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Introduction to Beelzebub's Normals
Grounded Normals
  • c.LGBVS Beelzebub cL.pngGuardMidStartup5Recovery6Advantage+2 is Beelzebub's 5-frame jab. It's plus on block, and can Frame trap An offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own. into itself and 2LGBVS Beelzebub 2L.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery6Advantage+2. On hit, can lead into autocombo or itself. On crouchers, can link into c.MGBVS Beelzebub cM.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery12Advantage0.
  • c.MGBVS Beelzebub cM.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery12Advantage0 is a 0 on block normal, but acts a higher damage combo starter than c.LGBVS Beelzebub cL.pngGuardMidStartup5Recovery6Advantage+2. Is the most consistent button to link from a successful jump-in. On counterhit, combos into itself and 2MGBVS Beelzebub 2M.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery14Advantage-5.
  • c.HGBVS Beelzebub cH.pngGuardMidStartup10Recovery19Advantage-2 is your ideal combo starter, and any input after it connects must be delayed so all 3 hits of the move can connect. Bub's only negative on block close normal, and cannot combo into anything that isn't autocombo or a special.
  • Beelzebub's autocombo is notable if only because of the Frame trap An offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own. that can occur from c.XX > 214MGBVS Beelzebub 214X.pngGuardLowStartup20Recovery22Advantage-5, which leads to high damage in the corner due to it's wallbounce on counterhit property.
  • 2LGBVS Beelzebub 2L.pngGuardLowStartup6Recovery6Advantage+2 is a low-hitting normal with decent reach. Frame trap An offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own. into itself, c.LGBVS Beelzebub cL.pngGuardMidStartup5Recovery6Advantage+2 and 2MGBVS Beelzebub 2M.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery14Advantage-5. 2L , 2L , f.L is a simple confirm off of 2L.
  • 2MGBVS Beelzebub 2M.pngGuardMidStartup7Recovery14Advantage-5 is a fantastic blockstring ender, as it is safe and can confirm into Bub's signature special, Chaoscaliber. Ending this way combos into 214LGBVS Beelzebub 214X.pngGuardMidStartup16Recovery23Advantage-6 on close-distance opponents and crouchers, and 214M on counterhit. Will always combo into 214HGBVS Beelzebub 214X.pngGuardLow×3, Mid×3Startup14Recovery20Advantage-3.
  • 2HGBVS Beelzebub 2H.pngGuardMidStartup12Recovery24Advantage-13 is Beelzebub's anti-air button, with incredible vertical range. Generally wants to combo into 22HGBVS Beelzebub 22X.pngGuardAllStartup25Recovery19Advantage+2 for consistent combos at lower heights, but has massive reward on counterhit due to not needing this confirm.
  • 2UGBVS Beelzebub 2U.pngGuardLowStartup9Recovery18Advantage-9 is a standard sweep on it's own, but is pivotal to Beelzebub's safe and terrifying Okizeme From Japanese "起き攻め". Attacking an opponent about to wake up after they were knocked down, usually with meaty attacks or mix-ups. game both in the midscreen and even more so in the corner.
  • f.LGBVS Beelzebub fL.pngGuardMidStartup6Recovery15Advantage-5 is Bub's only light normal to combo into 214L and his SBA, Black Spear.
  • f.MGBVS Beelzebub fM.pngGuardMidStartup8Recovery17Advantage-6 is an excellent poke normal that's used in a similar range to 2M and combos in the same way. Starts up 1 frame later than 2M but with slightly more range.
  • f.HGBVS Beelzebub fH.pngGuardMidStartup10Recovery21Advantage-11 is a huge, but risky normal with large reward on counterhit. Is highly active, but is very negative on whiff, making it easily punished. On hit it'll always link into 214L, and on counterhit will link into 22H for high damage anywhere on the screen.
Jump-In Normals
  • j.LGBVS Beelzebub jL.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup5Recovery0Advantage- is a standard 5-frame jump normal. Good for cancelling into Beelzebub's oppressive divekick, Unisonic, both on hit and on block.
  • j.MGBVS Beelzebub jM.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup7RecoveryUntil LAdvantage- is a jump normal with great horizontal reach. Easy to convert off of a jump-in due to it's range and ability to combo into 2M.
  • j.HGBVS Beelzebub jH.pngGuardHigh/Air [All]Startup9RecoveryUntil LAdvantage- trades combo potential for range. Hits 3 times, making it easy to confirm into j.214H, but is harder to convert on landing.
  • j.UGBVS Beelzebub jU.pngGuardHigh/AirStartup11RecoveryUntil LAdvantage- is one of GBVS' strongest jump-in buttons. While not having much horizontal range, the vertical range is un-matched through the entire cast, and is excellent at stuffing early anti-air attempts. Easy to convert on hit with both c.M, 2M and c.H and cancels into Unisonic on block.
  • 5UGBVS Beelzebub 5U.pngGuardStartupRecoveryTotal 36Advantage- is a teleport, moving Beelzebub a set distance from his starting point. During this travel time, Bubs is fully intangible, and will pass through opponents, projectiles, hitboxes to reach his destination.
  • The intangibility on 5U is not instant - it begins from frame 12 and last until frame 25. On top of this, the move has 11 frames of recovery. This both means that 5U is not a reversal, nor is it a safe approach option.
  • 5U as an approach is a risky callout option - pay close attention to when an opponent uses their projectiles to become more informed on when this is a reasonable option. In particular, it's easier to 5U in on projectiles with followups, such as  Belial's GoetiaGBVS Belial 236X.pngGuardAllStartup15RecoveryTotal 47Advantage-10.
  • 5U's strongest use is in Beelzebub's incredible okizeme. From a hard knockdown, Bubs is able to safely close the distance and apply pressure through clever use of Shadowstep. This is especially applicable in the corner, where okizeme from Shadowstep will almost always lead to an autotimed Safe Meaty A well-timed attack on an opponent who is rising from a knockdown. The idea of a Safe Meaty is to land a Meaty An offensive technique where the attacker leaves a small opening in their offense, goading the defender into performing an attack. This opening is designed such that the attacker can easily counter the defender's attack with their own. attack that hits late into the attack's active frames. The goal is to have this attack connect meaty with your opponent, but recover fast enough to be able to block a reversal attempt..

