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General Tactics

Ferry is a setplay/zoning type character with a whip and uses her pets to set up favorable situations.


Ferry uses her massive normals (f.M, 2M, f.H) to harass the opponent from long range and condition them to block. Each time one of her normals connect, she has the option to cancel into one of three main options: 236X, 22X(or Geegee), and 4G/Dodge. This sets up her basic RPS game at long range. 236X prevents opponents from pressing buttons and moving forwards, while 22X stops jumping and forces a response from her opponent. Sitting still against Geegee is a free in for Ferry. Using Geegee does not come without risks. Its long startup can leave it vulnerable to fast advancing moves and pre-emptive pokes (which are stopped by 236X, creating the RPS).

Playing neutral at closer to half screen gives Ferry access to her f.L, an incredible checking tool. It's blazingly fast at only 8 frame startup and can be nade safe with her 214L and 236X moves. Playing at this range comes with the disadvantage of being too close to safely use Geegee, but typically she's close enough to run up and establish pressure on her own. Each of Ferry's poking normals are useful in different situations so you must pick which normal you use very carefully.


This is Ferry's go-to button to check an advancing opponent. It fills a ton of space while having relatively low recovery, letting her safely stop opponents dashing at her carelessly.


Much bigger than f.L at the cost of being 10 frame startup instead of 8. Can be low profiled or rolled through but is Ferry's main midscreen poke outside of f.L range.


Shares similar reach to f.M, but slower at 14 frames. The main advantage this normal has over f.M is its higher clash level which can let it win where f.M would clash or lose.


Ferry's biggest low and almost an intermediary normal between f.M and f.H. 12 frames of startup means it's on the slower side, but it hits low and stops rolls. Its lower hitbox means it is easier to jump over.


If 2M is the low complement to f.M, then this is the low complement to f.L. Pretty fast for its reach at 10 frames and also very rewarding on hit, giving Ferry a hard knockdown to work with.


Most often used as a cancel. Completely disjointed unlike Ferry's normals, letting it beat mashing at a distance. Won't combo from any of Ferry's far normals without a counterhit. The H version is a great anti-projectile tool but should only be used on reaction. If she doesn't have this acailable, her opponent has no reason to respect her far normals.


This is what people are really afraid of in neutral. Ferry should only be throwinf this out if her opponent has been conditioned to block, as big pokes or advancing special moves will blow it up. It can be used to pre-emptively stop jumps, but a dedicated AA is better served for that. Getting this out in neutral means the opponent has to do something about it, lest they get pinned down and Ferry gets in. Your opponent is forced to do something, which is exactly what Ferry wants.


214L is mostly used as a replacement for 236X when Ferry is in close normal range. All it really does is give her a safe blockstring ender as its only other use is to extend combos with the EX version.


Ghostswing allows Ferry to reposition in the air. j.8U allows Ferry to take an airborne approach from almost fullscreen. j.7U lets her make space quickly and/or fake out j.8U. Her air normals comolement Ghostswing quite well. j.L and her Drills let her change her jump arc with relatively low committment. j.M is a great ranged air-to-air which can stop opponents jumping to challenge her. j.H is best used against grounded opponents thanks to its angle and high blockstun.


More than just a Dhalsim reference, her Drills let her alter her jump arc in combination with Ghostswing. If spaced to hit at an opponent's toes they can also be quite plus on block, but it's very hard to get a combo on hit.

Anti Airs

Against most far jump-ins, 2H is Ferry's main anti-air. It leads to decent reward on hit as it can be special canceled into any number of options depending on what she has off cooldown. Closer jump-ins make things more difficult for her, as 2H is only really built to cover the 35 degree angle from her head.

When opponents are too close for 2H, ferry has to use 623L or c.M. Both options come with their own pros and cons. 623L is more reliable at the cost of being much less rewarding upon connect. She can also opt for 623H, but this means giving up her only reversal.


Ferry's c.L and 2L are both 6 frames, one frame slower than average. They also don't offer much frame advantage on block. Outside her jabs, Ferry has 623H as an invincible reversal alongside her SSBA. It should be noted that 623H is on the slower side, making it easier to meaty than other reversals. Her jabs being 6 frames also means that they will lose to tick throws due to how throw invul works.


Ferry's main goal up close is to push her opponent out (and ideally towards the corner). Once she gets out of close normal range she can start to bully opponents with her f.L, but she also has several options up close to make her opponent respect her offense.

Frame Traps
  • c.H > c.M (c.H is +3, also enough for tick throws)
  • c.M > c.L (not great but it's there)
  • f.L > 214L/236L (forces respect of f.L)

In most cases, if you can't open your opponent up with a frame trap, the best option is to push them out with autocombo into 214L. Having your tick throw teched means you're about in f.L range (and late tech means you're in).


For those unfamiliar, Okizeme refers to setting up attacks over the opponents recovery, and forcing them into bad situations. Ferry in particular focuses on putting her opponent into a vortex of attacks to keep them guessing or mixing them up while using Geegeee or her install. Geegee also has a special property where if you hold L, M, H, or Ab(Skill button) Geegee goes off slightly delayed. Ferry has a few okizeme options and hitting medium whip(236M) gives better okizeme than if 236L or 236H were used. For 236L and 236H pull into geegee you are +6 unless vs Gran(+7) or Narmaya(+9) Here is an example by coolflare:

236L/H > 4X > 22H > 5L > j.L/2L

The basic current theory behind Ferry basic okizeme is to simply combo into 236L/H 4X > 22H > Meaty button > 2L or IOH j.L.

