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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
JI = Jump Install
RC = Roman Cancel
FRC = Force Roman Cancel
Keygrab = Bonding - 63214H
Bloodpack = Injecting - 63214P/Displacement - 63214P
Danzai = Judgement - 623H
Butt = Engorgement- 421H
Flipkick = Blunder- 41236K
Orbs = Eradication- j.41236S
AB = A.B.A
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BR = Bridget
CH = Chipp Zanuff
DI = Dizzy
ED = Eddie
FA = Faust
IN = I-No
JA = Jam Kuradoberi
JO = Johnny
JU = Justice
KL = Kliff Undersn
KY = Ky Kiske
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
OR = Order-Sol (HOS)
PO = Potemkin
RO = Robo-Ky
SL = Slayer
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
VE = Venom
ZA = Zappa

Combo List

Normal Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video Demonstration
5K > c.S > 2D > 63214H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Very Easy Standard combo into keygrab
Throw, (66), 63214H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy Your go-to throw option, character specific see details here
236S -> 46S -> 63214S > FRC, 66, 5H > 63214H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy
c.S > 2H > j.SPS > slight delay dj.S > j.63214H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Very Easy Best up close damage into keygrab
(6P) > 2S > j.SPS > dj.S > j.63214H Anywhere XXX XXX XXX Very Easy Anti-air
CH 2S > 2S > JI~2H > sj.SPS > dj.S > j.63214H Anywhere XXX XXX XXX Easy CH 2S Anti-air. You need to Jump Install 2H for it to work
5H > 6H > 236H, 6H > 236H, j.S > dj.S > j.63214H corner XXX XXX XXX Easy Dizzy-ing, Flex-ing. Very impractical to land in a real match but if you're able to the damage and stun is great.
5D > j.D > j.SPSPSPS > dj.S > Keygrab anywhere XXX XXX everyone Easy NM dust combo into keygrab, sometimes you can get more air buttons and sometimes you will have to do less depending on character and spacing. Note will build alot of their burst.
236S -> 46S -> 63214S > FRC > IAD > j.H > 2S > j.PS > dj.S > Keygrab anywhere XXX XXX XXX Hard Does more damage than simply doing 5H > Keygrab after the FRC, however is more difficult and inconsistent. Adjustments to IAD height, timing and whether or not you need to super jump will be needed.

