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General Tactics

Lowain will mainly play neutral by putting out summons and forcing his opponent to make a response. If your opponent blocks any summon, Lowain will be very plus on block and will be able to run any offense he wants.

His major pokes are f.L, f.M, f.H and 2U. 214L can also be used for poking when spaced properly. Anti-airs include: 5H, 2H, 623L/H


  • 2L 2L/cl.L

Tight blockstring that can also frame trap if delayed.

  • 2L 2L f.L

Frame trap with a 4f gap, but tends to whiff on crouchers at max range.

  • 2L/cl.L cl.M

Frame trap with a 5f gap with good reward.

  • 2L 2L 2M

Frame trap with a 6f gap with moderate reward, can combo into 214M easily on counter hit confirm.

  • 5XXX 214L

Safe frame trap option.

  • 5XXX 22X/236X

These are NOT safe on hit or block to summon but if your opponent is sleeping you can reset pressure this way.


Air hit 5XXX > 22X/236X

Knockdown > 22X/236X

More detailed options can be found here:

Matchup Information

Vs Lowain:

How to deal with HPA:

How to deal with Yggdrasil:

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