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General Tactics

Soriz is a very powerful close to midrange character. His specials are well-equipped to bully his opponent with their relatively powerful frame advantage and high chip damage. He holds the best rush punch in the game with L Impact Knuckle that forms the core of his gameplan. Impact Knuckle is complemented with Punch the Stars as a pressure tool to add more options for the opponent to worry about. Soriz is also not without tricks, as H Roundhouse Fang is functionally a 6-frame H normal. Once he pushes the opponent into the corner, his bullying ability is amplified by his ability to use EX moves to take out large chunks of the opponent's health bar.

Soriz's offense is based on buffering specials from normals. Generally you want to be in f.L/f.M/2M range, as most character's light normals will whiff and you can easily punish them with a buffer into a special. Soriz uses his minus frames from his special moves to bait buttons from the opponent and punishes them into submission, which will generally open them up to a throw. All of his special moves except Roundhouse Fang leave him at prime bullying distance on block and advantage on hit, allowing him to keep up the pressure.


True Blockstrings :

  • f.H -> 236L
  • f.M -> 236H
  • f.M -> 214H (Far M -> 214L isn't a true blockstring at most range but can be if close enough)
  • c.H -> 22L

Blockstrings from Autocombos:

5XX/5XXX >

  • 236L (tight, can be delayed to frame trap)
  • 236M (more than 10f gap)
  • 236H (always tight)
  • 214L (always tight)
  • 214M (frame traps 5f normals)
  • 214H (always tight)
  • 22L (frame traps 5f normal)
  • 22M (more than 10f gap)
  • 22H (tight, can be delayed to frame trap)

Frame Traps :


  • cl.L cl.L
  • 22M > any L or M button

≤4 gaps:

  • c.L delay c.L
  • c.L 2L
  • 2L c.L
  • 2L 2L
  • c.L/2L c.M
  • 22H > any L/M button

5f gaps:

  • c.L/2L f.L/2M
  • c.M c.L

6f gaps:

  • c.M c.M
  • c.M 2L
  • c.L/2L 5M
  • 22H cl.H

7f gaps:

  • 214L/M 2L
  • 236H cl.L

8f gaps:

  • 214L/M f.L/2M
  • 236M/H 2L

9f gaps:

  • 236L 2L


Good joke.

In all seriousness, Soriz doesn't get any kind of knockdown midscreen without using H Roundhouse Fang. In the corner it's more likely to land a knockdown, but it's still not going to happen often. Soriz mostly gets knockdowns from anti-air hits.

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