Moroha Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video Demonstration
f.S > 2H > 421H Anywhere ~80 XXX Everyone Very Easy Moroha Mode ABA's simplest 2H combo, mostly used midscreen. Knocks down against every character and has decent corner carry.
f.S > 2H > 2S > 421H Anywhere ~100 XXX Everyone Very Easy Doesn't work on far connects of 2H, and might not always knock down against the lightest characters, but is otherwise worth it for the slightly higher damage and corner carry with barely any extra execution requirement. Use this and the combo above if you're new, as they are more consistent and not character specific. 2S > 421H works after Throw> c.S; CH 2S or just about any other launcher.
f.S > 5H(1) > 236S -> 46S -> 63214S > FRC > 66 > 2K > 2S > 421H Anywhere ~160 XXX Everyone Easy Full screen corner carry midscreen confirm at the cost of 25 meter and higher execution due to the FRC. The 2S won't connect if too many gatlings were done before the rekka. You can omit the FRC and the followups after for a meterless version with higher damage and corner carry than the combos above, however rekka ender makes it difficult to perform safejump oki against faster reversals midscreen due to the distance from ABA the opponent is left at.
f.S > 2H > 66 > c.S > 2S > 421H > c.S > 2S > 421H Corner ~180 XXX Everyone Easy ABA's main corner combo "Buttloop". If the opponent is too low after the first 421H, replace the c.S with 5K, as it is faster. 5K will fail to combo into 2S if the combo counter is high, however. On lighter opponents omit the c.S after 2H.
2D > [236S -> 46S -> 63214S]x3 Corner ~180-200 XXX Everyone except BA, MA, AX Easy ABA's rekka loop. Can be difficult against certain characters but is doable on most. Delay the 63214S as much as possible against lighter characters. If the 2D is gatling'd into, the opponent can tech out of the third loop, so do only two. On the last loop, you can replace the 63214S with 236K (flipkick) for slightly higher damage and access to the unblockable setup, as shown in the video. However, the flipkick will not knock down against lighter characters. Note: in Moroha mode this only works off of air hits of rekka (such as off of 2D) or rekka>(F)RC. Out of rekka>(F)RC starter this combo works on every character.
f.S > 2H > IAD, j.SH > j.41236S2S > 421H Near corner XXX XXX XXX Easy A staple in ABA's combo game, the IAD timing varies between characters. Can be hard against characters like Sol, not recommended to learn for beginners.
c.S/f.S > 2H > delay IAD, j.SH236S -> 46S -> 63214S, 236S -> 46S -> 236S Anywhere XXX XXX XXX Easy Corner Carry
c.S/f.S > 2H > delay IAD, j.SH > j.41236S5H > 623H, 66 5H > 623D, 63214P, 63214H near corner XXX XXX XXX Easy Moroha refresh
236S -> 46S -> 63214S, f.S(1) > 236S -> 46S -> 63214S, 236S -> 46S -> 236K near corner XXX XXX KY, PO, AN, JO, RO, TE, ZA Medium Meterless conversion off rekkas on standing opponents Twitter video
5P > c.S > 2H > j.SH > j.63214H XXX XXX XXX XXX Very Easy Simple combo into keygrab
5P > c.S > 2S > sj.SHD > j.41236S ▷ sj.KSH > j.63214H near corner XXX XXX XXX Easy Anti-Air
5P > c.S > 2S > sj.SHD > j.41236S2S > sj.SH > j.63214H near corner XXX XXX XXX Easy Anti-Air
Throw, 5H > 623H, dash jump > j.SHD > j.41236S ▷ (dash jump) > j.S > dj.S > j.63214H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy Corner carry, knockdown
c.S/f.S > 2H/2D > 236S -> 46S -> 63214S > FRC > 66 > 236S -> 46S -> 63214S midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy Corner carry, knockdown
c.S/f.S > 2H/2D > 236S -> 46S -> 63214S > FRC > 66 > c.S > 2S > 421H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy Corner carry, knockdown
c.S/f.S > 2H/2D > 236S -> 46S -> 63214S > FRC > 66 > 5H > 623H, dash jump > j.S > dj.SH > j.63214H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy Damage
c.S/f.S > 2H > 623H, dash jump > j.SHD > j.41236S midscreen XXX XXX XXX Very Easy Corner carry
c.S/f.S > 2H, [dash jump > j.SHD > j.41236S]x2 ▷ j.S > dj.S > j.63214H near corner XXX XXX XXX Very Easy Corner carry
c.S/f.S > 2H > Delay IAD > j.S > j.SH > j.41236S236S -> 46S -> 236K near corner XXX XXX XXX Very Easy Unblockable setup
c.S/f.S > 2H > delay IAD > j.S > slight delay j.H > j.41236S ▷ 66 > 5H > 623H, 623H(1) > 6321463214S near corner XXX XXX XXX Medium Damage, Goku Moroha refresh First part of:
Throw, (66 > 5H > 623H), dash jump > (j.SHD > j.41236S)x2 ▷ dash jump > j.S > dj.SHD midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy Corner carry
c.S/f.S > 2H > 421H, RC j.41236S, [dash jump > j.SHD > j.41236S]x2, sj.KSHD corner XXX XXX XXX Hard Highly variable but extremely useful for milking an even slightly cranked guard bar in Moroha mode. Does significantly more damage than butt loops.
Throw, [66 > 5H > 623H]x2, 623H(1) > 6321463214S near corner XXX XXX XXX Easy Goku Moroha refresh, Unblockable setup
5D > homing jump > dj.H ▷ [dash jump > j.SHD > j.41236S]x2 > dash jump > j.S > dj.SH > 63214H midscreen XXX XXX XXX Easy Corner carry, dj.H "Impossible Dust" into orb loops
5D > delayed IAD > j.K > dj.IAD > [j.41236S ▷ dash jump > j.SHD]x2 corner XXX XXX XXX Easy IAD j.K "Impossible Dust" combo
CH 2S > delayed IAD > j.SH > j.41236S236S -> 46S -> 63214S, 236S -> 46S -> 236K midscreen XXX XXX XXX Medium 2S Anti-air CH combo to rekkas

