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Beelzebub is a hybrid zoning/pressure-based character.

Bubs likes to apply his safe ranged pressure to make his opponent move around which he can then punish them for doing. His end-game is getting them to respect his ranged pressure game enough so he can push them into the corner where he can fish for combos or just chip them with his excellent specials. Beelzebub also wants to bait out jumps and rolls and punish using his 2H or 214M respectively for high reward.

Characters that play similarly:

  • Justice (GGAC+R)
  • Merkava (UNI)

Being a hybrid character, you wouldn't expect Bubs to excel at any one area - however his up close and distant pressure are constant and demanding. Because of this, Beelzebub’s game plan can vary based on the match up.

  • Vs. Close-range characters without a fireball: Mid-range pressure/keepout using far normals and 214L/M.
  • Vs. Close-range characters with a fireball: Mid-range pressure/keepout, jumping over fireballs and punishing with j.214H.
  • Vs. Long-range characters: Approach using j.214x, mid-range/corner pressure with 214x, 236x and far normals.

Versatile Fireball

  • 236L: Standard fireball that is decent for cancelling out of normals since it’s safe on block. The real highlight is it can be charged to apply plus frames on block which also makes it a decent pressure tool if you can establish respect. (See Blockstrings for more details)
  • 236M: Slow but at mid and long range can compete with some other projectiles since it hits twice (3 times at partial charge, 5 times when charged fully) and must be superjumped to avoid entirely. With meter, SBA can be used to frametrap punish both spotdodge and roll at far distances.
  • 236H: Optimal juggle starter in the corner, most of his really stable combos come from here.

Space Control

  • Buttons: Bubs has great buttons at mid range with f.M, 2M, and f.H which can all grant combos on hit.
  • 214L: A special that chips a fair amount, is safe on block even at close range, and also confirms his mid-range buttons.
  • 214M: Also chips a fair amount, is safe on block even at close range, hits low to catch people standing or walking, and even provides a wall bounce on counterhit.
  • 214H: Starts low and can be confirmed on just about any button near the corner for a wall bounce combo.


  • 22x: Karma is a high-commitment vortex option that not only pulls an opponent towards you, but absorbs any projectiles after it becomes active. This includes multihit projectiles, however there are some notable exceptions where Bubs can still get hit out of Karma, such as Djeeta's Reginleiv: Recidive+GBVS Djeeta Reginleiv Recidive.pngGuard:
    Total 60
    and Metera's Rapid PulverizeGBVS Metera RapidPulverize.pngGuard:
    Total 108
    . As well as being used to deal with projectiles, 22H can be used to confirm off a f.H hit, and both 22L and 22H have excellent use in both antiair situations and long-range wallbounce conversions.

Unique Movement

  • Slow Movement: Bubs is really slow on the ground, in particular having a glacial walk speed. Because of this he has to rely on getting a knockdown from a distance and his air game to get around the screen and approach when he needs to.
  • 5U (Teleport): While it appears pretty safe, Bubs usually gives up a turn or outright gets punished if he just throws it out. Good for skipping fireballs, especially the follow-ups to Belial's GoetiaGBVS Belial Goetia.pngGuard:
    Total 47
    , or after seeing a big whiff. Can struggle to punish things directly. 5U is integral to Beelzebub's okizeme in both the midscreen and the corner as an option to quickly close the gap and become plus. (See Okizeme for more details)
  • Air game: Beelzebub also has a tricky air game with his j.U and j.214x moves. j.U is a very long range air button that forces early AAs, can be canceled into j.214x on block and hit and will give a combo if hit deep enough. His j.214x series can be used to approach after a jumped fireball, stall in the air after a high jump, and the M and H versions are generally plus.