Introduction to Blackflies

Blackflies are Beelzebub's Fireball A projectile which usually travels slowly across the screen in a horizontal path above the ground.. All versions of Blackflies travel horizontally across the screen, and will disappear after either connecting with an opponent or their block, or once they pass the edge of the screen.

At a distance, Blackflies is a standard, albeit strong projectile. All version of Blackflies can be held in order to increase their startup time, but grant them extra hits (and by extent, additional frame advantage). How an opponent interacts with Blackflies at a distance is information that can be used to bait out bad approaches and be more prepared for punishes.

At close range, Blackflies is integral to Bub's fantastic blockstring game. With the exception of 236L, all version of Blackflies are plus on block at close range, and if the opponent respects your pressure too much, the charged equivalents of each version become even more plus. Conditioning with Blackflies in close-range is key to opening your opponent up to massive damage. This starter guide will briefly touch on how these versions can be used up close, but for more information please see the relevant section of Beelzebub's strategy page.

  • 236LGBVS Beelzebub 236L.pngGuardAllStartup16RecoveryTotal 44Advantage-4 is the fastest, non-EX version of Blackflies, and the only version to be minus on block at close distance, at -4. It's also exactly 0 on hit, meaning that a successful connection with a close-range opponent will result in a neutral situation. On counterhit, 236L is +4, so Bubs can freely hit his own buttons.
  • 236[L]GBVS Beelzebub 236L.pngGuardAllStartup31RecoveryTotal 59Advantage+3 is the charged version of 236L. It takes an extra 15 frames to startup with the reward of being +3 on block and +7 on hit. Like with all other versions of Blackflies, this charge can be released early for the standard version of the move - varying your release timings is key to establishing enough respect at close-range to start using the fully-charged versions of Blackflies.
  • 236MGBVS Beelzebub 236M.pngGuardAllStartup38RecoveryTotal 57Advantage+4 is a set of 7 projectiles stacked vertically, hitting twice. Due to the move's lengthier startup at 38 frames, this version of Blackflies sees more use at a distance. The high hitbox can catch opponents attempting to jump, and must be superjumped in order to avoid completely. At certain distances, Bubs is able to frametrap people rolling 236M with f.M at close-range and Black Spear at far-distance. At close-range, 236M is +4 on block and +12 on hit.
  • 236[M]GBVS Beelzebub 236M.pngGuardAllStartup58RecoveryTotal 77Advantage+11 has two different charged states. At partial charge (frame 58 and onwards), the move deals an extra hit and becomes +11 on block. At full charge (frame 83), the move will automatically complete and will hit 5 times, increasing the frame advantage to a staggering +23. Once charged, both versions will lead to a knockdown on hit.
  • 236HGBVS Beelzebub 236M.pngGuardAllStartup16RecoveryTotal 57Advantage+2 is the EX version of Blackflies, firing a single projectile followed by a vertical stack of 7, which leads to a hard knockdown on hit. The uncharged version is +2 on block, but is more often used in combos in the corner to juggle opponents. Due to the move hitting 3 times, it can be useful as a counter-zoning tool to score a hard knockdown from a distance, though this option will still trade with other EX projectiles and lose entirely to piercing projectiles, such as  Eustace's Flamek Thunder [hold version]GBVS Eustace 46X.pngGuardAllStartup25~45RecoveryTotal 50~70Advantage+7[+18].
  • 236[H]GBVS Beelzebub 236M.pngGuardAllStartup31RecoveryTotal 72Advantage+9 has two different charge states. At partial charge (frame 31 and onwards), the move deals an extra 2 hits and becomes +9 on block. At full charge (frame 46), the move will automatically complete and will hit 8 times and become an incredible +23 on block. A fully charged 236H is one of Bub's highest damage combo starters, and connecting with it anywhere on the screen will lead to massive damage.

