingly to if it's hit or it's blocked. This also turns Kliff around, so even if you anti-air someone behind you, you can convert pretty reliably.

Worth noting that this move also functions as a powerful predictive counter-poke if you're willing to take the risk. When it's active, it blows through many moves, and if it counter hits a grounded opponent, the launch is completely untechable, granting pretty flexible conversions.

Gatling Options: c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

Partial charge turns this move into an absolute staple of Kliff's metered combo routing. This is generally the best post-stun punish starter as a result. While it lacks the gatling options of the uncharged version, it holds many advantages over it.

Unlike the uncharged version, this version has an untechable launch on normal hit, whether it's air or ground. As a result this enables a lot of combos, namely 236SGGAC Kliff 236S.pngGuardAllStartup22Recovery48Advantage-32 FRC > 6[H], whether on its own against lightweights or on air hit, or after 5K > 6{P} in applicable situations. You can even opt to not FRC the 236S, and simply link a dash normal afterwards, most commonly 5K or 2K in the case of corner combos.

Most importantly, this move does a TON of stun. With a x4 modifier, it belts out more stun than a number of moves in the game. Combine this with the many ways for Kliff to route into this, and you have a key tool for building stun very fast, and a means to set up dangerous okizeme scenarios for relatively low meter investment.

As an additional note, Kliff retains upper body invincibility while charging. You can use this to go under certain moves, like Rock-ItGGAC OSol 236S.pngGuardMidStartup16Recovery10Advantage+3

The highest stun modifier on a move Kliff has that isn't one of his Force Breaks. Beyond the damage increase and additional stun multiplier, this is functionally the same as the partial charged variant.

While there are means to combo into this, it's generally either not worth it or too situational. That being said, if you get a stun and you have time to fully charge this, no point in not doing it.

Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
6P Lv1 N/A 10 7 3
6P Lv2 N/A 10 7 3
6P Lv3 N/A 10 7 3

6P Lv1:

  • Floats on CH (untechable for 60F)

6P Lv2:

  • Dizzy modifier x4
  • Can't gatling cancel
  • Attack occurs on 22F if button is released between 12~17F
  • Attack occurs 5F after button release if released between 18~65F

6P Lv3:

  • Dizzy modifer x4.5
  • Can't gatling cancel
  • Attack comes out 5F after button release if charged for 66F


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
6H Lv1 100 High 28 9 63 -50
6H Lv2 120 High 40-79 9 63 -50
6H Lv3 200 High 70+8 9 63 -50
Total: 99

Big, slow overhead that hits more often than it should. Head-splitting damage combo starter and occasional mixup normal. People will forget to air FD against this.

  • Staggers on hit, special cancellable for conversion or to make it safe with 236P.
  • Leads to extensive damage and will drastically raise their dizzy level even with its slight prorate.
  • Will sometimes come in clutch if you don't OS your throw with another normal.
  • Don't whiff this move.

Partial charge is a dizzy punish starter which offloads damage immediately as opposed to 6{P, but generally leads to less damage overall.

  • Same stagger as uncharged, but 20% more damage means more dizzy and greater output.
  • Even a basic 6{H} > 236S will deal a huge chunk.
  • Used post 236S, won't connect to anything else unless you use point blank 623H or Reflex Roar, or you're against Johnny. Best used here if it'll kill.

Max charge is 200 base damage. Will generally score 80-180 damage mid combo. Possible to get 1-3 per combo with meter. Touch of Death Time >:)

  • Almost fully untechable floor bounce on hit for (delayed) 214K or 236S followups.
  • Requires an air hit/floated 236S FRC that leads to the corner in order to combo into, but is always desirable if possible.
    • Most commonly done post-dizzy.
  • Too slow to be used as a combo starter out of a FB Chop against players who mash out, but might work if you score a dizzy off of a stray hit.
    • Post FB Chop, if you have 50% meter, you can FRC and do this immediately if it'll kill and they still have a burst.
  • (Generally) Don't use this in neutral.
Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
6H Lv1 N/A 70% 15 6 5
6H Lv2 N/A 70% 15 6 5
6H Lv3 N/A 70% 15 6 5

6H Lv1:

  • Staggers for max 35 frames on normal hit

6H Lv2:

  • Attack occurs on 40F if button is released between 13~30F
  • Attack occurs 10F after release if released between 31~69F
  • Staggers for max 35 frames on normal hit

6H Lv3:

  • Attack comes out 8F later if charged for 70F


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12 Mid 5 4 7 -1
Total: 15

Kliff's shortest range normal. Can be used to mash out close up.

