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Don't think of Ky as being like Ky from other Guilty Gear games. Instead think of Ky as a prototype version of Leo Whitefang. Your goal as Ky in Master vs Master scenarios is to find a way to get close to your opponent so you can start looping Frame trap An offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own.s, Guard Breaks, and crossup Attacking your opponent after changing which horizontal side you are on, typically by jumping over them.s. If the opponent even thinks of doing anything committal at mid-range just use 5Y, Modern Cancel, Forward Step, 5X to start Ky's Bread n Butter combos. Ky can 2 touch the opponent in many cases so the enemy Master will almost always be afraid of a Ky with Tension.

All that said Ky lacks high damage single target hits as well as lacking wide AoE attacks. Eventually Ky will need to rely on his army of Servants and Charged Stun Edge to keep up with the numbers his opponents can produce. If you can take care of Ky's army then Ky's army will take care of him due to Illyria having high HP and Attack values at a high Mana cost. Due to this Ky's time is best spent finding and killing the enemy Master if possible. Tension potions go a long way in helping this if Ky can afford it.

If you manage a early lead investing in Ky's Elite Ranged or Magic Servants are a good first contract after you cover the map in Swordsmen. Otherwise if you are having trouble keeping up Gauntlet Bodies can help you fight back from a disadvantage due to high HP, damage, and type advantage over Melee Servants.

Servant Clear

This is not Ky's strong suite but he needs to do it anyways from time to time.

  • 4X ,8X(both hits),step cancel, repeat works alright on Basic Servants
  • Charged Stun Edge is going to be needed for larger groups. 4/6Y Holy Brand works until you can afford better.
  • If facing a Elite Armored Servant then use F8X,step cancel, repeat since you don't have to worry about knockdown.
  • Items play a large part in what Ky can do against large groups. Look for Bombs, Anti-rods, Landmines, and whatever else you can think of or find given your luck with the weather.


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