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General Strategies

Anre (or Uno) is a neutral-focused character with an emphasis on defense and counterzoning. He has both a counter special move and a parry which gives him unique punish opportunities. He also does not struggle against characters with projectiles as 236X and 623X both cancel single-hit fireballs while being able to punish their recovery (or shoot a projectile of its own with 623X). However, his neutral prowess does not come without its downsides. His defense, while strong, is more flawed compared to other characters. His fastest buttons are 6 frames as opposed to the usual 5, and combined reliance on counters means he is especially weak to tick throws due to how throw invulnerability works.


Close Range / Brawling

Close range is where Anre's offense is overall the weakest, but by no means is it bad. He's forced to rely on his c.L and 2L as they are his only plus on block normals, but he has the option of using 236H to reset pressure after staying close using his autocombo. His 2L is also large enough that three of them will connect if the blockstring is started point blank, but none of his normals are fast enough or activate close enough to let him link out of it if he uses all three. 2M > 236L is usually his safest option to push opponents out at max 2L range.

Mid Range / Footsies

The midrange is where Anre's strengths begin to show. His f.M, 2M, and f.H are all great pokes to shut down approaches and they all cancel into 236L for a frame trap, further discouraging approaches. A spaced out 2U can be used as a safe poke with the benefit of a hard knockdown, but it is not cancelable if blocked.

236X sets up its own RPS situation if blocked from a far poke. The L and M versions are reactable, but if an opponent pre-emptively rolls after a far normal expecting 236L, the slower startup and active time of 236M will catch the roll and give Anre some free damage. There is no downside to buffering the follow-up of 236X, make sure you input it every time to ensure maximum reward upon connect.

Anre's 5U and [2]8X can also be useful in neutral to call out predictable offense. It's risky but it also has the benefit of stopping approaches like Baseraga's Shoulder Charge and Lancelot's Gorilla Blade. It's also quite easy to parry single-hit fireballs, but 236X and 623X are genrally better-suited to fighting projectile wars.

Long Range / Closing Space

Anre's 236X doesn't quite hit fullscreen, but it can hit most projectiles' extended hurtbox before they go active. Anre's own fireball is not great in its own due to how long the startup is, but it is still a decently safe option at fullscreen.

In terms of closing space, Anre has several options available to him. The aforementioned 2U is safe at maximum range and only -1, allowing Anre to guess with a Counter and possibly steal a turn if the opponent is trying to bait it. His advancing f.H is generally a better tool for this as it is cancelable into special moves and can be made entirely safe with 214214H.

He also has several options to mix up his aireal approach. j.2U is relatively unrewarding on hit but allows Anre to easily change his air momentum. j.6U isn't very useful for air-to-ground engagements but can tag airborn opponents at a longer distance than they may be expecting. Each version of Mantra Wheel also has a different startup, which when combined with his j.2U can make him very difficult to anti-air. Not to mention, a gutsy Anre can attempt to Parry an anti-air attempt with j.U.


Anre's longest range air-to-air is his j.L. His j.H makes a better rising air-to-air due to its large upwards hurtbox. He also has the standard airthrow for things his air normals can't bit, as well as his j.U if he's willing to gamble.


Anre's jump-ins are not all that great. j.L doesn't lead to much damage but is at least active until he lands. j.M can cross up, but is cursed with a tiny hitbox. j.H is probably his best jump-in, but it must be used late due to how high it hits. j.2U can also be used as a jump-in, but its best used to throw off anti-airs as it only knocks down on hit and is hard to make advantageous. Air Mantra Wheel can be used to about the same effect. The M version leads to a combo on crouching opponents but is by far the slowest of the three.


Counter Pokes

Anre is equipped with a lot of different ways to counterpoke projectiles. 236X is the prime tool for this due to its sheer reach and relatively quick speed. 623X also is a decent choice, as Anre can fire a projectile of his own in response with 6L, agressively take space with 6H, or dash closer with 6U.

Anre's physical counterpokes are his 5U and his [2]8L/[2]8M. These are pest used predictively, as [2]8H is the only one that activates instantly.


Anre's best anti-air is his 2H. It converts into a knockdown easily and leads to high damage on counterhit. His parry and counters also make for decent anti-airs, but where they gain in consistency they lose in damage. They're also uniquely vulnerable to empty jumps.


Anre's c.L and 2L means his traditional abare is a lot worse than other characters. He does have a 5-frame option with 5U but both his lights and 5U are beaten by throws. [2]8M and [2]8M are frame 3 but still retain the throw vulnerability. [2]8H is frame 1, but it's generally a better idea to save it for wakeup.


Outside of the universal SBA and SSBA reversals, Anre has [2]8H for a frame 1 reversal. While this does lose to throw, Anre can gamble with UOH for potentially explosive payoff. Just remember not to do this when [2]8X is on cooldown as there is little stopping a meaty button outside a super.


Basic Blockstrings

Pressure Resets

236M and 236H are both plus on block, but resetting pressure with 236M is not very realistic. 623X is also a decent pressure reset point but it requires conditioning. The 6L and 6M follow-ups can be delayed to discourage mashing and the 6H follow-up has a natural gap and is hugely rewarding on counterhit. After the opponent has been conditioned to respect the follow-ups, Anre can sneak in with the 6U follow-up instead. Anre can also use the threat of his parries and counters to scare opponents into letting him steal turns.

Other Blockstrings

Corner Pressure


Fighting Anre

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