  • Probably Kliff's only reliable tick throw due to range and being -1
  • Doesn't lead to much of anything different from 5P.
  • Can be canceled into non-special P and K buttons during recovery frames and on whiff.

Gatling Options: 2P, 5P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 3 8 1


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
16 Low 7 4 13 -5 5~13F Low Profile
Total: 23

Kliff's main low option with decent range. Necessary for conditioning.

  • Low profiles slightly. Can go under some early jump ins or projectiles.
  • Works well when faking out a 5D by holding crouch for a bit.
  • RC and immediately j.K to force an IOH.

Gatling Options: 6P, c.S, f.S, 2S, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 80% 5 7 2


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
32 Mid 15 6 17 -4 4~14F, 30~32F Feet
15~26F Lower Body
27~29F Leg
Total: 37

Vital combo tool that hits and removes OTG. Ignores the rules.

  • Predominantly combos to 236S for KD/extension, and 5H for tech traps or character specific conversions.
  • Kliff's hop makes this an excellent low crush and frame trap tool.
  • Fairly slow button, will not combo from P or K normals.
  • Floats up slightly on OTG hit. Can link a 5P/5K deep in the corner.

Gatling Options: 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A Forced 70% 20 6 5
  • Removes OTG status on hit


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
2H Lv1 43 Low 12 4 26 -13
2H Lv2 55 Low 36-69 4 18 -5
2H Lv3 70 Low 65+4 4 18 -3
Total: 41

Low hitting threat from a range that only one other character can similarly threaten at. Primarily a combo tool out of S normals.

  • Will often tag people retreating or mis-approximating its reach.
  • Combos to 214S from almost anywhere but tip range, and into pressure and potential combo extension with 236P.
  • Will get tagged if it whiffs or there's another hitbox in the way when it extends.
  • Only gatlings if not charged.

Gatling Options: 5D, 2D

Partial charged 2H is easy, burst safe corner combo fodder.

  • Staggers on normal hit for easier confirms into 214K, 236S, or 236236H.
  • Loops after a 236S FRC by causing wallstick against an airborne opponent.

Max charged 2H is rarely used, but causes a wallbounce on hit.

  • Higher damage, but actually slightly harder to confirm than 2{H}.
  • Not known to have combo use, as 6[H] is preferable at the time it takes to combo this.
  • Still confirms into 236S and 236236H. Might still confirm into 2S.
Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
2H Lv1 N/A 11 6 4
2H Lv2 N/A 11 6 4
2H Lv3 N/A 15 6 5

2H Lv1:

  • Attack is fully extended on 15F

2H Lv2:

  • Attack occurs on 36F if button is released between 26~29F
  • Attack occurs 7F after button release if released on 30~63F
  • Attack occurs 5F after button release if released on 64F
  • Can't gatling cancel

2H Lv3:

  • Dizzy modifier x1.5
  • Attack occurs 4F after button release if released on 65F
  • Can't gatling cancel


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
36 Low 7 10 21 -14
Total: 37

Oh me oh my. 7F low profile sweep with incredible range. Kliff's best normal, possibly the best sweep in the game.

  • Shifts Kliff's hurtbox and hitbox forward away from his collision box, letting him go *around* some moves.
    • This can lead to janky and confusing situations during an opponent's approach as Kliff will appear to be behind opponents in some scenarios.
  • Cancelled into Taunt for oki on hit, and into 236P for frame advantage or a conversion.
  • Links to 2S on CH. Works on normal hit against  May,  Baiken,  Jam,  Anji,  I-No,  Kliff, and  A.B.A.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 11 6 4


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
14 High/Air 5 8 8
Total: 20

Great air-to-air and jumping anti-air. One of Kliff's few safe air options in exchange for having the worst range (relatively).

  • Self cancellable and low recovery, making it great for closer range air wars
  • Combos into j.S for solid damage.
  • Mostly used while rising to catch jumps and other jump moves, and OS'd with j.H for airthrow attempts.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.K, j.S, j.H

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 3 8 1


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24 High/Air 7 5 6
Total: 17

Great, low-reaching normal used for hitting right below Kliff, safejumps, instant overheads, and fuzzy guards. The staple Kliff mixup tool.