Langelaan Field

Langelaan Field serves as Bub's invicible reversal. It's slower than most other reversals, meaning all versions are easier to pressure safely, but it's still a serviceable DP that connects on crossup. As with most other reversals, it's very negative on block and is best used to beat frametraps and anti-air. All versions do less damage when performed with the Skill Input.

  • 623LGBVS Beelzebub 623X.pngGuardAllStartup11Recovery33Advantage-24 and 623HGBVS Beelzebub 623X.pngGuardMidStartup11Recovery37Advantage-24 are functionally the same move - both are active on the same frame (frame 11) and are intangible from frame 1 to frame 16. The EX version is air unblockable, provides a hard knockdown and does 200 more damage.
  • 623MGBVS Beelzebub 623X.pngGuardAllStartup19Recovery24Advantage-24 is a very slow version of 623L that deals the same damage and is active for 15 frames, at the cost of having 19 frames of startup. Hard to use, but good at catching people autopiloting their pressure. Not useful as an anti-air.

Introduction to Chaoscaliber

Bub's main keepaway tool is Chaoscaliber (often called "spin"), a powerful, far-reaching attack that's slightly disjointed at the tip on all versions. In combos, the two non-EX versions of Chaoscaliber are your primary combo and blockstring enders, pushing Bubs away enough to always be safe and at a comfortable position to either resume his pressure from a distance with Blackflies and his far normals, or to react to an approach by his opponent. The EX version is your wallbounce tool, and is a pivotal cooldown for Beelzebub. The cooldown for Chaoscaliber is shared with the cooldown for his divekick, Unisonic, so must be spent wisely!

  • 214LGBVS Beelzebub 214X.pngGuardMidStartup16Recovery23Advantage-6 is Bub's best physical zoning tool. The move is far-reaching mid a hard to whiff punish, but is prone to being rolled or jumped over. Up close, autocombo into 214L is a true blockstring, and f.L into 214L is a blockstring with only 1 frame where the opponent can act inbetween. If 214L is rolled, it's not always directly punishable, but Bubs is always minus. If your opponent is rolling 214L often, then using 214M can catch it. While it's usually better to end midscreen combos in 214M due to it's higher damage, 214L sees use often in high c.H juggles in the corner and to end meterless antiair routes. This being said, f.H always combos into 214L and f.M and 2M always combo on counterhit or crouchers (and on normal hit when the first hit of 214L will connect), so it makes for a great way to gain extra damage from common midscreen pokes.
  • 214MGBVS Beelzebub 214X.pngGuardLowStartup20Recovery22Advantage-5 is an alternate version of Chaoscaliber that hits low with a delayed startup. The move is best used in grounded midscreen combos as an ender, due to having higher damage and better okizeme than 214L. The move really shines in corner blockstrings, where it acts as a frametrap to catch people pressing. On counterhit, 214M wallbounces in the corner, allowing for pickups with 2M.
  • 214HGBVS Beelzebub 214X.pngGuardLow×3, Mid×3Startup14Recovery20Advantage-3 is an incredibly powerful and versatile move both on combo and block. On block, autocombo into 214H is a true blockstring that hits low at first, which will immediately open up anyone looking to reversal through your blockstrings. The move is the fastest of the Chaoscaliber versions with just 14 frames of startup too, meaning it always converts from all of Beelzebub's far normals. In the corner, 214H is your primary wallbounce tool, and air hits can wallbounce from a very far distance (i.e. from Rush), allowing for incredibly long-distance Karma conversions. If there is any "downside" to the move, it's that it will also put j.214H on cooldown, arguably Beelzebub's best non-super move.

