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General Tactics


Ladiva has a few useful frame traps

  • Medium button into L Headbutt.
  • Auto combo into L Headbutt.
  • 2H(2)into L Headbutt
  • 2H (1 or 2 hits) into L Lariat
  • cl 5L into Cl 5M


Safe Jump

In many fighting games after a knockdown you can do a jumping move and if the opponent does a reversal (for example a DP from Gran or Katalina, or any move with invincibility frames) you land in time to block, but if they block the move still connects (hits the opponent or puts them in block stun). See RTYKC's introduction for more information:

  • You can safe jump after all versions of SPD, M/H 623, and CH 2U
  • The go to button for safe jump with Ladiva is jM.
  • 623M/H safe jump can be auto timed by whiffing a jab.
  • You can also get one from 214H and a cross up set up from aerial 214H>2U. You wanna use jU for that one.
  • See Kongming1457's video on timing SPD safe jumps.
  • Corner safe jump set up by CaminaolAlba

Unmashable Command Grabs

2M Meaties

On HKD, Ladiva can do a safejump 2L then hit a meaty 2M that leaves her plus two or plus three. This can be used to space Ladiva in a way that a 6F SPD, either light or heavy, will beat 5f cL or fL from the cast. The only person who can legitimately contest is Belial due to the nature of his 5F(s).

You also have the ability to setup cM as a frame trap or to hit confirm cL when meaty 2M hits the opponent.

Corner M SPD Loops

After M SPD, you can do 2U > cH framekill for the following options:

  • M SPD beats mash & block, but loses to jump & backdash.
  • 5MM beats mash, jump, and backdash, but loses to block while keeping pressure.
  • cH loses to mash, but beats jump and backdash.
  • You can also do 2U > 2M framekill to bait 9f DPs. 2M will whiff and recover on time to beat 9f DPs.
    • You can also do 2U > 5L > 5L to get a similar safe jab setup.

Other Notes:

If they dodge meaty cH, you can mash cH again or 2M to get a counterhit combo. If they dodge cM after blocking meaty cH, mash M to get counterhit fM. Belial and Lance can mash out due to the way their 5Fs work.

Sweep (2U)Frame Kill OS

  • Terms:
    • An option select is a single move that covers multiple scenarios
    • A Frame Kill is when you whiff moves in order to get a certain timing perfectly.
  • Once Ladiva sweeps, she can use spot dodge + close 5L (close standing light) immediately after the sweep to pressure her opponent safely.
    • Let's say your opponent does a reversal on wakeup. Ladiva will whiff the 5L and still have time to block.
    • If your opponent does nothing, then you will be able to take your turn.
    • If your opponent jumps the cl.5L will still connect.
  • Once this conditioning progresses and your opponent knows you will frame trap, a good option to go for is SPD instead of cl.5L.
  • To practice:
    • Set the dummy's wake up actions randomly switch between : 1) A reversal (e.g. Kat or Gran's DP), stand block, a jump, or a Button.
  • Caveat: One thing to be wary of when using the safe c.5L setup off sweep is you can't autopilot against slow DPs, especially bubs 623B. You still avoid them safely, but if you hit combo timing against them without confirming the 5L whiffed, you risk getting hit. Ladiva/Bubs can wakeup grab super -- if you get the setup right you should still be able to jump it.

Optimzing offense

The way every grappler mixup works is changing up between your command grab and attacking with normals. Command grab beats them blocking, while attacking with normals stops them from mashing or jumping

But how you structure your offense when rushing down an opponent matters how much damage you can dish out. The reason being move cooldowns, and moves like lariat only comboing on standing and airbourne opponents. If your offense isn’t structured correctly then you can miss out on damage or not be in a situation to captailise on a hit.

To get the most damage with Ladiva we want the opponent to either be standing or catch them in the air when we get a hit, and push them to the corner after the lariat. So we need to force them in the air or make them stand up. We know we can make them jump with the spd.

However, just frame trapping with cL > cL (note: 2 close L’s not the auto combo) without any extra delay on your part will hit them grounded. And because jumps have a frame where the character is crouching before they jump, you’ll actually catch them crouching instead of standing.

cL > cL jump punish

What we can do instead, is frame trap with cL > cM instead. This frame trap will allow them to leave them the ground just enough where you can follow up with the auto combo after cM and all the hits will connect to combo into 214H.

cL > cM gives a better reward when they jump

If the first cL happens to hit, then cM will only combo if the opponent is crouching, which is the downside to using this over cL > cL, which will combo no matter what.

Optimizing safe jump usage and jump ins

Managing to land a jump in with ladiva (on hit or block) is very rewarding as you get to run your offense with heavy advantage. Depending on how you are jumping in and how you safe jump though, you could be losing out on a lot of pressure. One of those things is what button you choose to jump in with.