  • Go-to normal out of airdashes and leads to some nasty mixup situations. It doesn't have much horizontal range, so it's mainly used when you've already conditioned or forced the opponent to block.
  • Sometimes used for air confirms, particularly to lead into j.41236S or j.236D confirms.
  • Leads to significant damage out of IADs (and IOHs with meter).
  • Can be used for a tick throw by whiffing j.P afterwards, or other delayed fall attacks.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.S, j.H, j.D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 5 7 2


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
28 High/Air 9 4 17
Total: 29

Decent air-to-air normal at range. Can hit deceptively deep. Combos into j.H for big conversions.

  • Works as a safejump (off j.41236S), fuzzy setup, and sometimes an IOH after j.D FDC right off the ground.
  • Big hurtbox extension. Avoid using it too closely if they're not already blocking.
  • Due to Kliff's slow fall speed, combined with this move's more subtle startup animation, you can hit after a somewhat deep j.K right before hitting the ground, and it becomes very ambiguous between it and 2K.

Gatling Options: j.H

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 80% 8 7 3


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 High/Air 10 8 19
Total: 36

Large, slow attack which can launch and cross up, hitting mainly behind Kliff on startup. Extremely strong as an air to air and as an air to ground because of its large hitbox, and a vital part of many important confirms. Due to its massive bully potential but specific weaknesses and counterplay, this button is overall one of Kliff's most important air normals to understand both for the Kliff player and the opponent.

  • Launches during the latter half of its active frames. This is when the hitbox is generally between directly below Kliff or in front of him.
  • Big rewards on hit, and you almost always get some sort of confirm, but there are many different routes and they can change significantly based on how the move connects.
  • Extremely large extended hurtbox. This allows many characters to tag it with a relatively long range 6p at neutral so be careful when using this move against players that know how to work around it. Additionally, if you are concerned about getting whiff punished for missed airgrabs, make sure to OS your airthrow with j.P.
  • Will always have a gap when chained into on block that can be reversal'd through (e.g. j.S > j.H is not airtight.) This window can actually work in your favor as it may tag players who buffer inputs during blockstun.
  • Can also be used as an instant overhead, despite appearances. If executed perfectly, it hits at a blazing fast 13 frames, and sets up all sorts of damaging conversions with or without meter. See here for an overview of how it works.

Requires some situational awareness for optimal use:

  • Hit as a crossup or early: keeps the opponent grounded. Confirm into 5P/c.S on landing for grounded confirms or 5K for a launch if close enough.
  • Hit later or at the launch side during a combo: launches opponents for generally big damage. Huge damage when hit as low as possible.
  • Counter hit: Fully untechable launch. You can confirm an OTG 2S from any height air counter hit, making counter hit air to air confirms extremely consistent. If you can manage to confirm into a juggle instead and thus avoid the OTG 2S proration, prepare to watch your opponent melt.
  • Non-launch grounded Counter hit: Gains a large amount of untechable time, making the followup confirm much easier.

Gatling Options: j.D

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 90% 11 6 4
  • Launches opponent on ground hit if hit during last 4 active frames (untechable for 29F)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
45 High/Air 25 Until landing 14 after landing -2

Stalls Kliff's air momentum before plummeting. Used to bait anti airs, throws, and some reversals. Nearly uncontestable, but horribly unsafe if you miss.

  • Easy damage confirms in the corner, smaller things midscreen. Can begin 6[H] confirms.
  • Can be FRC'd or FDC'd before it starts. The FRC will maintain downwards momentum, but FDC will cause Kliff to float upwards very slowly.
    • This FDC can be done with a j.D right off the ground into a minimum 15f .S IOH.
  • Will always retain its landing recovery unless you (F)RC and use a different jumping special move before you hit the ground.
    • This means it's better to (F)RC and airdash and/or use j.41236S and then do something on landing if they're not conditioned to attempt an Anti-Air.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
23~24F 90% 11 6 4
  • Listed Frame Adv is for j.D performed at minimum height

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
55 46 pixels

Alley Oop.

  • Above average throw range. Important part of Kliff's mixup.
  • Leads to short, easy combos midscreen with OTG 2S.
  • Can lead to monstrous damage in the corner by doing a full confirm, or by combo'ing into FB Chop.
  • OS with either K or c.S for a potential launch or Anti-jump.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A Forced 50% 6
  • Sends opponent on opposite side of throw direction
  • Dizzy modifier x0.8

Air Throw

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
60 90 pixels

Sometimes you just need to really get the point across.