  • 2U > 22L: Is a fairly safe poke vacuum, will beat most mashing. Will easily lose to invincible options, however it loses harder to roll, which allows for a full punish.
  • 2U > 22M: Also a poke vacuum, however this one will catch immediate rolls for a counterhit due to its delayed startup. As well as this, it will also punish parries such as all versions of Lowain's Come at Me, Bro!GBVS Lowain 623H.pngGuard:
    Total 26
    and Seox's ThunderflashGBVS Seox 236x6u.pngGuard:
    Total 32
    . Due to it's advancing nature, this doesn't work to bait and punish Anre's Fleeting Spark+GBVS Anre FleetingSpark1.pngGuard:
    . Video Example.
  • 2U > 214M: On counterhit it results in a wallbounce in the corner, otherwise it’s a safe double sweep that chips, as well as acting as a frametrap.


  • f.H > 214L: Good midscreen poke that confirms into damage and 236M okizeme.
  • f.H > 22H: f.H counterhit gives a combo at all but the furthest ranges, but sucking in on block is good too - if they block you are +2 for pressure. Can be interrupted similar to 2U > 22L so use sparingly, or focus on only using 22H on counterhit.

xxx, 214H

  • This is a jailing block string, meaning that there is no gaps. Any opponent trying to reversal between the final autocombo hit and 214H will be hit low by the first hits of 214H. Most characters can’t take their turn back after blocking 214H with any light normals, so they have to move in or attempt to contest using far normals. This also leaves them in a suitable range to safely pressure using 214L/M and Bub's far normals.

2L, c.L, f.L

  • Standard low poke string. Lots of gaps to catch buttons, worst case it's safe. Can confirm 214H for a hard knockdown.

c.L , c.M

  • Standard frametrap. c.M counterhit confirms both into itself and 2M, both of which allow you to cancel into 214H for a hard knockdown.

Pressuring with projectiles on block

  • Beelzebub's projectiles are crucial to pushing your advantage on someone's block through careful use and conditioning. For example, using 236L in a blockstring gives your opponent 4 options:
  1. Hit Buttons: Risk getting counterhit by the projectile (+4 for Bubs, which means you get to hit your own buttons again). Being hit by your projectile may cause your opponent to wait the next time the situation comes up.
  2. Wait: They just block and wait to take their turn back - this is the option you want the most at first. 236L is safe, so you cannot be punished. Next time you can use 236[L] to keep your turn going. From here, if your opponent still is respecting your 31 frame startup option, try mixing in both 236M and 236H as well as their [hold] variants to see how far you can extend your turn. On the M and H variants, you can often combo on hit - especially if you're using the [hold] version. A fully-charged 236H is +23 on block, giving you ample time to start additional pressure.
  3. Spotdodge/Roll: They cannot punish 236L with either option, however they will likely take their turn back. The recovery of an evasive option can be caught using the [hold] version of a projectile, leading to a free counterhit.
  4. Reversal: For characters with a reversal, this is the safest and often correct option. If your opponent is DP'ing your projectile, either play safer and attempt to bait a reversal, or simply use a different string until they've been conditioned to respect close-range projectiles more. Alternatively, this isn't an option to worry about if your opponent's DP is on cooldown - this can be a key way to start the blockstring mindgame around Blackflies with less risk.



  • Safejumps allow Bubs to close the distance towards his opponent while also remaining safe to reversals. This is performed by getting a hard knockdown through an ender such as 2U or 214H, holding up and forwards to buffer a jump and coming down with an aerial (because it is active until landing, j.L is easiest) and holding down-back. The aerial will connect with an opponent who is either blocking or not blocking, and recover fast enough to allow you to block a reversal attempt, such as a DP or Skybound Art.