Goku Moroha Combos

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video Demonstration
c.S/f.S > 2H > 421H [▷ c.S > 2S > 421H]x3 > dj.IAD, j.SH > j.41236S near corner ~240 XXX XXX Very Easy Super duper easy Goku buttloops. Good meterless damage, though does not knock down, but can lead to tech trap. Longer starter may require reducing the amount of butts by 1 or 2 or the opponent can tech out midcombo. To knockdown, slightly delay the ender and change it to j.H, reducing the amount of butts if necessary, though may not knockdown on lighter characters. Remove c.Ss in the loop for lighter characters as needed, as it may knock them too high.
c.S/f.S > 2H > 421H > jc IAD, j.SH > j.41236S [▷ 66 (c.S) > 2S > 421H > dj.IAD, j.SH > j.41236S]x2 anywhere ~240 XXX XXX Easy Corner carry buttloop variant. Orbs may be FRCed to make the combo more stable. Omit c.S on lighter/further characters if necessary. To knockdown, slightly delay the ender and change it to j.H, though may not knockdown on lighter characters. Launchers are often accidental Goku activation wallbounce sideswitches or throws literally anywhere. From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific.
(236D, 66 > 41236K, 66) > c.S > 2S > 421H > dj.IAD > slight delay j.SH > j.41236S ▷ dash jump > j.SHD > dj.HSH anywhere XXX XXX XXX Medium (Unblockable) Damage Second part of:
c.S/f.S > 2H > slight delay 41236K > 421H > 6H(2) > 421H > 2S > 421H > dj.IAD slight delay j.SH corner ~255 XXX XXX Medium A higher damage buttloop variant that ends in an easy knockdown. Good to know against characters that orbs(2) is unreliable on. To knockdown light characters you'll have to delay the final j.SH.
2D > 6H(2) > 421H > 6H(2) > 421H > c.S > 2S > 421H > dj.IAD slight delay j.SH corner ~280 XXX XXX Hard An even higher damaging buttloop variant. Doing this combo requires either dash momentum or a CH 2D starter. To get a knockdown on light characters you'll have to delay your airdash and heavily delay the final j.SH.

Combo Theory

Normal Mode

Your main goal in NM is to get out of it, so ideally you want any hit you land to convert into a keygrab. There are a ways to do this:

  • Throw > Keygrab - Your main method of getting into Moroha, other than Bloodpacks
  • Buttons > 2D > Keygrab
  • Buttons > Keygrab if your opponent will be pushed out of 2D range
  • Buttons > Rekka 3 FRC > Keygrab
  • 236K FRC > Buttons > Keygrab
  • CH 2S > Air combo > Keygrab
  • CH 2H > Air combo > Keygrab
  • If 2H trades, OTG Keygrab

Once you're in MM, your options open up quite a bit.

Moroha Mode

While you're in MM, there's a lot of factors that you'll be choosing your combo routes on. To keep it simple, focus on your meter, Moroha gauge, and your opponent's guard bar. Here are your main routes while in MM:

  • Buttons > 2H(2) > Butt Loops while in the corner
  • Buttons > 2H(1) > Stagger Loops
  • Buttons > Rekkas
  • Buttons > 2D > Rekka Loops
  • Danzai > Danzai Loops
  • CH 2S > Butt Loops
  • CH 2S > Dazai Loops
  • Throw > Butt Loops
  • Throw > Danzai Loops

As an A.B.A player, you'll want to be familiar with these routes and their use.

Butt Loops: Deal good damage and give great oki but are only possible when near the corner. Butt can be RC'd to land Orbs(2) for even more damage, and Keygrab will land OTG after a butt knockdown if you need to transform.

Rekka Loops: Similar to buttloops in that they deal great damage and give A.B.A good oki. Off of the sliding knockdown that Rekka 3 inflicts A.B.A can land a keygrab, and while midscreen Rekka loops aren't possible Rekka routes have great corner carry.

Stagger Loops: Done using the stagger property of Rekka 2. Stagger loops can be wiggled out of so they won't work on everyone, but the amount of meter, damage, and corner carry they give A.B.A makes them an incredible tool. Staggers also allow A.B.A to land double keygrab, making her able to refresh her Moroha gauge off of nearly any ground hit.

Danzai Loops: Usually only done off of a throw. Doing Danzai loops makes you forfeit your knockdown most of the time, but they give ridiculous amounts of meter in return so it's well worth the trade. Any Danzai in a Danzai loop can be replaced with FB Danzai which allows A.B.A to do Bloodpack > Keygrab and refresh her Moroha Gauge.

The combo route choices are less obvious in +R for A.B.A. now that [strike Keygrab]x2 is gone, but some generalizations are: Low on gauge? Combo into Keygrab, or if possible, Goku Moroha for full gauge refresh and knockdown. Not low on gauge? Combo for damage or corner push. Depending on the combo, you can also end in Keygrab and possibly have time to Bloodpack before they wakeup, but this is riskier now that you have less time to get the Bloodpack out. You’ll recover at about the same time so you won’t be able to pressure, but hey, you refreshed your bar. Then there’s the new “end combo with Bloodpack FRC > Keygrab” thing, a complete transform that restores 120% self-inflicted damage as a pseudo-replacement for double Keygrab. The uses for this are a bit limited and IMO it's overly difficult--for only 25% more meter, you could refresh by going into Goku Moroha with much greater ease and have enough time for a sweeter oki setup (not to mention that simply being in Goku Moroha is a great reward in itself).