EX Geegee (22X) is best after pulling in with Heel (4L follow up to 236M) and if the opponent is in the corner. Remember that Geegee takes a moment for himself to detonate, so using a button (5L) to meaty into it’s activation makes it tight enough to avoid the opponent from pressing a button.

If you are in install, you can combo off of this.

214214H > 2U > j.L or 2L

As for moves in install, using 2U to end combos, especially midscreen, is suggested. An example would be this clip:

In the clip, you can use 2U to end a combo, and then j.H to safejump. Afterwards, use j.L or 2L for mixup and convert accordingly.

236L/H~4X > 22L
Can also be used but does not provide as tight of a mixup. This setup is often generally used for building meter and when doing this option the player will want to delay geegee from coming out to provide better lockdown.

  • c.H > c.HX > geegee > c.HXX > 214L: This can be a good way to build meter while keeping opponent on their toes. this also works well because c.H is +3 on block and is just slow enough to make people scared of grabs. If a counter hit as well c.H(CH) > c.HXX > geegee is a combo
  • throw > geegee: this option can be good but risky because of the throw invuln on wakeup. If they opponent is throw they are throw into geegee for a big combo unless they are charlotta(unless you delayed the combo)
  • c.H > IOH or 2U > geegee: this provides a little bit of mixup but can be easily fuzzied

Copied from the Ferry doc, link at the bottom of the page

Matchup Information

General Information

Ferry has a tougher time almost instantly if your opponent has a projectile. You may be tempted to use 236H as it goes through projectiles, but the instant that it goes on cooldown you forfeit neutral. Only use it if you know that it will hit and you can pull them in to EX Geegee and start your shenanigans. As well Ferry's anti airs can be a bit lacking so learning how to use Shortcut Skill DP as an anti air is important to maintaining neutral control.

Matchup Chart

Ferry 5:5 The mirror match boils down to whoever gets a lead first. Then the leading Ferry can lame out the opponent and force the opposing Ferry to approach and utilize highly committal options.
Gran 4.5:5.5 Be careful when pressing buttons near the corner, Gran will use his Power Raise or Override Surge and convert into massive damage on counterhit. Due to Gran's frame data being amazing, it's not advised to mash out of Gran's pressure. Patience and using her DP is essential to escape his pressure. At longer ranges, abuse your pokes and try to catch Gran using Reginleiv with M or H Gespenst. On successful hit, you can pull him in and go for a 50/50 or hit/throw mixup. He has a DP to challenge the mixup, so be careful and try to bait it out every so often.
Lancelot 4:6 Ferry needs to control the pace of this match to avoid letting Lancelot getting in or else the match can get very difficult. If Lancelot gets in on Ferry it is very difficult for her to get out and if he baits her EXP DP the round will be significantly harder to win. 66H from Lancelot can sometimes be used as a skip neutral tool because it is fairly fast, can tag Ferry as she tries to control neutral with some of her buttons, and at certain ranged can be plus. The best option for Ferry in this regard is to 2U or EX DP his 66H while 2U is best at mid range and EX DP is best at further ranges. Ferry can cover a few options with her DP when he jumps in but due to his j.U, Ferry's weak anti air, and her L and M DP being air blockable, it can make anti airing Lancelot difficult if he knows the matchup. Ferry’s sweep is really good at close-mid range, especially since that trading with it is advantageous for her and recovers very fast. The main issue lies when Lancelot gets in as his offense is extremely oppressive against Ferry. Because Ferry's close range normals are on the slower side, lancelot's pressure(c.M, 214X rekka, f.M, 2L, 2M) can be very difficult to deal with when properly space and utilized due to her fastest far normal being 8 frames. Overall, the risk-reward is heavily skewed in Lancelot's favor in most situations. The one advantage Ferry has is she can OS his 22H reversal and throw him into Geegee for a full combo. Stay patient and you can either take risks or try and get a read on what your opponent is going to do next when he gets overly committal with his pressure.
Percival ?:?
Katalina 4.5:5.5 Watch out for Katalina's f.H, it will beat your pokes because it's faster than most of your ranged options and it's active frames will crush their extended hurtboxes. Your only real answer outside of 236X is 2M or 2U to try to go under it. She also has a DP, which adds another layer to your setups.
Metera ?:?
Ladiva 5.5(6):4.5(4) This matchup 6:4 in netplay due to lag, however offline it is more fair even though it's still in Ferry's favor. Ferry players can normally have a field day with Ladiva players that are inexperienced with the matchup due to her long range pokes.

If the Ferry player is using 2M, 5M, 5H a lot Ladiva can sometimes use superjump and jump to try and get closer to Ferry or force a more favorable reaction. If Ladiva is max screen jumping can still be good because Ferry cannot 2H due to it not being in range, if Ferry does 5H, 2M, 5M Ladiva can do falling air buttons(esp j.H) and get a free CH combo on whip hurtbox.

At mid range most Ferry players should want to try and be careful or use 2U > 214L to generate space but if those tools are not being use a f.H into 236H from Ladiva can be an easy way to establish Ladiva's turn. Ferry having a DP however does not make this matchup free for Ladiva if Diva gets in because that DP must be taken into consideration. On the other hand Ladiva has no real way of dealing with Ferry's okizeme besides super which can be safejumped or hit with meaty overheads.

Ladiva players that are willing to take risks can get big payoff to at least make the Ferry player rethink their options. Ladiva hitting a random counter hit f.H into EX lariat(214H) can swing a round more than a lot of poking Ferry can do

Charlotta ?:?
Zeta ?:?
Vaseraga ?:?
Lowain ?:?
Beelzebub ?:?
Narmaya ?:?
Djeeta ?:?
Soriz ?:?
Zooey ?:?
Belial ?:?

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