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From Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, the Strike Freedom is Kira Yamato's personal Mobile Suit and the successor to the Freedom Gundam. It is installed with the new DRAGOON system that allows for funnel usage and is overall redesigned from the ground-up with maneuverability and mobility in mind to suit its pilot's needs.

Widely known as one of the floatiest mobile suits as a 3k unit and having the lowest durability in the category as well; the Strike Freedom makes up for it for having one of the highest base mobility performance out of every single mobile suit in the game. It's able to boost dash 8 times in a row and its jumping boost dash rise speed is extremely fast as well. The Strike Freedom also makes up for its floatiness by having its signature Kira somersault flip that cuts tracking.

The unit's armaments aren't too difficult to handle as well with standby DRAGOONs making it difficult for units to approach and safely land. CS.a lets you supplement your already excellent max ammo count of 14 and when using it along with a gerobi with good muzzle correction and extremely fast projectile speed; the Strike Freedom's ranged options are almost second to none as a beam spamming funnel mobile suit.

However, it is still a very fragile unit that can be punished if you don't play your neutral right and if played too aggressively, it's possible to get shot down a lot faster due to its low durability value of 600. The melee performance; although decent for being such a specialized unit requires you to take considerable risk if someone does play within melee range while your standby DRAGOONs are down.

The Strike Freedom is a unit with an abundance of strengths but its true potential can only be drawn out with someone with the power of the Ultimate Coordinator.

"I'm prepared for that... I will fight!"
Lore:A mobile suit tuned to meet Kira Yamato's needs, the Strike Freedom has Variable Phase Shift Armor, and like its predecessor, ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam, is primarily armed with powerful ranged weapons. Its armaments include head-mounted CIWS, an abdomen-mounted multi-phase beam cannon, hip-mounted railguns, combine-able beam sabers and beam rifles, DRAGOON pods controlled by the new Super DRAGOON system and beam shields. It is powered by the new Hyper-Deuterion Engine, and is also equipped with the Neutron Jammer Canceller and the Voiture Lumiere propulsion system.
Voice:Sōichirō Hoshi

File:EXVSMBON Strike Freedom Gundam Icon.png Strike Freedom Gundam The Strike Freedom is a powerful high-mobility specialized ranged unit that thrives in harassing and poking the enemy with its large ammo count.

Pros Cons
  • High performance ranged armaments: Main does a whopping 80 damage per shot and your gerobi is extremely fast with good muzzle correction that can be deployed with standby funnels to make its hitbox gigantic by typical gerobi standards. Its CS.a is also high performance with excellent muzzle correction, projectile speed, and tracking. Chase funnels can also be used to apply a steady stream of pressure making it terrifying at ranged battles.
  • Simultaneous funnel deployment: Even amongst funnel units, the Strike Freedom is the only 3k cost funnel unit that's able to deploy its 8 funnels all at the same time and is only activated with another A+C input which allows you to keep it on standby until it's necessary to shoot, making it difficult for melee units to close in on it without taking considerable risks.
  • Extremely high base mobility: Boost dash performance, turn rate and the jumping rise speed of this unit is all top class even in the 3k category.
  • Spammable somersault: Allows you to supplement your slow falling speed by cutting tracking and landing quick. Although, it is little bit predictable.
  • SEED mode: A free burst that gives you back boost that lets you get out of sticky situations.
  • Floaty/slow landing speed: Extremely punishable on landing if careless about the slow fall speed of your unit.
  • Prone to running out of ammo: Because of Strike Freedom's being so specialized in beam spamming, once your ammo count starts to fall low, your pressure will be immensely decreased if not managed properly throughout a match.
  • Lowest durability: As a 3k unit with good mobility and decent evasive options, Strike Freedom needs to be played front to be effective. However with low health, it's risky to play that role for an extended period of time without taking risks.
  • Average red-lock range: Because of it's playstyle and overall nature, having an average red-lock range with all of the ranged options it has, poking in and out of it is risky.
Strike Freedom Gundam
EXVSMBON Strike Freedom Gundam Portrait.png
Kira Yamato
EXVSMBON Strike Freedom Gundam Pilot Portrait.png
Call Sign: Strike Freedom
Mode Change:Yes
Dash Type:Flyer

Ranged Attacks

Beam Rifle


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Standard beam rifle.
Cancels into: A+B, A+C, B+C

Long Beam Rifle


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute



Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Full Burst Mode


Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute



Version Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute
Stand by
All Chase



Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

Melee Attacks

Burst Attacks

Full Burst Mode (Combined with Meteor)

A+B+C during EX Burst

Damage Ammo Reload Type Reload Time Cooldown Type Down Value Attribute

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a Mobile Suit is exclusive to the console release.
b Mobile Suit is a preorder bonus for the console release.