5U Setups

  • Certain combo enders will result in a hard knockdown that will allow for Beelzebub's 5U teleport to be used to not only close to distance, but often have enough time after recovering to leave you plus.
  • 236H and 214H allow for a whiff f.L into 5U to allow your next button to be more plus at the cost of a sideswitch.
  • 2U can be used in the corner to allow for a direct 5U teleport. From here, you can use 2L as a safe meaty.
  • Forward throw and back throw both allow you to directly 5U after each. Forward throw allows for a 2L safe meaty, but back throw does not.
  • j.214H in the corner allows Bubs to simply just 5U twice in succession, but in the midscreen you can roll, 5U and get an additional 2L safe meaty.
  • Video examples for each

5U Setups vs Backshift

  • The Backshift option added in Patch 2.80 can also be covered by 5U okizeme.
  • When in the midscreen, following any 5U setup with a 2L (either safe meaty or not) will recover fast enough to punish Backshift with f.H > 214L or f.H > SBA. Please note this only works on the Backshift version present on characters with a reversal as standard, meaning it doesn't work on Cagliostro, Eustace, Ladiva, Soriz, Metera and Vaseraga. Interestingly, it also doesn't work on Lowain, despite the character having a parry.
  • When in the corner, following any 5U setup with a pair of 2Ls will catch the recovery portion of Backshift. This works on both versions of Backshift.
  • Video examples

5U Setups with Rush

  • In the midscreen, Bubs can confirm his far normals into Rush > 236H for incredible corner carry at the cost of 50% Skybound Gauge. Additionally, if the opponent hits the corner, whiffing 2U and immediately performing 5U will allow Bubs to close the distance, as well as getting a safe meaty with 2L. Video Example
  • In the midscreen, Bubs can confirm his far normals into Rush > 214H for slightly less corner carry than using 236H but consistent okizeme for the cost of 50% Skybound Gauge. Whiffing f.L and immediately performing 5U will allow Bubs to close the distance, as well as getting a safe meaty with 2L. Video Example

xxx > 214L/M , 236M

  • Bubs can generally throw this out for free, it punishes and interrupts most things people want to do on a wakeup. This includes options such as Lancelot's Schöner WinterhügelGBVS Lancelot Schöner Winterhügel.pngGuard:
    and Seox's Empty Hand+GBVS Seox 28H-2.pngGuard:
    -4 ~ +2
    , however if the 236M is held, these options can still hit you. Incredibly useful when wanting to start or maintain a zoning approach.

Overdrive OS

  • As with other characters, Bubs is able to OS wakeup Overdrive.

Video Example

Matchup Information

The following is a matchup chart and matchup knowledge from European Beelzebub player CakekatteKoi, and is thus subjective. The purpose of this section is to outline how Beelzebub can approach certain matchups, where he may struggle and if there are any matchup-specific details to note. As a result, your own mileage as a player may vary depending on who you play against and how much experience you yourself have. If you wish to ask specific questions, don't hesitate to contact CakekatteKoi on Twitter (@cakekattekoi).

Matchup Summaries

Mirror (VS Beelzebub)

BeelzebubThere is no neutral
5-5 (Even)

The Bubs mirror is one of Beelzebub's most chaotic matchups, as he has to deal with his own nonsense. Most of neutral will revolve around 214x and j.214x, as well as both Bubs players wanting to use projectiles at a midscreen distance. Be aware that as with any character with a DP, Beelzebub has a quick and easy way to respond to dive, but if you're uncertain about dealing with the mixed timings of j.214L and j.214M, neutral jumping whenever Beelzebub jumps is a safe solution that doesn't sacrifice any space, and sometimes you might be able to land with a button like j.L or j.U for a punish. Beelzebub can also 22H another Bub's 236[M] on reaction for a free punish.

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VS Ladiva

LadivaDon't let her play her game
7-3 (Very Favorable)

Ladiva is by far Beelzebub's best matchup. Your own 214x, f.M and f.H are tools Ladiva doesn't enjoy dealing with in neutral. As a result, the Ladiva player may commit to rolling in to more safely close the gap - if you're finding this is working against you, press less buttons and wait for Ladiva's more punishable roll to come out on its own, which can be checked with your own 2U. Aside from this, downbacking in neutral is safe, as Ladiva's 214H lariat whiffs on crouchers. This combined with the threat of your good neutral pokes and conversions in the midscreen make your own existence downbacking near her a threat. Using projectiles within range of lariat (or when she has 100% SB Gauge, her SBA) is not recommended, but distances further than that you're able to throw fireballs for free.

