Empty Jump

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An empty jump is a Jump-in except instead of attacking while airborne, land and do an attack instead.


An empty jump is useful for turning a jump-in into a mixup. Instead of always just blocking a jump-in standing, you change the timing to hit them with attacks that can't be blocked high (such as lows or throws)!

Depending on the attack used after landing, we can give more descriptive names to these empty jumps (eg. empty jump low, empty jump throw, empty jump overhead).

Faking a Jump-in

Instead of doing nothing while airborne, do a feint!

  • Example 1: Do a deep jump-in, but time the attack to be just slow slow enough that the attack does not become active
  • Example 2: Do an attack that will miss the opponent (such as jumping over the opponent and doing an attack that does not hit cross-up).

Be sure to use attacks that have little to no landing recovery!