Goku Moroha

While in GM the thought process behind your combo routing is the same but your options are a little different. You'll usually want to combo into Butt and go from there, though Rekka Loops and Stagger loops are still good routes to take. While you're in the corner, Orbs(2) becomes possible meterless, and in general your Butt routes become more varied.

  • 2D > 6H becomes your best launcher
  • 2H > Flipkick is a small change in routing that can make a big difference in damage while in the corner
  • Orbs(2) should be used whenever possible to maximize damage
  • Replace c.S > 2S with 6H to maximize damage

Keep in mind that some of the adjustments listed above require character specific routes and timings so you may need to practice them beforehand.

When playing A.B.A knockdowns are very important, but while you're in GM they become even more so. In GM you gain access to more options in every situation, so it's only natural that you have access to more combo enders (mainly during Butt loops).

j.H Ender: The simplest and easiest ender. Doing IAD delayed j.H will knockdown after Butt and gives you decent oki.

j.SH Ender: Another simple yet not quite as easy ender. Depending on how high your opponent is from the ground and how high you are from the ground means that you may have to delay your air dash, your j.SH, or both. You'll need to get a feel for it, but the improved oki that this ender gives you is worth the time spent.

j.PHSH Ender: This ender requires your opponent to be very close to the ground, and have less than 12 hits in your combo. You can delay the j.P more than you'd think, which makes this ender easier than expected. Gives great oki and tacks on a bit more damage.

j.SHS dj.HSH Ender: Similar to the j.PHSH except much more difficult. By far your most damaging ender.

Danzai / FB Danzai ender: In some situations (namely after iad Orbs(2)) Danzai can be used to end a GM combo with a knockdown. If you can hit Orbs(2) > Danzai while your opponent is low enough, it becomes a very stable combo ender. Otherwise, FB Danzai can be used to knockdown without specific setups to refresh your Moroha Gauge.

j.Pxn Ender: While doing j.P doesn't knock down, it can be used to close out a round as guts comes into play. If your opponent is at very low health then more damaging moves like j.S or j.H will do less damage, so doing more hits with j.P will give you more damage overall.

Orbs(2) Theory

Because Konzetsu (orbs) is two projectiles, you can hit the opponent twice with one special, dealing a kazillion damage.

This section is under construction! Contributions appreciated! TBA-GM Orbs(2) continued, more combos, Orbs Oki, ID orbs(?), stuff(tm)

A.B.A's most powerful (not so) secret technique, she can use Konzetsu/Eradication/Orbs to hit the opponent twice, often called Orbs(2). Though the two orbs look identical, the rear orb has increased damage and untech time while also appearing 1 frame later, which means that should the opponent be in position to get hit by both, they will get the increased untech of the rear orb. This is A.B.A's best method of maximizing damage to guard bar scaling, and it lets her do an obscene amount of damage with just a bit of guard bar crank. This requires her opponent to practically be on top of her, but there are several relatively easy ways to do this, though it is much easier on characters with wider hurtboxes. Generally, Orbs(2) is done early in a combo, both to minimize guard bar scaling and minimize combo pushback, as it can easily push A.B.A out of Orbs(2) range.

Orbs(2) after Butt in Moroha Mode

Orbs(2) will commonly be done after 421H in a combo in the corner. In Moroha Mode, 421H can be RC'd into Orbs(2) early in a combo for expensive but very damaging combo filler. Because A.B.A keeps her momentum when 421H is RC'd, if the opponent is above or not directly on A.B.A, you'll want to delay the Orbs, allowing the momentum to carry A.B.A into the opponent. Note that you can jump and airdash out of Butt RC, in case the opponent is very high above A.B.A. Most commonly, this is used when guard bar is cranked high, and you want as much immediate reward for it as possible. It can also be used to close out rounds. This doesn't see as much use due to its high cost, but with high enough guard bar crank, it is definitely justifiable. Generally, this follows the same combo as Moroha Mode buttloops, just with the earliest butt RC'd into Orbs(2), with varying amounts of delay.