  • Also above average air throw range.
  • Full confirms midscreen (Sometimes only from low heights, depending on the character) and in the corner.
  • Has exactly the same confirms as Ground Throw. Big damage or 50% meter for an almost guaranteed stun.
  • Best OS'd with j.P, though j.K and occasionally j.S work as well.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A Forced 50% 6,7
  • Dizzy modifier x0.8

Dead Angle Attack

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
35 All 12 4 12 -2 5~15F Strike
Total: 27

Probably the worst Dead Angle in the game. Use Backdash or 214P Dodge instead.

  • The good: Safe on block, harder to low profile than most DAAs, converts near the corner.
  • Not invincible until frame 5, must be timed correctly.
  • Will always lose to multi-hit projectiles with fewer than 5f between active windows.
  • No throw invulnerability either; extremely easy to bait this janky move as it starts.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 50% 10 7 3

Step Dash

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Total 34 3~19F Low Profile

Kliff's replacement for a standard character's dash. An incredibly important tool for Kliff with unique properties that give it use cases in every matchup.

For starters, unlike the Step Dash that  Johnny has, Kliff's can be cancelled into attacks at any point. This allows Kliff to incorporate dash momentum into grounded combo starters and aids in his approach as well. Important to note, if Kliff's dash is cancelled into an attack before he begins to move forward, he will not gain momentum on the ground, so timing is key for certain corner combos!

Even more importantly, Kliff's dash has a large amount of low profile When a character's hurtbox is entirely beneath an opponent's attack. This can be caused by crouching, certain moves, and being short., the exact same amount of it as  Faust crawling! This allows Kliff to slip under many projectiles and attacks, and gives him a lot of ways to anti-air and sneak under his opponent's offense.

Advanced Usage: Utilizing the low profile that Kliff's Step Dash provides combined with Slashback can allow Kliff to automatically time Slashbacks out of it! This is a powerful technique against moves like  Baiken's KabariGGACR Baiken 41236H Hitbox 1.pngGuardMidStartup20Recovery15Advantage+2, where Kliff can dash under the initial active frames just fine, but the late frames frequently hit him out of the recovery of his dash or the startup of another normal. By Slashbacking out of the dash instead, Kliff will stand up and it will automatically time itself. This can also be used against slow and/or large lingering projectiles, and against higher jump-ins.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
  • Can be cancelled into jumping or attacks at any point
  • Can be cancelled into Faultless Defense or Slashback from 15F onwards


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
8×4 All 61 ?? Total 120

Bouncing, multi-hit projectile which doesn't go away when Kliff gets hit. Who knew that calling somebody an idiot made for such good oki?

  • Can give Kliff meterless conversions off of Instant Overhead j.K/j.S when used.
  • Works best off of 2D or c.S knockdown.
  • Can cut down the recovery significantly by canceling into FD or an attacking from 62F onwards.
  • The last kana randomly spawns doubled in size for four times the damage.
  • Easily jumped over, but will generally force the opponent to make a decision when used at neutral. Each kana can be cancelled out by other projectiles.
  • Since this is a taunt it will give the opponent some tension. Make sure not to dial it in after winning a round and give the opponent 50 meter for the next one.
  • バカモン!!!!
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 3×4 7×4 3
  • Projectiles appear on 13F, 25F, 37F, 49F and will activate even if Kliff is hit
  • Projectiles disappear if they go off-screen
  • Can be canceled into anything other than movement or blocking from 62F onwards
  • Random chance last kana will be bigger size: Level 4, Damage – 32, GB+ – 10, GB- – 6, Tension – 3.84

Special Moves

Bellowing Roar

236P or 236S

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
236P 32 All 16 27 4 +3
236S 64 All 22 18 48 -32
Total: 46
Total: 87

Lesser dragon-roar Fried Egg. Excellent oki tool at +3, and good in pressure.

  • When meatied or FRC'd, it's possible to gain nearly 30 frames of advantage.
  • Decimates one hit of other projectiles, can help negate other zoners' games.
  • Serves as a decent poke, but awful on whiff.
  • Good for conversions or pressure continuation after 2D with an FRC.
    • When used after 2D, an airdash will allow you to convert if the 2D hit, or continue pressure if it was blocked.