Introduction to Karma

Beelzebub's Karma is a move unlike anything any of the other characters has access to. It's a plus on block vortex that pulls opponent's inwards, destroys most projectiles and crumples the opponent on hit, making Karma a powerful combo tool, callout tool and blockstring pressure tool all in one. Because of this, all versions of Karma will be put on cooldown when used for an extended period of time - this special shouldn't be spammed and should be reserved for conversions and calling out projectile habits. In combos, all versions of Karma will deal very, very limited damage, and as such it should not be used in every conversion - learning which combos need Karma and which don't is a pivotal part of Beelzebub's combo game, and not knowing this will risk losing huge amounts of damage. All versions of Karma can be rolled to end up on the other side of Bubs, and piercing projectiles will always hit Bubs through the vortex.

  • 22LGBVS Beelzebub 22X.pngGuardAllStartup25Recovery14Advantage-2 pulls from about a third of the screen away from Bubs, and won't be plus on block when used right next to an opponent. Useful when converting from low-hitting 2H both in the midscreen and in the corner. Be mindful that the opponent will not spend long hanging in the air, but it's still enough time to start a high-hitting c.H juggle.
  • 22MGBVS Beelzebub 22X.pngGuardAllStartup40Recovery14Advantage-2 pulls from 2 thirds of the screen away from Bubs with a heavily delayed startup. Not practical in combos, instead being used entirely as a callout tool to catch people reacting too early to 22L and 22H. If an opponent rolls as if they were rolling these moves, then they will be punished by 22M. Also sees niche use in calling out parries, like  Seox's ThunderflashGBVS Seox 236x6u.pngGuardStartupRecoveryTotal 36Advantage-8.
  • 22HGBVS Beelzebub 22X.pngGuardAllStartup25Recovery19Advantage+2 is a remarkably powerful special, combining the startup of 22L with the range of 22M. Always plus on block, and will cause the opponent to remain suspended in hitstun when connecting in the air for significantly longer than the other versions of Karma. This version of the move shines in both antiair and counterhit combos, as well as being able to extend juggle combos in the corner. Generally combos from 2H on hit (with the exception of tip distance) and always combos on counterhit, allowing Bubs to get truly impactful antiairs that can always lead to side-swaps, lengthy corner carry and high damage for the cost of zero SBA Gauge. The other main use of 22H in conversions is from counterhit f.H, leading to incredibly high damage from a poke.

Introduction to Unisonic

Unisonic is Beelzebub's divekick, an airborne special that propels him at a high speed towards the ground. Unisonic can be performed as soon as Bubs leaves the ground, and at any point during his jump arc, no matter which direction he jumps. It can be used to get over fireballs, far normals, approach from far distances and even be used up close for plus frames on block and combos in the corner. Shares its cooldown with Chaoscaliber, so spending your EX on j.214H will prevent you from using all versions of Unisonic and all versions of Chaoscaliber until the cooldown returns. All versions of Unisonic hit mid, are at least safe on block and travel at the same speed once active. A general rule of thumb is that the amount of advantage you have on block directly correlates to how low to the ground the divekick connects.

  • j.214LGBVS Beelzebub j214X.pngGuardAllStartup22Recovery16Advantage-2 is a divekick with 22 frames of startup. The faster of the two non-EX versions, but still easily reactable for characters with reversals to hit it out of the air. On block, j.214L needs to hit low down to be plus, but is never punishable. Can combo from counterhit when in the corner, but only into c.L. Alternating between the light and medium divekicks is a good way to bait antiairs if the opponent is reacting the startup of the move.
  • j.214MGBVS Beelzebub j214X.pngGuardAllStartup34Recovery16Advantage+4 is a divekick with 34 frames of startup, making it slower than j.214L with the addition of higher damage on hit and better advantage on block. Doesn't require a counterhit to combo in the corner, but a counterhit will allow for it to link into c.H for a high-damage conversion, but using 2M is a consistent link that doesn't require a counterhit.
  • j.214HGBVS Beelzebub j214X.pngGuardAllStartup13Recovery16Advantage+4 is the move Beelzebub is known for the most, and one of his most powerful tools. A blisteringly fast divekick with just 13 frames of startup that's ideal for punishing fireballs, whiff punishing normals and skipping neutral in general. Easily generates plus frames to allow Bubs to start running his up-close pressure. On hit, this divekick follows up with a wing slice that launches opponents for plenty of corner carry. When in the corner, Bubs can run up and either f.M or f.H to combo, or spend his meter on SBA for a guaranteed follow-up.
TK Dive