If you are in range to land a j.L, then you should use it. The reason for this is because it leaves you much closer to the opponent where you can run much better offense, and it can still combo if it manages to hit. This segues into safe jumps and how we should do it. Off an SPD you can safe jump the opponent by whiffing a 5L and then jumping forward. This method makes it easy to time, however it is killing your chance for better offense. This is because with a normal jump instead of a super jump, you are only in range to land with a j.M, and when you land you are too far for close normals to hit. So even if the opponent tries to jump out after the safe jump, it’s very hard to convert that into a combo in a practical way.

Safe jump with a normal jump is hard to convert midscreen

What we can do instead is safe jump with either a dash jump or a super jump into j.L. These have to be manually timed, but we are rewarded with the ability to use close normals again. Because of deep j.L though, we can only use 1 close normal before we are out of range, so we have to perform our frame trap immediately after the j.L, but it still works the same as what we discussed before.

There's a few scenarios that we want to cover with this safe jump:

  • The opponent blocks the j.L, but tries to hit a button after or try to jump out
  • They get hit by the j.L, so we want to continue the combo
  • They try to DP and the safe jump ensures we block in time

The first two can be seen as slightly in opposition of each other, as on block we want to leave enough of a gap to where we can let them try to attack or jump out, but on hit we want to attack as fast as possible to ensure we get the confirm. But there is a timing that can cover both of these options, where on hit we combo with the cM but on block we can still hand them enough rope to hang themselves.

Safe jump with super jump j.L allows use of close normals and better frame traps

If you want to practice this yourself then go to training, set the dummy to crouching, block all and enable switch blocking and set the 3 counter options for wake up to be:

  • A DP
  • Jump (this makes sure we get a ‘on hit’ option
  • Neutral (this is the block option)

Then set the counter on block to be jump or 5L. With this setup, if you time the safe jump incorrectly and do it too early, then you’ll whiff the j.L and the dummy jumps. If you do it too late then you’ll be DP’d in the air.

If the dummy blocks and you do the cMXX auto combo and the dummy blocks it, then you did the cM too fast after the j.L. This made the cM into a true blockstring so the opponent didn’t have the opportunity to attack or jump.

Attacking too fast, so can't frame trap them

If the j.L hit and the cM didn’t combo, then you were too late.

Attacking too slow, so we missed the combo

I think naturally we want to try to combo after our jump ins, so more likely to make our followups into true blockstrings rather than missing our combos, but adding that slight delay will allow for you to open them up far more often.

The last unmentioned scenario from our safe jump setup is that our opponent blocks both the j.L and the cM (assuming we did the delay correctly, but they just didn’t jump or hit a button here and just continued blocking). This is where we go back to introducing the SPD again, so j.L into immediate SPD


  • Use tick SPD to make them jump or mash
  • Use cL > cM for an automatically timed frametrap where the opponent is hit in the air if they try to jump
  • Use super jump j.L for safe jumps (and j.L for jumpins in general if range permits) and time your followups so they frametrap on block and combo on hit

Matchup Information

Ladiva vs Katalina


  • Generally it seems as if you want to be standing about a half screen away (under the timer) to be out of range of her M/H normals.
  • Play the matchup patiently and try to whiff punish 2M for a hard knock down.


Far 2M (crouching M)

  • You can whiff punish this move with sweep. You must be spaced very well to do so (just out of range of the poke). Once you get the knock down it’s party time! :heart:
  • Be careful: In my experience it is very dangerous to “hard read” this move.
  • You can whiff punish this with Maximum Love Bomb (Strike) (236 236 + H / Qcf x 2 + H)

Far 5M (standing M)

  • If you stand at the right range f.H will punish this move. You can confirm into 214+L/H

Far H

  • It is possible but very difficult to whiff punish with 214+L/H. If you miss and they are standing you will be -2, however if they crouch you are open.

Jumping Unique

  • 2H to lariat (important opportunity!) don’t miss!


Enchanted Lands

  • If they do this when they are very close to you, you can punish this. They will likely space it well.
  • If you are keeping about half screen away (as suggested to avoid her normals) you should be in range to auto combo on block

Emerald Sword (Her DP)

  • Her DP will autocorrect if you try to do a jumping cross up (e.g. jumping unique) and you will likely get tagged. However if you time your jump at the last moment her DP will whiff. The jump might be useful for baiting. If you are able to make her whiff you can tag her with H → 214 + L (qcb+p / lariat) .
  • I noticed this works much more easily in the corner. You most likely would choose to shimmy this (take a step forward/back to bait the attack).

Frozen Blade (Her hadoken)

  • Roll if you are far
  • Dodge if you are close
  • All levels of headbutt can nullify the projectile if well timed.


Match Videos

Further Resources