Greater dragon-roar Fried Egg. Enormous hitbox that deals great damage and causes floor slide for conversions or oki. Bread and Butter combo tool.

  • Horribly unsafe on block and whiff unless FRC'd.
  • Universal combos after FRC. Used in all of Kliff's major loops.
  • Meterless conversions if hit against an airborne opponent, notably after 6{P} .

The FRCs on these moves are vital to playing Kliff effectively. Learn them.

Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
236P 17~19F 3 6 5
236S 23~26F 10 6 5


  • Destroys other projectiles
  • Attack is fully extended on 25F


  • Destroys other projectiles
  • Attack is fully extended on 31F

Skull Crusher

214S (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
214S 14×6 All 10 4×6 25 -8
j.214S 14×6 All 9 4×6 Until landing+6 -7
Total: 58

Transport attack, good in combos and as a (whiff) punish due to its large hitbox, speed, and range. Very difficult to punish.

  • Will beat many specific moves because of multiple hits, breaking through armor and riskier long range moves (e.g: Potemkin's slidehead and hammerfall).
  • Airborne from frame 7, will go over some things.
  • Unsafe on block, and in counterhit state for almost the entire duration, but you can still get away with this on block fairly frequently.
  • Leads to a mixup and lets Kliff get in when RC'd on block. Save yourself if the opponent can punish you consistently.
  • Combos into 2S unless you hit extremely far away.
  • Will usually not knock down an airborne opponent: they'll be able to tech the last hit and punish you.

Air drill. Leads to air knockdowns when close enough to the ground, or Tiger Knee'd.

  • Best near the corner at low height since it can combo into 2S.
  • Can confirm off of an air hit 236S near the corner to get back in and set up oki.
  • Very unsafe and not useful in neutral, but can be FRC'd when the active window ends. Don't whiff.
    • You'll want to know this FRC well, as occasionally you'll get sideswapped when attempting a j.41236S.
  • Don't use this against grounded opponents unless you get a character specific confirm or have the meter to (F)RC.
Version FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
214S N/A 14×6 6×6 4
j.214S 39~41F 14×6 6×6 4


  • Kliff is airborne from 7~54F
  • Kliff is in CH state from 1~55F


  • Listed Frame Adv is for TK Air Skull Crusher performed as fast as possible (startup 12F)

Nape Saddle


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40 High/Air 28 8 4+8 after landing -6
Total: 47

Vault. Fullscreen mixup and callout tool, knocks down. Hits overhead, and will crossup depending on position.

  • Not great when blocked. Throw punishable. Can also be easily tagged in the air, as it only goes active as Kliff passes the apex of his arc.
  • Works as a character specific alternative to 236S after an OTG 2S against characters that you want to stay in against when you don't have them near the corner.
  • Can convert into 2s on high air hits.
  • FRC > j.41236S or j.H can be used for tricks, but it's not the best use of meter due to Kliff's slow fall speed.
  • Cancelling taunt into this can give you some decent options, as taunt will usually cover the recovery.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
37~43F 8 7 3
  • Kliff is airborne 16~43F
  • Kliff is in CH state 37~43F
  • Auto Jump Install

Scale Ripper

623H > HxN

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
14×49 Mid 7 6×48, 3 22 -8

The Pinnacle of Anti-Airs. Gigantic, completely disjointed hitbox which smacks opponents almost anywhere above you.

  • Mostly useful at the end of a combo for tacking on as many hits as possible. Very burst safe, too.
  • The lengthy recovery and varying number of hits can put Kliff in an awkward situation.
  • Kliff can move back or forth slightly while mashing more hits.
    • If this clashes while mashing, you may get a 6H which will sometimes tag opponents that are ill-prepared.
  • Will vacuum even when they tech and requires FD to airblock, so it can repeatedly reset unaware opponents.
    • If you're on the receiving end of this move, tech and hold FD until you safely touch the ground.

NOTE: This attack groups hitboxes in trios.
E.G: [1,2,3], [4,5,6], [7,1,2]...
Minimum number of hits is 7 (42F).
The "finishing attack" is hitbox #3.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 14×49 6×49 4
  • Can mash for more hits
  • Does 5 hits without mashing
  • Can move back and forth while attacking
  • 49th attack is a "finishing attack"
  • Listed Frame Adv is for the finishing attack

2-Steps Forward


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Total 48 1~48F Strike
Total: 48

One of Kliff's defining moves in which he just steps to the side. Is strike invul for its entire duration. Can only be punished with throw.

