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General Tactics

Despite being an okizeme-focused character, Zooey has a good amount of neutral tools to help her secure the knockdown she needs.

Neutral Tools

  • f.M: Zooey's farthest reaching poke. Generally you want to cancel into 214L and 214L~4L if it hits, and stop on 214L if the f.M/2M is blocked. Combos into 214M on CH or crouch. 2M can also be used in the same way but has slightly less range.
  • 2H: Amazing anti-air. Can cancel recovery with 5U.
  • 5U > 6L/M/H: Charges dragon meter. The 6L/M/H cancel has strike invuln. Can be used in neutral to safely charge dragon meter and then using the strike invuln to beat projectiles.
  • 2U: Can low profile some projectiles and also leads into 214X on hit.
  • 236L/5S: Extremely fast projectile, great for checking dashes or challenges after 2M or 5M and has a strong presence in general in neutral. If the dragon hits the opponent, it will remain where it hit them and 236M/H will start from that position. The 5S input does less damage but still costs the same amount of dragon meter.
  • j.22X: Can be used to mixup landing timings on jump-ins and can catch opponents trying to anti-air.

Dragon Meter

Zooey's dragon meter is an important part of playing her and knowing how to manage it will help immensely. The different dragon attacks cost a different amount of the meter:

  • 236L: 6.66% of dragon meter
  • 236M: 12.5% of dragon meter
  • 236H: 25% of dragon meter

Although the different types have different costs, you don't need that amount to do them. For example, if you only have 10% of meter left, you can still use 236H.

Zooey also gains more dragon meter if the dragon is not on the screen. If the dragon is on the screen, it builds slower and she will lose some meter when she leaves hitstun.

The dragon takes 12 seconds to recover once the gauge is emptied.


  • c.XXX > 22L: Works midscreen and leaves you spaced out at -2 and effectively resets to neutral.
  • 2L 5L 2L: Basic GBVS pressure to check and see how the opponent responds to your plus frames.
  • c.L link c.M: Frametraps.

Essential Combos

Midscreen confirms into 214H:

  • 5L 2L 5L 214H 4X
  • On crouch: 2L 2L 2L 214H 4X
  • On CH 2L 2M 214H 4X

Recommend going into EX whenever possible. 6X For more corner carry. 4X if you have dragon meter to burn. 6X if close to corner then end with 5MMM xx EX DP.

Anti-air (CH) 2H 5U dash forward 5H 214H~6X


  • CH 5H 236M j.U j.U 5H 214H~6X 5H super (max damage)
  • 236H 2L xx UOH 5HHH 22H 2M 214H~6X 5MMM xx 623H. Loopable combo/oki that refreshes cooldown by the time you reach that point in the combo again.

Dustloops can be done on any 236M hit.


  • 214L/M: Run up safe 2L, or throw/shimmy/delayed normal.
  • 214H~X: 236H dragon and go for throw/low or UOH.
  • 214H~6X: More corner carry but worse oki. Can get a safe meaty 2L.
  • 623H: Can safejump with j.M (crosses up midscreen). In corner do 236H for dragon mixups:
    • 2L UOH
    • 2L 2U
    • Throw
  • Throw: Dash up meaty. Forward throw can’t get meaty 2L, but can get meaty 5M. In corner, safejump (can do dragon but is tough to implement).
  • In corner: 214H~6X c.MMM 236L into UOH is a meaty overhead.

Matchup Information

Diaphone's Zooey MU discussion with other Zooey players

Further Resources

A good chunk of this strategy section was taken from Diaphone's video and document. Check them out!

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