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The Backyard

Generally, The Backyard is considered the worst tribe. Their units tend to have an ability unique to them.
Basic units are all a little weak, with Namahage having the only useful unique trait (being a low cost armor unit) and Kappa single-handedly dropping Izuna down a tier with his awful counter.

Elites are similar, but most of the special abilities are actually quite useful in specific situations. This makes them more situational than other tribe's elites, but more powerful in the correct situation than other elites.

Basic Servants

Melee ●

210 Cost / 480 HP / 110 SPD / 10 RMC
A rather lackluster Basic Melee Servant with low health, average attack, and high cost. Not a very good unit but Izuna has to use them to maintain map control and vision.

Has a counter which when triggered does an armored attack. This counter is a weakness in disguise though as the opponent can use the armor to hit with high damage attacks that would normally knockdown in order to kill Kappa faster than otherwise possible.

Armor ■

360 Cost / 720 HP / 70 SPD / 10 RMC
The cheapest basic Armor Servant in the game. One of the slower units in the game so often needs to be carried to it's location. Izuna sometimes wants to unlock 2nd due to strength against Melee type and the relatively cheap cost to summon.

Somewhat low DPS. Also has a odd weakness in that none of it's attacks can knockdown. Due to it's low damage consider mixxing with other squads with other Servant types.

Mobile ▲

300 Cost / 500 HP / 125 SPD / 10 RMC
A somewhat mediocre Servant. Does a good job of killing Ranged and Magic type Servants but has a hard time dealing damage to Armor type Servants.

IttanmomenMade of Paper
Ranged ↑

110 Cost / 350 HP / 110 SPD / 10 RMC
Ittanmomen has a unique quirk where it shoots two projectiles instead of one if it reaches max level. Unfortunately this is very rare as this unit can be killed by the enemy Master in one combo with no knockdown.

There isn't much of a reason to summon these sadly.

Elite Servants

Melee ●°

360 Cost / 1500 HP / 110 SPD / 40 RMC
Tengu attacks often with good DPS and is Izuna's strongest Servant. A good choice to carry with Izuna as it does good damage to Ghosts, Servants, enemy Masters, and even the enemy Masterghost barrier.

When paired with Tengu; one can drop them buff both with Izuna's purchased Ability C.Crysanthimum, pick them both up so the buff timer freezes, then drop off at the enemy Masterghost to break the barrier very quickly. The threat of this can force your opponent to split their units for map vision or they lose the game.

Tengu's spinning kick almost guard breaks the opponent if they block it. In a large battle scenario they are forced to back off as one more hit of any kind would guard break them.

Tengu can banish one enemy in a tornado for a period of time. This ability is a double edged sword because while the enemy is banished by a tornado they cannot attack or be attacked. If you commanded your squad to keep moving after capturing a Ghost then they might leave the banished unit behind, then when the enemy unit comes back from being banished it simply captures the Ghost with no opposition. Most of the time high priority targets are going to be lost near squads of weaker basic units so it's hard to get the Tornado to banish a unit you really do want gone from the fight.

Armor ■°

650 Cost / 3000 HP / 75 SPD / 100 RMC
Only hits Ghosts and the Masterghost but does absurdly high damage. Getting Daidarabotchi to the enemy Masterghost is a win condition.

Daidarabotchi's basic attack instantly destroys Masterghost barrier and 3 Basic Attacks will lower Masterghost to 1 HP. Daidarabotchi's walk does 30 damage to enemies launches with low untech.

When 1000 damage is taken, Daidarabotchi will be stunned and drop 4 Mini-Daidarabotchi Minions. This can only happen twice even if you heal Daidarabotchi.

Daidarabotchi isn't without flaws though, it is expensive and walks slow keeping it from being a viable option except in long games. You can position yourself behind Daidarabotchi and do a free lock dash into his back to push Daidarabotchi which can be a viable way of getting him to his destination quicker

Ranged ↑°

290 Cost / 1000 HP / 110 SPD / 40 RMC
A decent Servant but not one seen often as it doesn't do anything unique or necessary for Izuna's army. Can make a solid squad with Tengu and Oyuki as their attacks and abilities tend to cover one another but is usually summoned last.

Lays some highly active spinning blade projectiles attacks, basic projectiles, and dashes at enemies.

Izuna's army as a whole is somewhat weak to Armor Servants and Kirin is weak to Armor Servants.

Kirin also has low life so it's hard to keep alive.

Magic ★°

390 Cost / 750 HP / 80 SPD / 40 RMC
A good support unit which increases allies defense and freezes enemies. The freeze is a very strong part of Oyuki's kit and allows Izuna to combo into his 2XX super hard knockdown (lasts about 10 seconds). Some players opt for unlocking Oyuki before Tengu.

When paired with Tengu; one can drop them buff both with Izuna's purchased Ability C.Crysanthimum, pick them both up so the buff timer freezes, then drop off at the enemy Masterghost to break the barrier very quickly. The threat of this can force your opponent to split their units for map vision or they lose the game. Place Oyuki right next to the enemy Masterghots because it's melee attack has high DPS while it's ranged attack has low DPS and it chooses which to use based on the context of it's nearest target.

Despite the high DPS on it's melee attack, Oyuki does not do a reliable job of countering Armor due to low DPS on it's ranged attack. Still it's the best you have for helping Izuna clear a squad of enemy Armor units so you will still want to use it in that context.

Has low health and can be easily targeted by the enemy Master so Izuna needs to carry Oyuki with him.


Magic ★

300 HP / 30 sec life
Summoned by Izuna with the ability Dharma Summons he can purchase. Doesn't attack but rather supports with a projectile that freezes the enemy and a unavoidable slow debuff. Good for engaging the enemy Master with.

Armor ■

440 HP / 40 sec life / unique summon condition
A group of 4 is summoned by Daidarabotchi when it's health lowers to 2000 and 1000.

Mini-Daidarabotchi attack with a 3 punches followed by a kick that knocks the enemy back.

They attack often so if they manage to stay alive they can be useful. Your opponent will probably be able to afford purchasing a Dispel which kills them so this limits how useful they can be.


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