  • Can either be followed up with Hellish Charge to put a hitbox out, or you can just wait for the recovery to end and grab or smack a button.
  • Works as a very risky reversal on wakeup, or use on oki to bait the reversals.
  • Great against lengthy moves you can react to, like supers, and can follow up with Chop or FB Chop for a huge punish.
  • Can be OS'd against and will lose to safejump > land > throw OS.
  • The closer you are to being dizzied and the more often you use it, the more chances it has of failing, which will get you killed.
  • This move cannot be canceled into.
  • Kliff 214P adds 10.24 stun to Kliff, regardless of whether or not you do a follow-up.
    • Kliff 214P does not increase Kliff's stun when it triggers Back Break state. It only increases stun when Kliff successfully dodges.

Throwing out Kliff's back
Under normal conditions, that is to say, you only input 214P in that order:

  • When Kliff's stun is less than 25% of his max stun, 214P is guaranteed to work
  • When Kliff's stun is between 25% (inclusive) and 50% (exclusive) of his max stun, he has a 12.5% chance to fail and break his back
  • When Kliff's stun is between 50% (inclusive) and 75% (exclusive) of his max stun, he has a 25% chance to fail and break his back
  • When Kliff's stun is greater than or equal to 75% of his max stun, he has a 50% chance to fail and break his back

Under abnormal conditions, and the condition appears to be whether or not you kara-cancel into 214P.

  • When Kliff's stun is less than 25% of his max stun, 214P is guaranteed to work
  • When Kliff's stun is between 25% (inclusive) and 50% (exclusive), 214P has a 25% chance to fail and break his back
  • When Kliff's stun is between 50% (inclusive) and 75% (exclusive), Kliff has a 50% chance to fail and break his back
  • When Kliff's stun is greater than or equal to 75% of his max stun, Kliff has a 75% chance to fail and break his back

Note: The reason "Max Stun" is used here instead of Kliff's default stun rating of 50, is because the dodge checks the maximum value, which can be modified. Check out the Bear Stun explanation for more details.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
  • Can cancel into followup (Hellish Charge and FB Hellish Charge) from 10~41F
  • Cannot be cancelled into
  • Each time Two Steps Forward is used, Kliff's current stun rating is added to a total
  • If this total reaches 80, Kliff's back goes out, leaving him vulnerable
  • After using Two Steps Forward 4 times, Kliff's back has a chance to go out immediately, based on his current stun rating

Hellish Charge

214P > P

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12 Mid 4 2 23 -11 1~4F Strike
Total: 28

Pseudo-DP followup to dodge done as a manzai routine smack. Strike invuln until startup.

  • Staggers on hit, allowing for a throw followup if they don't mash out.
  • Tags a hit against players who do not know to safejump > throw against dodge.
  • Better conversions when RC'd, eliminates it being unsafe.
  • Risky move, but a good thing to have.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 10 7 3
  • Dizzy modifier x1.5

Limb Severer


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
40, 32 High/Air, All 14 Until landing+12 26 -6

Kliff's main air combo knockdown tool. Strong all around move, both as a combo starter and ender.

  • Hits overhead, can cross up while cutting Kliff's horizontal momentum, and stalls in the air for occasional fakeouts.
  • Leads to a safejump with fuzzy guard setups. Has four(?) different shockwave sizes, growing larger the higher Kliff is when he initiates the move.
  • Leads to big damage, or guaranteed dizzy setups in the corner on hit with meter.
  • Can be difficult to punish due to pushback.
  • The second hit can cancel out other projectiles, keeping Kliff safe against things like Eddie's drills.
  • FRC right before it goes active to fake out into a throw or low.
  • Comes with the weakness of being out prioritized by j.214S if you get crossed under, which is *horribly* unsafe on whiff. Always keep the opponent's position in mind.
  • Can be punished by having the first hit air blocked and the second hit jumped over.

This move is overall one of Kliff's more important ones. Can be very frustrating to deal with if the opponent is not familiar with it.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
12~13F 15, 10 6, 7 5, 3
  • 2nd hit (shockwave) destroys other projectiles
  • The longer the dive, the bigger the shockwave
  • Listed Frame Adv is for the shortest possible dive

Force Breaks

Air Bellowing Roar


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
50 All 8 25 Total 25
Total: 25

Big hitbox projectile which covers a huge amount of horizontal airspace. Feasts off of other projectiles.