TK (Tiger Knee An input method to perform a special move in the air as fast as possible after you leave the ground. Almost always abbreviated to TK. For Example: 2369 for a j.236 input.) Dive is a monumetally powerful option that all Bubs players can and should abuse. Because Unisonic can be performed as soon as Bubs leaves the ground, it becomes an incredible option to interrupt an opponent's pressure or to start your own. While this can be performed with both j.214L and j.214M, it's most often performed with j.214H for it's fantastic reward and fast startup. At it's fastest, TK j.214H is a 17 frame startup option that can be performed from a Fuzzy Jump A form of defence where the defender switches from blocking to jumping at a specific time in order to block a strike then jump when there's a gap. Typically used to defend against tick throws..

On offense, TK j.214H can be used as a burst option that provides either a hard knockdown or plus frames on block. Compared to similar options, such as  Vira's Medium Scarlet OathGBVS Vira 214M.pngGuardMidStartup27Recovery12Advantage+2, which is +2 on block with 27 frames of startup, TK j.214H provides double the amount of plus frames with upwards of 10 less frames of startup.

The option shines equally on defense too, where it's ability to be performed from a fuzzy jump allows you to beat Tick Throw A throw done after attacks, very soon after if not exactly when throw invulnerability expires on the opponent. A Tick Throw take advantage of that the opponent naturally expect a Frame Trap coming, making it very hard to react to or escape from. with a move that launches nearly fullscreen, does decent damage and can be combo'd off if near the corner. Be aware that it will still lose to pressure that catches fuzzy jumps, such as an opponent delaying their normals.

This barely scratches the surface of how potent TK Dive is, and all players picking up the character should experiment with where and how often it can be used to both get easy plus frames and to break out of your opponent's offense.

Black Spear

Black SpearGBVS Beelzebub 236236H.pngGuardAllStartup7+4RecoveryTotal 98Advantage-39 is Beelzebub's most versatile Super, composed of two parts - an up-close vortex and a fullscreen projectile. The Super can be held to delay the projectile startup and give the vortex more hits, maxing out at 11 hits before the projectile is automatically released. The full damage up close is 3500 unscaled, with 500 of that coming from the Super's close-distance sweetspot. This sweetspot is extended with the technical input.

The projectile on it's own is 2000 damage unscaled, and will destroy all other projectiles it collides with (with the exception of piercing projectiles). The fast nature of the projectile and the invulnerability on startup make Black Spear a superb option to checking projectiles from a far distance away.


Arguably Beelzebub's single best move, AnthemGBVS Beelzebub 214214H.pngGuardThrowStartup13+0Recovery71AdvantageHKD is a command grab that deals 3000 damage unscaled (2500 from Skill Input) and carries the opponent fullscreen. Remarkable on offense and defense due to its frame 0 post-flash startup (13 frames pre-flash) and it's full intangibility on startup. Can be combo'd into from c.H, but Black Spear should always be used instead in combos due to it's higher damage. The threat of Anthem when Beelzebub has full SBA Gauge is incredible, and catching people trying to jump it can lead to even higher damage than just landing the Super itself. Able to be set up into from a variety of tricky setups, which can also lead into higher damage if Bubs catches their escape attempt with a starter such as c.H, it should not be underestimated just how scary Anthem is, even when not being used.

Chaos Legion
Chaos LegionGBVS Beelzebub 236236U.pngGuardMid→AllStartup8+7Recovery39Advantage-26 is a fullscreen, high-reaching Super that does 4500 damage unscaled. Beelzebub summons thorns from the ground that destroy projectiles and push the opponent towards the corner. The full-damage cinematic (from about within the first thorn and closer) launches the opponent skywards before atomizing them with an explosion. While the technical input doesn't do more damage, it does give Beelzebub better okizeme. It should be noted that the thorns pile together when in the corner, meaning Chaos Legion cannot be spotdodged when the opponent is completely cornered.


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