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A Note on Beelzebub's Favourable Matchups

Most of Bub's favourable matchups revolve around the theme of his opponent not being able to deal with his close-range or far-range offense well, so as a result you might see the same things listed multiple times. Characters without a DP have a much harder time naturally against his close buttons and pressure, and those that do instead might struggle against with his projectiles and the situations that come from dealing with them. The same blockstrings and the same jump/roll situation from dealing with Blackflies will often work on different characters with similar rewards.

VS Lowain

LowainDon't bow to his gimmicks
6-4 (Favorable)

Playing against Lowain is a matter of identifying which okizeme setups he may be utilizing and responding accordingly - if he even has the chance to knock you down or push you into the corner. As a result, rushing Lowain down is highly recommended for Bubs, so you don't have to deal with his long-range 22M beam, a piercing projectile you have to respect. Lowain's parry is different from other parries as it has counterplay that's simpler than other parries. If you hit his parry with a c.L, you can spotdodge before his counter has a chance to hit you, so while his counter is off cooldown, pressuring him with lights is recommended. Be aware that he can parry 214x on reaction - if the Lowain player is consistently doing this out of your blockstrings, try using 22M to bait the parry for a punish (see blockstrings for more details). If he does manage to set up his oki, you have a DP to deal with his main unblockable setup (236H into UOH).

Beelzebub is also able to use 5U to help deal with Lowain's supers (HPA and Yggy) easier. j.214x is another alternate movement option during these supers, but should be used sparingly, especially against HPA, where an anti-air from Lowain can be very costly.

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VS Soriz

SorizDon't try to play keep-away
6-4 (Favorable)

On paper, Soriz is another character that may seem like he'd struggle to approach against Bubs (no fireball, committal approach options), however Soriz's 236H punch and the movement speed it comes with can take Soriz from the edge of midscreen to directly in your face. Soriz taking his turn on your block can be scary to deal with, so it might be easier to just come to him instead. Be wary initially of diving in, as Soriz can check dive with his own 5U for a free Manliness stack and punish, but once you're in his face, his lack of non-universal defensive options means he has a hard time shaking Bubs off. Once he's in the corner, his 20f backshift becomes less of an issue to deal with as long as you're willing to use less-committal buttons in your pressure (ideally 2L.

If Soriz does manage to take his turn on your block, learning where you can DP safely, such as the startup of his 22x series, is pivotal to prevent him from establishing his plus frames and chip damage. On top of this, Soriz's install can be scary due to his increased movement speed, the followups to his 214x series and the threat of his command grab - he may also have increased defense from any Manliness stacks built from tanking dive or fireballs with his 5U. Don't panic - despite his offensive improvements, his defense will retain the same flaws. Keep up your own close-range offense and try to prevent him from ever taking his turn.

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VS Eustace

EustaceBully him up-close
6-4 (Favorable)

Eustace is one of the only characters that can consistently out-zone Bubs - his standard Flamek Thunder projectile is spammable, and the hold version has infinite piercing potential, so there's little point to contesting his fireballs. Approaching Eustace is tricky as well, as he has multiple good responses to dive, primarily his 214L~H (an invincible shoryuken command dash followup) and his fantastic 2H. Moving in on his projectile pressure is much less risky with rolls, but neutral jumping outside of his shoryu range to see if he's fireballing is a good way to get in with dive. Outside of the neutral, Eustace is another example where his standard defensive options are his weakest feature, meaning he has less ways to get you away from him once you're in. If he's running his offense on you, DP'ing his 623H is vital to prevent his offense from becoming a lot scarier - aside from that he doesn't have many ways to open you up for much reward outside of the corner as long as you're not mindlessly pressing.

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