  • Blows Kliff back on use, helping him get out of dodge, particularly when Tiger Knee'd.
  • Untechable blowback and wallbounce on hit, giving Kliff ample time to convert as they fall back towards him.
  • Recovers as soon as the active frames fade, letting Kliff airdash back in and go for something like a falling j.H for an immediate ground pickup.
  • All around strong move. Never a bad use of meter.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 3 6 5
  • Destroys other projectiles

FB Hellish Charge

214P > D

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
12 Mid 22 2 68 -56 1~7F Strike
8~19F Upper Body
Total: 91

Almost guaranteed stun move (x50 modifier!). Getting tagged by this is one of the most frustrating things in the game. First you stun them, then you win.

  • Too slow to use at neutral, but can be combo'd into. Can work as a very slow punish in some instances.
  • Significantly less invuln than the meterless version.
  • Despite the ludicrously high dizzy modifier, there are many instances where the dizzy is not guaranteed. Use as early in a combo as possible when setting up.
    • Tends to work best near the corner, out of throw, airthrow, j.41236, Impossible Dust, and CH Gold Burst.
  • Becomes riskier to attempt the more you've been hit or attempted to dodge/214P. Be absolutely certain that you won't throw out your back when combo'ing into this.
  • Will perform the coughing animation regardless of hit or block/whiff. Won't give you enough time to start a combo with 6[H] unless you RC it. Kliff will still get ridiculous punishes afterwards regardless.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 10 7 3
  • Dizzy modifier x50


Reflex Roar


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
100 All 7+1 25 26 -17
Total: 58

Quick, full screen, high damage answer that blows through everything else. Enter the Dragon.

  • Will destroy other projectiles on screen.
  • Active for a huge amount of time, but won't fully extend until later in its active frames.
  • Often used to hitconfirm max ranged pokes into good damage. Can end combos or continue them.
  • Can be FRC'd to bait bursts, or follow with a whiffed 214K for good corner carry and a combo.
  • Wallsticks when close enough to the corner. Can do meterless confirms if close enough or if Reflex Roar hits later in its active frames.
  • Not fully invul. Kliff will get tagged before it goes active if he sticks his hand into a hitbox. Otherwise one of Kliff's best uses of 50 meter.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
9~14F 20 6 5
  • Destroys other projectiles
  • Kliff is in CH state from 1~45F

Sole Survivor

632146H (Hold OK)

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
24, 20×14 All 16+0 6, 35×14 Total 159 -25 1~22F All 

Extremely slow reversal that's invincible until it starts, but is very hit or miss if it connects.

  • Can be charged after the flash for more hits. Charging will also extend its throw invincibility until the button is released.
  • 0F after the first hit, so good in gaps against moves with a lot of recovery.
  • Hits at random and can knock them any given distance away from you. Can knock targets out of the hit zone and make itself completely vulnerable on hit.
  • If the opponent is sucked in on the last hit, it can combo into 2S > 236S after the knockdown.
FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 14, 3×14 6×15 4
  • Can only RC if 1st hit touches opponent
  • Kliff is in CH state during move
  • If held throw invul lasts until button is released

Instant Kill

Pulverizing Dragon's Roar

During IK Mode: 236236H

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Invuln
Fatal All 17+6 28 19 -28 17~20F All
Total: 69

Kliff's incredibly long IK preparation makes this rather impractical. FB Hellish Charge RC can give enough time to use this move, but mashing out beforehand is not particularly difficult. Generally too slow to be much use.

FRC Window Proration Guard Bar+ Guard Bar- Level
N/A 20 5
  • IK Mode activation: 100F
  • Kliff is in CH state 1~53F


To select your color, press the corresponding button while in the designated "color set". Color sets can be toggled through by hitting the Respect button.

  1. Only selectable on the Arcade and PC-Rollback versions of the game.
  2. Available on home ports, and are selected by pressing the Rec. Enemy button on the Slash or Reload color sets, respectively. Gold characters are powered up versions, Shadow characters have infinite tension. Both are banned from tournament play.


To edit frame data, edit values in GGACR/Kliff Undersn/Data.
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