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Health Bar

GBVS HealthBar.png

Each character has a different amount of health, see each character's page for their values or see the System Data for a table to compare across all characters. Health bars in general are a bit deceiving due to Guts, which effectively makes the health bar "denser" near the end to give the effect that a player is barely surviving a "fatal" blow, and thus more dramatic.

When a player has 100% SB Gauge and is at 30% health or less, they gain access to their Super Skybound Art. Their Health and Skybound Gauge will turn light blue to signify this.

Skybound Gauge

GBVS SBGauge.png

Attacking, blocking, and walking towards the opponent all gain Skybound Gauge. The Skybound Gauge is reset at the beginning of each round, so it's best to use it each round if possible. When your Skybound Gauge reaches 50%, you gain access to both Tactical Move options, Rush and Backshift. At 100%, you gain access to Skybound Arts and Super Skybound Arts, as well as a special Overdrive state.

Gaining Skybound Gauge

To increase the Skybound Gauge, perform some type of offensive action. This includes attacking the opponent, or simply advancing towards them. As a general rule: the more aggressive the action against the opponent, the faster the Skybound Gauge will fill up.

Normal Attacks have a base Skybound Gauge gain on hit or block. Special Attacks have a base Skybound Gauge gain both on start-up, and upon touching the opponent on either hit or block.

Situation Formula
Opponent getting hit ??
Getting hit ??
Opponent blocking attack ??
Blocking attack ??
Walking Forward ??


GBVS CooldownsGauge.png

When a Skill is used, the Skill will go into cooldown and can not be used until cooldown period passes. ALL VERSIONS of that skill (L/M/H) can not be used during cooldown. The corresponding icon for that Skill will turn gray and will slowly refill over time.

To find out the duration of each Skill's cooldown, refer to each characters' pages or go to GBVS/Frame_Data to check it. As a general rule, the H version of skills have a significantly long recovery, and the shortcut versions have longer cooldowns than their technical counterparts.


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