Orbs(2) after Butt in Goku Moroha Mode

In Goku Moroha Mode, 421H is jump cancellable, allowing A.B.A to get followups without requiring RC, thus making Orbs(2) (or any other followup for that matter) a much more common and viable option. Due to the required jump to cancel 421H, you have to take the upwards angle into account, which can make it both make it easier or trickier to land.

  • If the opponent is directly above you, you can often simply do 9>Orbs and have both orbs hit. Similarly, if the opponent is very close to A.B.A, you can often do TK Orbs (412369S) to do the move with less upward movement.
  • Keep in mind that you can jump cancel at any point after 421H hits the opponent, so if A.B.A is not directly above the opponent or needs to get closer, you can often delay the jump cancel and use 421H's momentum to move A.B.A closer and below the opponent.
  • When further away from the opponent while they are above A.B.A, you can IAD out of 421H to close the distance, but if the opponent is not high enough or your timing isn't on point, they can fall out.
  • Dashing into the side of an opponent with a thinner hurtbox may lead to A.B.A being pushed out due to their collision box and only one orb landing.
  • A.B.A's air buttons can be used to affect the opponent's momentum to push them into a good position to do Orbs(2) as well. j.S and j.D pull the opponent up, while j.H pulls the opponent down. Keep in mind that buttons will increase the pushback and may cause A.B.A to fall out of Orbs(2) range.

Orbs(2) FRC Orbs(2)

Probably the absolute best way to maximize your damage while minimizing guard bar gauge depletion is through Orbs(2) FRC Orbs(2). Though it is doable in Moroha Mode, in Goku Moroha Mode, the FRC window is increased from 2f to 4f, making it significantly easier. Keep in mind that the Goku Moroha Mode FRC window for Orbs is not simply the Moroha Mode FRC window but extended, as it is with Rekka 3, but it is a different window altogether, so if you plan on doing it in Moroha Mode and Goku Moroha Mode, you will have to learn two separate FRC timings. Thankfully, it is the most used in Goku Moroha Mode, so if you don't feel like learning another 2f FRC, you probably don't have to, though the Moroha Mode Orbs FRC can be used for okizeme. Using Orbs(2) FRC Orbs(2) in Goku Moroha Mode, you can often TOD with some guard bar cranked, and it is one of your best ways of spending meter once in Goku Moroha Mode alongside FB Bloodball for unblockables, FB Danzai, and Dead Angle Attack.

To input Orbs(2) FRC Orbs(2), you can either do 41236S FRC 41236S, or to do it faster, negative edge the second Orbs input using the FRC in 41236S 41236 [FRC] ]FRC[. The two are shown here. Keep in mind that FRCing Orbs does not restore air actions, so after a jump cancelled 421H, you will not have another jump, though you will have an air dash. If the first Orbs(2) is done after a grounded jump or jump cancel, you'll be able to jump after the FRC. Orbs(2) FRC Orbs(2) can generally be used in most places where Orbs(2) already applies, and you will generally find that a minimal delay between the two Orbs specials will give the best results.

Combo Examples (Goku Moroha)

Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video Demonstration
c.S/f.S > 2H > 421H > JC j.41236S(2) [▷ c.S > 2S > 421H]x2 > JC IAD, j.SH > j.41236S near corner XXX XXX most characters probably Easy Basic buttloops with Orbs(2) after the first butt. 421H > JC j.41236S(2) is easy and applicable in many situations. You may be able to get another rep if the opponent is kept high enough to avoid pushback. Like usual, you can replace the ender with j.H to knockdown.
c.S/f.S > 5H(2) > 2D > 6H(2) > 421H > JC delayed IAD j.S > j.41236S(2)2S > 421H > JC IAD j.H > j.41236S(2)2S > 421H > JC IAD j.SH near corner XXX XXX Faust Easy Meterless Orbs(2) buttloop variant on Faust with two Orbs(2) reps and knockdown. Because the starter moves him further, delayed IAD j.S is used to move him up and into A.B.A, while IAD j.H is used to pull him down into A.B.A while adding a bit of damage.
c.S/f.S > 5H(1) > 2H(2) > 421H > JC j.41236S(2) > FRC > j.41236S(2)2S > 421H > JC j.41236S(2) > FRC > j.41236S(2)2S > 421H > JC IAD, j.SH near corner XXX XXX wide characters Medium Buttloops, but with 2 Butt > Orbs(2) FRC Orbs(2) reps leading to lots of damage and knockdown for 50 meter, though more buttloops can be done afterwards for more damage and no knockdown. Starter can vary, obviously.

Video Examples