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General Tactics

Seox is a rushdown character with an emphasis on pressure. His Six-Claw Execution rekka and Gate of Demons special moves along with his top-class 2L let him keep opponents locked down with relative ease. His poking normals, while lacking in range, are generally a lot faster overall than most other characters. To round out his moveset, he has a parry reversal that cannot be safejumped or meatied. His strong pressure, fast movement speed and high average damage is balanced out by his lower range and lower corner damage.


Close Range / Brawling

This is where Seox has a field day. His c.L, 2L, c.M, and 2M are all phenominal for frame traps even without Six-Claw Execution. With Six-Claw Execution available, every button can turn into a knockdown or block pressure at little risk to Seox himself. He can also quite easily keep his turn with 214H if his frametrap attempts from normals are unsuccessful.

Mid Range / Footsies

Seox's best normals at the midrange are f.M, 2M, f.H, and 2U. Cancelling into Six-Claw Execution can quickly move Seox into his ideal range and set up RPS in his favor. Once he gains some space from the opponent, a few more options open up for him. It becomes much safer to throw out a 214L to passively control space and sit behind. He can also start to threaten with j.H, spaced j.U, and j.214H for his air approach. [2]8H makes a decent check against fireballs and is safe on block should you be late, but keep in mind that ready opponents can get CH AA combos on Seox should it be overused.

Long Range / Closing Space

Outside the range of his buttons and 214L, Seox is forced to rely on his movement tools and 5U. 5U can be held to immediately force him into close range, but the fireball itself is vulnerable to being hit to stop Seox from getting in so easily. Having his counters available lets him slip past most projectiles and far buttons with 623[L].



Seox's biggest jump-in button is his j.H, which hits quite far in front of him. He can also mix up his jump timing with his j.U, which can be advantageous if it hits close to his opponent's toes.


Counter Pokes


Seox's primary anti-air is his 2H, but he also has his 623X counters and his airthrow available.


c.L being 5 frames and 2L being six frames puts Seox at about average in terms of abare options. He also has his 623X parries which activate a little faster that the cost of losing to throws.


Without meter, Seox has his frame 1 623H to beat meaties and safejumps. With meter, Seox can use his 236236H and 236236U as high-risk, high-reward options. Keep in mind that the counter loses to throws and supers lose to safejumps. Both lose if the opponent chooses to wait and block.


Basic Blockstrings

  • 5XXX 236L > 6L > 4U

236L into 6L is a true blockstring. The 4U back dash followup will generally keep you safe against most characters but there are ways to punish it, although they have to be done preemptively.

  • 5XXX 236L > 6M > 4M

The gap between 236L and 6M will frame trap. If they block 6M, you can cancel into 4U instead of doing the 4M follow up. Some characters are able to punish 4U such as Lance with his 2U.

Pressure Resets

  • 5XXX > 236L> 6L > 8L

If they respect your pressure and you land 8L, you're left at +1 on block. On hit you are left +5 and can link into c.L

  • 5XXX > 214H

This leaves you +3 on block and allows you to continue your pressure.

Other Blockstrings

Corner Pressure


After grabbing an opponent in the corner, hold up and land with an air normal for a safe jump.


Fighting Seox

236L/M into 6M is a frame trap.

After blocking the 6L or 6M rekka follow up, mashing 5L can beat or remain safe to 4L, 4M, 8L, 8M, 4U and 6U follow ups. The only risk present is if Seox does 6L on block into H Parry as even though 6L is -4 on block, H parry has a 1 frame start up.

Seox can attempt to side switch during rekka on hit as a reset. To counter this, be prepared to mash during hitstun to dissuade Seox from doing this or use the block button.

You can hit the clone sent out by Seox 5U. If Seox commits to the follow up teleport with 5[U] and you hit the clone, you can get a combo off.

EX wall dive can be anti aired with 5H or DPs. 5H is safer as Seox can hold onto the wall in order to bait DPs and go for a punish after he lands.

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