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Damage Scaling

As you combo the opponent, you will notice that each attack does less damage than they would individually. This is due to damage scaling, otherwise known as damage proration. To determine how much damage a specific hit will deal:

Damage Scaling
Combo Count Damage Dealt
1 hit 100%
2 hit 100%
3 hit 80%
4 hit 70%
5 hit 60%
6 hit 50%
7 hit 40%
8 hit 30%
9 hit 20%
10+ hit 10%
  • Normal throws count as 2 hits for damage scaling purposes.
  • Multi-hitting attacks, such as  Gran's 236HGBVS Gran 236L.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryTotal 46Advantage+3 or  Charlotta's 214XGBVS Charlotta 214X.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery15Advantage-2 series all count as 1 hit for damage scaling purposes.
  • Guts is applied in addition to damage scaling

Damage Scaling Exceptions

While most attacks follow the damage scaling rules above, some attacks count as multiple hits with respect to damage scaling.

For example,  Percival's X-SeeleGBVS Percival 5U.pngGuardThrowStartup14Recovery41Advantage- counts as 2 hits.

Minimum Damage

Some attacks have a guaranteed minimal damage regardless how low damage scaling goes. This usually happens on supers, where SBA has 20% minimal damage, and SSBA has 30% minimal damage.

Minimal damage however is still affected by Guts.


Guts is a universal mechanic shared by all characters.

Guts is a damage modifier applied to damage based on the remaining health of the character hit by a given attack.

Guts take places immediately when the character's health crosses over a threshold, even in the middle of a combo or middle of a multi-hit attack.

Health Damage Modifier
< 61% 95%
< 41% 90%
< 21% 85%
< 11% 75%

Chip Damage

Most Skills, Skybound Arts, and Super Skybound Arts do small amounts of damage to the opponent even on block. This is known as chip damage, and is a common mechanic in fighting games.

Attacks do 25% of their base damage as chip damage when performed with the manual input, but only 20% when using the Ability button. There are exceptions to this (especially Skybound Arts).

Chip Damage can kill the opponent, but there are two conditions that must be met first.

  1. The opponent is at 1 health.
    1. If the opponent is at 2+ health and takes any amount of chip damage, then the opponent will survive with 1 health.
  2. The opponent must return to neutral after being at 1 health.
    1. This is to prevent a gapless string of hits from chip killing the opponent (such as most Skybound Arts).

Combo System

Combo Limit

Combo limit is a juggle limit mechanic based on a points system. Every character has their own numerical limit as well as values on their moves. The points only start counting after the opponent has become airborne
The Universal values are as followed:

2L/clL/2H/clXX/clXXX 3 points
All Other Normals not Listed 2 points
Specials 3 points
Supers 0 points

A user by the name of @KM_Atma has a thread listing all character combo limit points as well as their unique exceptions to the rules above which can be found here

Increasing Knockback

During long ground combos, the opponent is knocked back further and further, even by exactly the same move.

Increasing Hitstun

Crouching opponents suffer 1F more hitstun compared to standing opponents - this can lead to new combo opportunities!

For example,  Katalina can combo from her auto combo into Medium Enchanted LandsGBVS Katalina 214X.pngGuardMidStartup20Recovery21Advantage-8 (at worst) (214M) on crouching hit, but not on standing hit.


Many corner combos are made possible by wall bounce properties that exist on several heavy versions of special moves. This wallbounce allows for followups that would not be possible midscreen.

There is also a "high wallbounce" that allows for improved combos for many characters when this occurs. This typically hapens when a special move that causes a wallbounce is landed on a character that is slightly away from the corner, resulting in a higher wallbounce. This increased height often gives access to using high damage follups (c.H instead of c.M for example) on many characters. Please see individual character combo pages for these specific combos.


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