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General Tactics

TK Spear of Arvess (Fall)

Technically not a TK input since 7/9 isn't input at all, but this still allows Zeta's descending spear lunge to come out super low to the ground, essentially turning it into a divekick. To do this, input 2 8 2, or down up down, followed by a button to get Spear of Arvess (Fall) as soon as Zeta jumps. Safe on block too.

TK Spear Dive Demonstration

Metera 236L punish

TK Armor Stance

By inputting 2147X~H, Zeta will turn around after her H followup leaps over the opponent, which she cannot do from a 214 input. This can crossup the opponent with a jumping normal when they normally would hit nothing due to Zeta facing away from her opponent in the air, or an empty jump low, or whatever other options one has from 214X~H. An especially tasty mixup is to do TK 214X~H > 22L. Like Lancelot's j.U if timed right, this will put Zeta on the side of the opponent she started from, mixing up those who thought she was going to crossup. She can even bait anti-airs with TK Armor stance. Doing j.22L from a TK 214H~H allows Zeta to punish a whiffed anti-air (she pauses in the air slightly before performing j.22L, allowing her to bait anti-airs), followed by 2X to get her back to the ground and in preffered range should the opponent recover.

TK Armor Stance Demonstration

Wakeup Armor vs Abare

Given that Zeta's 214H is armor, opponents may use meaty throw on her more than normal in an attempt to prevent her from using it as a reversal. In these situations, a number of options will beat the meaty throw, such as a wakeup button, jump, or overhead if you have a particularly strong read. Good abare is generally required to help make Zeta's armor a more viable reversal, so don't just default to one option on wakeup.


  • (c.l/2L) > 2L > 2M

A good blockstring for pushing characters away from Zeta. Tick throw or throwbait instead after the initial 2L to make your offense more ambiguous. Keep in mind that 2L > 2M can be interrupted with some fast lights.

  • (c.l/2L) > 2L > 2U

An alternative to the above blockstring. 2L > 2U will combo on crouching or counter hit and will frametrap on block, though 2U is more unsafe on block than 2M, so you'll have to decide if you want to cancel into fireball for safety or bet on them respecting or attempting to roll through this.

  • (f.M/2M) > 66X~4X

Poke into Spear of Arvess. This is a hitconfirm off a poke. If 66X hits, continue on with 6X for corner carry. If blocked, back away with 4X. If your opponent respects you retreating, you can simply stop after the initial 66X to remain closer instead.


Fireball okizeme

From a distance, time 236X to hit the opponent on wakeup. If your opponent attempts to wake up with Cross Over or Dodge to avoid the chip damage and gain space, use 236M to delay the fireball past their wakeup frames to punish this. This can be a useful way to close out rounds against an opponent with low health who might be worrying about a chip loss.

Safejump, j.U (pogo) okizeme

From a corner knockdown, Zeta can use j.U for okizeme. She can pogo bounce off the opponent up to three times, perfect for changing around when you land and keeping the opponent on their toes. Your goal when safejumping with j.U is to have the first j.U connect as low as possible to the ground; if done correctly, then any further j.Us you perform will also be low enough to the ground to be reversal safe. From a blocked j.U, Zeta has a number of options:

  • A second j.U, for a true blockstring.
    • 2 j.Us into a j.M can be used to confirm her air Skybound Art on a successful hit, preventing the need to try and land for a grounded combo, which can be inconsistent.
  • A delayed j.U or another jump normal such as a j.M or j.H, for a frametrap and a second overhead.
  • Landing and performing a low like 2L for a high/low mixup. This can be fuzzied, but delayed jump normals can throw off your opponent's fuzzy timing.
  • Landing and throwing, which allows her to begin the j.U okizeme again.

She can also perform any of these options in the initial safejump itself, making her okizeme even more ambiguous. Her easiest setups to start this okizeme with a safe jump are:

  • Corner forward throw (High jump)
  • 2U (Normal jump on grounded hit, microwalk then normal jump on an airborne hit, like in a juggle)
  • Corner (character dependent midscreen) 22H~(delay)6X~8X (Normal jump)
  • Corner 66H~9X~8X (Normal jump)
  • Corner SBA (Normal jump)
  • Neutral jump air throw (Normal jump)
  • 66H~(delay)6X~(delay)6X (Normal jump)
  • raw j.22H~(delay)6X~3X (Normal jump)
  • 214H~L (High jump)

This clip demonstrates a basic OS against Zeta's pogo sequences, which can help to reduce the number of options one needs to defend against:

Matchup Information

L and H versions of Rhapsody (armor stance) can be used in neutral on reaction or on a strong read to punish forward moving specials, like Gran's Overdrive Surge (boot) or Charlotta's Shining Onslaught. This is especially useful as these specials tend to be very safe (or even plus) when dodged at their max range, so this gives Zeta a unique callout option.

TK Spear dive can be used to jump over and punish Metera's 236L, but it's a hard read.

TK Spear dive is pretty effective against Gran, Katalina, Lancelot (provided he isn't rushing you down at the moment), and anyone else who uses fireballs. It isn't recommended against Charlotta, but it turns the matchup against Metera into a decent one provided you can read your opponent. Also useful against Percival and Ferry.

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